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Articles from ProtoView (February 1, 2020)

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5 Rules for Tomorrow's Cities: Design in an Age of Urban Migration, Demographic Change, and a Disappearing Middle Class. Brief article 159
A Century in Uniform: Military Women in American Films. Book review 258
A Flight Attendant's Essential Guide: From Passenger Relations to Challenging Situations. Book review 173
A Grammar of Makasar: A Language of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Book review 173
A History of Collective Living: Forms of Shared Housing. Book review 170
A Literary History of Medicine: The 'Uyun al-anba' fi tabaqat al-atibba', of Ibn Abiusaybi'ah; 5 volume set. Brief article 230
A Monster Theory Reader. Brief article 154
A Panorama of Singularities. Brief article 175
A Rhetorical Crime: Genocide in the Geopolitical Discourse of the Cold War. Brief article 188
A War Born Family: African American Adoption in the Wake of the Korean War. Brief article 329
About Museums, Culture, and Justice to Explore in Your Classroom. Book review 171
After Authority: Global Art Cinema and Political Transition. Brief article 176
Agency in The Hunger Games: Desire, Intent and Action in the Novels. Brief article 168
An Introduction to Numerical Computation, 2nd Edition. Brief article 201
An Introduction to Sociology, 5th Edition. Brief article 154
ASM Handbook; Volume 10: Materials Characterization. Book review 151
Assessment Strategies for Knowledge Organizations. Book review 161
Axis of Hope: Iranian Women's Rights Activism Across Borders. Brief article 213
Beyond Progress in the Prison Classroom: Options and Opportunities. Brief article 217
Big Data in Healthcare: Statistical Analysis of the Electronic Health Record. Book review 185
Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization; Volume II: The Archaeological and Documentary Evidence (reprint, 1991). Book review 170
Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization; Volume II: The Archaeological and Documentary Evidence (reprint, 1991). Brief article 169
Byzantium in the Time of Troubles: The Continuation of the Chronicle of John Skylitzes (1057-1079). Brief article 185
Camming: Money, Power, and Pleasure in the Sex Work Industry. Brief article 188
Captain F. Spiess and the German Atlantic Meteor Expedition of 1925-27. Brief article 176
Cases and Materials on Arbitration Law and Practice, 8th Edition. Brief article 162
Cats and Conservationists: The Debate Over Who Owns the Outdoors. Book review 156
Chief Officer: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition (online access included). Book review 203
Comprehensive Literacy for All: Teaching Students With Significant Disabilities to Read and Write. Brief article 193
Contracts: Cases and Materials, 9th Edition. Brief article 167
Creative Commons for Educators and Librarians. Book review 176
Criminal Dissent: Prosecutions Under the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798. Book review 193
Cross-Cultural Exchange and the Colonial Imaginary: Global Encounters via Southeast Asia. Book review 254
Daily Life of African American Slaves in the Antebellum South. Brief article 158
Democracy's Troubles: Twelve Threats to the American Ideal and How We Can Overcome Them. Book review 151
Divercities: Understanding Super-Diversity in Deprived and Mixed Neighbourhoods. Brief article 157
Documenting Rebellions: A Study of Four Lesbian and Gay Archives in Queer Times. Brief article 199
Domestic Violence and Abuse: A Reference Handbook. Book review 169
Dora Maar. Book review 183
EC Comics: Race, Shock, and Social Protest. Brief article 241
EdSpeak and Doubletalk: A Glossary to Decipher Hypocrisy and Save Public Schooling. Book review 168
Educating Children with Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome, 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome, and DiGeorge Syndrome, 3rd Edotopm. Book review 192
Elected Members of the Security Council: Lame Ducks or Key Players? Book review 152
