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Articles from ProtoView (February 1, 2017)

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"But Their Faces Were All Looking Up": Author and Reader in Protoevangelium of James. Brief article 119
"I am the Smartest Man I Know": A Nobel Laureate's Difficult Journey. Brief article 128
"Pouring Jewish Water Into Fascist Wine": Untold Stories of (Catholic) Jews From the Archive of Mussolini's Jesuit Pietro Tacchi Venturi; Volume II. Book review 155
'Every Mother's Son is Guilty': Policing the Kimberley Frontier of Western Australia 1882-1905. Book review 113
'Glum Heroes': Hardship, Fear Death-- Resilience and Coping in the British Army on the Western Front 1914-1918. Book review 126
101 Strategies to Make Academic Vocabulary Stick. Book review 123
112 Combinatorial Problems From the AwesomeMath Summer Program. Book review 104
A Bridge to Higher Mathematics. Book review 112
A Comparative Study of Cybercrime in Criminal Law: China, US, England, Singapore and the Council of Europe. Book review 139
A Factor Model Approach to Derivative Pricing. Book review 169
A History of Light: The Idea of Photography. Book review 166
A Listening Wind: Native Literature From the Southeast. Brief article 137
A New Deal for South Dakota: Drought, Depression, and Relief, 1920-1941. Book review 198
A Notebook of Dermatopathology: Mastering the Basics, Pattern Recognition, and Key Pathologic Findings. Book review 103
A Transnational Study of Law and Justice on TV. Book review 152
A Whole-System Approach to High-Performance Green Buildings. Book review 125
Abstract Algebra: Introduction to Groups, Rings and Fields With Applications, 2nd Edition. Book review 112
Advanced Calculus: Differential Calculus and Stokes' Theorem. Book review 116
Advanced Process Engineering Control. Book review 159
Advances in Hospitality and Leisure. Book review 127
Advances in Imaging and Sensing. Book review 117
Advances in Metaheuristics: Applications in Engineering Systems. Book review 113
Advances in Taxation. Book review 141
Advancing Cloud Database Systems and Capacity Planning With Dynamic Applications. Book review 116
Agreement From a Diachronic Perspective. Book review 137
All Great Art is Praise: Art and Religion in John Ruskin. Book review 126
Aluminum in America: A History. Brief article 119
American Courts Explained: A Detailed Introduction to the Legal Process Using Real Cases. Book review 135
An Atheist and a Christian Walk Into a Bar...: Talking About God, the Universe, and Everything. Book review 135
An Istanbul Anthology: Travel Writing Through the Ages. Book review 153
Analysis and Geometry in Several Complex Variables: Workshop on Analysis and Geometry in Several Complex Variables. Book review 141
Analytical Applications of Ionic Liquids. Book review 112
Analyzing 911 Homicide Calls: Practical Aspects and Applications. Book review 234
Anglo-Irish Relations in the Early Troubles: 1969-1972. Book review 119
Animal Subjects 2.0. Book review 177
Animation: A World History; Volume 1: Foundations -- The Golden Age. Book review 105
Annotated Legal Documents on Islam in Europe: Switzerland. Book review 118
Annual Review of Comparative and International Education 2016. Book review 143
Anomaly!: Collider Physics and the Quest for New Phenomena at Fermilab. Book review 145
Antipodes: In Search of the Southern Continent. Book review 110
Applied Environmental Materials Science for Sustainability. Book review 205
Applying Color Theory to Digital Media and Visualization. Book review 111
Astrophysics and the Evolution of the Universe, 2nd Edition. Book review 106
Athar al-Rabi' b. Habib: Edition and Study. Book review 176
Athletic Movement Skills: Training for Sports Performance. Book review 113
Atomic Geography: A Personal History of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Book review 108
Atomic Thunder: The Maralinga Story. Book review 146
Auricular Reconstruction (online access included). Book review 101
Basic Discrete Mathematics: Logic, Set Theory, & Probability. Book review 105
Basudara Stories of Peace From Maluku: Working Together for Reconciliation. Book review 121
Becoming a Reflective Librarian and Teacher: Strategies for Mindful Academic Practice. Book review 163
