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United Kingdom : CEMEX, and nature conservation charity the RSPB, have celebrated 10 years of their biodiversity partnership, which has seen the restoration of over 1000 hectares of priority habitat. Nov 30, 2019 566
DENR temporarily closes Zambo Sur's 'Turtle Island' for cleanup. Nov 14, 2019 467
Conserving tamaraws and empowering the rangers. Nov 11, 2019 869
BIOREACH: Biodiversity Conservation and Agroecological Land Restoration in Productive Landscapes of Trinidad and Tobago. Nov 9, 2019 143
Economic instruments and tools to support the conservation of biodiversity, the payment of ecosystem services and sustainable development. Nov 8, 2019 132
Protecting biodiversity and recovering degraded ecosystems - RECOVER Honduras. Nov 8, 2019 156
United Kingdom : Funding Boost for Darwin Initiative Grant Programme to protect Biodiversity around the World. Oct 15, 2019 294
TEA TIME IN RWANDA; In one of the last mountain rainforests on the planet, a tea estate is doing its part to conserve Rwanda's rich biodiversity. Words: SOPHIE IBBOTSON. SOPHIE IBBOTSON Sep 26, 2019 1224
Wildlife deptt, local communities protecting wildlife bio-diversity in GB: DFO. Sep 21, 2019 191
Support For The Sector Project "preservation Of Biodiversity On Land". Sep 17, 2019 370
United Kingdom : PM steps up UK efforts to protect the Amazon rainforest. Aug 27, 2019 791
PM steps up UK efforts to protect the Amazon rainforest. Aug 26, 2019 828
United States : Speakers Consider Criteria for Area-Based Management Tools, as Negotiations on Draft Treaty to Protect Marine Biodiversity Enter Third Day. Aug 22, 2019 809
Australia : Biggest wild release for rare native reptiles. Aug 16, 2019 373
Philippines : Symposium on biodiversity to involve public, private sector in conservation works. Aug 16, 2019 366
Experts: Forensic science 'a must' to combat illegal wildlife trade. Jul 29, 2019 1819
Serbia : Started a campaign to protect eagle cruisers in Serbia. Jul 24, 2019 833
United Kingdom : Stronger protections for the environment move closer as landmark Bill takes shape. Jul 24, 2019 890
Google Doodle features Puerto Princesa Underground River. Jun 30, 2019 284
United States : Sarawak Energy Collaborates with Forest Department on Baleh Watershed Wildlife Connectivity Project. Jun 29, 2019 353
Canada : Protected land added to two provincial parks. Jun 27, 2019 373
Supply Of Fuel And Urea In Eess For The Vehicles Of The Crews Of The Operation Of Prevention And Extinction Of Forest Fires, Protected Natural Spaces And Reserves And Hunting Preserves. Jun 26, 2019 160
22 more species added into List of Red Book of Endangered Spieces of Kyrgyzstan. Jun 24, 2019 130
Biodiversity Conservation in Four Villages in the Knuckles Conservation Forest through Community Participation. Jun 22, 2019 345
Bird conservation meeting held. May 31, 2019 538
Studies And Expertise To Preserve Terrestrial And Aquatic Biodiversity (outside The Marine Environment) And To Manage Natural And Man-made Natural Spaces (france-nice: Engineering Studies). May 31, 2019 168
Papua New Guinea : Local action to protect biodiversity: the tree kangaroo in Papua New Guinea. May 20, 2019 382
Conserving critical forest biodiversity in Guinea through sustainable agricultural livelihoods. May 13, 2019 135
Strengthening Malian forest management to protect biodiversity and alleviate poverty. May 13, 2019 131
Rehabilitation And Protection Of Valuable Ecosystems Through The Application Of Sustainable Management Practices In The Lura National Park, Albania. May 7, 2019 311
Conservationists welcome birth of endangered bird chick in Negros Occidental. May 3, 2019 736
Germany : Michael Stbgen: "It's not about the extinction of the wolf". May 2, 2019 359
Groups call for end to snares. May 2, 2019 672
From ecosystems to human welfare: the role and conservation of biodiversity/Dos ecossistemas ao bem estar humano: o papel e a conservacao da biodiversidade. Zhang, Zhenguo; Zhou, Jun May 1, 2019 14219
United States : Grant Program for Saint Lucian Entities to Conserve Biodiversity and Natural Resources. Apr 30, 2019 839
Taipei celebrates animal protection and biodiversity in May. Apr 30, 2019 219
Singapore to adopt PHL eagle pair to conserve rare bird species. Apr 29, 2019 308
Emirates helps safeguard wildlife & biodiversity. Apr 28, 2019 461
Supporting women in income generating for stainable management of community conservation area for biodiversity protection within the World Cultural Hertage Site. Apr 28, 2019 218
Locsin backs Pag-Asa marine protection bid. Apr 25, 2019 480
Philippines mulls declaring Pag-asa Island, Eastern Kalayaan marine protected areas. Apr 24, 2019 583
Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary case: NGT summons UP official. Apr 24, 2019 284
Pag-asa Island, Ayungin Shoal eyed as marine protected areas. Apr 24, 2019 429
Identification, Demarcation As A Protected Area And Integrated Management Of Marine And Coastal Zones Most Affected By Climate Change In Colombia. Apr 18, 2019 178
