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"Is the Turk a White Man?": Race and Modernity in the Making of Turkish Identity. Book review 139
"Sit at My Right Hand": The Chronicler's Portrait of the Tribe of Benjamin in the Social Context of Yehud. Book review 138
'Boat Refugees' and Migrants at Sea: A Comprehensive Approach: Integrating Maritime Security With Human Rights. Brief article 127
100 Activities for Teaching Research Methods. Book review 156
16th International Conference on Production Diseases in Farm Animals: Book of Abstracts. Book review 115
2016 AWWA Water Utility Compensation Survey: Large Water and Wastewater Utilities (Reporting Data for Utilities Serving Populations Above 100,000). Book review 138
2016 AWWA Water Utility Compensation Survey: Medium-Sized Water and Wastewater Utilities (Reporting Data for Serving Populations Between 10,000 and 99,999). Book review 154
2016 AWWA Water Utility Compensation Survey: Rural Water and Wastewater Utilities (Reporting Data for Utilities Serving Populations Under 10,000). Book review 144
3D Printing: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice. Book review 109
50 Years of Materials Science in Singapore. Book review 117
50 Years of Quarks. Book review 124
A Clinician's Brief Guide to Children's Mental Health Law. Book review 121
A Companion to Marina Cvetaeva: Approaches to a Major Russian Poet. Book review 126
A Companion to the Council of Basel. Book review 133
A Concise Introduction to Mental Health in Canada, 2nd Edition. Book review 143
A Confederate in Congress: The Civil War Treason Trial of Benjamin Gwinn Harris. Book review 178
A First Course in Linear Algebra. Book review 106
A Giant Tree Has Fallen: Tributes to Ali Al'Amin Mazrui. Book review 127
A Grammar of rGyalrong, Jiaomuzu (Kyom-kyo) Dialects: A Web of Relations. Book review 138
A Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Oregon. Book review 123
A Guide to Temporal Networks. Book review 132
A Guide to Writing Social Stories: Step-By-Step Guidelines for Parents and Professionals. Brief article 162
A Healthcare Solution: A Patient-Centered Resource Management Perspective. Book review 160
A History of Modern Chemistry. Book review 131
A Hundred and One Nights. Book review 120
A Kine[+ or -]o's Journey: On Family, Learning, and Public Service. Book review 136
A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples, 18th Edition. Book review 107
A Most Improbable Journey: A Big History of Our Planet and Ourselves. Book review 103
A New International Legal Order: In Commemoration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Xiamen Academy of International Law. Book review 165
A Practical Field Guide for ISO 9001:2015: Management Guidance, Revision and Update Information, Implementation Support, Documentation Assistance, Auditing Technique. Book review 123
A Quick Introduction to Complex Analysis. Book review 133
A Revolution in Color: The World of John Singleton Copley. Book review 110
A Time -Scandal: Charles R. Forbes, Warren Harding and the Making of the Veterans Bureau. Book review 149
A Wretched and Precarious Situation: In Search of the Last Arctic Frontier. Brief article 115
A. C. Littleton's Final Thoughts on Accounting: A Collection of Unpublished Essays. Book review 132
Academic Legal Writing: Law Review Articles, Student Notes, Seminar Papers, and Getting on Law Review, 5th Edition. Book review 114
Achieving a Resilient Future for Small States: Caribbean 2050. Book review 128
Achieving the Istanbul Programme of Aciton by 2020: Tracking Progress, Accelerating Transformations. Book review 120
Active Network Analysis: Feedback Amplifier Theory, 2nd Edition. Book review 152
Adding Insult to Injury: (Mis)Treating Homeless Women in Our Mental Health System. Book review 111
Adolescent Literacies: A Handbook of Practice-Based Research. Book review 131
Adult Education and Vocational Training in the Digital Age. Book review 136
Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research. Book review 140
Advances in Entomopathogenic Nematode Taxonomy and Phylogeny. Book review 110
Advances in Fluid Mechanics XI. Book review 123
Advances in Heat Transfer Unit Operations: Baking and Freezing in Bread Making. Book review 122
Advancing Next-Generation Teacher Education Through Digital Tools and Applications. Book review 150