Behind Glass Doors: The World of Australian Advertising Agencies 1959-1989. Book review 211
Big Data Applications in the Telecommunications Industry. Book review 132
Big Data in Complex and Social Networks. Book review 156
Biocommunication: Sign-Mediated Interactions Between Cells and Organisms. Book review 143
Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes of Southeastern Brazil. Book review 130
Biometrics in Support of Military Operations: Lessons From the Battlefield. Brief article 112
Black TiO Nanomaterials for Energy Applications. Book review 160
Body Parts of Empire: Visual Abjection, Filipino Images, and the American Archive. Book review 127
Botox Nation: Changing the Face of America. Book review 130
Brand Management Strategies: Luxury and Mass Markets. Book review 111
Brill's Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages; 2 volume set. Book review 173
Brody: A Galician Border City in the Long Nineteenth Century. Book review 138
Building a Lean Service Enterprise: Reflections of a Lean Management Practitioner. Book review 129
Building-Integrated Solar Energy Systems. Book review 128
Bush Heritage Australia: Restoring Nature Step by Step. Book review 142
Business Infrastructure for Sustainability in Developing Economies. Book review 128
Capturing Our Stories: An Oral History of Librarianship in Transition. Book review 138
Carbon Nanomaterials Based on Graphene Nanosheets. Book review 102
Cartographies of Disease: Maps, Mapping, and Medicine, Expanded Edition. Book review 115
Case Study Research: Core Skill Sets in Using 15 Genres, 2nd Edition. Brief article 120
Cases and Materials on Employment Discrimination: The Field as Practiced, 5th Edition. Book review 123
Central Europe (Re-)visited: A Multi-Perspective Approach to a Region. Brief article 165
Challenging Common Core Language Arts Lessons: Activities and Extensions for Gifted and Advanced Learners in Grade 7. Book review 125
Charge Dynamics in Organic Semiconductors: From Chemical Structures to Devices. Book review 129
Civil Litigation: Pretrial Case Development and Discovery. Book review 218
Civis Europaeus Sum?: Consequences With Regard to Nationality Law and EU Citizenship Status of the Independence of a Devolved Part of an EU Member State. Brief article 130
Classical Thermodynamics of Fluid Systems: Principles and Applications. Book review 118
Classification of Actions of Discrete Kac Algebras on Injective Factors. Book review 136
Clean Room Technology in ART Clinics: A Practical Guide. Book review 149
Climate Change and the 2030 Corporate Agenda for Sustainable Development. Book review 160
Clinical Virology, 4th Edition. Brief article 130
Clowning as Social Performance in Colombia: Ridicule and Resistance. Brief article 117
Collaborative Translation: From the Renaissance to the Digital Age. Book review 141
Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law; Volume 380 (2015). Book review 104
Coming Home After Disaster: Multiple Dimensions of Housing Recovery. Book review 228
Communication and Information Technologies Annual: Digital Empowerment: Opportunities and Challenges of Inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean. Book review 203
Comparative Approaches to Using R and Python for Statistical Data Analysis. Book review 145
Complementary and Alternative Medicines in Prostate Cancer: A Comprehensive Approach. Book review 110
Complexity, Isolation, and Variation. Book review 118
Complicity in International Criminal Law. Book review 161
Comprail: Railway Engineering, Design and Operation. Book review 163
Comprehensive Problem-Solving and Skill Development for Next-Generation Leaders. Book review 119
Computer-Aided Inspection Planning: Theory and Practice. Book review 120
Constructions in Cognitive Contexts: Why Individuals Matter in Linguistic Relativity Research. Book review 135
Constructs of Identity in Hellenistic Judaism: Essays on Early Jewish Literature and History. Book review 111
Contemporary Art Colombia. Book review 129
Contemporary Issues in the Post-Crisis Regulatory Landscape. Book review 116
Convex and Set-Valued Analysis: Selected Topics. Book review 123
Copyright Beyond Law: Regulating Creativity in the Graffiti Subculture. Book review 272
Corpus Linguistics and 17th-Century Prostitution: Computational Linguistics and History. Book review 123