81240284 Identification, Demarcation As A Protected Area And Integrated Management Of Marine And Coastal Zones Most Affected By Climate Change In Colombia. Apr 17, 2019 178
Rehabilitation And Protection Of Valuable Ecosystems Through The Application Of Sustainable Management Practices In The Lura National Park, Albania. Mar 26, 2019 309
Canada : Biodiversity Act Helps to Protect Ecosystems. Mar 15, 2019 254
Philippines : World Wildlife Day: Ensure life below water to protect food security and biodiversity. Mar 5, 2019 364
FaceOf: Carlos Duarte, professor at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. Feb 14, 2019 271
The Red Sea Development Company and KAUST Unveil Groundbreaking Approach to Conservation and Development Planning. Feb 13, 2019 383
Conservation of animal habitats needed to preserve biodiversity. Dec 8, 2018 372
NNanopore DNA Sequencing in Forensics: Wildlife Crime and Conservation. Nov 29, 2018 255
15% of terrestrial, 7% of marine areas currently covered by protected areas: report. Nov 28, 2018 610
Forestry Activities In The Mining Process On Oz Presov, Ls Of Molluscs For The Years 2019 To 2022, Vc 1 - Lo Wolf, Banana, Castle, Fish, Eternal Jarok. Nov 26, 2018 284
Wildlife dept seizes eight falcons, frees nine others. Nov 8, 2018 429
ABNJ Global Sustainable Fisheries Management and Biodiversity Conservation in the Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (PROGRAM). Nov 5, 2018 131
CBPF-MSL Main Streams of Life Wetland PA System Strengthening for Biodiversity Conservation (PROGRAM). Nov 5, 2018 130
Rs 109 mln project for biodiversity protection of Chashma wetlands along Indus. Oct 30, 2018 445
Rare tamaraw found grazing on Oriental Mindoro mountain. Oct 2, 2018 746
Fit for the Kings: In the Indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat, new measures to protect marine biodiversity are now bearing fruit. Daniel Allen takes to the area's teeming waters to see what effect such measures are having. Allen, Daniel Oct 1, 2018 1523
5 provinces to protect biodiversity 'bull's-eye'. Sep 20, 2018 553
Identifying and Monitoring Terrestrial Conservation Priorities in the Comoro Islands, and Building Results into Policy and Practice. Sep 14, 2018 158
Expanding Rodrigues Dry Coastal Forest at Plaine Corail in Mauritius to Protect Threatened Biodiversity. Sep 14, 2018 180
Panay forest, climate-protection project lauded. Sep 10, 2018 563
DENR seeks to implement forest protection nationwide. Sep 6, 2018 393
United States : Health of Oceans Critical to Planets Well-Being, Delegates Stress, as Conference Begins on Drafting Legally Binding Instrument Protecting Marine Biodiversity. Conference news Sep 5, 2018 861
UN Set for Talks on Treaty to Protect Imperiled High Seas. Sep 3, 2018 261
UN begins talks on treaty to protect imperiled high seas. Sep 2, 2018 476
Climate Change Impact and Mitigation In Marine Biodiversity Conservation. Nivas, S. Naveen; Sundar, I. Sep 1, 2018 5966
LIFE IAS Free Habitats - Collaborative Management For Conservation Of Forest And Grassland Habitats Negatively Affected By Ias In Bulgaria. Aug 25, 2018 363
Asean, India: Protected areas needed in addressing S.D.G. Aug 12, 2018 774
United Kingdom : Twenty-four new sites join UNESCOs World Network of Biosphere Reserves. Aug 6, 2018 880
An overview of the applicability of functional diversity in Biological Conservation/Uma visao geral sobre a aplicabilidade da diversidade funcional na Conservacao Biologica. Freitas, J.R.; Mantovani, W. Aug 1, 2018 5683
Conservation of sea turtles and coastal habitats around Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort. Jul 18, 2018 544
Domestic pigs help protect Serbia's forests. Jul 10, 2018 220
Military to be asked to protect wildlife along borders, restricted areas. Jul 4, 2018 458
Conservation and Improvement of Ecosystem Services for the Atsinanana Region through Agroecology and the Promotion of Sustainable Energy Production. Jun 29, 2018 173
Perspectivas del enfoque socioecologico en la conservacion, el aprovechamiento y pago de servicios ambientales de los bosques templados de Mexico/Perspectives of the socioecological approach in the preservation, utilization and the payment of environmental services of the temperate forests of Mexico. Galicia, Leopoldo; Chavez-Vergara, Bruno Manuel; Kolb, Melanie; Jasso-Flores, Rosa Isela; Rodriguez- Jun 22, 2018 11585
ACB chief pushes for marine biodiversity protection, conservation in Southeast Asia. Jun 17, 2018 955
U.S.-Supported Forest Concessions Create Jobs, Preserve Mayan History. Jun 1, 2018 119
Over 100,000 snares found in Cardamom National Park. May 25, 2018 528
Enhancing Cooperation With Indonesia On Trade In Wildlife Products. May 24, 2018 228
A Review on Rangeland Management in Pakistan, Bottlenecks and Recommendations. Jamil, Muhammad; Mansoor, Muhammad; Anwar, Fawad; Muhammad, Sher; Awan, Aftab Ahmed Report May 1, 2018 3348
