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<>: L'affirmation de soi chez les historiens, de l'Antiquite a la fin du Moyen Age (French Edition). Book review 141
1968: A Pivotal Moment in American Sports. Book review 124
25 Projects for Global Explorers. Brief article 138
A Baptism of Judgement in the Fire of the Holy Spirit: John's Eschatological Proclamation in Matthew 3. Brief article 162
A Companion to Byzantine Poetry. Book review 131
A Companion to Medieval Lubeck. Brief article 129
A Decade of Zimbabwe: Politics, Economy and Society 2008-2017. Book review 121
A Head Start on Science: Encouraging a Sense of Wonder, 2nd Edition. Book review 137
A Reason to Live: HIV and Animal Companions. Book review 130
A Reflective Guide to Gender Identity Counselling. Book review 113
A Twentieth-Century Crusade: The Vatican's Battle to Remake Christian Europe. Book review 126
ABA for SLPs: Interprofessional Collaboration for Autism Support Teams. Book review 102
Abolitionist Socialist Feminism: Radicalizing the Next Revolution. Book review 147
Abraham's Family: A Network of Meaning in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Book review 170
Abstract: Columbia GSAPP 2018. Brief article 109
Acing Administrative Law: A Checklist Approach to Solving Administrative Law Problems. Book review 135
Adapting Watercourse Agreements to Developments in International Law: The Case of the Itaipu Treaty. Book review 240
Addicted to Incarceration: Corrections Policy and the Politics of Misinformation in the United States, 2nd Edition. Book review 149
Advancing Formative Assessment in Every Classroom: A Guide for Instructional Leaders, 2nd Edition. Brief article 214
African Economic Development, 2nd Edition. Book review 104
Against a Sharp White Background: Infrastructures of African American Print. Book review 159
Age-Friendly Cities and Communities: A Global Perspective. Book review 114
Alert America!: The Atomic Bomb and "The Show That May Save Your Life". Book review 126
Allegory and Ideology. Book review 103
Alzheimer's Disease: New Beginnings. Book review 146
An Appeal to the Ladies of Hyderabad: Scandal in the Raj. Brief article 132
An Art Therapist's View of Mass Murders, Violence, and Mental Illness: Practical Suggestions for Helping Practitioners Find Support and Guidance in a Dangerous Practice. Book review 166
An Introduction to Management Science: Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making, 15th Edition. Book review 121
Applied Arts in British Exile from 1933: Changing Visual and Material Culture. Book review 132
Applied Sport Management Skills, 3rd Edition (online access included). Book review 173
Applied Stochastic Analysis. Brief article 126
Aramaic Graffiti from Hatra: A Study Based on the Archive of the Missione Archeologica Italiana. Book review 129
Architrenius. Book review 139
Argument-Driven Inquiry in Fourth-Grade Science: Three-Dimensional Investigations. Brief article 148
Arts-Based Education: China and Its Intersection with the World. Brief article 138
Asian Yearbook of International Law; Volume 16 (2010) (reprint, 2013). Book review 120
Autistic Disturbances: Theorizing Autism Poetics from the DSM to Robinson Crusoe. Book review 210
AutoCAD 2020: 3D Modeling (CD-ROM included). Book review 102
Basque and Romance: Aligning Grammars. Book review 138
Bauhaus Goes West: Modern Art and Design in Britain and America. Book review 682
Bauhaus Imaginista. Brief article 232
Bayuda Studies: Proceedings of the First International Conference on the Archaeology of the Bayuda Desert in Sudan. Book review 199
Becoming an Assessment-Capable Visible Learner: Grades 6-12, Level 1, Teacher's Guide. Book review 178
Believing in Film: Christianity and Classic European Cinema. Book review 148
Beryl McBurnie. Book review 114
Best Practices in Green Supply Chain Management: A Developing Country Perspective. Book review 160
Beyond Banned Books: Defending Intellectual Freedom Throughout Your Library. Book review 118
Beyond Perceptions, Crafting Meaning. Book review 108
Beyond Reception: Renaissance Humanism and the Transformation of Classical Antiquity. Book review 142
Beyond Tombs and Towers: Domestic Architecture of the Umm an-Nar Period in Eastern Arabia. Book review 126
Bioethics: Health Care Law and Ethics, 8th Edition. Book review 137
Bits and Bugs: A Scientific and Historical Review of Software Failure in Computational Science. Brief article 108