Creating a Sustainable Vision of Nonviolence in Schools and Society. Book review 143
Critical Infrastructure Protection, Risk Management, and Resilience: A Policy Perspective. Book review 186
Critical Readings on Ageing in Southeast Asia; 2 volume set. Book review 145
Critical Readings on the Chinese Communist Party; 4 volume set. Brief article 161
Crosslinguistic Influence in Multilinguals: An Examination of Chinese-English-French Speakers. Book review 174
CSR 2.0 and the New Era of Corporate Citizenship. Book review 208
Culture Matters: Decision-Making in Global Virtual Teams. Book review 138
Currents of Archival Thinking, 2nd Edition. Book review 163
Cybersecurity Breaches and Issues Surrounding Online Threat Protection. Book review 122
Damages and Compensation Culture: Comparative Perspectives. Book review 124
Dancer Wellness. Book review 154
Decoding Andean Mythology. Book review 114
Deconstructing the Education-Industrial Complex in the Digital Age. Book review 149
Density & Atmosphere: On Factors Relating to Building Density in the European City. Book review 209
Design Solutions for User-Centric Information Systems. Book review 145
Design, Manufacturing and Applications of Composites: Proceedings of the Eleventh Joint Canada-Japan Workshop on Composites: First Joint Canada-Japan-Vietnam Workshop on Composites. Book review 155
Designing Technology Training for Older Adults in Continuing Care Retirement Communities. Book review 138
Developing Rates for Small Systems, 2nd Edition. Book review 137
Developing Service-Oriented Applications Using the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Framework. Book review 112
Developmental Phonological Disorders: Foundations of Clinical Practice, 2nd Edition. Book review 186
Dhivehi: The Language of the Maldives. Brief article 108
Diachrony: Diachronic Studies of Ancient Greek Literature and Culture. Book review 137
Diasporas and Transnational Entrepreneurship in Global Contexts. Book review 167
Digital Evidence Changing the Paradigm of Human Rights Protection. Book review 115
Digital Governance and E-Government Principles Applied to Public Procurement. Book review 131
Dimensions of Madeleine L'Engle: New Critical Approaches. Book review 124
Disasters in the United States: Frequency, Costs, and Compensation. Book review 154
Discover International Law: With Special Attention for the Hague, City of Peace and Justice (supplemental instructional information included). Book review 113
Disorderly Families: Infamous Letters From the Bastille Archives. Book review 111
Disruptive Marketing: What Growth Hackers, Data Punks, and Other Hybrid Thinkers Can Teach Us About Navigating the New Normal. Book review 183
Diversity in Couple and Family Therapy: Ethnicities, Sexualities, and Socioeconomics. Book review 181
Double Diamonds: Australian Commandos in the Pacific War, 1941-45. Brief article 140
Driving Tourism Through Creative Destinations and Activities. Book review 150
Dynamic Mode Decomposition: Data-Driven Modeling of Complex Systems. Book review 143
Earthquake-Actuated Automatic Gas Shutoff Devices. Book review 122
Education and Social Justice. Book review 108
Educational Justice: Teaching and Organizing Against the Corporate Juggernaut. Book review 177
Edward Shaw of Boston: Antebellum Architect and Author: An Introduction. Book review 109
Effective Legal Writing: A Guide for Students and Practitioners. Book review 125
Emma Hamilton: Seduction and Celebrity. Book review 138
Emotions, Decision-Making, Conflict and Cooperation. Book review 101
Employee Voice in Emerging Economies. Book review 135
Encyclopedia of Early Modern History; Volume 2: Beggar - Class Consciousness. Book review 122
Engineering Eden: The True Story of a Violent Death, a Trial, and the Fight Over Controlling Nature. Book review 180
Engineering Modeling Languages: Turning Domain Knowledge Into Tools. Book review 174
Engineering Risk Management, 2nd Edition. Book review 113
English Language Teaching as a Second Career. Book review 171
Entrenchment and the Psychology of Language Learning: How We Reorganize and Adapt Linguistic Knowledge. Book review 113
Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation in the Middle East. Brief article 127
