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Protein Design announces agreement with Celltech Chiroscience for antibody patents.

Protein Design Labs, Inc. (Fremont, CA) announced that it has entered into a patent rights agreement with Celltech Chiroscience plc (Celltech) covering certain intellectual property in the field of humanized monoclonal antibodies. Under the agreement, Celltech will pay a $3.0 million non-creditable, non-refundable up-front fee to Protein Design for rights to worldwide non-exclusive licenses under Protein Design's antibody humanization patents (generally referred to as the "Queen et. al. patents") for up to three Celltech antibodies. Concurrently, Protein Design will pay Celltech a non-creditable, non-refundable up-front fee for rights to worldwide non-exclusive licenses under Celltech's antibody humanization patent (the "Adair patent") for up to three Protein Design antibodies. Further, upon exercise of a license for a particular antibody, Protein Design or Celltech will pay an additional license fee to the other company.

Each company will pay royalties to the other on potential sales of licensed antibodies.

" Protein Design has a strong intellectual property position in the antibody field, with issued patents in the United States, Europe and Japan that we believe cover most humanized antibodies," said Robert L. Kirkman, MD, vice president, business development and corporate communications. "Celltech is the twenty-sixth company to enter into a patent agreement with Protein Design under the Queen et. al. patents."

Protein Design has granted licenses and other rights under its antibody humanization patents to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide covering more than 35 humanized antibodies, more than half of which are currently in clinical development and three of which are marketed. Protein Design currently receives royalties from sales of: Synagis (palivizumab), for the prevention of respiratory syncytial virus disease in infants, developed by MedImmune, Inc. (Gaithersburg, MD; 301-417-0770); Herceptin (trastuzumab), for the treatment of breast cancer, developed by Genentech, Inc. (S. San Francisco, CA; 415-266-1000); and Zenapax (daclizumab), an antibody created by Protein Design and licensed to Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc. (Nutley, NJ), which is marketed for the prevention of acute kidney transplant rejection.

Protein Design is a leader in the development of humanized antibodies to prevent or treat various disease conditions. Protein Design currently has antibodies under development for autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, transplantation and cancer. Protein Design holds fundamental patents in the United States, Europe and Japan for its antibody humanization technology.
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Title Annotation:Protein Design Labs, Inc.
Comment:Protein Design announces agreement with Celltech Chiroscience for antibody patents.(Protein Design Labs, Inc.)
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Date:Jan 1, 2000
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