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DuPage Forest Preserves need your contribution. Submitted by Forest Preserve District of DuPage County Nov 30, 2021 393
Singapore proposing harsher penalties for illegal trade in endangered wildlife; holding public consultation. Nov 13, 2021 945
Huge 6ft long sharks now living in River Thames in London as river 'teems with life'; The Greater Thames Shark Project, run by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), has identified Tope, starry smooth-hound and spurdog as shark species currently living in the river. By, Alice Peacock Nov 10, 2021 656
Govt asked to protect Chitral national park. Oct 30, 2021 290
Saudi PIF unit in deal to boost long-term sustainable development. Oct 22, 2021 421
Preserving Wildlife. Oct 15, 2021 333
PM directs to declare a 'leopard preservation zone' in Margalla hills. Oct 14, 2021 332
PM calls for preservation of leopard zone. Oct 14, 2021 184
Jumbo conservation receives Sh16.5 million boost. Oct 10, 2021 822
Famous selfie photobomb gorilla's final breaths in arms of ranger who saved her; A moving photo shows famous selfie photobombing gorilla Ndakasi taking her last breath while being cradled by caretaker Andre Bauma, who risks his life to save the endangered animals. By, Nada Farhoud Oct 6, 2021 347
Global crisis call to Tories; WILD For animal lovers. KAREN ROCKETT Oct 3, 2021 158
Birth of Arabian leopard cub in Saudi Arabia hailed as important step in efforts to save species. Arab News Sep 29, 2021 517
Zoo's sad farewell to Kibs. ENDA MULLEN News Reporter Sep 27, 2021 277
Twycross Zoo announces death of female orangutan Kibriah; 'Kibs' had been at the zoo for 44 years and formed part of an important European breeding programme. By, Enda Mullen Sep 24, 2021 329
Great British Bake Off finalist to judge UK's best hedgehog cake; The cake competition has a prize for most 'hideous hog' too. By, Tilly Alexander Sep 23, 2021 473
Arizona DOT Works to Preserve Rare Cactus. Sep 22, 2021 204
Hawaiian Airlines debuts new in-flight video on enjoying islands safely. Sep 15, 2021 239
Hawaiian Airlines debuts new in-flight video on enjoying islands safely. Sep 15, 2021 227
Komodo dragon, 2-in-5 shark species lurch towards extinction. Sep 5, 2021 792
Action Plan for the Conservation of Endemic Anatolian Meadow Viper, Vipera anatolica Eiselt & Baran, 1970 in Southwestern Anatolia. Tok, Cemal Varol; Afsar, Murat; Yakin, Batuhan Yaman; Cicek, Kerim Report Sep 1, 2021 5069
Distribution and Population Density of Endangered Primate Species in Ghana's Forest Reserves. Wiafe, Edward Debrah Report Sep 1, 2021 5793
Third of tree species at risk of extinction; Plea for conservation drive. MATTHEW YOUNG and EMILY BEAMENT Sep 1, 2021 267
Critically endangered orchid found in a backyard in South Cotabato. Aug 10, 2021 985
The Law of the Land: Environmental law firms ensure clients remain on solid legal ground. Orr, Vanessa Aug 1, 2021 1816
A Redescription of Lepeophtheirus longipes Wilson, 1905 (Copepoda; Caligidae) Parasitic on Giant Sea Bass, Stereolepis gigas Ayres, 1859 (Polyprionidae), off California. Passarelli, Julianne Kalman; Tang, Danny; Allen, Larry G. Aug 1, 2021 8828
Endangered Species Act (ESA) Section 7 Consultation and Infrastructure Projects. Ward, Erin H.; Crafton, R. Eliot; Sheikh, Pervaze A. Aug 1, 2021 8312
Work to restart as talks go on in bid to save historic firm. POPPY KENNEDY @ReporterPoppy Jul 31, 2021 518