Environment and Society: A Reading. Book review 171
Environmental and Ecological Statistics With R, 2nd Edition. Book review 127
Environmental Data Analysis: Methods and Applications. Book review 115
Environmental Radioactivity and Emergency Preparedness. Book review 130
Ethical Practice in Geropsychology. Book review 162
Ethics and Sustainability in Global Supply Chain Management. Book review 131
Ethics and the Internal Auditor's Political Dilemma: Tools and Techniques to Evaluate a Company's Ethical Culture. Book review 186
Ethics for Police Translators and Interpreters. Book review 101
European Yearbook; Volume LXIII (2015). Book review 132
Eva Choung-Fux: Continuing Connections. Book review 141
Evidence Law Mastery: Hands-On Learning. Book review 157
Evolution of the Post-Bureaucratic Organization. Book review 126
Exact Finite-Difference Schemes. Book review 122
Excellence in Managing Worldwide Customer Relationships. Book review 103
Extreme Teams: Why Pixar, Netflix, AirBnB, and Other Cutting-Edge Companies Succeed Where Most Fail. Book review 118
Eyewitness to Chaos: Personal Accounts of the Intervention in Haiti, 1994. Book review 131
Facilitating In-Service Teacher Training for Professional Development. Book review 134
Finite Element Analysis for Design Engineers, 2nd Edition. Book review 109
Fitness for Life Canada: Preparing Teens for Healthy, Active Lifestyles. Book review 168
Flipped Instructions: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice. Book review 140
Flock Together: A Love Affair With Extinct Birds. Book review 105
Flood Hazard Mapping: Uncertainty and Its Value in the Decision-Making Process. Book review 240
Forensic Psychiatry: Day by Day: Personal Snippets. Book review 108
Forged Through Fire: War, Peace, and the Democratic Bargain. Brief article 183
Forgotten History: Unbelievable Moments From the Past. Book review 139
Foundations of Speech and Hearing: Anatomy and Physiology (online access included). Book review 114
Freefall Into Fiction: Finding Form. Book review 111
Friendship and Peer Culture in Multilingual Settings. Book review 205
From Amyrtaeus to Ptolemy: Egypt in the Fourth Century B.C. Brief article 125
From Bessel to Multi-Index Mittag-Leffler Functions: Enumerable Families, Series in Them, and Convergence. Book review 113
Frontier, States and Identity in Early Modern Ireland and Beyond: Essays in Honour of Steven G. Ellis. Book review 172
Full History: On the Meaningfulness of Shared Action. Book review 116
Functional Analysis: Entering Hilbert Space, 2nd Edition. Book review 107
Furry Fandom Conventions, 1989-2015. Book review 106
Fuzzy Systems and Data Mining II: Proceedings of FSDM 2016. Book review 160
Game Theory Solutions for the Internet of Things: Emerging Research and Opportunities. Book review 129
Gandhi in a Canadian Context: Relationships Between Mahatma Gandhi and Canada. Book review 118
Gay rights and the Constitution. Book review 185
Gender Affirmation: Medical & Surgical Perspectives (online access included). Book review 129
General Fox Conner: Pershing's Chief of Operations and Eisenhower's Mentor. Brief article 101
Genre in Language, Discourse and Cognition. Book review 163
George Sword's Warrior Narratives: Compositional Processes in Lakota Oral Tradition. Book review 143
Gifts: Mothers Reflect on How Children With Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives, 10th Anniversary Edition. Book review 136
Global Change and the Caribbean: Adaptation and Resilience. Book review 206
Global Perspectives on Europe: Critical Spotlights From Five Continents. Book review 156
Global Sourcing of Services: Strategies, Issues and Challenges. Book review 169
Global Wallace: David Foster Wallace and World Literature. Book review 138
Globalization, Consumption and Popular Culture in East Asia. Book review 141
Globalization: The Macroeconomic Implications of Microeconomic Heterogeneity. Book review 120
Good Morning Blues: The Autobiography of Count Basie (reprint, 1985). Book review 131
Governing Society in Contemporary China. Book review 126
Governing Under Stress: The Implementation of Obama's Economic Stimulus Program. Book review 166
Group Theory of Chemical Elements: Structure and Properties of Elements and Compounds. Book review 134
