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Protests against regime appear to resume.

Videos posted on social media purported to show new anti-regime protests in six cities scattered around Iran Monday night, though not in Tehran.

In Tehran, however, there were numerous instances of women stranding on posts from which they could easily be seen bareheaded and waving their headscarves on the end of a stick in protest against the dress code.

The videos posted on social media were labeled as coming from Shiraz, Kerman, Bandar Abbas, Arak, Najafabad and Khorramabad. There was no way to verify their authenticity. It was possible they were videos of the protests in about 80 cities that erupted for eight days in late December and early January.

In many of the videos, protesters can be easily heard chanting "Marg bar dik-ta-toor" (Down with the dictator). Another chant heard is: 'Don't be afraid; don't be afraid; we are all together."

The hejab protests were also publicized by social media with people posting photos of various young women--hair and faces uncovered--standing on something high and waving their headscarves. A common standing spot is the electrical utility boxes found on many street corners. They are about five feet tall and thus hard to get up onto. But once a woman--even a very short woman--is standing there, she is very visible and she is impossible for police officers to remove discretely.

The women are posting photos using the hashtag #GirlsOfRevolutionAvenue, signaling they are copying the protest act of Vida Movahed, recently identified as the woman who stood atop a utility box in Enqilab (Revolution) Avenue in December. She carried out her act December 27, the day before the first anti-regime protests erupted in Mashhad.

Movahed, in turn, was carrying out a protest urged on all Iranian women by Masih Alinejad, an expat in New York who has long been running the MyStealthyFreedom website showing photos of women standing in the open air without a headscarf.

Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh said Movahed, the 31-year-old mother of a 19-month-old baby--was freed from jail January 28, 30 days after she staged her protest.

Ironically, Movahed's protest was carried out just as Tehran police announced they would no longer arrest women for violating the dress code, but only send them to counseling.

Social media reports said one of Monday's female protesters, Nargess Hossaini, was arrested. About a dozen photos were posted of the Monday protests. Each appeared to be staged independently in a different part of the city.

Caption: PROTEST--Two unidentified women silently stand with heads uncovered holding their headscarves on the end of a stick Monday in Tehran.

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Date:Feb 2, 2018
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