Adventures With the Theory of the Baroque and French Philosophy. Book review 108
African Miracle, African Mirage: Transnational Politics and the Paradox of Modernization in Ivory Coast. Book review 244
African Print Cultures: Newspapers and Their Publics in the Twentieth Century. Book review 117
Aging is a Group-Selected Adaptation: Theory, Evidence, and Medical Implications. Book review 118
Agri-Food Supply Chain Management: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice. Book review 133
Agricultural Development and Food Security in Developing Nations. Book review 140
Al-Sahib Ibn 'Abbad Promoter of Rational Theology: Two Mu'tazili Kalam Texts From the Cairo Geniza. Book review 156
Al-Suyuti, a Polymath of the Mamluk Period: Proceedings of the Themed Day of the First Conference of the School of Mamluk Studies. Book review 165
Alexander Hamilton: From Obscurity to Greatness. Book review 110
Alphabet Books: The K-12 Educators' Power Tool. Book review 131
Always Something Else: Urban Asia and Africa as Experiment. Book review 109
Amatory Pleasures: Explorations in Eighteenth-Century Sexual Culture. Book review 148
America Unbound: Encyclopedic Literature and Hemispheric Studies. Book review 121
America's Courts and the Criminal Justice System, 12th Edition. Book review 119
American Jewry: Transcending the European Experience? Book review 159
An Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Papyrus of Sobekmose. Book review 145
An Introduction to Applied Electromagnetics and Optics. Book review 101
An Introduction to Applied Matrix Analysis. Book review 101
An Introduction to Community & Public Health, 9th Edition (online access included). Book review 220
An Introduction to Management Science: Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making, 14th Edition. Book review 147
An Introduction to Non-Abelian Class Field Theory: Automorphic Forms of Weight 1 and 2-Dimensional Galois Representations. Book review 137
An Introduction to the Foundation Phase: Early Years Curriculum in Wales. Book review 118
Analyzing the Role of Citizen Science in Modern Research. Book review 146
Angel Financing in Asia Pacific: A Guidebook for Investors and Entrepreneurs. Book review 158
Angel Investing in China. Book review 123
Animal Welfare in Extensive Production Systems. Book review 118
Animals and Us: 50 Years and More of Applied Ethology. Book review 119
Annual Review of Anthropology; Volume 45, 2016. Book review 126
Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology; Volume 32, 2016. Book review 143
Annual Review of Environment and Resources; Volume 41, 2016. Book review 110
Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science; Volume 66, 2016. Book review 143
Annual Review of Phytopathology; Volume 54, 2016. Book review 103
Anxiety-Free Kids: An Interactive Guide for Parents and Children, 2nd Edition. Book review 107
APA Handbook of Community Psychology; 2 volume set. Book review 275
APor Que?: 101 Questions About Spanish. Book review 124
Apparel Manufacturing Technology. Book review 115
Applications of Social Research Methods to Questions in Information and Library Science, 2nd Edition. Book review 126
Applied Biclustering Methods for Big and High Dimensional Data Using R. Book review 125
Applied Big Data Analytics in Operations Management. Book review 130
Applied Strength of Materials, 6th Edition. Brief article 112
Applied Theatre: Facilitation: Pedagogies, Practices, Resilience. Book review 115
Applied Video Processing in Surveillance and Monitoring Systems. Book review 114
Applying Neuroscience to Business Practice. Book review 117
Appraisal and Acquisition Strategies. Book review 124
Approaches to the History and Dialectology of Arabic in Honor of Pierre Larcher. Book review 124
Aqueous Polymeric Coatings for Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms, 4th Edition. Book review 145
Archaeological Variability and Interpretation in Global Perspective. Book review 156
Aristotle Re-Interpreted: New Findings on Seven Hundred Years of the Ancient Commentators. Book review 127
Armstrong's Handbook of Management and Leadership for HR: Developing Effective People Skills for Better Leadership and Management, 4th Edition. Book review 215
Art and the Brain: Plasticity, Embodiment, and the Unclosed Circle. Book review 107
Aspire High: Imagining Tomorrow's School Today. Book review 159
