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LARGE WHALE OCCURRENCE IN NORTHEASTERN CHUKCHI AND SOUTHERN BEAUFORT SEAS FROM VESSEL SURVEYS, 2008-2014. Lomac-Macnair, Kate; Wisdom, Sheyna; Andrade, Jose Pedro De; Stepanuk, Julia; Anderson, Maren; Zoidi Aug 26, 2022 10358
Mary Kay Inc. talks conservation, sustainability, and corporate responsibility during TNC oceans panel. Aug 25, 2022 569
Mary Kay Inc. Talks Conservation, Sustainability, and Corporate Responsibility During TNC Oceans Panel. Aug 24, 2022 534
Authority in Ocean Governance Architecture. Mondre, Aletta; Kuhn, Annegret Jul 27, 2022 7003
Protecting our oceans. Jun 29, 2022 293
President Kenyatta Calls For Urgent Global Action to Protect Oceans. Jun 27, 2022 774
On and off screen, 'Aquaman' star Momoa fights for oceans. Jun 27, 2022 354
Uhuru calls for urgent global action to help protect oceans. Jun 27, 2022 656
On and off Screen, Aquaman's Jason Momoa Fights for World's Oceans. Asharq Al-Awsat Jun 26, 2022 371
'Revitalize our seas' UN chief urges, as Cambodia attempts to preserve marine environment. Jun 13, 2022 499
Children in Seychelles pledge to protect oceans on World Ocean's Day. Jun 11, 2022 383
ADAD calls for Government's greater agility and greater collaboration in the conservation of the oceans. Jun 11, 2022 197
NewsRoundup: U.N calls for collective action to save world's oceans, Court dismisses Shoprite's request to leave Nigeria... Jun 11, 2022 701
Naval Chief reaffirms commitment to protect oceans from further damages. Jun 9, 2022 254
Naval Chief reaffirms commitment to protect oceans from further damage. Jun 9, 2022 253
Naval Chief Reaffirms Commitment To Protect Oceans From Further Damages. Jun 8, 2022 253
President Kenyatta Underscores the Need for Urgent Measures to Protect Oceans. Jun 4, 2022 663
Mary Kay Inc. finds hope through Super Reefs in mission to save our oceans. Jun 2, 2022 586
World must 'change track' to protect oceans from climate crisis: UN chief. Feb 13, 2022 543
World must 'change track' to protect oceans from climate crisis: UN chief. Feb 13, 2022 543
World must 'change track' to protect oceans from climate crisis- UN chief. Feb 12, 2022 484
World must 'change track' to protect oceans from climate crisis- UN chief. Feb 12, 2022 525
Egypt COP presidency will protect oceans, seas: El-Sisi. Mohammed Abu Zaid Feb 12, 2022 508
Sisi: Egypt calls for exerting more efforts to protect oceans. Feb 11, 2022 297
Sisi: Egypt calls for exerting more efforts to protect oceans. Feb 11, 2022 308
COP27 to see constructive dialogue on best practices to protect seas, oceans: Sisi tells 'One Ocean' summit. Egypt Today staff Feb 11, 2022 311
Approaches for the Sustainable Management of U.S. Ocean Waters and the Ocean Economy: Considerations for Congress. Keating-Bitonti, Caitlin Feb 1, 2022 1588
OP-ED: Save the oceans and save humanity. Nov 14, 2021 952
'We need more leaders like Prince William to tackle climate crisis', says Earthshot winner; Gator Halpern is the co-founder of Coral Vita, a coral restoration organisation that won the protect our oceans category at Prince William's recent Earthshot Prize awards. And speaking to the Mirror, he says leaders at Cop26 need to be more like William and take the climate change issue seriously. By, Jennifer Newton Nov 1, 2021 1518
How Saudi Aramco is working to protect oceans. Dr. Khaled AsfahaniDr. Ronald Loughland Oct 16, 2021 987
Confronting the threats facing the world's oceans. Oct 1, 2021 526
Bridging science and policy to protect oceans, life, and livelihoods. Jun 10, 2021 684
On this World Oceans Day; let's pledge to protect our oceans: Ali Zaidi. Jun 9, 2021 152
Join the fight to save world's oceans. COMMENT BYALI & LUCY TABRIZI MAKERS OF SEASPIRACY Jun 8, 2021 244
China marks World Oceans Day with a focus on protecting marine biodiversity. Xinhua News Agency Jun 8, 2021 364
China marks World Oceans Day with a focus on protecting marine biodiversity. Jun 8, 2021 363
