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How to apply to Balik Probinsya program to get this house... Aug 26, 2020 871
Concepcion, private sector respect PRRD's decision, understand concerns of medical frontliners. Aug 3, 2020 828
Business grinds to a halt for next 15 days. Cahiles-Magkilat, Bernie; Noriega, Richa Aug 3, 2020 921
MECQ vs GCQ: What's the difference? i'? Aug 3, 2020 697
PH in 'critical phase' of COVID-19 crisis management -- Galvez. Aug 3, 2020 540
Courts in ECQ, MECQ areas physically closed until Aug. 18 - SC. Aug 3, 2020 515
What now? MECQ again. Aug 3, 2020 568
More checkpoints ordered in areas under MECQ. Aug 3, 2020 545
MECQ vs GCQ: What's the difference? i'? Aug 3, 2020 697
LTFRB mulls reopening of routes for provincial buses. Jul 22, 2020 519
Bataan rising. Column Jul 6, 2020 595
Keep GCQ in Metro Manila, other areas - senators. Terrazola, Vanne Elaine Jun 27, 2020 511
Antipolo is new Rizal provincial capital. Kabiling, Genalyn Jun 22, 2020 554
Negros Occidental allows entry of LSIs from Cebu via sea travel. Masculino, Glazyl Jun 17, 2020 618
THE TWO NEW PROVINCES. Pariker, Gilbert Reprint Jan 1, 2018 694
Regional Identities in Quest of Separate Provinces: A New Challenge for the Pakistani Federation. Mushtaq, Muhammad Report Jun 30, 2016 7045
The Russian revolution from a provincial perspective. Novikovasa, Liudmila Essay Sep 22, 2015 7288
Land of Balochistan: A Historical Perspective. Majeed, Gulshan Report Jun 30, 2015 5326
Maleki's New Provinces. Mar 3, 2014 416
Monitoring and accountability will improve with Health going to the provinces - Sara Afzal Tarrar. Nov 30, 2013 1162
Artemisa and Mayabeque--Cuba's 2 newest provinces. Portela, Armando H. Jun 1, 2013 1377
The Lan as trade way to Jehol, China, 1930s. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 278
Politics at the margins and the margins of politics in imperial Russia. Jahn, Hubertus F. Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 6327
Max Weber in the provinces: measuring imperial Russia by modern standards. Schattenberg, Susanne Essay Sep 22, 2012 5966
The judicial organization in provinces returned to the country or outside its borders during the second half of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century. Ghitulescu, Bogdan Jul 1, 2012 2108
Introduction. Zama, Margaret Ch. Editorial Jun 1, 2012 3410
Externalities and unbalanced regional distribution of FDI: the case of china. Chen, Jiyong; Liang, Zhu Report Apr 1, 2012 6714
The creation of the Middle Assyrian provinces. Llop, Jaume Essay Oct 1, 2011 8715
Bringing the provinces into focus: subnational spaces in the recent historiography of Russia. Smith-Peter, Susan Essay Sep 22, 2011 6630
Punk whiz 14: state of the pun. Anil May 1, 2011 664
Cuba's provinces: size and population. Table May 1, 2011 367
Traditional Cuban weights and measures. May 1, 2011 461
"By the West, for the West": and the struggle for provincial rights in Alberta. Thrift, Gayle Jan 1, 2011 6524
Comparative analysis of socio-economical development of northern regions of Poland. Karmowska, Grazyna Report Jan 1, 2011 7575
Empowering states and provinces or unshackling local governments: does it matter for peace, order, good government, and growth? Shah, Anwar Report Dec 22, 2010 12671
Canada. Dec 13, 2010 642
The climate change olympics: perhaps some healthy provincial competition can get Canada moving. Jaccard, Mark Essay May 1, 2010 3354
National Assembly of Quebec: new rules for a more effective parliament. Gagne, Evelyne; Regimbal, Alexandre A. Organization overview Dec 22, 2009 1766
Changes in the rates of alcohol- and drug-related hospital separations for Canadian provinces: 1996 to 2005. Callaghan, Russell C.; Macdonald, Scott A. Clinical report Sep 1, 2009 3328
The Sperrins: stretching from the Strule Valley in the west to Lough Neagh in the east, the Sperrins AONB in Northern Ireland encompasses a glaciated mountainous landscape that's steeped in history and contains a large proportion of the UK's internationally important blanket bog. Hoare, Natalie Jul 1, 2009 1595
Surrey Hills: Olivia Edward visits an AONB where coordinated efforts are underway to preserve the rural idyll and countryside character that belies its location just south of Greater London. Edward, Olivia Jun 1, 2009 1608
Dedham Vale: straddling the counties of Essex and Suffolk, Dedham Vale AONB is in the heart of Constable Country, a rural idyll of sleepy farming villages that provided a wealth of inspiration for one of Britain's favourite landscape painters. Natalie Hoare reports from the quintessential English countryside. Hoare, Natalie May 1, 2009 1565
Arnside and Silverdale: Olivia Edward dodges treacherous quicksand and keeps an ear out for booming birds in Britain's smallest AONB. Edward, Olivia Apr 1, 2009 1590
