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Protesters hurl rocks at president.

PROTESTERS HURL ROCKS AT PRESIDENT. President Enrique Bolanos' attempt to address protesters demanding his resignation was met with a barrage of rocks, which missed him but injured his son, officials said,reports AP (April 26, 2005):

The incident, which forced the younger Enrique Bolanos to seek hospital treatment for a minor head wound, followed days of often-violent student protests over the government's refusal to halt bus fare increases. The elder Bolanos has blamed those protests on the leftist Sandinista Front, which has been struggling with the government for political control of the country. Congressmen from the dominant Constitutionalist Liberal Party have formed a de facto alliance with their traditional foes from the Sandinista Front to strip Bolanos of much of his power and split power among themselves;

Bolanos won election on the Constitutionalist Liberal ticket, but he alienated party leaders when his administration won a corruption conviction against former President Arnoldo Aleman--the most influential figure in the Liberal Party. Student and transportation worker protests in the previous two weeks left at least a dozen police officers seriously injured and led to more than 60 arrests.
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Date:Jun 1, 2005
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