Emergency Medical Responder, Canadian Edition (online access included). Brief article 189
Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles: Exploring the Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles Among Information Technology Professionals. Book review 156
Empire of Style: Silk and Fashion in Tang China. Brief article 238
Estates and Trusts: Cases and Materials, 6th Edition. Book review 167
European Investment Law and Arbitration Review: Published Under the Auspices of Queen Mary University of London and EFILA; Volume 4 (2019). Brief article 153
Every Living Thing: Facing Down Terrorists, Warlords, and Thugs in West Africa: A Story of Justice. Book review 172
Everyday Playfulness: A New Approach to Children's Play and Adult Responses to It. Book review 179
Evidence Problems and Materials, 6th Edition. Book review 174
Experimentation Works: The Surprising Power of Business Experiments. Brief article 152
Familiar Perversions: The Racial, Sexual, and Economic Politics of LGBT Families. Book review 179
Familiar Perversions: The Racial, Sexual, and Economic Politics of LGBT Families. Book review 180
Family Law in Perspective, 4th Edition. Brief article 155
Federal Income Tax: A Guide to the Internal Revenue Code, 8th Edition. Book review 183
Federal Income Taxation of Corporations, 5th Edition. Book review 208
Financial Decision-Making in the Foodservice Industry: Economic Costs and Benefits. Book review 192
Fixing Parental Leave: The Six Month Solution. Brief article 179
Francis Bacon: Books and Painting. Brief article 159
Furious Flower: Seeding the Future of African American Poetry. Brief article 166
Gather 'Round the Table: Food Literacy Programs, Resources, and Ideas for Libraries. Book review 160
Global Business Environment: Shifting Paradigms in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Book review 171
Gramsci's Laboratory: Philosophy, History and Politics. Brief article 156
Growing Child Intellect: The Manifesto for Engaged Learning in the Early Years. Book review 176
Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences, 3rd Edition. Brief article 224
Harnessing Omni-Channel Marketing Strategies for Fashion and Luxury Brands. Book review 204
Hofische Musikkultur im klassischen Islam: Ibn Fadlallah al-Umari (gest. 749/1349) uber die diechterische und musikalische Kunst der Sangersklavinnen (German Edition). Book review 166
Ibn Taymiyyah on Reason and Revelation: A Study of Dar' ta'arud al-'aql wa-l-naql. Book review 152
Ibn Tumlus (Alhagiag Bin Thalmus d. 620/1223), Compendium on Logic (al-Muhtasar fi al-mantiq). Brief article 164
In Between: Cultures and Languages in Transition. Book review 158
Incarceration and Race in Michigan: Grounding the National Debate in State Practice. Book review 151
Inspired Thinking: Big Ideas to Enrich Yourself and Your Community. Brief article 163
Introduction to Neurogenic Communication Disorders, 3rd Edition (online access included). Book review 176
It Will Be Fun and Terrifying: Nationalism and Protest in Post-Soviet Russia. Brief article 262
John Houbolt: The Unsung Hero of the Apollo Moon Landings. Brief article 160
Judeans in Babylonia: A Study of Deportees in the Sixth and Fifth Centuries BCE. Book review 151
Just Schools: Building Equitable Collaborations with Families and Communities. Brief article 234
Knowledge and Rhetoric in Medical Commentary: Ancient Mesopotamian Commentaries on a Handbook of Medical Diagnosis (Sa-gig). Brief article 153
Knowledge Management Philosophy: Communication as a Strategic Asset in Knowledge Management. Book review 161
Language Maintenance, Revival and Shift in the Sociology of Religion. Book review 197
Le ministere sacerdotal dans la tradition syriaque primitive: Aphraate, Ephrem, Jacques de Saroug et Narsai (French Edition). Book review 154
Legalizing Sex: Sexual Minorities, AIDS, and Citizenship in India. Brief article 176
Legislating Morality in America: Debating the Morality of Controversial U.S. Laws and Policies. Book review 159
Maimonides, Commentary on Hippocrates' Aphorisms: A New Parallel Arabic-English Edition and Translation, with Critical Editions of the Medieval Hebrew Translations; Volume 2. Brief article 161
