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Providing on BT on R/F Aloor to Mirdhapally.

Tenders are invited for Providing on BT on R/F Aloor to Mirdhapally in Armoor (M) ID No 1804023 Est Rs 196 00 lakhs. & on R/F Errajipally to Mangalpad OF Bodhan (M) (Road ID : 1814010) - Est Rs 196 00 lakhs, on R/ F Naaanpally to Salampad of Bodhan (M) Road ID 1814003 Est Rs 186 20 lakhs, on R/F MPKP Road Kaldurki. Bodhan (M) Road ID 1814020 - Est Rs 111 00 lakhs, on R/F Narsapur tc Shakkarnaaar of Bodhan (M) road ID 1814032-Est Rs 68 6C lakhs, on R/F Belial to Rakaspet of Bodhan (M) Road ID : 1814043 - Est Rs 98 00 lakhs, on Road from Janaampallv Laxmi Tanda to Muthyampet of Domakonda (M) Road ID 1836045 Est Rs 147 00 lakhs, on R/F Medipally village to Sitaipally. via Chennapur of Gandhari (M) Road ID 1826022 Est Rs 175 00 lakhs, on R/F Shetpally Sangareddy PWD road to Nagireddypet PWD road, via . Lonkalpally of lingampet (M) Road ID 1832042 - Est Rs 180 00 lakhs, on R/F ZP road to Jaldipally of Lingampet (M) Road ID 1832021 - Est Rs 71.50 lakhs, on R/F PWD road to Khannapur of Lingampet (M) Road ID 1832006 - Est Rs 71 50 lakhs, on R/F PWD road to Bonal of Lingampet (M) Road ID 62 50 lakhs. Upgradation of road to BT Standards on R/F road to Awalgaon of Madoor (M) Road ID 1816045-Est Rs 52 00 lakhs. Providing BT on R/f PWD road to Bollaram via J J Pally of Nagireddypet (M) Road ID 1831007 Est Rs 141 00 lakhs, on R/F Marampally to Donkeshwer in Nandipet (M) road code No 1803036-Est Rs 196 00 lakhs, on R/F PWD road to Gidda of Sadashivnagar (M) Road ID 1825003 - Est Rs 56 00 lakhs

Major organization : GOVERNMENT OF TELANGANA

Address : P.R Circle



Country :India

Tender notice number : 386 TO 412/2014-15

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2015-03-26

Tender documents : T26437967.jpg

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Mar 20, 2015
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