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"They're Killing My Boys!": The History of Hickam Field and the Attacks of 7 December 1941. Brief article 129
50+ Programs for Tweens, Teens, Adults, and Families: 12 Months of Ideas. Brief article 137
A Brief History of the Future of Education: Learning in the Age of Disruption. Book review 265
A Brotherhood of Liberty: Black Reconstruction and Its Legacies in Baltimore, 1865-1920. Brief article 111
A Collaborative Approach to Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities. Book review 245
A Companion to Isidore of Seville. Book review 151
A Companion to Twelfth-Century Schools. Brief article 108
A Cultural History of the Bushranger Legend in Theatres and Cinemas, 1828-2017. Brief article 107
A Day in the Life of an American Worker: 200 Trades and Professions Through History; 2 Volume Set. Book review 164
A History of the European Restorations; Volume 1: Governments, States and Monarchy. Brief article 137
A Humanist in Reformation Politics: Philipp Melanchthon on Political Philosophy and Natural Law. Brief article 102
A l'orientale: Collecting, Displaying and Appropriating Islamic Art and Architecture in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries. Book review 162
A Local Relative Trace Formula for the Ginzburg-Rallis Model: The Geometric Side. Brief article 111
A Man of Many Interests: Plutarch on Religion, Myth, and Magic: Essays in Honor of Aurelio Perez Jimenez. Brief article 133
A Practical Field Guide for ISO 13485:2016. Book review 105
A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis: The Eightfold Path to More Effective Problem Solving, 6th Edition. Book review 178
A Shared History: Writing in the High School, College, and University, 1856-1886. Book review 262
ABAP RESTful Programming Model: ABAP Development for SAP S/4HANA. Book review 250
ABAP: An Introduction. Brief article 105
Abelian Groups: Structures and Classifications. Book review 113
Acquired Language Disorders: A Case-Based Approach, 3rd Edition (online access included). Book review 258
Action Research in Education: A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition. Book review 235
Action Research: Improving Schools and Empowering Educators, 6th Edition. Book review 174
Adaptation for Screenwriters. Book review 143
Adhesive Joining of Structural Components: New Insights and Technologies. Brief article 131
Advances in Global Leadership. Book review 271
Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations. Book review 151
Advocating Social Change Through International Law: Exploring the Choice Between Hard and Soft International Law. Book review 153
Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism and Global Culture. Brief article 128
African American Entertainers in Australia and New Zealand: A History, 1788-1941. Brief article 121
Aircraft Carriers and Seaplane Carriers: Selected Photos from the Archives of the Kure Maritime Museum - the Best from the Collection of Shizuo Fukui's Photos of Japanese Warships. Book review 203
Algebraic Graph Theory: Morphisms, Monoids and Matrices, 2nd Edition. Brief article 130
America for Americans: A History of Xenophobia in the United States. Book review 117
American Light Trucks and Utility Vehicles, 1967-1989: Every Model, Year by Year. Book review 174
Among Digitized Manuscripts: Philology, Codicology, Paleography in a Digital World. Brief article 132
An Introduction to Early Childhood Studies, 4th Edition. Book review 193
An Introduction to Symmetric Functions and Their Combinations. Brief article 125
Anarchism and the Avant-Garde: Radical Arts and Politics in Perspective. Brief article 123
Anatomy and Physiology for Speech, Language, and Hearing, 6th Edition (online access included). Book review 154
Anna Seghers: The Challenge of History. Book review 169
Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics; Volume 50, 2019. Book review 282
Antidorus, Dionysius Iambus, Epigenes, Lysanias, Parmenon, Silenus, Simaristus, Simmias (Italian Edition). Brief article 111
Approaches to Theological Ethics: Sources, Traditions, Visions. Brief article 104
Archaeological Adaptation: Case Studies of Cultural Transformation from the Southeast and Caribbean. Book review 112
Archiving an Epidemic: Art, AIDS, and the Queer Chicanx Avant-Garde. Brief article 119
Are Men Animals? How Modern Masculinity Sells Men Short. Book review 158
Artifacts from American Fashion. Book review 184
Arts Nonprofits - Associations and Agencies: A Literature Review. Brief article 140
