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Proud day at safari park in fire test.

A PRIDE of lions have been put through a fire safety test in a rare exercise at their safari park.

Staff at Blair Drummond, near Stirling, simulated a car fire inside the lion enclosure to test the response of animal handlers and the fire service.

The scenario happened for real at Longleat safari park in 2014 and Blair Drummond wanted to carry out a drill ahead of the park reopening tomorrow.

A car filled with a smoke machine and three dummies was set up in the lion enclosure with the animals gathering round the unusual scene.

Staff used vehicles to force the lions back to their den before rescuing the "casualties" and clearing the area for a fire engine to arrive.

Firefighters then hosed down the car and made the scene safe.

Blair Drummond duty supervisor Ben Houston said: "It's not something we practice for often but at Longleat safari park a few years ago they actually had the real thing - a fire in the lion section.

"It was an unannounced fire drill and an opportunity for us to put our training into practice with around a dozen staff involved."

The lions were rewarded for their role by being fed meat cubes by the firefighters after the exercise.


Lions inspect the smoke filled car during the fire drill

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Mar 16, 2018
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