Clouded leopard rescued in Bokor park dies. Jul 27, 2021 479
Fishery Resources, Conservation Challenges and Management Strategies in Ethiopia. Desalegn, Tamenut; Shitaw, Takele Jul 24, 2021 3280
Philippine gems: Some endangered native ingredients that you need to know and protect. Jul 22, 2021 741
Fishermen lend helping hand to save endangered Indus River dolphin. Jul 16, 2021 196
Google, WWF-Viet Nam join forces in Saola conservation campaign. Jul 12, 2021 773
China makes notable progress on biodiversity conservation. Jul 9, 2021 258
Saudi Arabia's NEOM and KAUST join forces to protect endangered turtle species. Huda Al-Shair Jul 9, 2021 1235
Koh-e-Sulaiman to emerge as country's first Trans-Boundary National Park. Jul 3, 2021 509
Indigenizing ASABE: Why We Should, and How We Can. Ketchum, Qualla Jo Jul 1, 2021 1916
INTERNET WATCH. Buford, Daniel; Foster, Victoria; Kilheffer, Chellby Jun 22, 2021 503
1,000 hazel dormice reintroduced into UK's woodland. Jun 21, 2021 164
Call to declare all marine turtle beaches protected. Jun 20, 2021 409
American Lithium provides update on its plan of operations for TLC. Jun 17, 2021 371
Ten years from propagule to mature plant of Butia purpurascens Glassman (Arecaceae): an endemic and endangered palm of the Brazilian Cerrado/Dez anos entre o propagulo e a planta madura de Butia purpurascens Glassman (Arecaceae): uma palmeira endemica e ameacada de extincao do Cerrado brasileiro. Ressel, K.; Guilherme, F.A.G. Jun 15, 2021 4832
Biodiversity: Tunisia works with FAO and several Mediterranean countries to preserve red coral in Mediterranean Sea. Jun 9, 2021 368
Habitat loss threatens critically endangered bird: WCS. Jun 4, 2021 598
1.5C threat to natural treasures; Leaders 'must act to save wildlife'. NADA FARHOUD Environment Editor Jun 2, 2021 302
20-foot-long endangered whale shark caught in Thatta. Jun 1, 2021 306
Park life - from bears to flying beasties. JOHN ROSS May 24, 2021 979
Fans go wild for charity CDs. SUE SMITH May 20, 2021 176
Endangered sea turtle rescued in Queng Nam. May 11, 2021 270
Wildlife prize can be won by fundraisers. JOHN ROSS May 10, 2021 239
Suburban agreement ensures these babies survive Where Blanding's turtles can get a good head start. Mick Zawislak May 8, 2021 653
Suburban program ensures these babies survive Where Blanding's turtles can get a good head start Turtles: Lake County transports moms, and McHenry County raises hatchlings. Mick Zawislak May 8, 2021 653
Where baby Blanding's turtles can get a good head start on life in the suburbs. Mick Zawislak May 8, 2021 669
Isiolo conservancy ropes in locals in bid to save beisa oryx. May 6, 2021 395
60 YEARS AFTER MIRROR HELPED D L LAUNCH WORLD Wildlife Fund.. May 3, 2021 291
Saving The Philippine Crocodile. May 2, 2021 1579
Fermilab welcomes bison calf. Sperle, By Emmagrace Apr 27, 2021 162
Furniture Shop Owner Falls For Selling Lumber From Illegally-Sourced Trees. Apr 26, 2021 294
What to do to look after those prickly garden visitors; HOW TO GARDEN GUIDE. Apr 24, 2021 794
Malayan tigers to go extinct if no drastic action is taken. Apr 12, 2021 301
Park plays big role downriver. Apr 9, 2021 217
National park's ripple effect on areas downriver. KIERAN BEATTIE Apr 8, 2021 402
Ministry to collaborate with bird association to further protection. Apr 1, 2021 364
Extreme E announces new Red Sea conservation initiative. Arab News Mar 31, 2021 855
MME takes steps to protect hawksbill turtles at beach. Mar 31, 2021 174