Assessment for Reading Instruction, 4th Edition. Book review 211
Asymmetric Synthesis of 3,3-Disubstituted Oxindoles. Book review 107
Augmented Reality in Educational Settings. Brief article 131
Aussie Fans: Uniquely Placed in Global Popular Culture. Brief article 138
Automotive Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Book review 104
Barrio America: How Latino Immigrants Saved the American City. Book review 214
Basics: Project Control. Book review 104
Becoming a Behavioral Science Researcher: A Guide to Producing Research That Matters, 2nd Edition. Book review 141
Being a Singer: The Art, Craft, and Science. Brief article 117
Beyond Boycotts: Sport During the Cold War in Europe. Book review 170
Biblical Narratives, Archaeology and Historicity: Essays in Honor of Thomas L. Thompson. Brief article 129
Binga: The Rise and Fall of Chicago's First Black Banker. Brief article 128
Biomimetics for Architecture: Learning from Nature. Book review 121
Biopsy Interpretation of the Prostate, 6th Edition (online access included). Book review 153
Birth Control: A Reference Handbook. Book review 153
Black Swan Events on NATO's Eastern Flank. Brief article 144
Botany: An Introduction to Plant Biology, 7th Edition (online access included). Brief article 115
Brannigan's Building Construction for the Fire Service, 6th Edition (online access included). Book review 204
Brill's Companion to Sieges in the Ancient Mediterranean. Brief article 117
Bringing Down Divides: Special Issue Commemorating the Work of Gregory Maney (1967-2017). Book review 306
Building Behavior: The Educator's Guide to Evidence-Based Initiatives. Brief article 143
Building the Brewers: Bud Selig and the Return of Major League Baseball to Milwaukee. Brief article 136
Bullying: A Reference Handbook. Brief article 141
Business Ethics: Contemporary Issues and Cases. Book review 199
Calcium Signaling, 2nd Edition. Brief article 146
Caring for Eeyou Istchee: Protected Area Creation on Wemindji Cree Territory. Book review 165
Case Guides to Complete and Partial Denture Prosthodontics (online access included). Book review 141
Cases and Materials on Marijuana Law. Book review 234
Caught in a Whirlwind: A Cultural History of Ottoman Baghdad as Reflected in Its Illustrated Manuscripts. Brief article 143
Caught in the Maelstrom: The Indian Nations in the Civil War, 1861-1865. Book review 103
Children's Constitutional Rights in the Nordic Countries. Brief article 118
China's New Architecture: Returning to the Context. Book review 109
Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs; Volume 36 (2018). Brief article 122
Chinese Communist Espionage: An Intelligence Primer. Book review 103
Chinese Medicine Periodicals from the Late Qing and Republican China: An Overview, English Edition. Brief article 107
Chinese Research Perspectives on Society; Volume 6: Analysis and Forecast of China's Social Conditions (2017). Brief article 147
Christian Faith, Philosophy & International Relations: The Lamb and the Wolf. Brief article 126
Churchill's Phoney War: A Study in Folly and Frustration. Brief article 106
Civility, Nonviolent Resistance, and the New Struggle for Social Justice. Book review 122
Clinical Psychology: Science, Practice, and Diversity, 5th Edition. Book review 168
Cloneliness: On the Reproduction of Loneliness. Brief article 129
Coaching Athletes to Be Their Best: Motivational Interviewing in Sports. Brief article 138
Coffee Is Not Forever: A Global History of the Coffee Leaf Rust. Book review 124
Cognitive Behavior Therapy for OCD in Youth: A Step-by-Step Guide. Book review 156
Cognitive History: Mind, Space, and Time. Brief article 133
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for OCD and Its Subtypes, 2nd Edition. Book review 101
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for PTSD: A Case Formulation Approach, 2nd Edition. Book review 233
Collaborating for Change: A Participatory Action Research Casebook. Brief article 149
Collaborative Approaches to Evaluation: Principles in Use. Book review 160
Collected Works of Mardia Bertocchi. Book review 162
Coming of Age in Jim Crow DC: Navigating the Politics of Everyday Life. Brief article 121
Communication Alternatives in Autism: Perspectives on Typing and Spelling Approaches for the Nonspeaking. Brief article 146
Compendium of Bedding Plant Diseases and Pests. Brief article 108
Compendium of Conifer Diseases, 2nd Edition. Book review 116
Competing in the Age of AI: Strategy and Leadership When Algorithms and Networks Run the World. Book review 235
Complete ABAP, 2nd Edition. Brief article 110