Tamaraw population up in Mindoro national park. Apr 24, 2018 377
New marine protected area designated off Kep. Apr 23, 2018 337
WWF for sustainable management of Capital's National Park to protect biodiversity. Apr 13, 2018 587
Enhancing Cooperation With Indonesia On Trade In Wildlife Products. Mar 31, 2018 103
Brazil : Brazil designates two new marine protected areas, surpassing biodiversity targets. Mar 22, 2018 413
Brazil,Kenya : Brazil designates two new marine protected areas, surpassing biodiversity targets. Mar 22, 2018 413
Analisis y perspectivas para gestionar el turismo biocultural: una opcion para conservar el ecosistema forestal de Temascaltepec/Analysis and perspectives to manage biocultural tourism: an option to conserve the forest ecosystem of Temascaltepec. Arriaga, Xochitl Jasso Mar 22, 2018 8274
The Strategic Capacity Building Project for Sustainable Utilization and Conservation of Biodiversity in SICA. Mar 21, 2018 491
Gov't officials urged to strengthen efforts to protect wildlife, biodiversity vs. destruction. Mar 5, 2018 477
Nature's Hero. Mar 4, 2018 128
Spain : The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment allocates more than 11 million euros to projects for biodiversity conservation and green employment. Feb 9, 2018 860
Katara lecture stresses onbiodiversity conservation. Jan 27, 2018 128
Marine protected area. Jan 27, 2018 186
Australia : SAs marine parks are protecting our underwater biodiversity. Jan 23, 2018 459
Critically-endangered Spoonbill sandpiper spotted in Negros Occidental. Jan 8, 2018 422
STATE IMPERILED SPECIES LEGISLATION. Fischman, Robert L.; Meretsky, Vicky J.; Drews, Willem; Stephani, Katlin; Teson, Jennifer Jan 1, 2018 22007
More than Just Story Telling: A Review of Biodiversity Conservation and Utilisation from Precolonial to Postcolonial Zimbabwe. Chigonda, Tanyaradzwa Jan 1, 2018 9972
Sharjah seizes 155 'birdcall' devices in October. Oct 27, 2017 327
Australia : Dibbler populations bolstered. Oct 12, 2017 227
Italy : New 45 million initiative seeks to curb unsustainable wildlife hunting, conserve biodiversity and improve food security. Oct 11, 2017 400
Italy : New 45 million initiative seeks to curb unsustainable wildlife hunting, conserve biodiversity and improve food security. Oct 11, 2017 792
Annual Review of Animal Biosciences; Volume 5, 2017 (online only). Book review Oct 1, 2017 149
UAE students attempt to save world's largest coastal mangrove forest. Sep 10, 2017 530
Australia : Seabird protection nothing to squawk at. Sep 8, 2017 360
Philippines : S. Cotabato gears up for a USAID-backed wildlife conservation project. Aug 2, 2017 344
Kihansi Catchment Conservation and Management Project. Jul 4, 2017 262
Conserving pandas can boost biodiversity, fight climate change. Jun 27, 2017 357
Astola Island declared as Pakistan's first marine protected area. Jun 17, 2017 412
Implementing a Ridge to Reef Approach to Protecting Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functions within and Around Protected Areas. Jun 15, 2017 329
Herbarium-based preliminary conservation assessments of Lesser Antillean endemic seed plants reveal a flora at risk. Carrington, C.M. Sean; Krupnick, Gary A.; Acevedo-Rodriguez, Pedro Jun 1, 2017 14063
Pakistan : Govt striving to protect bio-diversity and ecosystems in the country- Marriyum. May 24, 2017 611
Govt striving to protect bio-diversity and ecosystems in the country- Marriyum. May 23, 2017 665
BirdLife Europe - Stichting BirdLife Europe. May 6, 2017 404
Biodiversity Conservation Through Integration Of Ecosystem Services Brazil. Apr 28, 2017 167
Tunisia's marine and coastal protected areas network will help preserve biodiversity. Apr 11, 2017 127
Project for the Restoration and Conservation of Biodiversity in the Rao Forest and the Gandon Community Forest Consolidation Phase. Apr 3, 2017 560
Project for the delimitation and protection of village forests, for better conservation of biodiversity in the prefecture of Lola. Apr 3, 2017 162
Community Project for the Preservation of Marine and Coastal Biodiversity at the Marine Protected Area of Joal-Fadiouth. Apr 3, 2017 540
The tropical forests of southern China and conservation of biodiversity. Zhu, Hua Mar 1, 2017 9128
Sacred Groves: Myths, Beliefs, and Biodiversity Conservation--A Case Study from Western Himalaya, India. Singh, Sushma; Youssouf, Mudasir; Malik, Zubair A.; Bussmann, Rainer W. Report Jan 1, 2017 6734
Conventional and Indigenous Biodiversity Conservation Approach: A Comparative Study of Jachie Sacred Grove and Nkrabea Forest Reserve. Boadi, Samuel; Nsor, Collins Ayine; Yakubu, Daniel Haruna; Acquah, Emmanuel; Antobre, Osei Owusu Report Jan 1, 2017 4545
Areas marinas protegidas en la alta mar: perspectivas y desafios en el contexto del derecho internacional/Marine Protected Areas in the High Seas: prospects and challenges in the context of international law. Figueroa, Francisco Gutierrez Jan 1, 2017 9691
