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Conserving Southeast Asia's seas. Sep 15, 2017 747
Philippines : Marine bio experts wage solutions to protect corals. Sep 8, 2017 864
Student has designs on saving coral. Aug 19, 2017 256
United States : Senator Hirono Announces Federal Funding to Support Protection of Hawaiis Coral Reefs. Jul 22, 2017 233
Nova Southeastern University's Coral Reef Restoration, Assessment and Monitoring Lab Institute Rocks the Ocean with Stream2Sea at the Tortuga Music Festival. May 13, 2017 931
Conservation of Brazilian coral reefs in the southwest Atlantic ocean: a change of approach. Tedesco, Erik C.; Segal, Barbara; Calderon, Emiliano N.; Schiavetti, Alexandre May 1, 2017 13228
USAID Partners with Maldives to Protect Marine Life. Apr 11, 2017 298
In hot water: can super-corals save a warming reef? Barth, Amy Nov 1, 2016 1632
Coral reef health. Oct 1, 2016 109
Fishery Management Council Coral Reef Conservation Cooperative Agreements. Sep 7, 2016 184
KISR-KOC project to preserve coral reefs in Kubbar island. Aug 23, 2016 167
Marshall Islands Coral Reef Education and Conservation Program and Science Summer Camp. Aug 2, 2016 148
Filipino athletes swim for coral reef, Verde Island Passage protection. May 31, 2016 467
Australia : Great Barrier Reef no-take marine reserves protect much more than just the fish. May 5, 2016 477
Reject the mine, protect the reef. May 1, 2016 593
Public-private Partnership to Preserve Coral Reefs. Dec 16, 2015 207
United States : NOAA awards more than $8 million for coral reef conservation. Dec 11, 2015 611
A marine reserve for Biscayne: national park to protect coral reefs, bringing more fish back to Florida. Milner, Mariela Sep 22, 2015 321
Reef rescuer: a scientist travels the world to discover ocean-saving secrets. Drimmer, Stephanie Warren May 1, 2015 783
Kuwait : EQUATE sponsors Kuwait Dive Team s project to protect coral reefs. Dec 19, 2014 282
Omran organizes advanced coral reef protection course for Oman ministry of environment employees. Nov 13, 2014 747
Puerto Rico,United States : NATIONAL OCEANIC ADMINISTRATION provides $321,000 for the conservation of PUERTO RICO'S coral reefs. Aug 8, 2014 220
For corals, it is survival of the fattest. Aug 1, 2014 404
Coral reef protection through management and recycling of solid waste in the community of Rio Esteban Colon. Jul 17, 2014 439
Coastal Conservation Education: Protecting Barbados Coral Reef. Jul 12, 2014 328
Coral reef protection through the management and recycling of solid waste in the community of Rio Esteban Colon. May 28, 2014 437
The Development of Marine Tourism and Alor Woven Fabric for Conservation of Coral Reefs project. Jan 28, 2014 491
Maldives : Wetlands Conservation and Coral Reef Monitoring for Adaptation to Climate Change in Maldives. Sep 2, 2013 353
Defenders Of Wildlife And Petco Team Up To Protect Coral Reefs And Marine Life; Give Pet Fish Owners Sustainable Choices. Aug 7, 2013 873
Alaska Airlines and The Nature Conservancy Partner to Preserve Hawaii's Coral Reefs. Aug 1, 2013 909
New technique of cloud brightening can save coral reefs from bleaching: study. Jul 11, 2013 288
France: no honour, no mercy over Moruroa testing: France has yet to compensate the people of French Polynesia for grievous long-lasting damage to health and the environment from 30 years of nuclear testing on previously pristine coral atolls. Weir, Kay Jun 22, 2013 1599
Coral reef rescue: as a warming climate changes the chemistry of Earth's oceans, scientists look for ways to save coral. Warren, Stephanie May 1, 2013 996
Artlantis: Jason deCaires Taylor's underwater sculptures protect coral reefs and usher in a new era of tourism. Gocova, Anezka May 1, 2013 438
Unesco asked to help assess damage to reef. Feb 3, 2013 428
In The Know: Tubbataha Reefs. Jan 18, 2013 250
Hot on the trail: so-called supercorals in the National Park of American Samoa may hold clues to saving coral reefs everywhere. Wagner, Eric Jan 1, 2013 1041
Oman to document coral reef for protection. Oct 10, 2012 327
Tubbataha Reef hailed as conservation model. Sep 28, 2012 496
10 years to save world coral reefs; CLIMATE. Sep 17, 2012 117
