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Energy-Saving Design of Building Envelope Based on Multiparameter Optimization. Gan, Weinan; Cao, Yunzhong; Jiang, Wen; Li, Liangqiang; Li, Xiaolin Dec 1, 2019 6592
Smart Cities Report: Saving resources and energy efficiency in public buildings. Guest Authors Oct 28, 2019 876
Smart Cities Report: Saving resources and energy efficiency in public buildings. Guest Authors Oct 28, 2019 876
Simulation Analysis and Scheme Optimization of Energy Consumption in Public Buildings. Liu, Yang; Zou, Shiqing; Chen, Hongyu; Wu, Xianguo; Chen, Wenman Report Aug 1, 2019 9171
Monrovia's Air-Tro Heating and Air Conditioning Receives Historic Building Certification. Mar 30, 2018 288
New building pitched for Lakewood Forest Preserve. Jan 30, 2018 437
Energy Performance Evaluation and Economic Analysis of Insulation Materials of Office Building in Korea. Choi, Bo-Eun; Shin, Ji-Hyun; Lee, Jin-Hyun; Kim, Hyo-Jun; Kim, Sun-Sook; Cho, Young-Hum Jan 1, 2018 5149
A Hybrid Dynamical Modelling and Control Approach for Energy Saving of Central Air Conditioning. Zhang, Yan; Liu, Yongqiang; Liu, Yang Jan 1, 2018 7060
Vibration Analysis of Bilayered Graphene Sheets for Building Materials in Thermal Environments Based on the Element-Free Method. Wu, Zhengtian; Zhang, Yang; Hu, Fuyuan; Gao, Qing; Xu, Xinyin; Zheng, Ronghao Jan 1, 2018 5594
General-purpose building energy simulation program 'BEST' for the energy-saving standards in Japan. Hasegawa, Iwao; Nohara, Fumio; Murakami, Shuzo; Ninomiya, Hiroshi; Ishino, Hisaya; Iida, Reika Jan 1, 2017 2584
Comparison of approaches to deep energy retrofit of buildings with low and high internal loads and ventilation requirements. Case, Michael; Zhivov, Alexander; Fisher, Don; Liesen, Richard Jan 1, 2017 7647
How these 'better buildings' achieved savings: Department of Energy program has saved $3 billion in energy costs. Dec 1, 2016 388
Implementation of energy management in designing stage of building construction. Tahir, Mohamad Zamhari; Nawi, Nasrun Mohd; Baharum, Faizal Report Apr 1, 2015 1442
Energy efficiency for reducing carbon footprint in historic buildings: comparing case in the UK and Malaysia. Loron, Mehrdad Sahraei; Ismail, Sumarni; Yunos, Yazid B. Mohd Report Mar 1, 2015 1681
Deep energy savings in existing buildings. Miller, Alexi; Higgins, Cathy Report Jan 1, 2015 9746
A Sensitivity Analysis of Energy Simulation Accuracy for a Renovated Healthcare Building. Alanqar, Ibrahim; Heidarinejad, Mohammad; Srebric, Jelena Dec 22, 2014 4258
Plastics and energy efficiency in building & construction: there ore more ways to save energy than just foam insulation. Nov 1, 2014 784
Thermal design of window-wall interface in wall energy retrofits using high-performance vacuum insulation. Kosny, Jan; Shukla, Nitin; Misiopecki, Cezary; duPont, William C.; Fallahi, Ali; Carbary, Lawrence D Report Jul 1, 2014 10263
Performance study of an under-floor air distribution system in an education building to identify building energy efficiency improvement opportunities. Zhao, Juan; Khmelenko, Vasiliy; Claridge, David Report Jul 1, 2014 3438
Performance Study of an Under-floor Air Distribution System in an Education Building to Identify Building Energy Efficiency Improvement Opportunities. Zhao, Juan; Khmelenko, Vasiliy; Claridge, David Report Jun 22, 2014 3435
Sustainable building design. Wang, Nengmou; Adeli, Hojjat Report Feb 1, 2014 7356
Iranian sustainable vernacular architecture. Shoaie, Hamidreza; Habib, Farah Nov 1, 2013 3803
Analysis and Improvement on the Estimation of Building Energy Savings Uncertainty. Sun, Yifu; Baltazar, Juan-Carlos Jun 22, 2013 3346
Gaussian Mixture Regression for Building Energy Modeling and Verification. Srivastav, Abhishek; Tewari, Ashutosh; Dong, Bing Jun 22, 2013 3465
What is the greenest building? It's not necessarily a new, ultra-modern skyscraper - in fact, it might already be in your portfolio. Penny, Janelle Jul 1, 2012 2418
Waterfront and View Homes by Ashton Woods Are Now Available Home Sites at The Preserve in Allen; Are Centered Around Nature. Feb 17, 2012 391
Saving energy in historic buildings: balancing efficiency and value: energy modeling and life-cycle costing can help identify simple steps to make a historic building more energy efficient, addressing both preservation and sustainability concerns. Cluver, John H.; Randall, Brad Case study Jan 1, 2012 6497
On a green mission to conserve more energy; working day Chris Hirst is a director at low energy building product suppliers, Thin Joint Technology. This is his working day as he bids to ensure that all new build schemes go 'green'. Nov 9, 2011 595
Modeling and calibration of energy models for a DoD building. O'Neill, Zheng; Eisenhower, Bryan; Yuan, Shui; Bailey, Trevor; Narayanan, Satish; Fonoberov, Vladimi Report Jul 1, 2011 3816
$26M deal expected to cut costs; City manager says upgrades to 92 buildings will save energy, create jobs. Jun 24, 2011 544
Change to green energy and save yourself money; Building your own home or renovating an old one? Combat spiralling utility bills by installing energy efficient systems. Mar 17, 2011 892
Meeting environmental challenges with growth; A government advisor has called for a complete restructuring of the construction industry to save costs and facilitate the delivery of zero carbon buildings. Stephen Shaylor, chief executive at Shaylor Group reviews the reports' recommendations and considers how the industry will meet the environmental challenges of 2011 and stimulate growth. Jan 20, 2011 728
Can urban university expansion and sustainable development co-exist? A case study in progress on Columbia University. Hirokawa, Keith H.; Salkin, Patricia E. Apr 1, 2010 27942
ICCI for Green Building Designs to Save Energy. Oct 30, 2009 359
Clean HVAC system coils save energy: one of the easiest, most cost-effective green things you can do for your building's energy efficiency is to have your HVAC system's condenser and evaporator coils inspected yearly and cleaned as necessary. Sheppard, Robert "Buck" Apr 1, 2009 627
Super-insulated retrofit keeps the heat in: with the current increased focus on conservation and green buildings, super-insulation represents the forefront of efficiency, especially for those who own an older home. Its effectiveness is being demonstrated by a Massachusetts pilot project one of just a handful of super-insulation retrofits in the United States. Priesnitz, Rolf Mar 1, 2009 759
Spotlight on a green remodel: water conservation/site drainage and efficiency: New Life Journal and our Green Home Experts Board walk you through a house full of innovative green features. Mar 1, 2008 1603

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