Composicion y estructura vegetal de fragmentos de bosque seco tropical y de dos zonas con actividad antropica en La Dorada y Victoria, Caldas. Vargas Figueroa, Jhon Alexander; Barona Cortes, Eliana; Gonzalez Colorado, Angela Maria; Bolivar Gar Dec 1, 2016 17636
Australia : Protected Species Strategy for Seabirds takes off. Nov 9, 2016 331
Philippines : DENR-NCR trains personnel on LAWIN Forest and Biodiversity Protection System. Nov 7, 2016 249
Australia : Defence partner with Australian Wildlife Conservancy to preserve biodiversity jewel. Oct 27, 2016 401
Philippines : NIR to host International Bird Festival. Oct 22, 2016 416
Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into Moldovas territorial planning policies and land use practices. Sep 30, 2016 215
Sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity in dry ecosystems to ensure the flow of ecosystemic services and mitigate deforestation and desertification. Sep 30, 2016 329
Eco Business Fund: Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use of Ecosystem Services into Private Businesses Production Practices Through the Provision of Accessible Financing Mechanisms (non-grant). Sep 27, 2016 152
United States : Improvements to Petitioning Process under Endangered Species Act promotes Coordination, Transparency; ensures Robust Scientific Review. Sep 27, 2016 446
Sustainable Forest Management and Conservation Project in Central and South Benin. Sep 24, 2016 173
Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Forest Management in Kaz Daglari. Sep 24, 2016 163
Supporting the implementation of integrated ecosystem management approach for landscape restoration and biodiversity conservation in Tanzania. Sep 23, 2016 141
Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Land Management (SLM) into Development Planning: Making Environmental Land Use Planning (ELUP) Operational in Argentina. Sep 23, 2016 188
United States : Governor McAuliffe Announces $6.42 Million in Land Conservation Grants. Sep 23, 2016 249
Conservation of Globally Important Biodiversity and Association Land and Forest Resources of Western Tian Shan Forest Mountain Ecosystems and Support to Sustainable Livelihoods. Sep 21, 2016 148
Green-Ag: Transforming Indian Agriculture for Global Environmental Benefits and the Conservation of Critical Biodiversity and Forest Landscapes. Sep 16, 2016 189
United States : Americas Rarest Species receive $44.8 Million Investment Under Endangered Species Act Grants Program. Sep 16, 2016 665
Mainstreaming Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity Conservation objectives into socio-economic development planning and management of Biosphere Reserve in Viet Nam. Sep 14, 2016 168
Securing the Future of Global Agriculture in the Face of Climate Change by Conserving the Genetic Diversity of the Traditional Agro-ecosystems of Mexico. Sep 14, 2016 166
Healthy Ecosystems for Rangeland Development (HERD): Sustainable Rangeland Management for Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change Mitigation. Sep 14, 2016 165
Mainstreaming Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Productive Landscapes in Threatened Forested Mountainous Areas. Sep 14, 2016 172
Securing the Long-term Conservation of Timor Leste Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services through the Establishement of a functioning National Protected Area Network and the Improvement of Natural Resource Management in Priority Catchment Corridor. Sep 14, 2016 160
Reforestation, food and pharmaceutical enhancement to conserve biodiversity trvaers restoration of ten hectares of forest through Moringa Olifera Bayanga by indigenous peoples Aka. Sep 7, 2016 146
Ridge to River (R2R) Management of Natural Resources: A Showcase Project for Watershed Management and Biodiversity Conservation in Quirino. Sep 7, 2016 147
Philippines : DENR goes techie in forest, biodiversity conservation. Aug 31, 2016 196
Strict laws must for wildlife protection, conservation. Aug 30, 2016 564
Strict laws must for wildlife protection, conservation. Aug 29, 2016 569
Expansion of the Conservation Scope of PPSRNP (PA and WHS) in adjacent communities thru the establishment of Community-Conserved Areas (CCAs) for Habitat Protection and Biodiversity Conservation. Aug 2, 2016 175
Contributing to conserve biodiversity of the buffer zone of Ba Na Nui Chua nature reserve and Bach Ma national park in conjunction with preserving Co Tu ethnic minority's culture to promote community-based ecotourism. Aug 2, 2016 201
Co-Managing Sierra Madre's Palali Maountain Range AS Local Conservation Area Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Services. Aug 2, 2016 171
Capacity Building of Lower Sierra Madre CSOs for Biodiversity Conservation and Management. Aug 2, 2016 166
Philippines : 200 Forest officers in CL undergo skills enhancement training on biodiversity protection. Jul 28, 2016 232
Japan : WWF and Toyota Form Global Partnership, Join Forces on Living Asian Forest Project and Climate Change. Jul 21, 2016 639
