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Protests and Car Processions Throughout Bulgaria, Blockades and Traffic Jams on Key Roads.

Protests and carA marchesA across the country and blocks of key roads. People protest due to high fuel prices, car taxes, electricity, heating gas price increase and low incomes. In many places,A traffic jams are formed, traffic is hampered or blocked, and huge congestion occurs.

More than 500 people and more than 100 cars unhappy with high fuel prices blocked the main road to Greece in Blagoevgrad. Protestors want the government to resign. Exactly at 1:15 pm hundreds of people gathered on the international road at Poligon at the exit of the district town towards Kulata. The movement is completely stopped in both directions. Earlier today, for about 10 minutes, the road to Bansko was blocked. There, residents of Razlog stopped the movement as a protest against the appreciation of the water price increase. So they supported the dissatisfaction of the people in Blagoevgrad. The blockade is expected to last about an hour on the E-79 main road.

Protestants from Stara Zagora blocked the Trakia highway and the road to Dimitrovgrad. For an hour they expressed their dissatisfaction at the road junction near the district town with chants "Resignation", before that has been a long horo dance. The Stara Zagora motorway traffic is closed. There are mileage queues in four directions of cars and TIR trucks. It is unclear how long the blockade will continue.

Earlier after a carriage on the streets and a march, Stara Zagora closed the Stara Zagora - Kazanlak road. The protesters declared civil unrest and the ring-road was closed for nearly half an hour. The beginning of the peaceful protest in Stara Zagora was held at 11:00 on "Patriarch Evtimii" Blvd. The column of bikes and cars with pressed horns crossed the streets of Stara Zagora and reached the parking lot of Lake Zagorka. There were more protesters who joined there. The walkway closed the road to Kazanlak, the traffic was stopped, and most of the waiting cars expressed full support and solidarity with the protesters. They reached the bridge of the ring road where, outside the regulated protest time, the disaffected Stara Zagora blocked the ring road.

More than 700 people participated in the protest against high fuel prices, insurance and taxes in Sliven, which was organized in social networks. The cars passed all the central boulevards of the city.

Protests against high fuel prices have closed the Trakia highway in the region of Sliven and Yambol. One lane is closed by protesters from Sliven and another is from Yambol.

Nearly 400 vehicles blocked a section from the main road to Trakia highway at the exit of Burgas. Unlike the October 27 procession, the discontent with high and volatile fuel prices was twice as high. With inscriptions on the Protest cars, horns and whistles, the disaffected went on a procession, which started at 11.00 am from parking lot of a commercial site in the city.

More than 150 cars participated in a protest procession in Gabrovo and blocked the Shipka Pass. The protest began at 12:00 o'clock in Gabrovo in front of the Orlovets sports hall, for a short time a key junction in the city was blocked. Then the car fleet passed the building of the Municipality of Gabrovo and headed for the Shipka Pass, which is currently blocked.

Hundreds of car protesters blocked an hour of highway near Shumen. The movement was stopped in both lanes. People are outraged by fuel prices, car taxes, and wanting to lift income and resign the government.

More than 100 protesters drove from Pernik to Sofia to participate in the national protest of the Yellow Paving, which began in the afternoon. Earlier, the protest procession blocked the traffic at the Daskalovo junction, which is the main road link to Sofia, Southwestern Bulgaria and Kyustendil with the Lyulin and Struma highways. Protestors are against high fuel and food prices, against low incomes, and want a government resignation.

There is also a protest in Sofia against high fuel prices, but there is some confusion as people gather in different places. Some of the protesters gather to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, others gather in front of the National Assembly for another protest because of the law on religious denominations. But the main protest is expected to be at the former Mausoleum of Battenberg Square, organizers of the protest specified.

More than 200 cars, taxi cars, bikes and more than 400 people joined a protest car accident in Targovishte. The protesters had gathered in a parking lot in the Borovo Eye area and before they started their procession on the streets of the city they listened to the Bulgarian anthem. The organizers said: "We want a change! The government must understand that the people can not be their wallet. We can not tolerate the steady rise of prices in electricity, water, steam, fuel and taxes.A

The protest procession of inhabitants of Karlovo and Sopot also blocked the traffic on the Sofia-Burgas sub-Balkan road. Earlier today, protesters blocked the Kulata border checkpoint.
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Date:Nov 11, 2018
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