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The School to Family Pipeline: What Do Religious, Private, and Public Schooling Have to Do with Family Formation? Wolf, Patrick J.; Cheng, Albert; Wang, Wendy; Wilcox, W. Bradford Jun 1, 2022 10866
Latvian Moravian Manuscripts: Historical Overview and Research Perspectives. Daija, Pauls; Paskevica, Beata Report Jun 1, 2022 8746
Ambassador meets World Evangelical Alliance chief in New York. Apr 7, 2022 286
Ambassador meets World Evangelical Alliance chief in New York. Apr 7, 2022 286
WEA impressed by Vietnam's protection of religious freedom. Apr 7, 2022 167
The Reformation is about Jesus. Oct 26, 2021 511
"Bodies and Things, Both Putrid and Corrupt": Miasma and Bacial Anxiety in Hawthorne's The Marble Faun. Douglas, Christopher Mar 22, 2021 8504
The Crusades. Nov 26, 2020 586
Bible. Sep 10, 2020 634
Smoking Intensity and Associated Factors among Male Smokers in Ethiopia: Further Analysis of 2016 Ethiopian Demographic and Health Survey. Handebo, Simegnew; Birara, Setognal; Kassie, Ayenew; Nigusie, Adane; Aleminew, Wallelign Report Aug 31, 2020 4451
Protestantism's troubling history with white supremacy in the US. Jul 17, 2020 1011
Is Corruption a Greater Evil than Sin? Tunali, Cigdem Borke Jun 1, 2020 12296
70 years ago--May 23, 1949. May 20, 2019 172
Margaret Fison, 1817-1866: Mid-Victorian Reformer. Essay Apr 1, 2019 8784
ON THE POSSIBILITY OF CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY. Belov, Vladimir Nikolaevich; Ivleva, Marina Levenbertovna; Nizhnikov, Sergei Anatolyevich Essay Mar 22, 2019 5846
Making sense of Sunday: The authority to interpret the Bible has to rest on something other than the ability to draw the biggest crowd. Collum, Danny Duncan Aug 1, 2018 959
Faith requires us to respond to every insult to human dignity. May 10, 2018 728
Faith requires us to be outraged at every violation of human dignity. May 10, 2018 741
The Story of Latino Protestants in the United States. Brief article Feb 1, 2018 316
Rethinking the Murky World of the Post-Munster Dutch Anabaptist Movement, 1535-1538: A Dialogue between Willem De Bakker and Gary K. Waite. Waite, Gary K. Essay Jan 1, 2018 2939
Pondering Protestant foundations. Oct 20, 2017 533
Authors call for action at margins. Tammeus, Bill Book review Oct 20, 2017 888
Depictions of Catholic and Protestant Bodies in Elizabeth (dir. Kapur, 1998). DeSilva, Jennifer M.; Orewiler, Alison R. Critical essay Oct 1, 2017 12100
MARTIN LUTHERS REFORMATION. Valiunas, Algis Essay Sep 22, 2017 5373
"I'd rather have a Prayer Book than a shirt": The Printed Word among Methodists and Anglicans in Nineteenth-Century Outport Newfoundland and Labrador. Hollett, Calvin Report Sep 22, 2017 10401
Lo moreno es bello. Componentes identitarios de las mujeres jovenes evangelicas aymaras. Mansilla, Miguel Angel; Pinones-Rivera, Carlos Jul 1, 2017 9648
Editorial. Brown, Stephen G. Editorial Jul 1, 2017 935
Residual and resurgent Protestantism in the American media (and political) imaginary. Hoover, Stewart M. Report Jul 1, 2017 9225
Martin Luther's influence told through 95 treasures and 95 people. May 15, 2017 931
Articles of faith: Christopher S. Wood on "The Luther Effect". Wood, Christopher S. Jan 1, 2017 900
Religious entrepreneurship: when Weber joins the Granovetter/Empreendedorismo religioso: quando Weber se associa a Granovetter. Correa, Victor Silva; Vale, Glaucia Maria Vasconcellos; Cruz, Marina Almeida Dec 1, 2016 7491
Reformation reconsidered. Luxmoore, Jonathan Oct 21, 2016 2231
Denomination releases unaudited year-end financial report. Scanlon, Leslie May 9, 2016 163
Black Protestants in a Catholic Land: the AME Church in the Dominican Republic 1899-1916. Davidson, Christina Cecelia Dec 22, 2015 12402