Biodiversity Protection through the integration of ecosystem services in Public Programmes and Business Activities-TEEB. Jun 27, 2016 510
Climate Protection Aspects of Preserving Biodiversity in Peruvian Tropical Forest. Jun 27, 2016 517
Strengthening of Colombia's national parks system for climate protection and the conservation of biodiversity. Jun 25, 2016 532
Biodiversity conservation and valorizing of ecosytem services in significant cross-border wetlands of the Nile Basin. Jun 24, 2016 141
Improving the management of coastal resources and the conservation of the marine biodiversity Caribbean region. Jun 14, 2016 152
Sdp-06-2016 request for proposals for consultancy services for program development adaptation to climate change gully canyon national park - area of ??protection of natural resources villa allende - biosphere reserve so. Jun 14, 2016 127
Philippines : DENR calls to combat biodiversity loss, protect wildlife. Jun 10, 2016 428
Philippines : DENR NIR calls for public support in drive to conserve wildlife. Jun 10, 2016 378
FORCONEPAL: Forest Resource Conservation in Nepal. Jun 4, 2016 356
Conservation of biodiversity of the Dniester River. Measures to increase the number of members of rare species of river fish and improve river habitat. Jun 1, 2016 560
Biodiversity conservation of the strategic reserve MUBA and restoration of degraded land areas by agroforestry techniques. Jun 1, 2016 177
Building Sustainable Livelihoods through Community-Based Conservation in the Mbe Mountains, Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State. May 31, 2016 279
Building Benefits for Nature and People: Strengthening NGOs for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods. May 31, 2016 526
Argo-forestry farming practices for protecting the forest biodiversity and environment. May 31, 2016 146
Agro-forestry farming practices for the forest biodiversity conservation and environment sustainability. May 31, 2016 158
Provision of study of marine biodiversity benthic coastal marine protected area multiple uses (mumpas) pitipalena-anihue. May 27, 2016 104
Protecting ecosystems and biodiversity. May 4, 2016 651
D project 'Support to the Preservation of Ecosystems and Biodiversity thanks to ??' Agropastoralism (PAPEBA) in Savannah Region, Kara, Central Plateau and in the context of decentralization. Apr 20, 2016 312
Global Sustainable Management of Tuna Fisheries and Biodiversity Conservation. Apr 2, 2016 260
Adina Merenlender: Building a new mode of extension for biodiversity conservation. Downing, Jim Apr 1, 2016 2126
Algeria - Conservation of biodiversity of global concern and sustainable use of ecosystem services in the cultural parks. Mar 26, 2016 341
Ditching our innocence: the Clean Water Act in the age of the Anthropocene. Salcido, Rachael E.; Bork, Karrigan Mar 22, 2016 21115
Serengeti Ecosystem Development and Conservation Project Integrated Protected Area and Rural Infrastructure Development and Financial Management. Mar 12, 2016 215
Biodiversity conservation in multiple-use forest landscapes in Sabah, Malaysia. Feb 5, 2016 455
Building a Multiple-Use Forest Management Framework to Conserve Biodiversity in the Caspian Hyrcanian Forest Landscape. Feb 2, 2016 393
Integrated Semenawi and Debubawi Bahri-Buri-Irrori- Hawakil Protected Area System for Conservation of Biodiversity and Mitigation of Land Degradation. Feb 1, 2016 544
Strengthening the Management Effectiveness of the Protected Area Landscape in Altai Mountains and Wetlands. Feb 1, 2016 373
System of Protected Areas in the South East Forests. Feb 1, 2016 303
Strengthening the Management Effectiveness of the Sub-System of Wetland Protected Areas (PA) for Conservation of Globally Significant Biodiversity. Jan 30, 2016 261
Strengthening Management Effectiveness of Wetland Protected Area (PA) System in Hainan for Conservation of Globally Significant Biodiversity. Jan 30, 2016 253
Conservation of biodiversity of global importance and sustainable use of ecosystem services in cultural parks in Algeria. Jan 29, 2016 307
Protecting biodiversity and ecosystems. Jan 21, 2016 312
Protect marine biodiversity through satellite surveillance. Jan 16, 2016 287
Protecting biodiversity and resources of the Marine Park of Moheli. Jan 15, 2016 275
Biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction through community-based management of walnut forests and pastures in the southern Kyrgyzsta. Jan 8, 2016 338
Conservation of biodiversity and sustainable forest management. Jan 5, 2016 292
Support to Biodiversity Conservation in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda. Jan 4, 2016 220
Conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity in the Benguela Current Marine Ecoregion. Jan 2, 2016 338
Human perception of the conservation and biodiversity state of forest remnants under different levels of urbanization/Percepcao humana sobre o estado de conservacao e a biodiversidade de remanescentes florestais sob diferentes niveis de urbanizacao. de Grande, Thallita Oliveira; Ribeiro, Paulo Henrique Pinheiro; de Melo, Fabiano Rodrigues Ensayo Jan 1, 2016 7425