Handbook of Digital Image Synthesis: Scientific Foundations of Rendering. Brief article 145
Handbook of Material Flow Analysis: For Environmental, Resource, and Waste Engineers, 2nd Edition. Book review 176
Handbook of Neuroimaging Data Analysis. Book review 173
Handbook of Research on Innovative Pedagogies and Technologies for Online Learning in Higher Education. Book review 149
Handbook of Research on Strategic Alliances and Value Co-Creation in the Service Industry. Book review 135
Handbook of Research on the Facilitation of Civic Engagement Through Community Art. Book review 148
Handbook of Research on Transformative Digital Content and Learning Technologies. Book review 136
Handbook of Research on Unemployment and Labor Market Sustainability in the Era of Globalization. Book review 149
Harlem: The Crucible of Modern African American Culture. Book review 123
He Was Galway: Mairtn Mr McDonogh, 1860-1934. Book review 117
Health and Medical Geography, 4th Edition. Book review 183
Healthful Eating as Lifestyle (HEAL): Integrative Prevention for Non-Communicable Diseases. Brief article 104
Hebrew Women Join the Forces: Jewish Women From Palestine in the British Forces During the Second World War. Book review 325
Histories of Nationalism in Ireland and Germany: A Comparative Study From 1800 to 1932. Book review 141
Homeland Security: An Introduction to Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition. Book review 131
House is a House is a House is a House is a House: Architectures and Collaborations of Johnston Marklee. Book review 146
How Institutions Matter! Book review 206
How Institutions Matter! Book review 134
How Long Have You Been With Us?: Essays on Poetry. Book review 112
How to Survive a Plague: The Inside Story of How Citizens and Science Tamed AIDS. Book review 164
How to Write a Business Plan, 13th Edition. Brief article 121
Human Factors and Ergonomics in Practice: Improving System Performance and Human Well-being in the Real World. Book review 158
Human Resource Management Solutions for Attracting and Retaining Millennial Workers. Book review 113
Human Rights Obligations of Armed Non-State Actors in Non-International Armed Conflicts. Book review 116
Human Security and Human Rights Under International Law: The Protections Offered to Persons Confronting Structural Vulnerability. Book review 122
Hyperbolically Embedded Subgroups and Rotating Families in Groups Acting on Hyperbolic Spaces. Book review 123
Identity Formation and Diversity in the Early Medieval Baltic and Beyond: Communicators and Communication. Book review 169
Imaginary Schur-Weyl Duality. Brief article 118
Impact of Organizational Trauma on workplace Behavior and Performance. Book review 157
In Search of Pre-Classical Antiquity: Rediscovering Ancient Peoples in Mediterranean Europe (19th and 20th c.). Book review 131
Index Islamicus: A Bibliography of Books and Articles on Islam and the Muslim World Which Were Published in the Year 2015 With Additions From the Preceding Ten Years. Brief article 163
Information and Complexity. Book review 115
Information Literacy and Writing Studies in Conversation: Reenvisioning Library-Writing Program Connections. Book review 119
Information Photonics: Fundamentals, Technologies, and Applications. Book review 112
Information Theory Models of Instabilities in Critical Systems. Book review 107
Information, Territory, and Networks: The Crisis and Maintenance of Empire in Song China. Book review 131
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education. Book review 186
Innovation in Libraries and Information Services. Book review 149
Innovative Research in Thermal Imaging for Biology and Medicine. Book review 136
Innovative Thermoelectric Materials: Polymer, Nanostructure and Composite Thermoelectrics. Book review 121
Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care: Step-By-Step Guidance for Assessment and Intervention, 2nd Edition. Brief article 182
Integrating an Awareness of Selfhood and Society Into Virtual Learning. Book review 130
Integrating Art and Creativity Into Business Practice. Book review 154
Intelligent Environments 2016: Workshop Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Intelligent Environments. Book review 122
Intelligent Network Video: Understanding Modern Video Surveillance Systems, 2nd Edition. Book review 106