Coral reefs could be saved by improving water quality. Aug 20, 2012 509
Protected areas show ravaged reefs can recover. Aug 3, 2012 816
Taiwan Province of China,United States : TWO institutes come together to conserve coral reefs. Jul 24, 2012 279
World's coral reefs could still be saved. Jul 11, 2012 552
Marine Scientists call: Let's SAVE CORAL REEFS. Jul 9, 2012 168
Scientists lead the way in protecting coral reefs. Jun 23, 2012 259
Every step to conserve corals counts. Jun 1, 2012 299
Cultural codes as catalysts for collective conscientisation in environmental adult education: Mr. Floatie, tree squatting and Save-our-Surfers. Walter, Pierre Apr 1, 2012 5481
Bid to protect Bahrain's coral reefs blocked. Mar 27, 2012 725
UN Delegation Has Great Barrier Reef In Its Sights. Brief article Mar 15, 2012 183
International Symposium of Conservation of Coral Reefs in the Red Sea Opened in Jeddah. Jan 9, 2012 231
The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation Presents a Symposium of Coral Reef Conservation in the Red Sea. Jan 8, 2012 626
Desperately seeking sanctuary: close to half of Australia's treasured oceans are destined for protection by the end of 2012, but there's no guarantee our most precious marine jewels will be safe. Smyth, Chris Jan 1, 2012 614
Rainbow Coral Develops Plan to Help Preserve 'Medicine Cabinets of the 21st Century'. Oct 18, 2011 580
'Maintaining fish stocks at certain level could help save coral reefs'. Sep 30, 2011 314
Saving coral reefs. Jul 17, 2011 530
Oil concession threatens reefs. Brief article Jun 10, 2011 158
Genetic banks will store coral sperm. Jun 1, 2011 456
Applico Selected by NOAA to Design, Develop and Implement Coral App in Support of Coral Reef Conservation. May 25, 2011 381
Coral: too precious to wear. Marks, Jackie May 1, 2011 984
Three-quarters of the world's coral reefs are at risk. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article May 1, 2011 106
Coral network key to protecting fish stocks. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 242
Move to protect Bahrain coral reefs. Jan 23, 2011 409
Marine researchers call for international effort to save coral reefs. Oct 8, 2010 376
BankMuscat set to protect Oman's coral reefs. Sep 22, 2010 331
BankMuscat set to protect Oman's coral reefs. Sep 21, 2010 331
Northpole Studio and Bulkypix Bring Bermuda Triangle: Saving the Coral to the iPhone. Jul 22, 2010 197
New clean-up bid to save coral reef. Jul 21, 2010 228
New clean-up bid to save Bahrain coral reef. Jul 15, 2010 220
Cheap, simple solution to save coral reef - transplantation. Jun 6, 2010 285
Dispatch from the reef: survey reveal cold-kill damage to corals. Conway, David May 1, 2010 486
Disneynature Collaborates with The Nature Conservancy to Save 35,000 Acres of Coral Reef in The Bahamas. Apr 29, 2010 776
Strong Advance Sales for "OCEANS" Motion Picture Bolster "See 'OCEANS,' Save Oceans" Initiative. Apr 15, 2010 766
Coral reefs under threat. McKeown, Alice Jan 1, 2010 703
Coral reef services valued at US$172 billion. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 255
Survey reveals massive public support for saving coral reefs. Nov 6, 2009 433
'Freezer plan' to save coral. Oct 28, 2009 98
Video: 'Freezer plan' to save coral. Oct 27, 2009 98
The yellow mark of death in corals. Berwald, Juli Oct 1, 2009 365
Reef relief: as recreational scuba diving increases in popularity, the once-thriving coral reefs of the tropics are being put under pressure by the sheer number of divers who come to encounter the marine life that lives on them. Richard Hammond explains what responsible travelling divers can do to lessen their impact. Hammond, Richard Oct 1, 2009 1390
South Atlantic Council Approves Plan to Save More Than 23,000 Square Miles of Rare Corals. Sep 18, 2009 394
Coral reef settling into new home. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 155
Banning certain fishing gear can help save world's coral reefs from climate change. Jun 18, 2009 419
Global sunscreen might cool Earth, but it won't save corals. Jun 17, 2009 416
21st century Noah's Ark may help save coral reefs from extinction. Jun 6, 2009 380
Conservation efforts help coral reefs. May 17, 2009 309