Ushna Shah joins WWF-Pakistan as 'Goodwill Ambassador'. Mar 25, 2021 474
Ushna Shah joins WWF-Pakistan as 'Goodwill Ambassador'. Mar 25, 2021 475
A triple win for oceans, climate, and us. Mar 19, 2021 787
Private operators misusing trophy hunting scheme. Mar 14, 2021 979
Endangered species find new home in KSA's Hegra. Arab News Mar 8, 2021 402
Emirates reaffirms commitment to wildlife at global forum. Mar 3, 2021 913
Field surveys to monitor Egyptian, lappet-faced vultures. Mar 2, 2021 230
Oman marks World Wildlife Day today. Mar 2, 2021 238
Rare tulip found only in the Akamas. Evie Andreou Mar 2, 2021 208
The Endangered Species Act: Overview and Implementation. Sheikh, Pervaze A.; Ward, Erin H.; Crafton, R. Eliot Report Mar 1, 2021 28576
Endangered sea turtle returned to ocean. Feb 26, 2021 310
Short Communication - DNA-Based Gender Identification of Punjab Urial (Ovis vignei punjabiensis) using Non-Invasive Sampling. Bajwa, Amna Arshad; Islam, Saher; Imran, Muhmmad; Ashraf, Karman; Khan, Arman; Khan, Muhammad Farhan Report Feb 24, 2021 1751
New bid to save vanishing capercaillies in the Cairngorms; A new dedicated team has been recruited in a bid to help save one of Scotland's rarest and most iconic birds from disappearance. Ilona Amos Feb 23, 2021 646
Killing to protect! Khadeeja Rana - Lahore Feb 23, 2021 268
AUTHOR INTERVIEW; Zookeeper turned author Michael S Clarke tells Caroline Lindsay about his new novel. Caroline Lindsay Feb 20, 2021 510
Winter Wonderings. Feb 19, 2021 792
RECALL OF THE WILD; turning back nature's clock Nation backs plan to bring back creatures from past and boost endangered species. GORDON ROBERTSON Feb 17, 2021 623
National emblem (1). Ali Ammar - Karachi Feb 11, 2021 235
Pangolin rescued, released into natural habitat. Feb 7, 2021 376
Floating guard post to protect Irawaddy dolphins in Mekong. Feb 5, 2021 756
Will Cambodia's wildlife be saved by eco-tourism? Feb 4, 2021 1366
Endangered Arabian Sea Humpback Whale saved from entanglement by Oman's Stranding Network. By: Times News Service Feb 2, 2021 702
Boris Johnson's fiancee Carrie Symonds lands job with animal charity in return to work; The fiancee of PM Boris Johnson is returning to work in a new conservation role after giving birth to the couple's son Wilfred last April. By, Nina Lloyd Jan 31, 2021 239
How COVID-19 Could Reverse 30 Years Of Wildlife Conservation Gains In Africa. Jan 29, 2021 1087
Solar Power Plant at Orchid Research and Conservation Centre. Jan 28, 2021 168
Lab leads fight to save wildlife from extinction. SUE AUSTIN Jan 20, 2021 303
Mazda introduces the BT-50 4x4 Pangolin Edition. Jan 15, 2021 810
Investigation launched after a manatee in Florida has 'Trump' scraped on its back; State and federal wildlife officials are investigating after a manatee was found with "Trump" scraped on its back in a Florida river. Rachel Mackie Jan 12, 2021 253
Endangered Yellow-Cheeked Crested Gibbons still exist in Cambodia. Jan 11, 2021 516
PH eagle Pag-asa dies. Jan 8, 2021 316
Adopt a Blanding's turtle to benefit Kane Forest Preserve Foundation. Submitted by Forest Preserve District of Kane County Jan 6, 2021 320
Cage fighting on the river banks of Scotland as army of volunteers takes on ruthless American killers; Wildlife enthusiasts join battle to protect rare species from imported mink. Krissy Storrar Jan 3, 2021 746
Advance in the Role of Epigenetic Reprogramming in Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer-Mediated Embryonic Development. Zhang, Xiaolei; Gao, Shaorong; Liu, Xiaoyu Jan 1, 2021 11163