Achieving Biodiversity Conservation through Creation, Effective Management and Spatial Designation of Protected Areas and Capacity Building. Dec 22, 2015 174
New and revised life history of the Florida hairstreak Eumaeus atala (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) with notes on its current conservation status. Koi, Sandy; Daniels, Jaret Report Dec 1, 2015 10673
Biodiversity Conservation in Carriacou through Nesting Sea Turtles and Wetland Bird Monitoring. Oct 23, 2015 542
Integrated Semenawi and Debubawi Bahri-Buri-Irrori- Hawakil Protected Area System for Conservation of Biodiversity and Mitigation of Land Degradation. Sep 24, 2015 197
Promote climate-smart ecosystems, protect biodiversity, and conserve forested areas in Indonesia. Sep 9, 2015 249
Sustainable conservation on Hungarian Natura 2000 sites. Aug 21, 2015 273
Development of a trans-frontier conservation area linking forest reserves and protected areas in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire. Aug 19, 2015 120
Strengthening community based structures and livelihood for integrated biodiversity conservation of Bandai Hills Forest Reserve. Aug 13, 2015 307
Promoting Sustainable Forest Management and Conservation of Biodiversity in PNG taking into consideration the impact of Climate Change and REDD+ through policy dialogue and networking. Aug 11, 2015 363
Promoting Integrated Watershed Management within the forest fringe communities of the Afram Headwaters for biodiversity conservation and livelihood development in the Offinso forest District. Aug 11, 2015 523
Project Restoration and participatory Biodiversity Conservation of the classified forest Bakoum, Kouratongo Rural Municipality, Prefecture Tougue. Aug 11, 2015 213
Mongolian new Satoyama groups: Community participatory landscape planning for biodiversity conservation, ecosystem resilience and sustainability. Aug 10, 2015 223
Improving the management practices of cocoa farmers and forest fringe communities in agroforest landscape corridors of Afigya Sekyere portion of the Afram Watershed (East) Forest Reserves for the Conservation of Biodiversity and sustainable forest ma. Aug 7, 2015 515
Conservation of agro-biodiversity by providing alternate livelihood options to the forest dependent community in islands of Sundarbans. Aug 4, 2015 139
Conservation of Kol-e-Hashmat Khan wetland in Kabul. Aug 4, 2015 165
Biodiversity conservation through protection and sustainable use of wetlands in Gulathi and Ntunjambili villages under Ward 15 of Matobo District. Jul 28, 2015 422
Biodiversity conservation for sustainable use of Non-Timber forest products (NTFPs) Project. Jul 28, 2015 368
Carrying out a feasibility study for the areas of forest protection, biodiversity conservation and climate change. Jul 15, 2015 109
Sustainable Financing for Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resources Management. Jul 3, 2015 184
CESINE: Conservation and Ecosystem Services In the New biodiversity Economy. Jun 10, 2015 366
Integrando la conservacion de biodiversidad y el manejo sustentable de la tierra en las prEicticas de producciEn (Integrating biodiversity conservation and sustainable land management practices in production). May 16, 2015 145
Malakand University, UNDP ink MoU for protection of biodiversity, wildlife. May 15, 2015 143
Integrating biodiversity conservation in the management of pine-oak forests. May 14, 2015 466
Centre mulls plan to protect Ganga's ecosystem. Apr 30, 2015 223
Protect marine biodiversity through satellite surveillance (Proteger la biodiversite marine grace a la surveillance satellite). Apr 8, 2015 310
Protect biodiversity and resources of the Marine Park of Moheli (Proteger la biodiversite et les ressources du Parc marin de Moheli). Apr 7, 2015 261
Mainstreaming Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Conservation into Production Sectors in the East Godavari River Estuarine Ecosystem, Andhra Pradesh. Mar 28, 2015 194
Forest Conservation and Sustainability in the Heart of the Colombian Amazon. Mar 24, 2015 479
Tunisia: Tunisia: Ecotourism and Conservation of Desert Biodiversity. Jan 29, 2015 299
Forest preservation project of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception based in Ouagadougou Saab Tenga for the promotion of environmental education (Projet de sauvegarde de la foret des S urs de l Immaculee Conception de Ouagadougou sis a Saab Tenga. Jan 23, 2015 298
Biodiversity conservation of a threatened forest in the town of Luseki (Conservation de la biodiversite d'une foret menacee dans la localite de Luseki). Jan 22, 2015 211
Protection and conservation of biodiversity in the forest Mabla Mountains (Protection et conservation de la biodiversite dans la foret des monts Mabla). Jan 21, 2015 469
Enhancing Biodiversity Conservation Sustainable land Management and Livelihood enterprise development within the Fian and Tabease CREMA fringing Gbele Resource Reserve. Jan 21, 2015 437