Run to save the oceans with adidas x Parley's Run for the Oceans. May 29, 2021 362
A triple win for oceans, climate, and us. Mar 19, 2021 787
Protecting our seas must be a priority - Calum Duncan; As this most challenging of years comes to a close, we are all lifting our heads to the horizon for glimmers of hope. Across the globe, people are calling on governments to build back better after the pandemic, to transform how we do business and live and work together for a brighter, fairer and more sustainable future. With the intertwined climate and nature emergencies still rampant, collective recovery packages must lock-in clean, sustainable practices that actively contribute to climate and nature recovery. Calum Duncan Jan 19, 2021 655
'We must act to protect oceans' plea for action from scientists. HERALD REPORTER Nov 28, 2020 697
PH to join campaign to protect oceans. Sep 18, 2020 401
Abu Dhabi summit to save our oceans. Conference news Sep 1, 2020 427
'Protecting oceans must be priority' Environment: 'Blue economy' focus. JOHN ROSS Aug 6, 2020 419
Omani startup wins global competition to save oceans. Jun 9, 2020 374
Time to reaffirm commitment, resolve for preserving sustainable use of oceans, marine resources: Naval Chief. Jun 8, 2020 317
Time to reaffirm commitment, resolve for preserving sustainable use of oceans, marine resources: Naval Chief. Jun 8, 2020 373
PN will contribute to oceans protection efforts, says chief. Jun 8, 2020 426
CNS resolves for preserving sustainable use of oceans, marine resources. Jun 8, 2020 365
Sting adds voice to campaign to protect the world's oceans. TONY HENDERSON @Hendrover Jan 17, 2020 561
Sting leading campaign to save world's oceans; musician adds voice to climate change video. TONY HENDERSON Reporter @Hendrover Jan 17, 2020 559
Create Barrier Reef sanctuary to save oceans. Dec 4, 2019 107
STEMA Kids Invites DEMA Show Attendees to Save The Oceans Using Innovative STEM Toy Set. Nov 14, 2019 544
Save the oceans before they swamp us. Emma Navarro (Environment) Oct 25, 2019 919
Call to cut emissions and protect oceans. Sep 26, 2019 148
TikTok partners with Conservation International to help save our oceans. Sep 11, 2019 501
Reader's Views: Save our oceans, stop climate change. Jun 19, 2019 363
Adidas Announces Next Phase in Fight for the Oceans Against Marine Plastic Pollution With Upscaled Commitment to Parley Ocean School Program. Jun 12, 2019 765
Ireland set to make waves in bid to save our oceans. Jun 10, 2019 195
Preserving oceans. Jun 9, 2019 372
Pakistan Navy to continue playing role in protecting oceans: Naval Chief. Jun 9, 2019 412
Naval chief vows to ensure sustainable use of oceans, preserve marine resources. Jun 8, 2019 502
Shipping industry must step up to help protect oceans. Jun 6, 2019 1081
Seychelles president makes underwater speech calling for protection for oceans. Apr 15, 2019 160
Minister calls for action plan to preserve healthy oceans. Mar 7, 2019 345
Confronting the threats facing the world's oceans. Conference news Mar 1, 2019 530
Experts call for measures to conserve sharks in North Indian Ocean. Feb 27, 2019 602
Commentary: Save our seas. Feb 6, 2019 515
Spreading the Word About Plastic's Dangers: A California teen tells why she decided to take action to protect aquatic life. Dufree, Nell Brief article Jan 7, 2019 284
Cambodia's ocean film festival highlights marine conservation. Dec 7, 2018 481
What Will Parents Pay for Hands-on Ocean Conservation and Stewardship Education? Schwarzmann, Danielle; Nachbar, Seaberry; Pollack, Naomi; Leeworthy, Vernon R. (Bob); Hitz, Sylvia Essay Dec 1, 2018 4021
The time to save our oceans is now. Oct 29, 2018 800
UN begins talks on treaty to protect imperiled high seas. Sep 2, 2018 476
Time to save our oceans from plastic pollution. Jun 30, 2018 514
Saving the oceans. Jun 21, 2018 1053
CNS vows to preserve marine environment, terms oceans essential part of earth's ecosystem. Jun 8, 2018 399