Houbara: a victim of 'soft diplomacy'. Dec 30, 2020 190
Make a donation to benefit your local forest preserves. Daily Herald report Dec 29, 2020 592
Make end-of-year donation to Friends of the Forest Preserve District. Submitted by DuPage Forest Preserve District Dec 29, 2020 322
Hunting of endangered species challenged. Dec 27, 2020 241
Save monarch butterfly. Dec 24, 2020 292
New population of blue whales discovered by researchers off Oman coastline. By: Times News Service Dec 22, 2020 823
Oman Post raises awareness on whale and dolphin conservation with 5 new stamps. Dec 22, 2020 501
Record wildcat breeding year. JOHN ROSS Dec 19, 2020 349
WCS helps conserve Kampong Thom birds. Dec 15, 2020 502
WCS helps conserve K Thom birds. Dec 14, 2020 502
Wildlife park helping pioneering project to save species in danger. JOHN ROSS Dec 11, 2020 352
Freshwater scarcity, pollution posing potential threat to Indus dolphin. Dec 10, 2020 756
Indus downstream habitat peril--blind dolphin species besieged by plastic, pesticides pollution. Dec 7, 2020 1048
Indus downstream habitat peril--blind dolphin species besieged by plastic, pesticides pollution. Dec 7, 2020 1048
Indus downstream habitat peril--blind dolphin species besieged by plastic, pesticides pollution. Dec 5, 2020 1034
PM briefed on two new GB national parks; reintroduction of endangered Ladakh Urial. Dec 3, 2020 294
PM briefed on two newly developed GB national parks; reintroduction of Ladakh Urial. Dec 3, 2020 342
PM inaugurated Himalaya, Nanga Parbat National Parks. Dec 3, 2020 185
Imran Khan inaugurates Himalaya and Nanga Parbat National Parks in GB: Amin Aslam. Dec 3, 2020 211
FCT[R], ED, and Hormonal Upheavals in Men. Yurkovsky, Savely Dec 1, 2020 1978
Materials coalition challenges state's endangered species determination. Dec 1, 2020 446
CalCIMA, Coalition File Suit on Joshua Tree Listing Process. Dec 1, 2020 385
Localized overabundance of an otherwise rare butterfly threatens endangered cycads. Whitaker, Melissa R.L.; Salzman, Shayla; Gratacos, Xavier; Lima, Joanna M. Tucker Report Dec 1, 2020 3038
Uni's sea turtle project may help save species. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Nov 27, 2020 458
Mazda Philippines promotes wildlife preservation with BT-50 4x4 Pangolin. Nov 27, 2020 549
Fight Illegal Poaching, Felling Of Trees, Obasanjo Tasks Govts. Nov 25, 2020 445
Fight Illegal Poaching, Felling Of Trees, Obasanjo Tasks FG, States. Nov 24, 2020 597
New tree species found in wildlife sanctuary. Nov 18, 2020 417
Call to plant more local trees to beautify highways. Nov 13, 2020 377
Zoo's new rhino could play a big part in the survival of his species; Twycross staff have high hopes for its breeding programme. BECKY JONES Reporter Nov 4, 2020 501
Highland Wildlife Park bids a fond farewell to 'playful' bear Hamish. SEAN MCANGUS Nov 4, 2020 542
The Comparison of Semen Collection in Electroejaculation, Rectal Massage and Combination of Both Methods in the Critically Endangered Malayan Pangolin, Manis javanica. Tarmizi, Reza; Chee, Yap Keng; Sipangkui, Symphorosa; Zainuddin, Zainal Zahari; Fitri, Wan-Nor Report Nov 1, 2020 6059
Factors Affecting Embryo Recovery Rate, Quality, and Diameter in Andalusian Donkey Jennies. Dorado, J.; Bottrel, M.; Ortiz, I.; Diaz-Jimenez, M.; Pereira, B.; Consuegra, C.; Carrasco, J.J.; Go Report Nov 1, 2020 9775