Finding Our Balance: Repositioning Mainline Protestantism. Mulder, John M. Nov 9, 2015 583
Not the frozen chosen. Jill Editorial Oct 26, 2015 737
Always reforming: The living faith of the dead. Tate, Jessica Oct 26, 2015 653
Are popular perceptions of Welsh nonconformity entirely accurate? Oct 13, 2015 2129
William A. Mirola, Redeeming Time: Protestantism and Chicago's Eight-Hour Movement, 1866-1912. Thiessen, Janis Book review Sep 22, 2015 1167
Secularism as christianity in disguise: the secularization myth revisited. Nelson, Robert H. Sep 22, 2015 12283
That new-time religion. Voegeli, William Jun 22, 2015 5383
Protestant conversion and social conflict: the case of the Hmong in contemporary Vietnam. Ngo, Tam T.T. Jun 1, 2015 10239
Understanding Protestant Christianity in contemporary China: the concept of a believing China. Xu, Yihua Mar 1, 2015 8234
Is "postdenominational" Christianity possible? Ecclesiology in the protestant church of China. Ruokanen, Miikka; Chen, Yongtao; Liu, Ruomin Mar 1, 2015 8223
Nurslings of protestantism: the questionable privilege of freedom in charlotte Bronte's Villette. Mazurek, Monika Dec 15, 2014 8366
Evangelism and popular culture: reflections and questions from an international study process. Wahrisch-Oblau, Claudia Nov 1, 2014 4563
Calvin, farel, and the anabaptists: on the origins of the brieve instruction of 1544. Roth, John D. Essay Jul 1, 2014 11090
"Whether the writings of the old testament are as valid for christians as those of the new": swiss brethren perspectives. Gross', Leonard Essay Jul 1, 2014 9064
Protestantism and education: reading (the bible) and other skills. Boppart, Timo; Falkinger, Josef; Grossmann, Volker Author abstract Apr 1, 2014 15418
Reforming formation: the practices of Protestantism in a secular age. Mahn, Jason A. Essay Oct 1, 2013 7422
Protestantism and progress; a historical study of the relation of Protestantism to the modern world. Book review Oct 1, 2013 123
Denominationalism or protestantism? Mission strategy and church in the Kikuyu Conference of 1913. Reed, Colin Essay Oct 1, 2013 4497
Lost in transition: missionary children of the Basel Mission in the nineteenth century. Konrad, Dagmar Essay Oct 1, 2013 4743
Anabaptist Sabbatarianism in Sixteenth-Century Moravia. Rothkegel, Martin Essay Oct 1, 2013 17383
An examination of the MMPI-2-RF L-r scale in an outpatient Protestant sample. Bridges, Seth A.; Baum, Linda J. Report Jun 22, 2013 4986
Protestant pressure forces Catholics to create saints. Apr 19, 2013 854
Falstaff's conscience and protestant thought in Shakespeare's second Henriad. Avery, Joshua Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 5671
La Maculee de Madeleine Blais-Dahlem : une ecriture dramaturgique veridique, ludique et transgressive. Forsyth, Louise Sep 22, 2012 6687
Bangladesh. Das, David Anirudha Jul 1, 2012 3345
The making of a modern seminary: Augustana Seminary in the 1930s. Christianson, Gerald Jun 1, 2012 5379
The word made exhibition: Protestant reading meets Catholic worship in Uncle Tom's Cabin and The Gates Ajar. Barnes, Ashley C. Critical essay Jun 1, 2012 10047
Korean Protestant Christianity: a missiological reflection. Park, Joon-Sik Apr 1, 2012 5576
Protecting and striving for the rights to religious freedom: case studies on the Protestant house churches in China. Hong, Zhaohui Essay Mar 22, 2012 5664
Wilhelm Loehe, an ecumenical Lutheran? From "nein" through "jein" to a qualified "ja". Stephenson, John R. Essay Feb 1, 2012 3894
The clash of public theologies? Rethinking the concept of religion in global politics. Sandal, Nukhet Ahu Feb 1, 2012 10412
Comity agreements and sheep stealers: the elusive search for Christian unity among Protestants in China. Tiedemann, R.G. Jan 1, 2012 5730