Computer Modeling of Structural Transformations of Nanopores in Fcc Metals. Brief article 129
Condition-Based Maintenance in Aviation: The History, the Business and the Technology. Book review 153
Conspiracy Theories: Philosophers Connect the Dots. Brief article 119
Constitutional Law: Cases, Comments, and Questions, 13th Edition. Brief article 114
Contemporary Polish Ontology. Book review 101
Content-Area Collaborations for Secondary Grades. Book review 189
Contested Nation: The Mapuche, Bandits, and State Formation in Nineteenth-Century Chile. Brief article 116
Contracts: Cases and Comments, 11th Edition. Brief article 121
Cooperation and Engagement in the Asia-Pacific Region. Book review 136
Copyright for Archivists and Records Managers, 6th Edition. Book review 176
Copyright: Interpreting the Law for Libraries, Archives and Information Services, 6th Edition. Book review 161
Corpus of Mesopotamian Anti-Witchcraft Rituals: Glossaries and Indices. Book review 129
Corpus of Mesopotamian Anti-Witchcraft Rituals; Volume 3. Brief article 134
Counselling Young People: A Practitioner Manual. Book review 190
Counter-Terrorism Financing: International Best Practices and the Law. Book review 182
Coupled Diffusion of Impurity Atoms and Point Defects in Silicon Crystals. Brief article 105
Courting Desire: Litigating for Love in North India. Book review 245
Cowboy is a Verb: Notes from a Modern-day Rancher. Brief article 124
Creating Engineering Design Challenges: Success Stories From Teachers. Book review 224
Crisis Management for Law Enforcement, 2nd Edition. Brief article 112
Cucumber Mosaic Virus. Brief article 109
Current Trends and Legal Issues in Special Education. Book review 136
Damascus Life 1480-1500: A Report of a Local Notary. Brief article 110
Data Collection Research Methods in Applied Linguistics. Brief article 115
Deadly Biocultures: The Ethics of Life-Making. Book review 121
Decolonising Sambo: Transculturation, Fungibility and Black and People of Colour Futurity. Book review 234
Deep Dive Into Financial Models: Modeling Risk and Uncertainty. Brief article 117
Deep Space Warfare: Military Strategy Beyond Orbit. Brief article 119
Degrees of Freedom: Prison Education at The Open University. Book review 109
Design for Additive Manufacturing: Concepts and Considerations for the Aerospace Industry. Brief article 115
Designing and Tracking Knowledge Management Metrics. Brief article 117
Deterritorializing Language, Teaching, Learning, and Research: Deleuzo-Guattarian Perspectives on Second Language Education. Brief article 118
Developing a Schoolwide Framework to Prevent and Manage Learning and Behavior Problems, 2nd Edition. Book review 207
Developing Expert Learners: A Roadmap for Growing Confident and Competent Students. Book review 162
Developing Judgment About Practicing Law, 3rd Edition. Brief article 135
Developing Leadership Skills and Abilities for Students Affairs Administrators: "Lesson Letters" To and From Our Colleagues. Book review 219
Diagnostic Communication with Road-Vehicles and Non-Road Mobile Machinery. Brief article 107
Differential Equations: A First Course in ODE and a Brief Introduction to PDE. Book review 105
Digital Disruptive Innovation. Brief article 118
Digital Media and the Greek Crisis: Cyberconflicts, Discourses and Networks. Book review 124
Digitalizing the Global Text: Philosophy, Literature, and Culture. Book review 162
Dimensions of Affine Deligne-Lusztig Varieties: A New Approach Via Labeled Folded Alcove Walks and Root Operators. Brief article 133
Disability Rights, Benefits, and Support Services Sourcebook. Book review 159
Discovery Engineering in Biology: Case Studies for Grades 6-12. Brief article 126
Disestablishment and Religious Dissent: Church-State Relations in the New American States, 1776-1833. Brief article 134
Disputed Decisions of World War II: Decision Science and Game Theory Perspectives. Brief article 126
Divine Being and Its Relevance According to Thomas Aquinas. Brief article 107
Does the Black Middle Class Exist and Are We Members?: Reflections from a Research Team. Book review 204
Domestic Courts and the Interpretation of International Law: Methods and Reasoning Based on the Swiss Example. Book review 119
Domestic Occupations: Spatial Rhetorics and Women's Work. Book review 144
Don't Go Upstairs!: A Room-by-Room Tour of the House in Horror Movies. Book review 104
Dreaming the Graphic Novel: The Novelization of Comics. Book review 181
Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children, 19th Edition. Book review 257