Black Classical Musicians and Composers, 1500-2000. Book review 104
Blood on the Snow: Eyewitness Accounts of the Russian Revolution (reprint, 1990). Book review 120
Book of Beasts: The Bestiary in the Medieval World. Brief article 236
Breaking the Gas Ceiling: Women in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. Book review 128
Breast Cancer Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information about the Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Symptoms of Breast Cancer..., 6th Edition (online access included). Book review 140
Brigham Young and the Expansion of the Mormon Faith. Book review 133
Bring Your Brain to Work: Using Cognitive Science to Get a Job, Do It Well, and Advance Your Career. Book review 137
By-Products of Palm Trees and Their Applications. Book review 110
Cara and MacRae's Psychosocial Occupational Therapy: An Evolving Practice, 4th Edition. Book review 123
Case and Mood Endings in Semitic Languages - Myth or Reality? Brief article 134
Celebrating 50 Years of Child Development Research: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives. Brief article 113
Celebrating the 2017 Great American Eclipse: Lessons Learned from the Path of Totality. Brief article 126
Ceremonial Synagogue Textiles: From Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Italian Communities. Book review 131
Change and Continuity Management in the Public Sector: The DALI Model for Effective Decision-Making. Book review 162
Children and Mobile Phones: Adoption, Use, Impact, and Control. Book review 148
Children's Lively Minds: Schema Theory Made Visible. Brief article 144
Chinese Revolutionary Cinema: Propaganda, Aesthetics and Internationalism 1949-1966. Book review 132
Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge: Preparing the Future Civil Engineer, 3rd Edition. Brief article 120
CKD-Associated Complications: Progress in the Last Half Century. Brief article 117
Clinical Handbook of Psychiatry & the Law, 5th Edition (online access included). Brief article 144
Clinical Methods and Practicum in Speech-Language Pathology, 6th Edition (online access included). Book review 116
Clinician's Thesaurus: The Guide to Conducting Interviews and Writing Psychological Reports, 8th Edition. Book review 107
Close Reading of Informational Sources: Assessment-Driven Instruction in Grades 3-8, 2nd Edition. Book review 230
Coaching Parents of Vulnerable Infants: The Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-Up Approach. Book review 157
Comics and Critical Librarianship: Reframing the Narrative in Academic Libraries. Book review 144
Compaction Grouting Consensus Guide. Book review 104
Competencies for Effective Leadership: A Framework for Assessment, Education, and Research. Book review 207
Complex Lexical Units: Compounds and Multi-Word Expressions. Book review 117
Compliant Systems: Mechanics of Elasticity Deformable Mechanisms, Actuators and Sensors. Book review 106
Conflict of Laws, 6th Edition. Book review 111
Conflict, Identity, and State Formation in East Timor 2000-2017. Book review 114
Contemporary Criminal Law. Book review 109
Contemporary Scenography: Practices and Aesthetics in German Theatre, Arts and Design. Brief article 144
Contextual Biblical Hermeneutics as Multicentric Dialogue: Towards a Singaporean Reading of Daniel. Book review 135
Core Data Services for ABAP. Brief article 113
Corpus of Middle Babylonian and Middle Assyrian Incantations. Book review 130
Countering Terrorist Activities in Cyberspace. Book review 124
Create, Innovate, and Serve: A Radical Approach to Children's and Youth Programming. Book review 155
Creating Winning Grant Proposals: A Step-by-Step Guide. Brief article 136
Crime and Everyday Life: A Brief Introduction, 6th Edition. Book review 155
Crime, Law and Society in Nigeria: Essays in Honour of Stephen Ellis. Book review 125
Criminal Law: A Contemporary Approach, 3rd Edition (online access included). Book review 109
Criminology: The Core, 7th Edition. Book review 107
Crude Oil, Crude Money: Aristotle Onassis, Saudi Arabia, and the CIA. Brief article 161
Data, Informatics and Technology: An Inspiration for Improved Healthcare. Book review 142
Databases and Information Systems X: Selected Papers From the Thirteenth International Baltic Conference, DB&IS 2018. Book review 151
David Busch's Sony Alpha A7 III: Guide to Digital Photography. Book review 109