Sex Determination in Two Species of Anuran Amphibians by Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Ultrasound Techniques. Ruiz-Fernandez, Maria Jose; Jimenez, Sara; Fernandez-Valle, Encarnacion; Garcia-Real, M. Isabel; Cas Nov 1, 2020 5088
Ultrasonic Cutting of Frozen Semen Straws to Optimize the Use of Spermatozoa for In Vitro Fertilization. Kim, Sung Woo; Lee, Jae-Yeong; Kim, Bongki; Kim, Chan-Lan; Hwang, In-Sul; Ko, Yeoung-Gyu; Lee, Sung- Nov 1, 2020 4596
The Gray Wolf Under the Endangered Species Act (ESA): A Case Study in Listing and Delisting Challenges. Ward, Erin H. Report Nov 1, 2020 23127
Trump officials end gray wolf protections. Associated Press Oct 30, 2020 169
P1.1 million raised to help Mindoro's tamaraw rangers, forest rangers. Oct 24, 2020 602
Webinar on 'Int'l Sawfish Day' held. Oct 20, 2020 700
Rare bird species exhibited to promote conservation and ecotourism. Oct 19, 2020 371
Feathers' DNA used to help save iconic bird. Oct 18, 2020 204
Project hopes to save iconic game bird. Oct 18, 2020 204
Feather DNA used in effort to save birds. ALISTAIR MUNRO Oct 16, 2020 421
Scientists throw lifeline to world's rarest primate. Oct 16, 2020 599
Tourism hurting whale sharks in Oslob - study. Oct 14, 2020 737
95% of endangered Oslob, Cebu whale sharks injured due to tourism study. Oct 9, 2020 973
Africa Wildlife Tracking uses Orbcomm satellite tech for conservation efforts. Staff Reporter Oct 8, 2020 431
Hand-fed butandings in Oslob 'significantly scarred' - study. Oct 8, 2020 667
House resolution honoring the life and works of a German scientist filed. Oct 1, 2020 485
Long-Term Preservation of Testicular Tissue Integrity and Viability Using Vitrification in the Endangered Black-Footed Ferret (Mustela nigripes). Lima, David Baruc Cruvinel; Silva, Lucia Daniel Machado da; Marinari, Paul; Comizzoli, Pierre Oct 1, 2020 4384
Govt working to conserve marine biodiversity: Environment Minister. Sep 28, 2020 442
Endangered Eld's deer spotted for first time in Kratie after five years. Sep 25, 2020 637
Eld's deer spotted in Kratie's Sambor Wildlife Sanctuary. Sep 25, 2020 438
For some good eco news: Lute turtle rescued in Culasi, Hawksbill in Guimaras. Sep 24, 2020 548
'Half of PHL needs biodiversity protection'. Sep 22, 2020 759
WEBWATCH: FOCUS ON MARINE ENVIRONMENTS. Peters, Henricus Website overview Sep 22, 2020 1002
Adorable pictures of Edinburgh Zoo's newest arrival, baby chimp Masindi; When your big cousin is the King of the Swingers and keepers treat you as Edinburgh Zoo's VIP baby, someone has to be on hand to show just how to get a grip of the ropes. STEPHEN WILKIE Sep 19, 2020 157
Animal park backers would become 'zoo tycoons' says founder. Nick Horner Staff Reporter Sep 17, 2020 581
Animal park's backers would be 'zoo tycoons' martin offering the chance to have a say in running his new venture. NICK HORNER News Reporter Sep 16, 2020 709
Conservation wins as Ngulia Sanctuary black rhinos reach 100. Sep 10, 2020 781
Wildlife agency seeks to carve out areas from protections. MATTHEW BROWN Associated Press Sep 5, 2020 469
Curfew is released for endangered Ulster bird; Experts step in after fire threat to nesting sites. REBECCA BLACK Sep 3, 2020 625
'Protect PH forest turtle,' advocates urge. Sep 3, 2020 607
Wildlife conservation feels the stress of coronavirus crisis. Jumana Khamis Sep 2, 2020 1438
QF's QBG webinar discusses challenges to conservation of ecosystems. Sep 1, 2020 698
