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Dolomite extraction could be damaging Cebu town's corals, marine ecosystem. Sep 22, 2020 513
Specialised zones in Pha Qugc Marine Protected Area adjusted. Aug 27, 2020 253
Typhoon saved S. Taiwan's coral reefs from bleaching: Researcher. Jun 28, 2020 545
Scientists Find A Way To Save Corals. Christina K, Writer May 21, 2020 480
Sharjah steps up to protect coral reef and species from extinction. Anwar Ahmad, Staff Reporter Apr 26, 2020 523
Accenture, Intel and Sulubaai Environmental Foundation Use Artificial Intelligence to Save Coral Reefs. Apr 25, 2020 622
Professor takes the plunge to protect Kuwait's coral reefs. Jethru Abraham Mar 13, 2020 597
Red Sea luxury development project AMAALA joins Monaco partners to protect marine environment. Arab News Oct 4, 2019 529
Global efforts needed to save coral reefs: Study. May 3, 2019 513
Commentary: Save our seas. Feb 6, 2019 515
Higher temperature can protect coral reefs. Oct 16, 2018 481
'Science needed to save world's coral reefs'. Jul 1, 2018 1329
Coral reef 'oases' vital insights for saving world's most threatened ecosystem. Jun 20, 2018 1729
Bay Watchers: One of the most biodiverse marine environments in the world, Kimbe Bay in Papua New Guinea is home to more than 860 species of fish and 400 species of hard coral. The bay may soon be the first Marine Protected Area in the country in recognition of its incredibly rich marine life. Murray, Louise Geographic overview Jun 1, 2018 2735
Hawaii Bans Sunscreen To Save Corals. May 10, 2018 542
Top diver hopes new rules will save coral beds. Feb 16, 2018 1000
Elgin High students join in third annual National Biodoversity Teach-In. Feb 8, 2018 543
Loren and Brillante again. Dec 7, 2017 1331
Student has designs on saving coral. Aug 19, 2017 256
Conservation of Brazilian coral reefs in the southwest Atlantic ocean: a change of approach. Tedesco, Erik C.; Segal, Barbara; Calderon, Emiliano N.; Schiavetti, Alexandre Ensayo May 1, 2017 13228
Saving Coral Reefs By Studying How Fish Eat. Apr 11, 2017 363
Small Marine Protected Areas Can Actually Harm Corals. Feb 7, 2017 423
Rebuilding reefs: with corals at risk, scientists attempt underwater rehab. McDermott, Amy Oct 29, 2016 2949
Filipino athletes swim for coral reef, Verde Island Passage protection. May 31, 2016 467
Conservation Status of Himalayan Grey Goral (Naemorhedus goral bedfordi Hardwicke, 1825) in Machiara National Park, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. Report Oct 31, 2015 4098
DENR pressed to develop marine conservation program ASAP. Sep 19, 2015 347
Kuwaiti team installs buoys to protect coral reefs near Kubbar Island. Jul 27, 2015 162
Tourists urged to help save Boracay corals. May 6, 2015 436
For corals, it is survival of the fattest. Aug 1, 2014 402
Hot on the trail: so-called supercorals in the National Park of American Samoa may hold clues to saving coral reefs everywhere. Wagner, Eric Jan 1, 2013 1037
Tubbataha Reef hailed as conservation model. Sep 28, 2012 496
10 years to save world coral reefs; CLIMATE. Sep 17, 2012 117
Coral reefs could be saved by improving water quality. Aug 20, 2012 509
World's coral reefs could still be saved. Jul 11, 2012 552
Scientists lead the way in protecting coral reefs. Jun 23, 2012 259
Every step to conserve corals counts. Jun 1, 2012 299
International Symposium of Conservation of Coral Reefs in the Red Sea Opened in Jeddah. Jan 9, 2012 231
'Maintaining fish stocks at certain level could help save coral reefs'. Sep 30, 2011 314
Reproduction in cultured versus wild Coral colonies: fertilization, larval oxygen consumption, and survival. Okubo, Nami; Yamamoto, Hiromi Hannah; Nakaya, Fumio; Okaji, Ken Report Jun 1, 2010 5020
High spatial variability of coral, sponges and gorgonian assemblages in a well preserved reef. Gonzalez-Diaz, Patricia; Gonzalez-Sanson, Gaspar; Alvarez Fernandez, Sergio; Perera Perez, Orlando Report Jun 1, 2010 7282
Seamounts of Nazca and Salas y Gomez: a review for management and conservation purposes/Montes submarinos de Nazca y Salas y Gomez: una revision para el manejo y conservacion. Galvez-Larach, Mauricio Report Nov 1, 2009 14526
Good news for some corals, not so good elsewhere. Aug 1, 2009 306
Assessment of fish populations and habitat on Oculina Bank, a deep-sea coral marine protected area off eastern Florida. Harter, Stacey L.; Ribera, Marta M.; Shepard, Andrew N.; Reed, John K. Report Apr 1, 2009 7529
Extending the Bajo de Sico, Puerto Rico, seasonal closure: an examination of small-scale fishermen's perceptions of possible socio-economic impacts on fishing practices, families, and community. Tonioli, Flavia C.; Agar, Juan J. Mar 22, 2009 6867
Living fossils: climate change threatens to dissolve the ocean's deep-water corals. Grossman, Elizabeth Mar 22, 2009 2395
Sunscreen linked to coral damage. Rowe, Mark Brief article May 1, 2008 211
Smithsonian National Zoo scientists raise elkhorn coral larvae for reintroduction. Brief article Jul 1, 2007 194
In defense of coral reefs. Schwartz, Lorri Jul 1, 2006 1218
In defense of coral reefs. Schwartz, Lorri Jul 1, 2006 1214

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