De Tribus Principiis, oder, Beschreibung der Drey Principien Gottliches Wesens (Of the Three Principles of Divine Being, 1619); Volume 1. Book review 148
Decadent Modernity: Civilization and 'Latinidad' in Spanish America, 1880-1920. Brief article 126
Decisions of the 1862 Kentucky Campaign: The Twenty-Seven Critical Decisions That Defined the Operation. Book review 123
DeLisa's Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Principles and Practice, 6th Edition (online access included). Book review 112
Developing Firefighter Resiliency. Brief article 159
Diagnosing Churchill: Bipolar or "Prey to Nerves"? Book review 166
Dialogical Interventions: Art in the Social Realm. Book review 176
Digital Radiography in Practice. Book review 112
Diversity Within Diversity Management: Types of Diversity in Organizations. Book review 253
Drug Abuse Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information About the Abuse of Cocaine, Club drugs, Marijuana, Inhalants, Heroin, Hallucinogens,...6th Edition (online access included). Brief article 155
Dude Lit: Mexican Men Writing and Performing Competence, 1955-2012. Brief article 156
Ecohumanism and the Ecological Culture: The Educational Legacy of Lewis and Ian McHarg. Book review 109
Economics for Healthcare Managers, 4th Edition. Book review 112
Economics for the Many. Book review 105
Edge of Awe: Experiences of the Malheur-Steens Country. Brief article 116
Eighteen Essays in Non-Euclidean Geometry. Book review 107
Electra: A Gender Sensitive Study of the Plays Based on the Myth, 2nd Edition. Brief article 126
Electromagnetic Non-Destructive Evaluation (XXI). Book review 143
Elevator and Escalator Rescue: A Comprehensive Guide, 2nd Edition. Brief article 109
Encyclopedia of Early Modern History. Book review 122
Entrepreneurship and Development in the 21st Century. Book review 218
Essential Legal English in Context: Understanding the Vocabulary of US Law and Government. Book review 122
Essentials of Terrorism: Concepts and Controversies, 5th Edition. Brief article 188
Ethics, Equity and Community Development. Book review 120
Ethnic Boundaries in Turkish Politics: The Secular Kurdish Movement and Islam. Book review 114
European Yearbook of Minority Issues; Volume 16, 2017. Book review 101
Experiencing Business Organizations, 2nd Edition. Book review 108
Family Theories: An Introduction, 5th Edition. Book review 166
Fascism and Dictatorship: The Third International and the Problem of Fascism. Book review 131
Fat Talk: A Feminist Perspective. Book review 178
Federal Wealth Transfer Taxes, 5th Edition. Book review 133
Federal White Collar Crime: Cases and Materials, 7th Edition. Book review 139
Financial Management for Public, Health, and Not-for-Profit Organizations, 6th Edition. Book review 126
Fire Officer's Guide to Occupational Safety & Health. Book review 105
Fiscal and Monetary Policy in the Eurozone: Theoretical Concepts and Empirical Evidence. Book review 118
Flamenco Nation: The Construction of Spanish National Identity. Brief article 219
Flawed Precedent: The St. Catherine's Case and Aboriginal Title. Book review 138
Florida Explored: The Philadelphia Connection in Bartram's Tracks. Book review 162
Forensic Psychology in Military Courts. Book review 111
Foundations of Information Policy. Book review 111
Framing the Threat: How Politicians Justify Their Policies. Book review 214
Fred Reinfeld: The Man Who Taught America Chess, with 282 Games. Book review 108
Free Speech and Censorship: Examining the Facts. Book review 101
From Fountain to Moleskin: The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Producibility. Book review 170
From Macon to Jacksonville: More Conversations in Southern Rock. Book review 171
Galileo's Thinking Hand: Mannerism, Anti-Mannerism, and the Virtue of Drawing in the Foundation of Early Modern Science. Brief article 121
Gandhi's Search for the Perfect Diet: Eating with the World in Mind. Book review 136
Gendered Mediation: Identity and Image Making in Canadian Politics. Book review 176
Genetic Disorders Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information About Heritable Disorders..., 7th Edition (online access included). Brief article 163
German National Reports on the 20th International Congress of Comparative Law. Book review 120
Gerontechnology: Understanding Older Adult Information and Communication Technology Use. Book review 119
Getting Away from It All: Vacations and Identity. Brief article 185
