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Provision of Motivation Course.

Tenders are invited for Provision of Motivation Course for Work start for the young people of Prague.

Description of the subject matter:

The subject of this contract is the choice of service suppliers, particularly suppliers 04 key activities of the project "Motivation Course".

The aim of the activity is to prepare and motivate project participants (see figure 8 of ZD - Target) to get back to work. Completion of this activity should contribute to strengthening confidence of the

clients and the restoration of basic education and work habits. Maximum enters motivational courses implemented under this contract 67 people - participants of the project. The minimum number is not specified, but it should not be less than 27 people.

Sponsor calculates ideally with the implementation of six cycles motivation course of ten persons. Last, the seventh running, should be seven people. Number of persons in the course, and thus the number of

individual runs course, but may vary. Maximum number of participants per cycle motivational course may be fifteen people. The minimum number of persons for which the rate can be realized, the authority set at five.

Selection of participants of the courses will be carried out by the contracting authority. After assembling the group before the person responsible authority "List of the participants% suppliers and agree with him on the start date of the course.The supplier must be able to start implementing a motivational course within 10 working days from receipt of the list. The date of receipt will be marked

on the list and submit a list to be confirmed by the supplier. Motivational course will consist of motivational part of the communication, basic financial literacy and

legal minima with a focus on employment law.

Tender documents : T20554275.pdf

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jan 17, 2014
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