Ants tend ghost orchids: patrolling of Dendrophylax lindenii (Orchidaceae) by Crematogaster ashmeadi in Florida. Houlihan, Peter R.; Lucky, Andrea; Owen, Mike; Emmel, Thomas C. Report Sep 1, 2020 3223
Expansion of Vertebrate Pest Exclusion Fencing and Its Potential Benefits for Threatened Fauna Recovery in Australia. Smith, Deane; Waddell, Kristy; Allen, Benjamin L. Report Sep 1, 2020 7864
The South African National Red List of spiders: patterns, threats, and conservation. Foord, Stefan H.; Dippenaar-Schoeman, Anna S.; Haddad, Charles R.; Lyle, Robin; Lotz, Leon N.; Sethu Sep 1, 2020 5323
Poachers nabbed for butchering critically-endangered tamaraw in Mindoro. Aug 30, 2020 583
Amin Aslam, Zartaj Gul for preserving wildlife habitats. Aug 28, 2020 378
Govt committed to conservation of wildlife, protection of habitats: SAPM. Aug 28, 2020 606
New project to save rare butterfly in Wales. Aug 27, 2020 241
New project to save rare butterfly. Aug 27, 2020 202
Pick the perfect forest preserve. Kim Mikus communications specialist Lake County Forest Preserve District Aug 21, 2020 748
We can't always blame the younger members of society for the mess. Aug 19, 2020 303
Endangered baby turtles releasedinto sea. Aug 19, 2020 232
20 baby marine turtles freed to sea in Isabela. Aug 18, 2020 174
Conservation project will harness a love of the land; Environment: Volunteers can reconnect with a 'rich wild plant heritage'. EMILY BEAMENT Aug 18, 2020 411
Compensation only for damage caused by dangerous animals. Aug 16, 2020 368
Nature by the numbers. Aug 14, 2020 767
Homes plan threatens wildlife habitat - claim; PROTECTED SPECIES ON LAND NEAR HISTORIC WINDMILL EARMARKED FOR DEVELOPMENT. DAVID IRWIN Local Democracy Reporter Aug 10, 2020 445
Cod could disappear from British menus due to climate change threat, study warns; Researchers analysed its effects on stocks for south-west UK fisheries and say families may have to change their diets and eat different fish to save threatened species. By, Matthew Young Aug 10, 2020 178
Malaysian man jailed for smuggling seven leopard tortoises in lorry through Singapore Woodlands Checkpoint. Aug 6, 2020 378
Conservation of 'Dulungan' hornbill endemic to Western Visayas urged. Aug 5, 2020 254
Poaching of jumbos, rhinos in decline, state data shows. Aug 5, 2020 732
DENR official: Despite I.U.C.N. listing, monkey population in PHL 'steady'. Aug 2, 2020 525
Hand-Rearing of Three Lesser Flamingo Chicks (Phoeniconaias minor). Fiorucci, Letizia; Grande, Francesco; Macrelli, Roberto; Schnitzer, Petra; Crosta, Lorenzo Aug 1, 2020 3530
Meiotic Status Does Not Affect the Vitrification Effectiveness of Domestic Cat Oocytes. Sowinska, Natalia; Zahmel, Jennifer; Nizanski, Wojciech; Hribal, Romy; Fernandez-Gonzalez, Lorena; J Aug 1, 2020 6927
Home Range Estimates and Habitat Use of Siberian Flying Squirrels in South Korea. Kim, Jong-U.; Kim, Jun-Soo; Jeon, Jong-Hoon; Lee, Woo-Shin Aug 1, 2020 5461
KWS says removal of 'problem animals' is within the law. Jul 31, 2020 519
Dhaka takes aim at poachers as tiger numbers fall. SHEHAB SUMON Jul 30, 2020 561
World tiger population grows but SE Asia threats 'critical': WWF. Jul 29, 2020 448
Former Conservator KP Wildlife department dies of cardiac arrest. Jul 27, 2020 228
Conservator KP Wildlife dies of cardiac arrest. Jul 27, 2020 193
International team of scientists to preserve Lake Titicaca giant frog. Jul 27, 2020 306
India: A Tamil Nadu village lived in darkness for over 35 days to help a bird. Surabhi Sudarsan, Magazines Web Editor Jul 26, 2020 415
