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Provision Of Banking Services.

Tenders are invited for Provision Of Banking Services


The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) issued by John Tyler Community College is to establish a contract through competitive negotiation with one (1) qualified financial institution for Banking Services. This will be accomplished by soliciting sealed proposals from qualified public depositories licensed to do business in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


The Contractor must address each of the following requirements: A. Submit a copy of your latest audited annual financial report and latest quarterly report. B. Provide a list of contact personnel who will be responsible for the relationship between the Contractor and the College. This listing should include the relationship officer assigned, cash manager assigned, and other contact personnel who can be contacted for support and problem resolution. C. Describe your Automatic Investment Program if you offer such a service. Please list the yield on investments in your program over the past twelve (12) months. D. Indicate the distances between the college campuses and the Contractors branches closest to those campuses. Please complete the mileage schedule in Attachment A, and provide the address of each branch. 4 E. Provide a detailed description of any innovative technology currently being developed and/or implemented which may either reduce the net cost of banking services, or provide the College with a more efficient banking system. F. Complete the Statement of Charges schedule in Section XI., showing the cost for each service listed as well as the cost for any service not listed, but for which you will charge. G. Describe how your earnings credit rate is calculated. If your calculation uses the Treasury Bill rate, please indicate if it is the coupon or discount rate. H. Indicate if all of your branches can provide express depositing . Express depositing is defined to mean immediate acceptance of delivery of College deposits, without the necessity for the deliverer to wait while the bank examines the items being deposited. Additionally, the Contractor will validate the deposit slip at the time of the deposit. I. It is expected that the Contractor will be capable of providing the College the basic banking services requested including bank accounts, depository services, check clearing services, coin and currency services, night depository services, investment services, stop payment services, account analyses, monthly statements, concentration services, wire transfer services, and online inquiry for local bank accounts. Please confirm. In addition, please note any other services available from which you feel the College would benefit. J. All Contractors are encouraged to be as creative as possible in responding to this RFP. Based on the Contractors review of the needs and current operations at the College, discuss any creative approaches to this service which have not been specifically requested


Address : Purchasing Department,

Goyne Hall, Room A102A,

13101 Jefferson Davis Highway,

Chester, Virginia 23831-5316

Contact Person: Nancy Jimison

Country :United States

Email :

Url :

Tender notice number : AF16003

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2016-01-08

Tender documents : T31018736.pdf

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Dec 14, 2015
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