God is faithful to God's people: the new theology of Israel in contemporary German Protestantism. Rosenhagen, Ulrich Essay Sep 22, 2011 10121
The end of "the Protestant Era"? Greene, Alison Collis Essay Sep 1, 2011 4895
The traumatic realism of Christopher Marlowe's the massacre at Paris. Martin, Mathew R. Sep 1, 2011 6259
That all may be one? Church unity and the German national idea, 1866-1883. Landry, Stan M. Essay Jun 1, 2011 8962
The west looks east: the influence of Toyohiko Kagawa on American mainline protestantism. King, David P. Essay Jun 1, 2011 8921
New church rising. Kim, Jin S. Essay Apr 1, 2011 5944
Vocation: the theology of the Christian life. Veith, Gene Edward Mar 22, 2011 5609
"Mapping" the religious other: Vatican II's approach to Protestantism. Lamptey, Jerusha Tanner Essay Sep 22, 2010 5279
The realist--pacifist summit meeting of March 1942 and the political reorientation of ecumenical protestantism in the United States. Hollinger, David A. Essay Sep 1, 2010 11317
Pericles, Paul, and Protestantism. Finkelstein, Richard Report Jun 22, 2010 12063
German ideology: understanding Ahasver, Mammon, and Moloch. Heni, Clemens Interview Jun 1, 2010 16206
The Protestant roots of American civil religion. Moots, Glenn A. Essay Mar 22, 2010 11248
The soul of a stranger: Italy, America, and Italian American Protestants. Barone, Dennis Essay Mar 22, 2010 8611
The waters of rebirth: the eighteenth century and transoceanic Protestant Christianity. Roeber, A.G. Essay Mar 1, 2010 16812
Public Protestantism and mission in Germany's Thuringian States, 1871-1914. Mathieu, Edward C. Essay Mar 1, 2010 12873
Being church today: living God's mission where we are. Frambach, Nathan Essay Feb 1, 2010 4199
Protestant reconciliation--a matter for solid dialogue: a 17th-century Dutch proposal for international Lutheran-reformed dialogue and a European protestant agreement. van der Pol, Frank Essay Jan 1, 2010 6522
The nature and development of liberal protestantism in Waterford, 1800-1842. Heggs, Elizabeth Anne Abstract Dec 1, 2009 1002
Protestants and Irishness in independent Ireland: an exploration. Crawford, Heather Kathleen Abstract Dec 1, 2009 1012
Figuring out life's dilemmas. Williams, Michael E., Sr. Jun 22, 2009 725
Tinkers and poormen: Baptists and grassroots religion, 1609-2009. Holcomb, Carol Crawford Essay Jun 22, 2009 6681
"Unashamed of the Gospel": Johann Hinrich Wichern and the battle for the soul of Prussian prisons. Wu, Albert Essay Jun 1, 2009 10964
Why I still call myself a Catholic. Manson, Jamie L. Viewpoint essay May 29, 2009 1001
Protestant social thought. Grabill, Stephen J. Editorial Mar 22, 2009 1197
Veni, Vidi, Vici. Trueblood, Martin Brief article Mar 22, 2009 186
Fate and Word: the book of Esther as guidance to a canonical reading of Scripture. Teuffel, Jochen Critical essay Feb 1, 2009 3527
End of the mainline. Bottum, Joseph Excerpt Sep 22, 2008 202
The eucharistic presence of Christ in seventeenth-century Dutch protestant popular piety: toward a Catholic-Protestant rapprochement? Maan, Tony Essay Sep 22, 2008 10121
That all may be one: a tale of three churches. Fosarelli, Patricia Essay Sep 22, 2008 3845
God called Him: John Calvin gave his heart 'promptly and sincerely.'. Bush, Peter Biography Sep 1, 2008 987
The origin and characteristics of evangelical Protestantism in Korea at the turn of the twentieth century. Ryu, Dae Young Jun 1, 2008 12453
The Protestant missionary movement in Korea: current growth and development. Moon, Steve Sang-Cheol Apr 1, 2008 4443
At the turn of the century: a study of the China Centenary Missionary Conference of 1907. Yao, Kevin Xiyi Apr 1, 2008 5047
Print, patronage, and the reception of continental reform: 1521-1603. King, John N.; Rankin, Mark Jan 1, 2008 8336