Dyslexia: Revisiting Etiology, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Policy. Book review 268
Early Modern Catalogues of Imaginary Books: A Scholarly Anthology. Book review 135
East Tennessee Newsmakers: Where are They Now? Brief article 116
Ecopiety: Green Media and the Dilemma of Environmental Virtue. Book review 155
Education Policy as a Roadmap for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: Effecting a Paradigm Shift for Peace and Prosperity Through New Partnerships. Book review 367
Effective Data Visualization: The Right Chart for the Right Data, 2nd Edition. Book review 156
Elementary Information Security, 3rd Edition (online access included). Book review 209
Elusive Justice: Women, Land Rights, and Colombia's Transition to Peace. Book review 176
Emitter Detection and Geolocation for Electronic Warfare. Brief article 111
Empire, Islam, and Politics of Difference: Ottoman Rule in Yemen, 1849-1919 (reprint, 2011). Book review 164
Empowering Students as Self-Directed Learners of Qualitative Research Methods: Transformational Practices for Instructors and Students. Book review 280
Encountering Hopewell in the Twenty-First Century, Ohio and Beyond; Volume 1: Monuments and Ceremony. Book review 153
Encyclopedia of Early Modern History; Volume 8: Lauda - Migratory Labor. Brief article 108
Ending the Physical Punishment of Children: A Guide for Clinicians and Practitioners. Book review 102
Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition. Book review 139
Enhancing Women's Roles in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE). Brief article 143
Enjoy Your Science Meeting!: A Practical Guide to Getting the Most Out of Attending Scientific Conferences. Book review 109
Essay on Islamization: Changes in Religious Practice in Muslim Societies. Brief article 116
Essential Elements: Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Law. Brief article 110
Essential Law for Information Professionals, 4th Edition. Book review 216
Essential Psychotherapies: Theory and Practice, 4th Edition. Book review 191
Essential Skills for Historians: A Practical Guide to Researching the Past. Brief article 116
Essentials of Youth Fitness. Brief article 140
Ethical Practice in Forensic Psychology: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals, 2nd Edition. Brief article 107
European Small States and the Role of Consuls in the Age of Empire. Book review 117
Evidence: The California Code and the Federal Rules: A Problem Approach, 7th Edition. Brief article 138
Examining War and Conflict Around the World. Brief article 107
Excavations at the Seila Pyramid and Fag el-Gamous Cemetery. Book review 160
Experiments in Focus: Information Structure and Semantic Processing. Book review 123
Exposed: Why Our Health Insurance is Incomplete and What Can Be Done About It. Book review 182
Facing an Unequal World: Challenges for Global Sociology. Book review 173
Fatigue Consideration in Machine Design: Essentials of Endurance Analyses. Book review 105
Fidel in the Cuban Socialist Revolution: Understanding the Cuban Revolution (1959-1961). Book review 151
Financial Risk Management: An End User Perspective. Brief article 115
Fit to Compete: Why Honest Conversations About Your Company's Capabilities are the Key to a Winning Strategy. Book review 217
Fixed Income Securities: Concepts and Applications. Brief article 124
Flesh and Blood: Interrogating Freud on Human Sacrifice, Real and Imagined. Book review 104
Forgotten Diplomacy: The Modern Remaking of Dutch-Chinese Relations, 1927-1950. Book review 109
Foundations of Instructional Delivery: Fire and Emergency Services Instructor I, 3rd Edition (online access included). Book review 186
Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health, 2nd Edition (online access included). Brief article 129
Foundations of Psychological Testing: A Practical Approach, 6th Edition. Book review 327
Fourth Wave Feminism in Science Fiction and Fantasy; Volume 2: Essays on Television Representations, 2013-2019. Brief article 117
Framed by War: Korean Children and Women at the Crossroads of US Empire. Book review 165
From the Periphery: Real-Life Stories of Disability. Brief article 130
From the Sea to the C Suite: Lessons Learned from the Bridge to the Corner Office. Book review 165
Function Classes on the Unit Disc: An Introduction, 2nd Edition. Book review 101
Functional Curriculum for Elementary and Secondary Students with Special Needs, 4th Edition. Brief article 130
Gapenski's Understanding Healthcare Financial Management, 8th Edition. Book review 159