France supports call to protect world's oceans. Jun 8, 2018 199
Petco Celebrates World Oceans Day by Advocating for Conservation. Jun 8, 2018 328
Polar bears will be extinct in 40 years thanks to global warming, study warns; Climate change that is warming up the ocean will kill off the arctic predators and other marine species like penguins in four decades without emergency action to bring down emissions, according to research. Report May 7, 2018 351
'Paris of the oceans' pact crucial to save seas, says WWF head. Mar 10, 2018 599
Mushahidullah for global action plan to protect oceans. Sep 25, 2017 531
Conserving Southeast Asia's seas. Sep 15, 2017 747
Conservation of Brazilian coral reefs in the southwest Atlantic ocean: a change of approach. Tedesco, Erik C.; Segal, Barbara; Calderon, Emiliano N.; Schiavetti, Alexandre Ensayo May 1, 2017 13228
Rising Ocean Temperatures Destroying Beautiful Coral Reefs. Mar 14, 2017 407
Prince Albert of Monaco calls for protection of oceans. Nov 13, 2016 279
Sri Lanka's commitments to protect Oceans around & beyond - Mangala Samaraweera. Sep 17, 2016 1076
Improving The Health Of Our Oceans. Apr 11, 2016 593
World Needs to Do More to Protect Threatened Oceans: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. Aug 13, 2014 305
Protecting cashes ledge: remarkable ocean habitat under threat. Brooks, Priscilla Jun 22, 2014 563
An ocean that's no longer wild: tagging project aims to help conserve sharks and rays. Lippsett, Lonny Interview Sep 22, 2013 1722
Together, we must protect the oceans. Jun 1, 2013 435
Newsroom star Sam makes headlines with sea conservation call; OVER-FISHING KILLING OUR OCEANS, SAYS US ACTOR. Sep 6, 2012 745
UN chief launches initiative to protect oceans. Aug 12, 2012 299
Saviour of the seas or the ruin of our fishermen? SPOTLIGHT ON MARINE CONSERVATION ZONES Fishermen along parts of the North Wales coast could face the prospect of tough new rules governing their rights to fish. ROB DAVIES looks at plans for Marine Conservation Zones. Jul 2, 2012 1201
United Nations urged member nations to boost their efforts to protect the world's oceans. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Jul 1, 2012 105
UN Chief Urges Rio+20 to conserve Oceans. Jun 10, 2012 312
Regional ocean planning: giving all ocean users a seat at the table. Mar 22, 2012 686
Time for proper parks not paper: we have a real opportunity to properly protect Australia's oceans. Smyth, Chris Sep 1, 2011 470
'It is our moral duty to save the oceans'. Jun 8, 2011 407
Dear EarthTalk: Recent news reports have revealed the discovery of previously unknown species inhabiting the deepest parts of our oceans. Is anything being done to protect this habitat before humans have a chance to fish it to death or otherwise destroy it? Mar 20, 2011 584
California's Santa Monica College biology professor Garen Baghdasarian is passionate about preserving our oceans. Feb 7, 2011 250
Using Mother Nature's method to save oceans' marine life. Jan 20, 2011 311
Restoring our contract with nature and the ocean commons. McGinnis, Mike Jan 1, 2011 3575
Oceans can make a comeback, say new reports. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 245
Called to wonder. Walton, Erin Nov 1, 2010 280
Oceans time to take out the garbage: people may be familiar with images of individual marine animals and birds killed by discarded plastic bags and fishing lines. But the debilitating effects of marine debris on entire species is an urgent environmental issue in the International Year of Biodiversity, as Christine Williams discovered. Williams, Christine Oct 1, 2010 2087
Superheroes of the deep: for our second annual Coastal Heroes Awards, Sunset honors five people who have done amazing work in protecting and preserving the West's greatest treasures--the Pacific Ocean and its thousands of miles of shoreline. Sep 1, 2010 1083
