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Protection for pros.

New from Ergodyne, ProFlex X-Factor gloves are "designed to offer a new standard in protection for extreme work environments, such as those encountered by emergency, rescue, and construction workers. At the same time, the new gloves are said to allow necessary dexterity. Features include:

* Keprotec* or Armortex** over Amara synthetic leather on fingers, thumb, and palm reinforces against abrasions.

* Double-needle Kevlar (registered trademark of DuPont) or double-needle 3-ply 280D nylon stitching adds durability.

* EVA padding protects knuckles against scrapes, cuts, and bruises; dampens shock, impact, and vibration.

* Reflective nylon improves visibility.

* Elastic cuff prevents introduction of dangerous and uncomfortable debris.

* PVC (polyvinyl chloride) fingertips prevent slipping and improve grip.

* Stretch and spandex shell delivers maximum comfort and responsive fit.

The Ergodyne ProFlex X-Factor glove line includes the Model 730--with Kevlar and Keprotec, 9-inch length includes gauntlet; Model 732--with Kevlar and Keprotec, 11-inch length includes extended gauntlet; Model 726--with Armortex and 280D nylon, 9-inch length includes gauntlet; and Model 728: with Armortex and 280D nylon; 11-inch length includes extended gauntlet.

* Keprotec, which is made using DuPont's Kevlar, is a registered trademark of Schoeller.

** Armortex, which is made using DuPont's Kevlar and Nomex, is a registered trademark of Nam Liong Enterprise.

Ergodyne, 1410 Energy Park Dr., Suite One, St. Paul, MN 55108-5249; (651) 642-9889 or (800) 225-8238; fax (651) 642-1882;; e-mail:
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Author:Molinaro, Hope
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Date:Jun 1, 2004
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