Getting the Most Out of Your Doctorate: The Importance of Supervision, Networking, and Becoming a Global Academic. Book review 114
Ghost Work: How to Stop Silicon Valley from Building a New Global Underclass. Book review 224
Ghosts of Gold Mountain: The Epic Story of the Chinese Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad. Brief article 151
Glissant and the Middle Passage: Philosophy, Beginning, Abyss. Book review 123
Gomez Pereira's Antoniana Margarita: A Work on Natural Philosophy, Medicine and Theology; 2 volume set. Book review 156
Governors and the Progressive Movement. Book review 119
Grabb and Smith's Plastic Surgery, 8th Edition (online access included). Book review 114
Great Lakes Rocks: 4 Billion Years of Geologic History in the Great Lakes Region. Book review 114
Growing Language & Literacy: Strategies for English Learners. Brief article 167
Handbook of Fractional Calculus with Applications; Volume 4: Applications in Physics, Part A. Book review 122
Handbook of Research on Food Science and Technology; 3 volume set. Book review 226
Handbook of Research on Medicinal Chemistry: Innovations and Methodologies. Book review 113
Hands-On Engineering: Grades 4-6, 2nd Edition. Book review 128
Hands-On Physical Science: Grades 6-8, 2nd Edition. Book review 180
HBR's 10 Must Reads on Negotiation. Book review 109
HBR's 10 Must Reads on Nonprofits and the Social Sectors. Book review 117
Health Informatics Meets eHealth: Biomedical Meets eHealth -- From Sensors to Decisions. Brief article 139
Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, 2nd Edition (online access included). Book review 124
Hernia Surgery (online access included). Book review 142
Heroines of Vichy France: Rescuing French Jews During the Holocaust. Book review 181
Heroism and Magnanimity: The Post-Modern Form of Self Conscious Agency. Book review 113
High Temperature Gas-Solid Reactions in Earth and Planetary Processes. Book review 122
Hilbert's Tenth Problem: An Introduction to Logic, Number Theory, and Computability. Book review 108
History, Theology, and Narrative Rhetoric in the Fourth Gospel. Book review 112
Holistic Healthcare; Volume 2: Possibilities and Challenges. Brief article 136
Holistic Management Handbook: Regenerating Your Land and Growing Your Profits, 3rd Edition. Book review 127
Honouring the Strength of Indian Women: Plays, Stories, Poetry. Book review 127
Hospital for Special Surgery's Illustrated Tips and Tricks in Foot and Ankle Surgery (online access included). Book review 113
House Fires. Brief article 121
How Do I Do That in Lightroom Classic?: The Quickest Ways to Do the Things You Want to Do, Right Now!, 2nd Edition. Book review 116
Human Rights Advocacy in the United States, 2nd Edition. Book review 114
Humiliation: Mental Health and Public Shame. Book review 119
Hyatt's Interpretation of Pulmonary Function Tests: A Practical Guide, 5th Edition (online access included). Book review 135
Illustrated Veterinary Anatomical Nomenclature, 4th Edition. Book review 128
Immunities of Special Missions / Immunites des missions speciales. Book review 101
Imperial Villages: Cultures of Political Freedom in the German Lands, c. 1300-1800. Book review 142
Improving Usability, Safety and Patient Outcomes with Health Information Technology: From Research to Practice. Book review 142
Improvised City: Architecture and Extraterritoriality in Shanghai, 1843-1937. Book review 131
In Dogs We Trust: An Anthology of American Dog Literature. Brief article 115
Inciting Poetics: Thinking and Writing Poetry. Brief article 121
Inclusive Growth: The Global Challenges of Social Inequality and Financial Inclusion. Book review 127
Indigenous Interfaces: Spaces, Technology, and Social Networks in Mexico and Central America. Book review 154
Innovative Packaging of Fruits and Vegetables: Strategies for Safety and Quality Maintenance. Book review 114
Instructional Design for LIS Professionals: A Guide for Teaching Librarians and Information Science Professionals. Book review 167
Intellectual Disability in the Twentieth Century: Transnational Perspectives on People, Policy and Practice. Brief article 140
Intents and Purposes: Philosophy and the Aesthetics of Improvisation. Book review 127
International Commercial Arbitration: A Transnational Perspective, 7th Edition. Book review 166
Interviews from the SAGE Early Years Masterclass 2018. Book review 103