Marking time: astrology, almanacs, and English Protestantism. Chapman, Alison A. Dec 22, 2007 12738
The disruption, continued. Forsyth, Eric Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2007 293
Was Weber Wrong? A Human Capital Theory of Protestant Economic History. PEPG/07-04. Becker, Sascha O.; Wohmann, Ludger Report Apr 20, 2007 200
A new confession of faith with an eco-theology and a Father-centred trinitarianism: a critical study of the 21st century confession of faith of the Presbyterian church of Korea. Hwang, Jae-Buhm Jan 1, 2007 6309
Textual healing: mainstream protestants and the therapeutic text, 1900-1925 (1). Klassen, Pamela E. Dec 1, 2006 17066
Ideological incompatibility: the forced fusion of Nazism and Protestant theology and its impact on anti-Semitism in the Third Reich. Eldridge, Stephen W. Sep 22, 2006 8103
Books in heaven: dreams, texts and conspicuous circulation. Hofmeyr, Isabel Jul 1, 2006 5551
The methodology of the modernists: process in American Protestantism. Lofton, Kathryn Jun 1, 2006 12747
One protestant tradition's interface with Austrian economics Christian reconstruction as critic and ally. Terrell, Timothy D.; Moots, Glenn Essay Mar 22, 2006 8184
Shifts in the North American Protestant full-time missionary community. Coote, Robert T. Jan 1, 2005 1175
Hanging on a ghetto cross: Piri Thomas and Latino Protestant popular religion. Rodriguez, Jose David Aug 1, 2004 4576
Cooperative religion in Quebec. Lougheed, Richard Mar 22, 2004 15161
Loisy's "mystical faith": Loisy, Leo XIII, and Sabatier on moral education and the Church. Hill, Harvey Mar 1, 2004 9635
Protestants and Orthodox in dialogue: when different debating cultures meet. Kayales, Christina Jan 1, 2004 2640
Fundamentalist Protestant Christian women: recognizing cultural and gender influences on domestic violence. Foss, Louisa L.; Warnke, Melanie A. Oct 1, 2003 5065
Orthodox participation in the WCC: a brief history. Held, Heinz Joachim Oct 1, 2003 10942
Conservative American Protestantism in the League of Nations controversy. Ruotsila, Markku Sep 1, 2003 10671
Religion and violence: a Protestant Christian perspective. Ariarajah, S. Wesley Apr 1, 2003 3993
Churches in dialogue: talks continue with three denominations. Apr 1, 2003 362
Hamlet and Protestant aural theater. Tiffany, Grace Critical Essay Mar 22, 2003 7588
Karlstadt's Christag Predig: prophetic rhetoric in an "evangelical" mass (1). Leroux, Neil R. Mar 1, 2003 17021
The legacy of Robert Reid Kalley. Every-Clayton, Joyce B. Winifred Jul 1, 2002 5510
"Amen" and "Ashe": African American Protestant worship and its West African ancestor. Coleman, Will Jun 22, 2002 2369
Why America is different: puritans, circuit riders, and the free market. (Anywhere but Here: America, Religion & The Rest of the World). Doyle, Rodger Jun 22, 2002 2945
Unclear rules at the root of power struggles in Danish parishes - claim. Brief Article May 28, 2002 150
Though poles apart, peaceful coexistence and dialogue possible. Ruether, Rosemary Radford Brief Article Apr 12, 2002 967
Reinhold Niebuhr and the Christian century: World War II and the eclipse of the social gospel. Bullert, Gary B. Mar 22, 2002 8760
The goal of visible unity: reaffirming our commitment. Tjorhom, Ola Jan 1, 2002 5492
Christian Wahhabists. (Flip Side). Ehrenreich, Barbara Jan 1, 2002 1060
Christology in the Reformed-Orthodox dialogue. Salaris, Steven C. Sep 22, 2001 5826
"Dominus Iesus" and the ecumenical dialogue with Catholics. Branick, Vincent P. Sep 22, 2001 11146
"Accept the truth from whomsoever [sic] gives it": Jewish-Protestant dialogue, interfaith alliances, and pluralism, 1880-1910. Charap, Lawrence G. Sep 1, 2001 7263
