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Protection during shipping. (Equipment & Packaging News).

Varzea da Onca has long awaited exporting and selling its rare and exquisite brand of coffee to markets around the world. Now, under the brand, Cafe Sombra, Varzea da Onca is ready to export the rare coffee to its first foreign market, the U.S.

Handling the coffee shipment logistics was the farm's own export division, Colorado Trading Company (Miami, FL). To ensure cargo protection and maintain the high quality standard, Colorado Trading enlisted the help of Sud-Chemie Performance Packaging and their patented Container Dri II (CDII) moisture control bags.

Molding and spoilage would greatly compromise the coffees' quality and Colorado Trading knew that shipping these beans could pose various challenges.

"If coffee beans are exposed to high levels of moisture, mold and spoilage can result," says Tatiana Peebles, vice president of operations at Colorado Trading Company. When you are shipping from the South, you have a cold steel container with a product that has high a moisture content. Once you start getting a thousand miles either side of the equator, the container's internal environment is going to start 'cooking', becoming humid and developing condensation which will damage the cargo."

To achieve protection against damaging moisture Colorado Trading selected Sud-Chemie's Container Dri II bags.

Container Dri II's proprietary formulation absorbs moisture vapor through a microporous exterior, and turns it into a thick gel that is held in bags until disposal. Containers remain free of moisture condensation, humidity is controlled, and cargo stays dry -- for up to 90 days.

The shipping container was preloaded with 30 bags of CDII, and as a result, moisture damage was avoided entirely. "The coffee arrived without any dampness, and the insides of containers did not show any signs of condensation."

Unlike other moisture control solutions, CDII does not get placed directly into the bulk product. The CDII bags come with a self-adhesive backing that allows them to easily adhere to the container walls. This eases loading, unloading, and disposal. As a nontoxic and environmentally friendly product, CDII can be easily discarded. Bags are thrown in the rubbish and no special treatment is given in their disposal. Since the gel remains inside the bags, disposal is mess-free.

Colorado Trading Co., 3100 NW 72nd Ave #121, Miami, Florida 33122; Tel: (305) 591-9405; Fax: (305) 591-9406,

Sud-Chemie Performance Packaging, 101 Christine Dr.; Belen, NM 87002; Tel: (505) 864-6691; Fax: (505) 864-9296
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