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Provision Of Wireless Infrastructure Upgrade.

Tenders are invited for Wireless Infrastructure Upgrade.

Scope of Services:

1. Carroll County Public School District seeks to increase the range of wireless connectivity within the District. 2. Wireless Access Points must meet or exceed the following specifications of the two products listed below: ? Aerohive AP230 ? Aerohive AP390 3. Product Requirements: ? Must support bridge at AP, bridge at controller, and route at controller functionality simultaneously, for different devices or user groups, all on the same SSID and in the same VLAN at the same time. ? Must be able to dynamically assign unique filter, bandwidth, and QoS settings to different users or devices on the same SSID and in the same VLAN. ? Must include full-featured, web-based management on the wireless controller/appliance. ? Must support device fingerprinting that allows the operator to carve out specific filter settings, rate limits and or priority based on device type, OS type, user group. OUI, MAC address, location, or time of day. ? Wireless clients must be able to maintain service in the event that contact is lost with the controller. ? Access points must be able to fully support encryption, filtering, rate limiting, and QoS on board the access point, without input from the wireless controller without having to tunnel traffic back to the controller. ? Role or device-based policy must be able to be configured via a single GUI and pushed to both the wired and wireless network infrastructure via a single action. 4. Warranties/maintenance and licenses must be bundled with initial hardware purchase price and not sold as line items so they are E-Rate eligible. etc.

Tender documents : T25775406.pdf

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Feb 5, 2015
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