Introducing the Core: Demystifying the Body of an Athlete. Book review 146
Introduction to High Performance Scientific Computing. Book review 114
Invariant Differential Operators; Volume 4: AdS/CFT, (Super-)Virasoro, Affine (Super-)Algebras. Book review 125
Invitation to Real Analysis. Book review 123
Issues and Opportunities in Primary Health Care for Children in Europe: The Final Summarised Results of the Models of Child Health Appraised (MOCHA) Project. Book review 140
Jesus, King of Strangers: What the Bible Really Says About Immigration. Brief article 118
Jews and Muslims Made Visible in Christian Iberia and Beyond, 14th to 18th Centuries: Another Image. Brief article 180
Juvenile Justice Administration in a Nutshell, 4th Edition. Brief article 110
Kabbalah Research in the Wissenschaft des Judentums (1820-1880): The Foundation of an Academic Discipline. Book review 139
Keep the Wretches in Order: America's Biggest Mass Trial, the Rise of the Justice Department, and the Fall of the IWW. Brief article 159
Keeping Watch in Babylon: The Astronomical Diaries in Context. Book review 147
Lab Class: Professional Learning Through Collaborative Inquiry and Student Observation. Book review 128
Labor Law in the Contemporary Workplace, 3rd Edition. Book review 157
Language and Authority in De Lingua Latina: Varro's Guide to Being Roman. Book review 115
Language and Religion. Book review 150
Language and Tourism in Postcolonial Settings. Book review 157
Laryngeal Function and Voice Disorders: Basic Science to Clinical Practice (online access included). Book review 126
Learning Strategy Instruction in the Language Classroom: Issues and Implementation. Book review 132
Lessons Drawn: Essays on the Pedagogy of Comics and Graphic Novels. Brief article 237
Lessons Inspired by Picture Books for Primary Grades. Book review 138
LGBTQ+ Librarianship in the 21st Century: Emerging Directions of Advocacy and Community Engagement in Diverse Information Environments. Book review 135
Library Management 101: A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition. Book review 129
Library Web Development: Beyond Tips and Tricks. Brief article 145
Life Skills and Career Coaching for Teens: A Practical Manual for Supporting School Engagement, Aspirations and Success in Young People Aged 11-18. Book review 181
Lifespan Development: Lives in Context, 2nd Edition. Book review 113
Lithium-Ion Battery Failures in Consumer Electronics. Brief article 113
Looking at Ajax. Book review 105
Machine Translation and Global Research: Towards Improved Machine Translation Literacy in the Scholarly Community. Brief article 128
Machineries of Persuasion: European Soft Power and Public Diplomacy During the Cold War. Brief article 159
Madhuri Dixit. Brief article 139
Magic in Ancient Greece and Rome. Book review 266
Making It Up: Photographic Fictions. Book review 120
Making Prints and Thinking About It. Book review 186
Making Sense of the Social World: Methods of Investigation, 6th Edition. Book review 104
Manet and Modern Beauty: The Artist's Last Years. Book review 214
Maps in Newspapers: Approaches to Study and Practices in Portraying War Since the 19th Century. Book review 127
Marie Marvingt, Fiancee of Danger: First Female Bomber Pilot, World-Class Athlete and Inventor of the Air Ambulance. Book review 120
Marrying for a Future: Transnational Sri Lankan Tamil Marriages in the Shadow of War. Brief article 172
Mass Communication: Living in a Media World, 7th Edition. Book review 114
Medicinal Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Product Development. Book review 145
Mergers and Acquisitions Law. Book review 128
Methylotrophs and Methylotroph Communities. Book review 117
Metis Politics and Governance in Canada. Book review 208
Microscopy Applied to Materials Sciences and Life Sciences. Book review 125
Modelling Economic Growth in Contemporary Russia. Brief article 106
Moments of Cooperation and Incorporation: African American and African Jamaican Connections, 1782-1996. Book review 174
Mountain Temples & Temple mountains: Architecture, Religion, and Nature in the Central Himalayas. Brief article 116
Mountains Without Handrails: Reflections on the National Parks (reprint, 1980). Book review 137
Mouse vs. Cat in Chinese Literature: Tales and Commentary. Book review 121
Moved by the State: Forced Relocation and Making a Good Life in Postwar Canada. Book review 163
Multi-Agency Working in Criminal Justice: Theory, Policy and Practice, 2nd Edition. Book review 127