UN says urial is endangered specie. Jul 24, 2020 179
Rare giraffe in danger as Lake Baringo engulfs island sanctuary. Jul 22, 2020 435
Abu Dhabi scores a first with birth of Arabian bustard through artificial insemination. Somshankar Bandyopadhyay, Assistant Editor Jul 21, 2020 470
From egg hunter to protector, Malaysian battles to save turtles. Interview Jul 21, 2020 719
Man arrested after selling endangered bird in Manila public market. Jul 21, 2020 285
Climate change on track to wipe out polar bears by 2100. Jul 21, 2020 822
African Wildlife Traffickers Face Long Prison Sentences. Jul 20, 2020 411
P37-million illegal wildlife seized. Jul 19, 2020 669
Aug: Construction of hydropower facilities poses a direct threat to biodiversity. Jul 19, 2020 955
Endangered sea turtle returns to the sea after rescue. Jul 16, 2020 372
Firm announces zoo partnership. Jul 16, 2020 156
Once an extinct wild specie, cheer pheasant successfully reintroduced in forests of Pakistan. Jul 16, 2020 944
Once an extinct wild specie, cheer pheasant successfully reintroduced in forests of Pakistan. Jul 16, 2020 944
Read all about it! Trust publishes moorland conservation success stories; While many of Scotland's wildlife and nature reserves were closed through lockdown, conservation work continued on private land. Despite that, the men and women working hard to make our moorland thrive are often overlooked. Their untold stories are celebrated in a new publication from the leading conservation charity the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT). Jul 15, 2020 688
Uganda has lost over 1000 chimps in last five years Dr Rukundo. Jul 14, 2020 433
Endangered sea turtle returns to the sea after rescue. Jul 14, 2020 344
DiCaprio, Mexico in push to save vaquita porpoise. Jul 13, 2020 410
Snaring may spawn diseases. Jul 13, 2020 702
Rare Javan Rhino Caught On Camera. Ira G. Jul 13, 2020 612
Nearly all Madagascar's lemur species 'face extinction'. Jul 10, 2020 779
Scottish estate sold for [pounds sterling]11m to head of Burning Man music festival; An American socialite couple with links to the Burning Man music festival have bought a Scottish estate for [pounds sterling]11m in one of the country's biggest property deals of recent times. Alison Campsie Jul 6, 2020 787
Sea turtles find protection from Senegal fishermen. Jul 3, 2020 934
Examining International Environmental Organization and Local Conservation Agency Collaboration: A Study of Yangtze Alligator National Nature Reserve Campaign in China. Wang, Ren-Ping Report Jul 1, 2020 6654
Wildcat campaign group reports government agency to police over logging; A campaign group set up to protect the endangered Scottish wildcat has reported a Scottish Government agency to police. Martyn Mclaughlin Jun 29, 2020 778
Royal turtles handed over for conservation. Jun 25, 2020 513
Conservationist groups threaten wildlife. Jun 19, 2020 260
Fearful for future of these businesses; LETTERS. Jun 17, 2020 210
EDITORIAL - Protecting the environment protectors. Editorial Jun 14, 2020 432
Effort to save capercaillie; Wildlife: People asked to contribute ideas to preserve endangered species. JOHN ROSS Jun 12, 2020 379
Rare bird spotted in Dubai after 10 years. Saman Haziq Jun 5, 2020 491
Vigt Nam has wildlife legal framework, needs better enforcement: environment official. Interview Jun 5, 2020 1191
Endangered newts thriving in Highland woodland; CONSERVATION. JOHN ROSS Jun 4, 2020 252