Management of Systems: How to Follow the Path of Deming and Toyota. Book review 210
Maps of the Moon: Lunar Cartography from the Seventeenth Century to the Space Age. Brief article 177
Modernization, National Identity and Legal Instrumentalism: Studies in Comparative Legal History; Volume 1: Private Law. Book review 167
Modernization, National Identity and Legal Instrumentalism: Studies in Comparative Legal History; Volume 2: Public Law. Brief article 158
Museums Inside Out: Artist Collaborations and New Exhibition Ecologies. Brief article 274
NATO Rules of Engagement: On ROE, Self- Defence and the Use of Force During Armed Conflict. Book review 154
Occupational Therapy for Adults with Intellectual Disability. Brief article 163
Opioids in South Africa: Towards a Policy of Harm Reduction. Brief article 173
Our Voices, Our Histories: Asian American and Pacific Islander Women. Brief article 207
Outriders: Rodeo at the Fringes of the American West. Brief article 191
Pathways to Careers in Health Care. Book review 315
Performance, Managerial Skill, and Factor Exposures in Commodity Trading Advisors and Managed Futures Funds. Book review 153
Perspectives on Occupational Therapy Education: Past, Present, and Future. Book review 240
Philippine Sanctuary: A Holocaust Odyssey. Book review 152
Plant Galls of Europe; 3 volume set. Brief article 154
Pleadings, Minutes of Public Sittings and Documents; Volume 26 (2017): Dispute Concerning Delimitation of the Maritime Boundary Between Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire in the Atlantic Ocean; 2 volume set (CD-ROMs included). Brief article 156
Power to the Transfer: Critical Race Theory and a Transfer Receptive Culture. Book review 165
Practical Optimization. Book review 162
Principles of Corporate Taxation, 2nd Edition. Book review 155
Prosecutorial Ethics, 3rd Edition. Book review 164
Qualitative Research in the Health Professions. Book review 184
Read, Write, Inquire: Disciplinary Literacy in Grades 6-12. Brief article 220
Rebuilding Jewish Life in Germany. Brief article 177
Recognizing Wrongs. Book review 261
Recueil des Cours: Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law; 2019. Brief article 153
Regional Urban Systems in the Roman World, 150 BCE - 250 CE. Brief article 163
Research Methods for Complexity Theory in Applied Linguistics. Book review 179
Reshaping Universal Preschool: Critical Perspectives on Power and Policy. Book review 204
Resisting Dialogue: Modern Fiction and the Future of Dissent. Book review 190
Rest Uneasy: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in Twentieth-Century America. Brief article 160
Restoring Prana: A Therapeutic Guide to Pranayama and Healing Through the Breath for Yoga Therapists, Teachers, and Healthcare Practitioners. Book review 185
Rewriting Cultural Psychology: Transcend Your Ethnic Roots and Redefine Your Identity. Book review 177
Rise of the Brao: Ethnic Minorities in Northeastern Cambodia During Vietnamese Occupation. Book review 259
Rivalry and Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific: The Dynamics of a Region in Transition; 2 volume set. Brief article 193
Sailing Under John Paul Jones: The Memoir of Continental Navy Midshipman Nathaniel Fanning, 1778-1783. Brief article 182
Sainthood and Authority in Early Islam: Al-Hakim al-Tirmidhi's Theory of wilaya and the Reenvisioning. Brief article 157
Searching for Woody Guthrie: A Personal Exploration of the Folk Singer, His Music, and His Politics. Brief article 210
Supporting Birth Parents Whose Children Have Been Adopted. Book review 181
Sustainability Management and Business Strategy in Asia. Brief article 200
Teaching for Deeper Learning: Tools to Engage Students in Meaning Making. Book review 163
The 360 Librarian: A Framework for Integrating Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, and Critical Reflection in the Workplace. Book review 174
The Athlete as National Symbol: Critical Essays on Sports in the International Arena. Brief article 226
The Big Top on the Big Screen: Explorations of the Circus in Film. Brief article 203