Travel Environment Watch - Asia / Pacific. Jun 28, 2010 1545
How blue are you? Webster, Rebecca Brief article Jun 1, 2010 167
Oceans yield huge haul of plastic: 'garbage patches' more common and deeper than thought. Perkins, Sid Mar 27, 2010 415
global shark in Fin trade Fin trade to Oceans. Mar 17, 2010 548
global shark in Fin trade Fin trade to Oceans. Mar 16, 2010 548
Trash diving. Denis, Brian St. Brief article Dec 15, 2009 102
Call to support clean seas bid; VIEWS SOUGHT ON HOW TO CONSERVE KEY MARINE ZONES. Sep 28, 2009 402
Project to protect the seas off Wales. Sep 2, 2009 211
Steve McPherson's statement. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 159
Oceans of neglect: add some political will, and Canada could be protecting its marine areas. Sep 1, 2009 849
Our oceans on the brink: right now, decisions are being made about our oceans that will have serious and irreversible impacts on the future of their inhabitants. So what will the government choose: exploitation or protection? Smyth, Chris Aug 1, 2009 512
Living blue. Benson, Rebecca Jun 15, 2009 283
Call to save 'dying oceans'. May 14, 2009 603
Protected paradise: the creation of three new marine monuments has turned a huge swath of Pacific Ocean into a safe haven for sea life. Crane, Cody Apr 20, 2009 1615
Save Western Australia's big blue backyard! Halliday, Claire Apr 1, 2009 519
In the zone: comprehensive ocean protection. Kappel, Carrie V.; Halpern, Benjamin S.; Martone, Rebecca G.; Micheli, Fiorenza; Selkoe, Kimberly A. Mar 22, 2009 5174
Commentary: stirring the waters: a blue note on the state of the oceans. Helvarg, David Essay Mar 16, 2009 812
Out of sight, out of mine: ocean dumping of mine wastes; The world's oceans, already imperiled, face a new threat. Moran, Robert; Reichelt-Brushett, Amanda; Young, Roy Mar 1, 2009 3475
A call for ocean-policy reform: the time is now for government to respond to long-standing demands for action. Chasis, Sarah Dec 1, 2008 1706
How to build an ocean: what gets coral in the mood? Marquis, Amy Leinbach Sep 22, 2008 809
Landmark ocean management law a blueprint for the nation. Brief article Jun 22, 2008 205
Two new CLF reports highlight decline in ocean health. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 236
Venting concerns: exploring and protecting deep-sea communities. Raloff, Janet Cover story Oct 7, 2006 2237
Krill kick up a storm of ocean mixing. Milius, Susan Brief article Oct 7, 2006 258
Saving our oceans. Editorial Sep 19, 2006 541
Fighting for oceans. Motavalli, Jim Brief Article Mar 1, 2006 148
The new frontier: zoning rules to protect marine resources. Hendrick, Daniel Mar 1, 2005 1091
Reef Protection International. Weiner, Drew; Borneman, Eric Jan 1, 2005 643
The Seaweed Rebellion: our oceans are in deep trouble and we must immediately take a fresh approach to ensure their survival. Weiner, Drew Jan 1, 2005 796
Code blue: mobilizing to save the oceans. Weeks, Jennifer Nov 1, 2004 1025
Cost of protecting the oceans. Harder, B. Jun 26, 2004 246
The seaweed rebellion: the marine grassroots movement to protect coastal and ocean ecosystems. Helvarg, David Sep 1, 2003 2842
Working for a new ocean ethos: ocean activism on the shorelines. Interview Sep 1, 2003 2279
Have your say on the Regional Marine Plan. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 153
Crunch time for Australia's Oceans. (Marine Campaign). Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 267
Protecting the Peace ... the Fish ... Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 355
An SOS for the Oceans. Motavalli, Jim Editorial Jul 1, 2001 491
On the Blue Frontier. Helvarg, David Jul 1, 2001 4456
Ted Danson: acting for the oceans. Wood, Campbell Interview Jan 1, 1998 2311
A sea of troubles: in the International Year of the Ocean, are we reaching the limits? Mulvaney, Kieran Jan 1, 1998 4424
Oceans in peril. Weber, Peter Jun 1, 1994 3102

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