Assessing the Current State of Education in the Caribbean. Book review 131
Assessment of Communication Disorders in Children: Resources and Protocols, 3rd Edition (online access included). Book review 169
At Sword's Point; Part 2: A Documentary History of the Utah War, 1858-1859. Brief article 161
Atlas for the Diagnosis of Tumors in the Dog and Cat. Book review 112
Australia and the Great War: Identity, Memory and Mythology. Book review 134
Austrian Review of International and European Law; Volume 18 (2013). Book review 168
Authoritative Texts and Reception History: Aspects and Approaches. Book review 158
Authority, Authorship and Aristocratic Identity in Seventeenth-Century England: William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Newcastle, and His Political, Social and Cultural Connections. Book review 178
AutoCAD 2017 Beginning and Intermediate (CD-ROM included). Book review 122
Autoethnography: Process, Product, and Possibility for Critical Social Research. Book review 146
Autonomous Learner Model Resource Book. Book review 127
Bar Yarns and Manic-Depressive Mixtapes: Jim Walsh on Music From Minneapolis to the Outer Limits. Book review 117
Barasi's Human Nutrition: A Health Perspective, 3rd Edition. Book review 116
Baseball's Most Baffling MVP Ballots. Book review 106
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision: An Assessment of Governance and Legitamacy--Part II. Book review 165
Basic Theory of Fractional Differential Equations, 2nd Edition. Book review 116
Bearing witness to Change: Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology Practice. Book review 175
Belt Basin: Window to Mesoproterozoic Earth. Book review 107
Best Practices for Education Professionals; Volume 2. Book review 107
Better Presentations: A Guide for Scholars, Researchers, and Wonks. Book review 111
Between Regulation and Deregulation: Studies on the Limitations of Competition Law and Its Ambiguous Application to the Supply of Electricity and Telecommunications in the EU. Book review 116
Beyond Gallipoli: New Perspectives on Anzac. Book review 115
Beyond the Quran: Early Ismaili Tawil and the Secrets of the Prophets. Book review 113
Bill Hartack: The Bittersweet Life of a Hall of Fame Jockey. Book review 115
Biological Threats in the 21st Century: The Politics, People, Science and Historical Roots. Book review 129
Biomaterials and Nanotechnology for Tissue Engineering. Book review 131
Biopolymers for Medical Applications. Book review 111
Biopsy Interpretation of the Thyroid, 2nd Edition (online access included). Book review 143
Biotechnology Operations: Principles and Practices, 2nd Edition. Book review 110
Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Avian. Book review 114
Blood at the Root: A Racial Cleansing in America. Book review 201
Blue Skies Over Beijing: Economic Growth and the environment in China. Book review 162
Blurring the Lines: Market-Driven and Democracy-Driven Freedom of Expression. Book review 159
Bond Orders and Energy Components: Extracting Chemical Information From Molecular Wave Functions. Book review 113
Book of Abstracts of the 67th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science. Book review 141
Brand/Story: Cases and Explorations in Fashion Branding, 2nd Edition. Book review 101
Branding: In Five and a Half Steps: The Definitive Guide to the Strategy and Design of Brand Identities. Book review 125
Breaking the Shakespearean Code: King Lear, Gunpowder and the Scholarship of 'Innocent Fraud'. Book review 115
Breast (online access included). Book review 118
Broadening the Scope of Human Trafficking Research: A Reader. Book review 205
Building Leadership Development Programmes: Zero Cost to High Investment Programmes That Work. Book review 124
Building Markets for Knowledge Resources: Emerging Pervasive Models of Innovation in Practice. Book review 118
Buildings and Landmarks of Medieval Europe: The Middle Ages Revealed. Book review 197
Business Law Today: Comprehensive Edition, 11th Edition. Book review 111
But What Do I Do?: Strategies From A to W for Multi-Tier Systems of Support. Book review 143
California Legal Research, 3rd Edition. Book review 126
Caliphate and Kingship in a Fifteenth-Century Literary History of Muslim Leadership and Pilgrimage: A Critical Edition, Annotated Translation, and Study of al-Dahab al-Masbuk Fi Dikr Man Hagga Min al-Hulafa' Wa-l-Muluk. Book review 164