Gender in the Middle East and North Africa: Contemporary Issues and Challenges. Book review 104
Genetic Counseling: Clinical Practice and Ethical Considerations. Brief article 112
German Americans on the Middle Border: From Antislavery to Reconciliation, 1830-1877. Book review 152
German Ground Forces of World War II: Complete Orders of Battle for Army Groups, Armies, Army Corps, and Other Commands of the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS, September 1, 1939, to May 8, 1945. Book review 174
Gifted Education and Gifted Students: A Guide for Inservice and Preservice Teachers. Brief article 148
Global Mental Health: Latin America and Spanish-Speaking Populations. Brief article 132
Globalization and the Neoliberal Schoolhouse: Education in a World of Trouble. Book review 197
Godless: 150 Years of Disbelief. Brief article 106
Good Governance and Modern International Financial Institutions: AIIB Yearbook of International Law 2018. Book review 127
Governing the Galleys: Jurisdiction, Justice, and Trade in the Squadrons of the Hispanic Monarchy (Sixteenth-Seventeenth Centuries). Brief article 144
Governing the Social in Neoliberal Times. Book review 198
Government Support Index Handbook 2020. Brief article 150
Grammaticalising the Perfect and Explanations of Language Change: Have- and Be-Perfects in the History and Structure of English and Bulgarian. Brief article 148
Green Chemistry and Biodiversity: Principles, Techniques, and Correlations. Brief article 120
Green Matters: Ecocultural Functions of Literature. Brief article 138
Greene and Cornwallis in the Carolinas: The Pivotal Struggle in the American Revolution, 1780-1781. Book review 112
Handbook of Megachurches. Brief article 104
Hatching Results for Secondary School Counseling: Implementing Core Curriculum, Individual Student Planning, and Other Tier One Activities. Brief article 147
Hazardous Materials Monitoring and Detection Devices, 3rd Edition. Brief article 146
Heartthrob: Del Balboa Cafe al Apartheid and Back. Book review 102
Heirs of an Honored Name: The Decline of the Adams Family and the Rise of Modern America. Brief article 108
Heroes of the Borderlands: The Western Mexican Film, Comics, and Music. Brief article 116
History and Culture of Byzantium. Brief article 114
Hollywood and the Female Body: A History of Idolization and Objectification. Brief article 102
Homeland Security and Public Safety: Research, Applications, and Standards. Brief article 125
How language Informs Mathematics: Bridging Hegelian Dialects and Marxian Models. Brief article 109
How Not to Make a Human: Pets, Feral Children, Worms, Sky Burial, Oysters. Book review 105
How the Left and Right Think: The Roots of Division in American Politics. Book review 157
How Women Must Write: Inventing the Russian Woman Poet. Brief article 105
HR Initiatives in Building Inclusive and Accessible Workplaces. Book review 172
Index Islamicus: A Bibliography of Books and Articles on Islam and the Muslim World Which Were Published in the Year 2018; 2 volume set. Book review 173
Indonesia: State and Society in Transition. Brief article 104
Industrial Hemp as a Modern Commodity Crop. Brief article 111
Inquire. Book review 190
Inspiring Mathematics: Lessons from the Navajo Nation Math Circles. Brief article 127
Intellectuals, Inequalities and Transitions: Prospects for a Critical Sociology. Book review 105
Interchangeable Parts: Acting, Industry, and Technology in US Theater. Brief article 105
Intercultural Crisis Communication: Translation, Interpreting and Languages in Local Crises. Book review 247
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Torture. Book review 151
International Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets: Nature, Drivers, Barriers and Determinants. Book review 212
International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education; Volume 1: Knowledge, Beliefs, and Identity in Mathematics Teaching and Teaching Development, 2nd Edition. Book review 153
International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education; Volume 2: Tools and Processes in Mathematics Teacher Education, 2nd Edition. Brief article 149
International Law and Cannabis: Regulation of Cannabis Cultivation and Trade for Recreational Use: Positive Human Rights Obligations Versus UN Narcotic Drugs Conventions; Volume II. Brief article 115
International Law and Cannabis: Regulation of Cannabis Cultivation for Recreational Use Under the UN Narcotic Drugs Conventions and the EU Legal Instruments in Anti-Drugs Policy; Volume 1. Book review 161