Murrinhpatha Morphology and Phonology. Book review 117
Music, Narrative and the Moving Image: Varieties of Plurimedial Interrelations. Book review 222
Nanomaterials for Alcohol Fuel Cells. Book review 111
New Cosmopolitanisms, Race, and Ethnicity: Cultural Perspectives. Brief article 151
Next Steps: New Directions for/in Writing About Writing. Book review 139
Nitinikiau Innusi: I Keep the Land Alive. Book review 163
Nonlocal Modeling, Analysis, and Computation. Book review 103
Notes on the Sanctuary of St. Symeon Stylites at Qal'at Sim'an. Brief article 126
Nothing to Write Home About: British Family Correspondence and the Settler Colonial Everyday in British Columbia. Book review 156
Nursing Informatics 2018: ICT to Improve Quality and Safety at the Point of Care. Book review 132
Obesity and Voice. Book review 164
On Cinema. Brief article 125
Ongoing Crisis Communication: Planning, Managing, and Responding, 5th Edition. Book review 109
Ontology Makes Sense: Essays in Honor of Nicola Guarino. Book review 120
Oral Microbiology and Immunology, 3rd Edition. Brief article 200
Oral Traditions in Ethiopian Studies. Book review 124
Orthotic Design and Fabrication for the Upper Extremity: A Practical Guide (online access included). Book review 107
Osteoporosis Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Information About Primary and Secondary Osteoporosis and Juvenile Osteoporosis and Related Conditions..., 2nd Edition (online access included). Book review 120
Ottoman Land Reform in the Province of Baghdad. Book review 111
Painting the Skin: Pigments on Bodies and Codices in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. Book review 142
Party Mandates and Democracy: Making, Breaking, and Keeping Election Pledges in Twelve Countries. Brief article 139
Pauline Hamartiology: Conceptualisation and Transferences: Positioning Cognitive Semantic Theory and Method Within Theology. Brief article 108
PDE Dynamics: An Introduction. Brief article 103
Peanuts and American Culture: Essays on Charles M. Schulz's Iconic Comic Strip. Book review 132
Personalized Professional Learning: A Job-Embedded Pathway for Elevating Teacher Voice. Book review 152
Perspectives on Arts Education Research in Canada; Volume 1: Surveying the Landscape. Brief article 165
Philosophie des Geistes im Spatmittelalter: Intellekt, Materie und Intentionalitat bei Johannes Buridan (German Edition). Brief article 116
Physiology of Sport and Exercise, 7th Edition (online access included). Brief article 261
Politics and Technology in the Post-Truth Era. Book review 289
Postcolonialism After World Literature: Relation, Equality, Dissent. Book review 115
Practical Management Science, 6th Edition. Brief article 104
Precarious Figurations: Shylock on the German Stage, 1920-2010. Book review 134
Pregnancy and Birth Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information About Pregnancy and Fetal Development..., 4th Edition. Book review 158
Processing and Characterization of Multicomponent Polymer Systems: New Insights. Book review 102
Psalms In/On Jerusalem. Book review 116
Psychological Narrative Analysis: A Professional Method to Detect Deception in Written and Oral Communications, 2nd Edition. Book review 154
Psychological Science and the Law. Book review 158
Public International Law in a Nutshell, 6th Edition. Book review 107
Punishing the Vulnerable: Discrimination in American Prisons. Book review 133
Putting Family First: Migration and Integration in Canada. Brief article 152
Quality Management: Tools, Methods and Standards. Book review 102
Quick and Creative Art Projects for Creative Therapists with (Very) Limited Budgets. Book review 146
Race Dialogues: A Facilitator's Guide to Tackling the Elephant in the Classroom. Brief article 182
Race, Organizations, and the Organizing Process. Book review 122
Radical Writing Center Praxis: A Paradigm for Ethical Political Engagement. Book review 216
Radioactivity: STEM Road Map for High School; Grade 11. Book review 185
Real Research: Research Methods Sociology Students Can Use, 2nd Edition. Brief article 117
Recruiting, Preparing, and Retaining STEM Teachers for a Global Generation. Book review 116
Recueil des Cours: Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law 2019. Brief article 157
Recycling of Polyurethane Wastes, 2nd Edition. Book review 110

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