Capricorn Rising: Conversations in Southern Rock. Book review 117
Carbocation Chemistry: Applications in Organic Synthesis. Book review 109
Cases on IT Leadership: CIO Challenges for Innovation and Keeping the Lights On. Book review 106
CCNP Routing and Switching Portable Command Guide. Brief article 115
Change and Reform in Law Enforcement: Old and New Efforts From Across the Globe. Book review 204
Characters and Characterization in Luke-Acts. Book review 152
Chemical Drug Design. Book review 160
Chemical Engineering Primer With Computer Applications. Book review 105
Child Protection and Parents With Learning Disability: Good Practice for Assessing and Working With Adults: Including Autism Spectrum Disorders to Borderline Learning Disability. Book review 117
China's One Belt One Road Initiative. Book review 156
China: Promise or Threat?: A Comparison of Cultures. Book review 133
Christian Apocalyptic Texts in Islamic Messianic Discourse: The 'Christian Chapter' of the Javidan-Nama-Yi Kabir by Fadl Allah Astarabadi (d. 796/1394). Book review 162
Christian-Muslim Relations: A Bibliographical History; Volume 8: Northern and Eastern Europe (1600-1700). Book review 164
Cities of Farmers: Urban Agricultural Practices and Processes. Book review 126
Clinical Chemistry. Book review 133
Cloherty and Stark's Manual of Neonatal Care, 8th Edition (online access included). Book review 116
Clostridial Diseases of Animals. Book review 116
Codeswitching in Igbo-English Bilingualism: A Matrix Language Frame Account. Book review 112
Collaborating for Impact: Special Collections and Liaison Librarian Partnerships. Book review 115
Collaborative Innovation in the Public Sector. Book review 242
Collective Efficacy: How Educators' Beliefs Impact Student Learning. Book review 149
Colour Atlas of Glacial Phenomena. Book review 121
Columbus and His First Voyage: A History in Documents. Book review 120
Combat Bandsman: Memoir of a Tour in Vietnam With the 9th Infantry Division, 1969. Book review 110
Committed: The Battle Over Involuntary Psychiatric Care. Book review 117
Common Law Legal Systems Model Legislative Provisions on Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing, Preventive Measures and Proceeds of Crime. Book review 137
Communes and Workers' Control in Venezuela: Building 21st Century Socialism From Below. Book review 151
Communication & Interpersonal Skills in Nursing, 3rd Edition. Book review 110
Compact Clinical Guide to Arrhythmia and 12-Lead EKG Interpretation: Foundations of Practice for Critical Care Nurses. Book review 116
Comparative Approaches to Biotechnology Development and Use in Developed and Emerging Nations. Book review 158
Complex Criminality. Book review 135
Complex Survey Data Analysis With SAS. Book review 133
Complicity and Its Limits in the Law of International Responsibility. Book review 114
Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures, 3rd Edition. Book review 106
Comprehensive Board Review in Orthopaedic Surgery. Book review 136
Comprehensive Systematic Review for Advanced Practice Nursing, 2nd Edition. Book review 138
Concepts in World Politics. Book review 107
Conciliation in International Law: The OSCE Court of Conciliation and Arbitration. Book review 162
Construction Contract Claims, Changes, and Dispute Resolution, 3rd Edition. Book review 111
Constructivist Approaches and Research Methods: A Practical Guide to Exploring Personal Meanings. Book review 127
Consumer Behaviour, 3rd Edition. Book review 106
Contaminated Sediments in Freshwater Systems. Book review 123
Contemporary Developments in Finite Fields and Applications. Book review 145
Contested Spaces, Common Ground: Space and Power Structures in Contemporary Multireligious Societies. Book review 133
Conundrums in Practical Theology. Book review 110
Cormac McCarthy's Borders and Landscapes. Book review 127
Corporate Defense and the Value Preservation Imperative: Bulletproof Your Corporate Defense Program. Book review 191
Corporate Espionage, Geopolitics, and Diplomacy Issues in International Business. Book review 137
Corporate Responsibility and Stakeholding. Book review 157
Corporations and Sustainability: The South Asian Perspective. Book review 102
Courtesan and Countess: The Lost and Found Memoirs of the French Consul's Wife. Book review 130