The CAFE Book: Engaging All Students in Daily Literacy Assessment and Instruction, 2nd Edition. Brief article 242
The Climate Crisis and Corrupt Politics: Overcoming the Powerful Forces That Threaten Our Future. Brief article 183
The Complete Guide to ECGs, 5th Edition. Brief article 191
The Complete RHIT and RHIA Prep: A Guide for Your Certification Exam and Your Career (online access included). Brief article 168
The Crown and the Capitalists: The Ethnic Chinese and the Founding of the Thai Nation. Brief article 328
The Digital Dystopias of Black Mirror and Electric Dreams. Brief article 212
The Dyslexia, ADAD and DCD-Friendly Study Skills Guide: Tips and Strategies for Exam Success. Book review 157
The External Dimension of EU Social Security Coordination: Towards a Common EU Approach. Book review 159
The First Century of the International Joint Commission. Brief article 204
The Future Past of Tourism: Historical Perspectives and Future Evolutions. Book review 151
The Futures of Dance Studies. Book review 176
The Global Economy. Brief article 151
The Global Vampire: Essays on the Undead in Popular Culture Around the World. Brief article 179
The Law of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management, 4th Edition. Book review 188
The Library Workplace Idea Book: Proactive Steps for Positive Change. Brief article 192
The Long 1989: Decades of Global Revolution. Brief article 194
The Lord's Prayer and the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew's Gospel. Book review 151
The Low-Fat Lie: Rise of Obesity, Diabetes and Inflammation. Brief article 200
The Minds Behind Adventure Games: Interviews with Cult and Classic Video Game Developers. Book review 153
The Moral Project of Childhood: Motherhood, Material Life, and Early Children's Consumer Culture. Brief article 282
The Neurodiverse Workplace: An Employer's Guide to Managing and Working with Neurodivergent Employees, Clients and Customers. Book review 165
The New New Zealand: The Maori and Pakeha Populations. Book review 184
The Next Installment: Serials, Sequels, and Adaptations of Nellie L. McClung, L.M. Montgomery, and Mazo de la Roche. Brief article 224
The Poetic Works of Helius Eobanus Hessus; Volume 5: A Veritable Proteus, 1524-1528. Book review 159
The Politics of Cycling Infrastructure: Spaces and (In)Equality. Brief article 231
The Responsive Environment: Design, Aesthetics, and the Human in the 1970s. Brief article 263
The Savvy Investor's Guide to Avoiding Pitfalls, Frauds, and Scams. Book review 169
The Sustainable City XIII. Book review 164
The Way to Work: How to Facilitate Work Experiences for Youth in Transition, 2nd Edition. Book review 231
The Women of City Point, Virginia, 1864-1865: Stories of Life and Work in the Union Occupation Headquarters. Brief article 176
Theraplay: The Practitioner's Guide. Brief article 194
Threshold Concepts on the Edge. Brief article 155
Tourism Economics and Policy, 2nd Edition. Brief article 167
Transgenerational Remembrance: Performance and the Asia-Pacific War in Contemporary Japan. Book review 248
Translating Knowledge Management Visions Into Strategy. Brief article 189
Transnational Korean Cinema: Cultural Politics, Film Genres, and Digital Technologies. Brief article 279
Transnational Korean Cinema: Cultural Politics, Film Genres, and Digital Technologies. Book review 280
Treasures of Knowledge: An Inventory of the Ottoman Palace Library (1502/3-1503/4); 2 volume set. Brief article 177
Unequal Higher Education: Wealth, Status and Student Opportunity. Brief article 199
Urban Warfare: Housing Under the Empire of Finance. Brief article 187
Vietnam's Strategic Thinking During the Third Indochina War. Brief article 248
Welcome to Arkham Asylum: Essays on Psychiatry and the Gotham City Institution. Book review 283
Who Plans the Planning? Architecture, Politics, and Mankind. Book review 170
Women in School Leadership. Book review 157
Yoga and Mindfulness for Young Children: Poses for Play, Learning, and Peace. Book review 163

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