Strengthening the national park system to foster climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation (Colombia). Jan 21, 2015 222
Multiple Land Use Practices for Biodiversity Conservation and Fire Prevention through an Integrated Production System within the Sanga-Tsito cluster of the Weto landscape. Jan 20, 2015 395
Rehabilitation and Conservation of Biodiversity of the mangrove ecosystem and support the production of banana in the first section Lower Plain Lemonade. Jan 20, 2015 258
Preservation the biodiversity of medicinal plants of the Issyk-kul region by building greenhouses on renewable energy on growing without thorny buckthorn and cultivation of medicinal herbs in the village of Grigorievka. Jan 17, 2015 249
Preservation of biodiversity of wetland birds in a coastal zone of the village of Chon-Sary-Oi by creation of the community microreserve. Jan 17, 2015 292
Promoting sustainable use of natural resource management by arresting land degradation, biodiversity conservation. Jan 17, 2015 234
Supporting local communities to invest in sustainable land management, biodiversity conservation and enhancing the traditional health practices in the Chasie traditional area. Jan 17, 2015 440
Building Women Capacity for Biodiversity Conservation. Jan 15, 2015 461
Reduce Deforestation and Preserve Biodiversity at Rajawaka Forest Through Introduction of an Alternative Source for Timber Sticks Used in Bean Farming. Jan 10, 2015 265
Biodiversity Conservation in Bakmitiyawa Timbirigolla Forest through community participation by National Ethnic Unity Foundation. Jan 10, 2015 256
Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Land Use Practice in Honde Valley. Jan 9, 2015 484
Poland : ADM Donates to the Polish Society for Bird Protection to Advance Biodiversity in Agricultural Areas. Jan 9, 2015 281
KP PA passes bill to consolidate laws relating to protection, preservation of wildlife. Jan 6, 2015 206
AfDB committed to preserving ecosystems in Africa. Nov 22, 2014 222
Comparison of Drosophilidae (Diptera) assemblages from two highland Araucaria Forest fragments, with and without environmental conservation policies/Comparacao das assembleias de Drosophilidae (Diptera) de dois fragmentos de floresta de araucaria de altitude, com e sem politicas de conservacao ambiental. Cavasini, R.; Buschini, M.L.T.; Machado, L.P.B.; Mateus, R.P. Nov 1, 2014 5671
South Africa : AfDB strongly committed to preserving ecosystems and wildlife in Africa. Oct 31, 2014 395
Secure Forest biodiversity protection for community adequate clean water supply in Tanna. Oct 20, 2014 380
Contribute to conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use by restoring forest corridors and increased marketing and production initiatives. Aug 28, 2014 267
Conservation de la biodiversite marine (Conservation of marine biodiversity). Aug 23, 2014 449
Wetland biodiversity protection project. Aug 21, 2014 456
Sustainable development and biodiversity conservation in coastal protection forests. Aug 21, 2014 397
Project for conservation of biodiversity in Chirindzene sacred forest and crops production in Mabanwane. Aug 13, 2014 247
Watershed and forest preservation towards promoting biodiversity conservation and livelihoods uplift in the coastal area Moussuril. Aug 12, 2014 267
Sustainable Management of Ecosystem Services: A model for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Terrestrial Landscapes. Aug 11, 2014 124
Enhancing Wildlife Conservation in the Productive Southern Kenya Rangelands through a Landscape Approach. Aug 11, 2014 175
Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Land Management into Production Practices in all Bioregions and Biomes. Aug 11, 2014 169
LME-EA: Coastal Resources for Sustainable Development: Mainstreaming the Application of Marine Spatial Planning Strategies, Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use. Aug 8, 2014 156
R2R: Implementing a Ridge to Reef Approach to Protecting Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functions in Nauru (R2R Nauru). Aug 7, 2014 152
R2R: Implementing a Ridge to Reef Approach to Preserve Ecosystem Services, Sequester Carbon, Improve Climate Resilience and Sustain Livelihoods. Aug 7, 2014 161
R2R- Pacific Islands Ridge-to-Reef National Priorities Integrated Water, Land, Forest and Coastal Management to Preserve Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, Store Carbon, Improve Climate Resilience and Sustain Livelihoods. Aug 7, 2014 157
Building a community-based conservation, management and sustainable development model of the Bon Bo trees. Aug 6, 2014 269
Knowledge Management and Capacity Building Initiatives for Operational Phase V, GEF/ SGP by Marine and Coastal Resources Conservation Foundation. Aug 6, 2014 300
R2R: Conserving Biodiversity and Enhancing Ecosystem Functions through a Ridge to Reef Approach. Aug 6, 2014 153