International Relations and Security Politics in Africa: Essays in Honour of Professor Victor Ojakorotu. Brief article 136
Interpreting Zhejiang's Development: Cultural and Social Perspectives. Brief article 119
Introducing Communication Research: Paths of Inquiry, 4th Edition. Brief article 140
Introduction to Communication Sciences and Disorders: The Scientific Basis of Clinical Practice (online access included). Brief article 107
Introduction to Homeland Security: Policy, Organization, and Administration, 2nd Edition (online access included). Book review 202
Introduction to OFDM Receiver Design and Simulation. Brief article 117
Introduction to Sociology, 5th Edition. Brief article 128
Ischemic Stroke Management: Medical, Interventional and Surgical Management (online access included). Book review 142
Isis Pelagia: Images, Names and Cults of a Goddess of the Seas. Book review 140
Jan Hus: The Life and Death of a Preacher. Brief article 137
Jeremiah Under the Shadow of Duhm: A Critique of the Use of Poetic Form as a Criterion of Authenticity. Brief article 129
Jesus and Judaism. Book review 157
Jordan Triple Systems in Complex and Functional Analysis. Book review 105
Journeys Out of Homelessness: The Voices of Lived Experience. Book review 178
Knowing God: Ibn Arabi and Abd al-Razzaq al-Qashani's Metaphysics of the Divine. Book review 124
Law's Dominion: Jewish Community, Religion, and Family in Early Modern Metz. Brief article 121
Leading for Change Through Whole-School Social-Emotional Learning: Strategies to Build a Positive School Culture. Book review 171
Lectures on Chemical Bonding and Quantum Chemistry. Brief article 107
Les Fatimides et la Mer (909-1171) (French Edition). Brief article 123
Letters of a Russian Dissident: Ivan Pouschine's Siberian Exile Correspondence. Brief article 113
Lifelong Learning and the Roma Minority in Western and Southern Europe. Book review 157
Linear Models and Regression with R: An Integrated Approach. Brief article 114
Liquid Rocket Engine: Thrust Chamber Parametric Modeling. Brief article 124
Listen to Classic Rock!: Exploring a Musical Genre. Brief article 140
Literacy Strong All Year Long: Powerful Lessons for Grades K-2, 2nd Edition. Book review 211
Literacy, Language and Reading in Nineteenth-Century Ireland. Book review 154
Living Under the Evil Pope: The Hebrew Chronicle of Pope Paul IV by Benjamin Nehemiah ben Elnathan from Civitanova Marche (16th cent.). Book review 172
Locations of Knowledge in Dutch Contexts. Book review 125
Looking for Revolution, Finding Murder: The Crimes and Transformation of Katherine Ann Power. Brief article 104
Management and Administration of Higher Education Institutions at Times of Change. Book review 224
Managing Inter-Organizational Collaborations: Process Views. Book review 171
Manteo and the Algonquians of the Roanoke Voyages. Book review 180
Mastering Menopause: Women's Voices on Taking Charge of the Change. Book review 173
Mathematics Outreach: Explorations in Social Justice Around the Globe. Book review 188
Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law; Volume 22 (2018). Brief article 146
Mediated Millennials. Brief article 142
Medical Necessity: Health Care Access and the Politics of Decision Making. Book review 146
Medieval Perceptual Puzzles: Theories of Sense Perception in the 13th and 14th Centuries. Brief article 139
Methods of Research on Human Development and Families. Book review 169
Migrating Words, Migrating Merchants, Migrating Law: Trading Routes and the Development of Commercial law. Brief article 135
Migration and Islamic Ethics: Issues of Residence, Naturalisation and Citizenship. Book review 153
Mindful Movement in Psychotherapy. Book review 167
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for OCD: A Treatment Manual. Book review 153
Mindfulness-Based Practices in Therapy: A Cultural Humility Approach. Book review 212
Minority Self-Government in Europe and the Middle East: From Theory to Practice. Brief article 115
Mixed-Race in the US and UK: Comparing the Past, Present, and Future. Book review 178
Modeling Economic Growth in Contemporary Belarus. Book review 103
Modernizing the UN Human Rights System. Brief article 134
Moral Conflicts of Organ Retrieval: A Case for Constructive Pluralism, 2nd Edition. Brief article 111
More than One Picture: An Art History of the Hyperimage. Brief article 115
Muqarnas: An Annual on the Visual Cultures of the Islamic World. Brief article 126

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