Courting Death: The Supreme Court and Capital Punishment. Book review 132
Covenant Continuity and Fidelity: A Study of Inner-Biblical Allusion and Exegesis in Malachi. Book review 122
Cracking the Case of ISO 9001:2015 for Manufacturing: A Simple Guide to Implementing Quality Management in Manufacturing, 3rd Edition. Book review 117
Crafts and Creative Media in Therapy, 5th Edition (online access included). Book review 220
Crash Course in Contemporary Reference. Book review 105
Creating Compelling Characters for Film, TV, Theatre and Radio, 2nd Edition. Book review 125
Creating Inclusive Library Environments: A Planning Guide for Serving Patrons With Disabilities. Brief article 111
Creativity. Book review 104
Crime Scene Staging: Investigating Suspect Misdirection of the Crime Scene. Book review 126
Crisis Management of Chronic Pollution: Contaminated Soil and Human Health. Book review 127
Critical Thinking for Strategic Intelligence, 2nd Edition. Book review 120
Cross-Functional Inventory Research. Book review 113
Crossing Borders: Combining Human Rights Education and History Education. Book review 150
Crossing Home Ground: A Grassland Odyssey Through Southern Interior British Columbia. Book review 120
Crossover Readers' Advisory: Maximize Your Collection to Meet Reader Satisfaction. Book review 112
Cultural Contact and Appropriation in the Axial-Age Mediterranean World: A Periplos. Book review 122
Cultural Influences on Architecture. Book review 112
Culture and Psychopathology: A Guide to Clinical Assessment, 2nd Edition. Book review 134
Cyanobacteria: Omics and Manipulation. Book review 126
Cybercriminal Networks: Origin, Growth and Criminal Capabilities. Book review 103
Dangerous Spaces: Beyond the Racial Profile. Book review 105
Danish Literature in the 20th and the Early 21st Century. Brief article 128
Data Integrity in Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Regulation Operations: Best Practices Guide to Electronic Records Compliance. Book review 121
Defender: The Life of Daniel H. Wells. Book review 123
Defining Death: The Case for Choice. Book review 112
Democracy in Iran: Why It Failed and How It Might Succeed. Book review 165
Dental Statistics Made Easy, 3rd Edition. Book review 223
Dependable Software Systems Engineering. Book review 110
Desiderii Erasmi Roterodami: Recognita et Adnotatione Critica Instrvcta Notisqve Illvstrata; Ordinus Qvarti Tomvs Septimvs. Book review 137
Design and Simulation of Heavy Haul Locomotives and Trains. Book review 129
Design as Research: Positions, Arguments, Perspectives. Book review 132
Design Error: A Human Factors Approach. Book review 105
Design Techniques for Integrated CMOS Class-D Audio Amplifiers. Book review 123
Design, Development, and Integration of Reliable Electronic Healthcare Platforms. Book review 215
Development of Moduli Theory: Kyoto 2013. Book review 165
Devil's Music, Holy Rollers and Hillbillies: How America Gave Birth to Rock and Roll. Book review 146
Differential Equations as Models in Science and Engineering. Book review 102
Differential Equations With Applications and Historical Notes, 3rd Edition. Book review 119
Differential Equations: An Introduction to Basic Concepts, Results and Applications, 3rd Edition. Book review 146
Digital Entrepreneurship and Global Innovation. Book review 101
Digital Tools for Academic Branding and Self-Promotion. Book review 126
Directive Play Therapy: Theories and Techniques. Book review 158
Disappearing Object Phenomenon: An Investigation. Book review 107
Discipline and Desire: Surveillance Technologies in Performance. Book review 191
Discourses of Empire and Commonwealth. Book review 128
Discovery of the Higgs Boson. Book review 116
Discrete Algebraic Methods: Arithmetic, Cryptography, Automata and Groups. Book review 123
Distributed Cognition and Reality: How Pilots and Crews Make Decisions. Book review 222
District Cooling: Theory and Practice. Book review 131
Diving Deep Into Nonfiction: Transferable Tools for Reading Any Nonfiction Text: Grades 6-12. Book review 151
Divorce, Separation, and Remarriage: The Transformation of Family. Book review 135
Dizziness: Why You Feel Dizzy and What Will Help You Feel Better. Book review 158
DNA Engineering: Properties and Applications. Book review 120
Does Mathematical Study Develop Logical Thinking?: Testing the Theory of Formal Discipline. Book review 111
