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Provision of Above ground fuel tank purchase.

Tenders are invited for Above ground fuel tank purchase.

CL Description:

1 8,000 gallon double wall above 1.00 EA

ground 3 compartment tank.

Comm Description:

Steel Tanks, Surface and

Underground Type (For Gasoline, Ker

Extended Description

Customer to furnish labor and material for the tank pad and setting the tank.

Vendor to set the pumps and install all fittings for the tank.

Customer to furnish a qualified electrician to run conduits and pull wires.

Vendor to make the wiring connections at the pumps and the Petro Vend System or equivalent.

Vendor to do all the programming on the Petro Vend or equivalent and start up on the pumps.

Customer to furnish one computer with Windows 7 installed on it.

Vendor to furnish and deliver the following:

One (1) 8,000 gallon double wall above ground steel fuel tank with three compartments (4,000 gal/2,000 gal/2,000 gal).

Three (3) clock gauges with overfill alarm.

Three (3) 3.5 gallon spill containers.

Three (3) 1.5 ball valves.

Three (3) tank vents.

Three (3) 2 inch fill adapters.

Three (3) 2 inch fill caps.

One (1) interstitial leak gauge.

Three (3) 4 inch x 2 inch bushings.

Three (3) 2 inch x 1.5 double tap bushing.

Three (3) 1.5 solenoid valves.

Three (3) 1.5 external emergency valve.

Two (2) 6 inch emergency vents.

Two (2) 8 inch emergency vents.

Three (3) model 52 anti siphon valves.

One hundred (100) feet of 2 inch galvanized pipe.

Three (3) 2 inch tees.

Three (3) 2 inch ells.

Nine (9) 2 inch nipples.

Two hundred (200) feet of 1.5 inch galvanized pipe.

Six (6) 1.5 inch tees.

Eighteen (18) 1.5 inch ells.

Eighteen (18) 1.5 inch nipples.

Three (3) single product single hose pumps.

Four (4) pulsers.

One (1) K800 4 hose fuel control system or equivalent.

One hundred (100) Blue Mag stripe cards or keys or equivalent.

One hundred (100) coding charge from factory.

One (1) K800 Phoenix software or equivalent for Windows.

One (1) factory direct telephone training if required by factory.

Three (3) 2 inch x 12 foot drop tubes.

Assorted decals.

Three (3) pump stands.

Three (3) each nozzles, hoses and swivel breakaways.


All necessary labor and travel hours.


Tender documents : T25641614.PDF

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jan 27, 2015
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