Cultural Encounter: Korean Protestantism and Other Religious Traditions. Grayson, James Huntley Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2001 5714
Evangelism and Proselytism in Russia: Synonyms or Antonyms? Elliott, Mark Apr 1, 2001 2755
The Reluctant Sectarians. Brief Article Mar 22, 2001 502
"The Light of Printing": William Tyndale, John Foxe, John Day, and Early Modern Print Culture [*]. KING, JOHN N. Mar 22, 2001 13498
Covenantal concepts of justice and righteousness, and Catholic-Protestant reconciliation: theological implications and explorations *. Ripley, Jason J. Jan 1, 2001 7565
Commerce, Industry, and the Laws of Newtonian Science: Weber Revisited and Revised. Jacob, Margaret C. Aug 1, 2000 10171
Shifting Southward: Global Christianity Since 1945. Robert, Dana L. Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 7333
Full-orbed Christianity: the Protestant churches and social welfare in Canada, 1900-1940. Book Review Mar 22, 2000 2777
Elizabeth's Embroidery. QUILLIGAN, MAUREEN Jan 1, 2000 1561
Structure meant survival, study finds. ALLEN, JOHN L. JR. Oct 8, 1999 1298
Adaptive Strategies and Indigenous Resistance to Protestantism in Ecuador. Andrade, Susana Sep 22, 1999 6938
Another way to celebrate the millennium: a case for uniting with the United Church. Dunn, Zander Jun 1, 1999 673
Scholasticism, Prostestantism, and Modernity. GOTTFRIED, PAUL Feb 1, 1999 2525
Martin Luther. GOTTFRIED, PAUL Feb 1, 1999 852
Tradition and modernity in Protestant Christianity. Davies, Alan Feb 1, 1999 6478
Splinters off the family tree: can Protestants find a more creative way of dealing with conflict than splitting and forming new churches? Cawsey, Kathy Nov 1, 1998 767
Life in ancien regime Vaud. Larminie, Vivienne Apr 1, 1998 3937
A missiological approach to Latin American Protestantism. Escobar, J. Samuel Apr 1, 1998 6523
Evangelical and Roman Catholic leaders issue statement on justification. Mar 1, 1998 237
Irish ecumenical controversy. Jan 1, 1998 215
Guy Fawkes, Dr. Slop, and the actions of Providence. Bowden, Martha F. Sep 22, 1997 6892
The Caroline Church heroic: the reconstruction of epic religion in three seventeenth-century communities. Barbour, Freid Sep 22, 1997 19400
Rerouting the Protestant mainstream sources of growth and opportunities for change. Book Review Jun 1, 1997 565
Protestant missions and the evangelization of the Scottish Highlands, 1700-1850. Meek, Donald E. Apr 1, 1997 4026
To make a martyr: the popish plot and Protestant propaganda. Marshall, Alan Mar 1, 1997 4100
Trublet, the Journal chretien, and Protestantnism: an acumenism of convenience? Gargett, Graham Jan 1, 1997 8059
Agency, appropriation and rhetoric under the gallows: Puritans, Romanists and the state in early modern England. Lake, Peter; Questier, Michael Nov 1, 1996 17878
Celebrating our Protestant heritage (Reformation Sunday). Tony Plomp Oct 1, 1996 411
The religion of feeling: Wesleyan Catholicism: a contradiction in terms? Goodwin, Charles Biography Oct 1, 1996 3477
Cranmer's ambiguous legacy. MacCulloach, Diarmaid Biography Jun 1, 1996 5293
One text: 21 sermons on the mount: a religious revival culminates in five adult baptisms, 50 confirmations, 65 marriages and Communion for 4,000. Ian A. Clark Feb 1, 1996 661
Economics and social reality: Professor O'Neal and the problem of culture. Armour, Leslie Sep 1, 1995 4736
Augustine as very important theologian. McBrien, Richard P. Column Aug 11, 1995 685
The English Reformation and the evidence of folklore. Hutton, Ronald Aug 1, 1995 11936
Lutheran has a gloomy view of Protestantism's future. Lefevere, Patricia May 27, 1994 552
French Protestants few in fragile church; secular spirit sapped transcendence, led to links with Catholics. Cunneen, Joseph May 20, 1994 1385

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