Doughboys on the Western Front: Memories of American Soldiers in the Great War. Book review 102
Dragon's Blood & Willow Bark: The Mysteries of Medieval Medicine. Book review 124
Dramatic Experience: The Poetics of Drama and the Early Modern Public Sphere(s). Book review 184
Drawdown: The American Way of Postwar. Book review 167
Dust of the Ground and Breath of Life (Gen 2:7): The Problem of a Dualistic Anthropology in Early Judaism and Christianity. Book review 172
Dynamic Linkages and Volatility Spillover: Effects of Oil Prices on Exchange Rates, and Stock Markets of Emerging Economies. Book review 154
Dynamical Scale Transform in Tropical Geometry. Book review 135
Dynamics of Mechatronic Systems: Modeling, Simulation, Control, Optimization and Experimental Investigations. Book review 110
Early Modern Color Worlds. Book review 157
Easy On, Easy Off: The Urban Pathology of America's Small Towns. Book review 245
Eating Disorder Recovery Handbook: A Practical Guide for Long-Term Recovery. Book review 125
Eco-Design of Buildings and Infrastructure. Book review 171
Economic Crisis and Rule Reconstruction. Book review 134
Economic Sanctions and International Law. Book review 130
Economics and Financial Management for Nurses and Nurse Leaders, 3rd Edition (online access included). Book review 181
Ed Roth's Mysterion: The Genesis, Demise and Recreation of an Iconic Custom Car. Book review 113
Education Policy Unravelled, 2nd Edition. Book review 131
Effective Difficult Conversations: A Step-By-Step Guide. Book review 101
Eisenhower's Armies: The American-British Alliance During World War II. Book review 124
Election Management: A Compendium of Commonwealth Good Practice. Book review 112
Elections in America. Book review 130
Electrical Machines: Fundamentals of Electromechanical Energy Conversion. Book review 111
Electrically Active Materials for Medical Devices. Book review 116
Electromagnetic Compatibility: Methods, Analysis, Circuits, and Measurement, 3rd Edition. Book review 114
Electromagnetics Through the Finite Element Method: A Simplified Approach Using Maxwell's Equations. Book review 107
Electronic Transport Theories From Weakly to Strongly Correlated Materials. Book review 133
Elements of Human Voice. Book review 120
Embracing Rough-And-Tumble Play: Teaching With the Body in Mind. Book review 166
Encyclopedia of African Colonial Conflicts; 2 volume set. Book review 116
Endrocrinology in Clinical Practice, 2nd Edition. Book review 108
Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition: 5th EAAP International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition. Book review 133
Energy Management and Conservation Handbook, 2nd Edition. Book review 114
Energy Production and Management in the 21st Century II: The Quest for Sustainable Energy. Book review 164
Energy Security and Sustainability. Book review 132
Enforcement of Judgments: A Practitioner's Guide to Recovery. Book review 108
Ensuring High-Quality Curriculum: How to Design, Revise, or Adopt Curriculum Aligned to Student Success. Book review 135
Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Adaptation Strategies. Book review 132
Envisioning a Future Without Food Waste and Food Poverty: Societal Challenges. Book review 146
Essential Interviewing: A Programmed Approach to Effective Communication, 9th Edition. Book review 161
Essentials of a Successful Biostatistical Collaboration. Book review 113
Essentials of Criminal Justice, 10th Edition. Book review 163
Eternal God, Eternal Life: Theological Investigations Into the Concept of Immortality. Book review 108
Ethical Practice in the Human Services: From Knowing to Being. Book review 148
Evangelicalism in America. Book review 116
Evidence-Based Practice of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, 2nd Edition. Book review 162
Excursions in the Land of Statistical Physics. Book review 103
Exegesis and Poetry in Medieval Karaite and Rabbanite Texts. Book review 168
Exploring Criminal Justice: The Essentials, 3rd Edition (online access included). Book review 136
Factors Affecting Firm Competitiveness and Performance in the Modern Business World. Book review 132
Failure to Pursue: How the Escape of Defeated Forces Prolonged the Civil War. Book review 116

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