Mainstreaming Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Production Practices of Small Producers to Protect the Biodiversity of High Value Conservation Forests in the Atlantic Forest, Yungas and Chaco. Aug 6, 2014 128
Enhancing Biodiversity Conservation and Sustenance of Ecosystem Services in Environmentally Sensitive Areas. Aug 6, 2014 131
Protecting Biodiversity and Multiple Ecosystem Services in Biological Mountain Corridors in Chile s Mediterranean Ecosystem. Aug 5, 2014 135
Implementing a Ridge to Reef Approach to Protecting Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functions within and Around Protected Areas. Aug 5, 2014 183
Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use into NTFP and AFS Production Practices in Multiple-Use Forest Landscapes of High Conservation Value. Aug 5, 2014 142
Expansion and Improvement of Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in the Greater Shennongjia Area, Hubei Province. Aug 4, 2014 132
Implementing the Socio-Ecosystem Connectivity Approach to Conserve and Sustainable Use Biodiversity in the Caribbean Region of Colombia. Aug 4, 2014 160
Integrated National Monitoring and Assessment System on Forest Ecosystems (SIMEF) in Support of Policies, Regulations and SFM Practices Incorporating REDD+ and Biodiversity Conservation in Forest Ecosystems. Aug 4, 2014 169
Sustainable Farming and Critical Habitat Conservation to Achieve Biodiversity Mainstreaming and Protected Areas Management Effectiveness in Western Cameroon SUFACHAC. Aug 4, 2014 174
Integrating Biodiversity Conservation, Climate Resilience and Sustainable Forest Management in Trung Truong Son Landscapes. Aug 4, 2014 210
Climate change mitigation and species conservation in the Leuser ecosystem of Sumatra. Aug 4, 2014 227
R2R Application of Ridge to Reef Concept for Biodiversity Conservation, and for the Enhancement of Ecosystem Service and Cultural Heritage. Jul 30, 2014 147
R2R Implementing a Ridge to Reef Approach to Protect Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functions. Jul 28, 2014 134
R2R Implementing an Integrated Ridge to Reef Approach to Enhance Ecosystem Services, to Conserve Globally Important Biodiversity and to Sustain Local Livelihoods in the FSM. Jul 28, 2014 146
Achieving Biodiversity Conservation through Creation and Effective Management of Protected Areas and Mainstreaming Biodiversity into Land Use Planning. Jul 23, 2014 129
Conservation of Biodiversity and Mitigation of Land Degradation Through Adaptive Management of Agricultural Heritage Systems. Jul 23, 2014 124
Management of specially protected areas and sites. Jul 19, 2014 114
Marine Biodiversity Conservation in Aqaba. Jul 18, 2014 231
Coordination of the Global Sustainable Fisheries Management and Biodiversity Conservation in the Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction ABNJ Program. Jul 12, 2014 119
Protection and conservation of biodiversity in the forest mountains Mabla. Jul 12, 2014 468
Conservation of indigenous and community forest heritage Wamba. Jul 12, 2014 398
Enhancing the Forest Nature Reserves Network for Biodiversity Conservation in Tanzania. Jul 11, 2014 216
Conserving Biodiversity and Reducing Habitat Degradation in Protected Areas and their Buffer Zones. Jul 10, 2014 167
Recovery and Protection of Climate and Biodiversity Services in the Southeast Atlantic Forest Corridor of Brazil. Jul 10, 2014 187
Community enhancement through Local Biodiversity Conservation and land based actions in 25 villages of Haladi and Lakhana Gram Panchayats of Muribahal block of Balangir District, Odisha, India. Jul 4, 2014 318
Chitora wetlands conservation & integrated livelihoods for biodiversity conservation. Jul 4, 2014 492
Promotion of sustainable land use practices amongst vulnerable tribal communities in and around Karlapat wildlife sanctuary in Kalahandi district of Odisha to prevent loss of biodiversity and strategy for climate change mitigation (Promotion of susta. Jun 28, 2014 457
Contribution to the conservation of biodiversity of the National Park Kibira through education and the promotion of improved stoves (Burundi). Jun 25, 2014 102
India : Inscription of the Great Himalayan National Park Conservation Area as a World Heritage Site. Jun 24, 2014 400
Great Himalayan National Park Conservation Area on World Heritage list. Jun 23, 2014 242
Community based resource management and conservation of marine biodiversity in the proposed tun mustapha park, sabah, malaysia. Jun 19, 2014 460
Protection for Forest Land Through Sustainable Land Management project. Jun 7, 2014 426
Belgium : New EU initiative to protect biodiversity and fight wildlife crime. May 23, 2014 418
Rehabilitation and Conservation of the biodiversity of the mangrove ecosystem and support to Banana Production. May 22, 2014 277
Conservation of biodiversity of global interest and sustainable use of ecosystem services in the cultural parks in Algeria. May 22, 2014 373

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