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Provide Cast Iron Brake Blocks P10; P30 Phosphor Cast Iron Brake Blocks; 4 Toothed Wheels And Sprockets With Cemented Toothing.

Qualification system without call for competition: Provide cast iron brake blocks P10; P30 phosphor cast iron brake blocks; 4 toothed wheels and sprockets with cemented toothing

3.1 cast iron brake blocks P10; 3.2 P30 phosphor cast iron brake blocks. 4 toothed wheels and sprockets with cemented toothing 10 monobloc wheels for rolling stock 12.1 axle axles 16 bearings for transmission, axle boxes and traction motors 22.1 car paint system: solvent-based epoxypolyurethane paints (direct gloss) 22.2 car paint system: solvent-based epoxypolyurethane paints (varnished base) 22.3 car paint system: epoxypolyurethane water-based paints (direct gloss) 22.4 car paint system: epoxypolyurethane water-based paints (varnished base) 23 paint system for wagons: fast-drying alkyd paints 24.1 cleaning products 24.1 C Car-Wash cleaning products 25 pieces of polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass 31 hydraulic shock absorbers 32 complete rack chassis for rolling stock 33 rubber-based membranes for air springs suspension of railway rolling stock. 34.1 rolling stock glazing (except mirrors and windshields) 34.2 mirrors 37 rubbers for pantographs 40 blue product for WC bins 42 Ni-Cd accumulators for railway cars 46 brake discs on axles and on wheels 48 electrographic brushes 50 rubber elements of intercircular between cars 53 front windows (windshield) 55 brake linings for the disc brake of conventional rolling stock 58 diesel engine oil B-04 cleaning product for the removal of graffiti from rolling stock B-07 brake linings for high speed rolling stock disc brake B-09 product to add to the diesel engine cooling water B-10 rubber hoses of grades 3TB NG and 3TB EPDM B-11 lacquers based on alkyd resins B-13 fabrics for seat covers and curtains B-14 maintenance and chemical cleaning of seat covers and curtains B-16 deliveries of service cars to SNCB B-18 calibrated sand delivery for traction equipment B-19 half coupling B-20 development of photovoltaic panels parks B-21 lead batteries for Type 18 locomotives B-22 welded structural components for rolling stock according to EN15085

Major organization : SNCB-PROCUREMENT (0203.430.576_18250)

Address : Avenue De La Porte De Hal 40



Contact Person: Marijke Vandenberge

Country :Belgium

Email :

Tender notice number : 96938-2018

Notice type : Prequalification

Open date : 2018-03-13

Tender documents : T432667997.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Mar 3, 2018
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