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Provision of CCM Governance Strengthening.

Request for Proposal are invited for Provision of CCM Governance Strengthening.

Indefinite Quantity Contracts (IQCs) to support Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) in the new funding model


? Ensure members of the CCM gain a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities with respect to the CCM Governance.

? Work in collaboration with the CCM members to assess the effectiveness of the CCM s existing governance structures and processes.

? Identify the CCM s challenges and obstacles with respect to governance in collaboration with the CCM members, the Secretariat, and the PR

? Develop a corrective action plan detailing roles, responsibilities and timelines to enhance the CCM and Secretariat members capacity to perform their functions.

Scope of Work:

? Engage in detailed discussions with FPM, Program Officer and a member of the CCM Hub throughout the consultancy (ongoing for the duration of the consultancy)

? Design appropriate agenda/work plan for the technical support consultancy.

? Conduct a consultancy focusing on the following:


Review of all relevant documentation on CCM Governance structures, processes and identify any gaps.

Teleconference with Global Fund Secretariat staff (FPM and CCM Hub).


Facilitate discussions with CCM members, PRs and CCM secretariat staff to assess the effectiveness of the CCM s existing governance structures and processes and, in collaboration with the CCM, identify areas for improvement.

Presentation on the new CCM Funding Policy and Funding templates to make CCM members aware of the financial resources available to them to perform their function.

Following on from the initial assessment of governance structures and problems identified through discussions with CCM members and Secretariat staff, explore solutions for CCM to overcome major challenges and enhance the CCM structures and processes. Ensure an action list, and associated timeline, is developed to guide the CCM in its future steps.

Report back to the Fund Portfolio Manager and the CCM Hub on the strengths and weaknesses of the CCM and processes to be put in place.

RFP Submission Date: 31th March 2014, 5:00 PM (Geneva time)

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Mar 15, 2014
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