Inter-American Yearbook on Human Rights: 2014; 3 volume set. Book review 123
Intercultural Responsiveness in the Second Language Learning Classroom. Brief article 172
Internal Audit Practice From A to Z. Book review 112
International Business Transactions in a Nutshell, 10th Edition. Book review 142
International Investment Law and Water Resources Management: An Appraisal of Indirect Expropriation. Book review 119
International Strategic Relations and China's National Security: World at the Crossroads; Volume 2. Book review 141
International Trade and Economic Relations in a Nutshell, 6th Edition. Brief article 129
Introduction to Smart eHealth and eCare Technologies. Book review 126
Islamic Heritage Architecture. Book review 119
Italian Americans: The History and Culture of a People. Book review 154
James Jerger: A Life in Audiology. Book review 137
Jess Willard: Heavyweight Champion of the World (1915-1919). Brief article 119
John McGahern and Modernism. Book review 108
Karl Popper and Literary Theory: Critical Rationalism as a Philosophy of Literature. Brief article 204
Key Papers on Chinese Economic History Since 1949; 4 volume set. Book review 163
Kids, Music 'N' Autism: Bringing out the Music in Your Child. Book review 125
Kunisada: Imaging Drama and Beauty. Book review 104
Labour Markets, Identities, Controversies: Reviews and Essays, 1982-2016. Book review 142
Laser Spectroscopy: Proceedings of the XXII International Conference. Book review 145
Law Enforcement, Police Unions, and the Future: Educating Police Management and Unions About the Challenges Ahead. Book review 170
Lawyering and Ethics for the Business Attorney, 4th Edition. Book review 144
Lean Transformations for Small and Medium Enterprises: Lessons Learned From Italian Businesses. Book review 105
Learning With Uncertainty. Book review 111
Legal Research in a Nutshell, 12th Edition. Book review 133
Let's Talk Safety 2017: 52 Talks on Common Utility Safety Practices for Water Professionals. Book review 111
Library Technology Funding, Planning, and Deployment. Book review 122
Life After Levels: One School's Story of Transforming Primary Assessment. Book review 123
Life Imprisonment: A European Overview. Book review 102
Light in the Heavens: Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. Brief article 170
Like Clockwork: Steampunk Pasts, Presents, and Futures. Book review 101
Lp-Square Function Estimates on Spaces of Homogeneous Type and on Uniformly Rectifiable Sets. Book review 158
Making It Big in Shorts: The Ultimate Filmmaker's Guide to Short Films, 3rd Edition. Book review 111
Making the Mark: Gender, Identity, and Genital Cutting. Book review 157
Management of Health Information: Functions & Applications, 2nd Edition. Book review 156
Manager Onboarding: 5 Steps for Setting New Leaders Up for Success. Book review 152
Managing Boreal Forests in the Context of Climate Change: Impacts, Adaptation and Climate Change Mitigation. Book review 174
Managing Knowledge and Scholarly Assets in Academic Libraries. Book review 125
Managing Knowledge Resources and Records in Modern Organizations. Book review 135
Manuscripts Changing Hands. Book review 132
Mass Customized Manufacturing: Theoretical Concepts and Practical Approaches. Book review 143
Measurement Technology for Micro-Nanometer Devices. Brief article 131
Measuring Sustainable Development and Green Investments in Contemporary Economies. Book review 123
Mechanisms Linking Aging, Diseases and Biological Age Estimation. Book review 102
Mediated by Gifts: Politics and Society in Japan, 1350-1850. Book review 102
Merrell's Strong Start--Pre-K: A Social & Emotional Learning Curriculum, 2nd Edition. Book review 165
Microeconometrics of International Trade. Book review 101
Mindfulness Skills for Trauma and PTSD: Practices for Recovery and Resilience. Book review 150
Minerals and Coal Process Calculations. Brief article 162
Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery: A Practical Guide (online access included). Book review 151
Minimum-Volume Ellipsoids: Theory and Algorithms. Book review 114
Mixed Realism: Videogames and the Violence of Fiction. Book review 163
Modality and Kazakh as Spoken in China. Book review 142

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