Coral Triangle Leaders Declare Action to Protect Marine Resources for People's Well-being. May 15, 2009 778
Protected paradise: the creation of three new marine monuments has turned a huge swath of Pacific Ocean into a safe haven for sea life. Crane, Cody Apr 20, 2009 1615
Army undertakes expedition for coral reef conservation. Apr 1, 2009 105
Conservation of coral reef in Lakshadweep. Mar 26, 2009 226
Army launches expedition to conserve coral reefs in Lakshadweep. Mar 22, 2009 376
Extending the Bajo de Sico, Puerto Rico, seasonal closure: an examination of small-scale fishermen's perceptions of possible socio-economic impacts on fishing practices, families, and community. Tonioli, Flavia C.; Agar, Juan J. Mar 22, 2009 6867
New map sheds light on reef life. Brief article Feb 1, 2009 177
Guardians of the electric reef: in Bali's idyllic north-west corner, a unique community-driven marine conservation project is using electricity to rapidly regrow damaged coral reef and restore local livelihoods. Might this technology and its profound success be a route to helping save the Earth's vital coral gardens? Porteous, James Feb 1, 2009 1284
How to build an ocean: what gets coral in the mood? Marquis, Amy Leinbach Sep 22, 2008 809
Species recovers in no-take zones. Brief article Aug 1, 2008 107
Protected areas planned. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 272
Refuge for the resilient. Maxmen, Amy Brief article Apr 12, 2008 279
Coral catastrophe on the Corner Rise Seamounts. Kusek, Kristen M. Apr 1, 2008 499
Righting wrongs on the reef: stretching across the Indian Ocean, the low-lying islands of the Maldives are locked in a never-ending battle to preserve their coral reefs and the marine wildlife that depends on them. Nick Smith reports on an initiative that's helping to secure the future of this fragile ecosystem. Smith, Nick Apr 1, 2008 1995
Regional initiatives to protect coral reefs. Dec 1, 2007 374
Conventional weapons. Varley, Martin Jun 1, 2007 2411
Commercial fishermen agree to protect Coral Sea reefs. Craig, Alison Brief article Jun 1, 2007 220
Runoff ruining reef. Brief article Mar 22, 2007 276
In defense of coral reefs. Schwartz, Lorri Jan 1, 2007 1218
In defense of coral reefs. Schwartz, Lorri Dec 1, 2006 1219
Coral reef crisis: is pollution harming the world's coral reefs? Carney, Elizabeth Apr 1, 2006 1260
Lost at sea: coral reefs, considered the "rainforests" of the marine world, now have even more in common with those fragile ecosystems. Kirkwood, Scott Mar 22, 2006 860
WRI: most Caribbean coral reefs in danger. Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 115
A coral-ation. Knight, Sara Brief Article Sep 22, 2004 157
Cold-water coral common but under threat. Amodeo, Christian Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 127
Grief for the reefs. Shaw, Jeff Jul 1, 2004 855
Tourists help save the Great Barrier Reef. Cox, Brad Mar 1, 2004 1588
Coral reefs win government protection. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 102
Coral crisis! Humans are killing off these bustling underwater cities. Can coral reefs be saved? Norlander, Britt Dec 8, 2003 1945
Plans to save Fiji's coral. Pickford, Les Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 160
When coral meet cables. (Stateline). Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 97
Trawling the options: the struggle to safeguard our magnificent Great Barrier Reef from over fishing is now entering rougher waters. Healy, Guy Oct 1, 2002 1801
Greener golfing, safer dry cleaning and discreet diving. (Ask E). Hrastar, Laura M. Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 705
The writer and the sea: Australia's best loved novelist invites us to be "changed" by a marine wonderland, and to protect it from gross tourist development. Prior, Sian Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 651
Coral threats down under. CH Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 222
Caribbean States agree to protect their wildlife. CH Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 145
Coral grief. Tickell, Oliver Aug 1, 1999 2215

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