Written: long before the Spanish Colonists arrived, the scattered indigenous populations of the modern-day Philippine archipelago were using complex written languages. But as the influences of the modern world encroach on the isolated communities on islands such as Palawan, their palaeographical traditions are slowly dying out. Jack, Katherine Apr 1, 2009 766
Yukon gold: an unexpected getaway will light your fire. Mulholland, Aefa Apr 1, 2009 791
Adana: ancient crossroads becomes a modern melting pot. Ones, Leyla Province overview Feb 1, 2009 1180
The Ainu's modern struggle learning politics to survive. Hohmann, Skye Nov 1, 2008 2577
Where do you think you are? Brief article Nov 1, 2008 85
TV shoots build up local base. Dawtrey, Adadm Jun 16, 2008 331
13 May, 7pm Concreting the countryside (21st Century Challenges series, London). Brief article May 1, 2008 312
Quebec at four hundred: Patricia Cleveland-Peck visits the capital of French Canada which is celebrating its 400th birthday this year. Cleveland-Peck, Patricia Apr 1, 2008 1281
Big Hill and the Blackfoot. Ronaghan, Allen Mar 22, 2008 976
Who gets the Bachelor's degree? Brief article Mar 1, 2008 294
The sweet road to maple syrup: March brings a sap-sizzling tour in Geauga County, Ohio, that's worth taking. Welder, Rick Brief article Mar 1, 2008 353
Where do you think you are? Brief article Jan 1, 2008 85
Uncovering the Bounty of Boyaca. Englebert, Victor Sep 1, 2007 2436
Also in 1907.... Watt, A. Balmer Era overview Jun 22, 2007 3852
Zhangjiajie, past and present. Rousseau, Robert May 1, 2007 2794
Province-wise growth patterns in human capital accumulation. Sabir, Muhammad; Aftab, Zehra Report Dec 22, 2006 8202
Development of Chiriqui Province. Brief article Oct 1, 2006 103
Balancing the riches: equalization is one of four major federal transfer programs. The others are the Canada Health Transfer, the Canada Social Transfer, and the Territorial Formula Financing (the main source of revenue for territorial governments). Today, the total amount of the equalization program is around 10 billion dollars a year. Dec 1, 2005 2035
Canadian birthdays. Harvey, Chris Brief Article Dec 1, 2005 110
A question of loyalty: loyalty programs can be a boon to business, but make sure the tax considerations are handled carefully. Shaw, Jeff; Gardisch, Walter May 1, 2005 1227
Province moves toward net metering. Feb 1, 2005 111
Skanova to build broadband network in Swedish province of Angermanland. Brief Article Jun 4, 2003 124
Culture in the cities: provincial academies during the early years of Louis XIV's reign. Brennan, Katherine Stern Apr 1, 2003 12940
Who speaks for the regions? Former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau once famously asked: "Who speaks for Canada?" He added that, "Our strength lies in our national will to live and work together as a people. Weaken that will, that spirit of community and you weaken Canada. Weaken Canada, and you damage all the parts, no matter how rich some of those parts may be." (National Unity--Introduction). Oct 1, 2002 490
A crumbling vision: there seems to be trouble in the Canadian family over the concept of sharing. Equalization is meant to help Canada's poorer provinces, with Ottawa taking revenue from the richer provinces and giving it to the poorer ones so every Canadian can have access to an equal level of government services. (National Unity-Inequality). Oct 1, 2002 2254
Charlottetown Conference. Oct 1, 2002 752
Quebec aftermath. Oct 1, 2002 989
Canada expands. Oct 1, 2002 582
British Columbia joins. Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 218
Prince Edward Island joins. Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 291
Alberta and Saskatchewan created. Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 167
Newfoundland joins Canada. Oct 1, 2002 530
Better co-ordination between levels of government would be desirable. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 146
Legislative reports. Reynolds, Robert Dec 1, 2000 9950
The Clarity Bill: icing on the neoliberal cake. Krishnan, Raghu Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 790
Scenes from Provincial Life: History, Honor, and Meaning in the Tudor North [*]. PALMER, WILLIAM Jun 22, 2000 10864
Provincial and municipal restructuring in Canada: assessing expectations and outcomes. Vojnovic, Igor; Poel, Dale Mar 22, 2000 2330
Restructuration provinciale-municipale au Canada: une evaluation des attentes et des resultats. Vojnovic, Igor; Poel, Dale Mar 22, 2000 2535
Concentration. Brief Article Mar 1, 1998 188
Premier's power play. Cover Story Mar 1, 1998 1711
Atlantica. Brief Article Mar 1, 1998 167
Harmonizing the GST with provincial sales taxes: October 3, 1996. Nov 1, 1996 1463
Fight for the big bucks. Nevin, Tom Oct 1, 1996 922
Service providers. Mar 1, 1996 1164
Maritime Union--we rise again. MacDonald, Ron Dec 22, 1995 2444
Post-Oka Quebec debates its future. Slater, Jeremy Jan 1, 1991 697
Development policy in a multi-provincial economy. Khan, M. Ali Report Dec 22, 1988 11366

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