16 banned animals and birds confiscated in Sharjah in Q1 of 2020. Aghaddir Ali, Senior Reporter Jun 3, 2020 423
The Genetic Diversity and Population Genetic Structure of the Red Panda, Ailurus fulgens, in Zoos in China. Xiu, Yun-fang; Liu, Cheng-Chi; Xu, Su-hui; Lin, Chen-Si; Chou, Chin-Cheng Report Jun 1, 2020 6037
Comparison of the Glucocorticoid Concentrations between Three Species of Lemuridae Kept in a Temporary Housing Facility. Volfova, Martina; Machovcova, Zuzana; Voslarova, Eva; Bedanova, Iveta; Vecerek, Vladimir Jun 1, 2020 8731
How conservation will be impacted in the COVID-19 pandemic. Neupane, Dinesh Jun 1, 2020 1043
Chimpanzee Trust gets support from Ruparelia Foundation. May 29, 2020 350
Siamese crocodile eggs found in Pursat wetland. May 29, 2020 305
End To Illegal, Unhealthy Trade In Wildlife. May 28, 2020 632
49 nests of endangered turtle species found. May 25, 2020 378
Going beyond business as usual in saving endangered species. May 24, 2020 620
MME releases 15,799 turtle hatchlings into sea in three years. May 24, 2020 341
Blanding's turtle hatchlings get a good 'head start' in Lake County. Mick Zawislak May 23, 2020 424
Biological diversity: Towards drawing red list of endangered species in Tunisia. May 21, 2020 305
POWA announces Willard T. Johns Scholarship Recipients. Paula Piatt May 19, 2020 415
Endangered Grevy's Zebra herd successfully translocated to conservancy. May 19, 2020 665
Barclays CBILS provides funding for Aspinall Foundation to protect wildlife. May 18, 2020 180
Barclays CBILS provides funding for Aspinall Foundation to protect wildlife. May 18, 2020 178
Nests move to protected site in hawksbill turtle project. May 17, 2020 186
MME shifts 78 Hawksbill turtle nests to protected sites on Fuwairit beach. May 17, 2020 165
Efforts urged as nation's wildlife threatened. May 15, 2020 550
Vivant Energy supports Simpocan Marine Turtle Conservation Project. May 13, 2020 279
Plan adopted to prevent Kingdom's Asian elephants from extinction. May 12, 2020 447
Unique gecko found at Cambodia's Chi mountain. May 9, 2020 190
Turtle conservation project: 48 nests transferred to Fuwairit beach. May 3, 2020 259
Rangers keep up work to protect African wildlife despite pandemic. May 2, 2020 479
Rangers still protecting Africa's wildlife during pandemic. May 2, 2020 362
Rangers still protecting Africa's wildlife during pandemic. May 2, 2020 362
Cambodian sanctuaries home to critically endangered species. Apr 30, 2020 347
Push to protect endangered species. Apr 27, 2020 402
Legal loopholes hinder Viet Nam's efforts in wildlife protection. Apr 17, 2020 948
Ministry continues work to protect endangered turtles. Apr 15, 2020 162
Herd of endangered elephants found in Quang Nam Province. Apr 10, 2020 369
Seed Saver: Dustin Wolkis helps protect Hawaii's rarest plants. Barone, Jennifer Apr 1, 2020 1310
Wildlife Protection Dogs: Biologists and conservation workers are increasingly turning to sniffer dogs for help in locating endangered animals for study--and hunting poachers who harm threatened species. Puotinen, CJ Apr 1, 2020 2858
An Assessment of Wildlife Use by Northern Laos Nationals. Davis, Elizabeth Oneita; Glikman, Jenny Anne Report Apr 1, 2020 7020
Rare orchid discovered in Sharjah for first time. Aghaddir Ali, Senior Reporter Mar 24, 2020 218
right whales on the brink. Morris, Ashira Mar 22, 2020 446
379 dangerous animals seized in Sharjah. Aghaddir Ali Senior Reporter Mar 17, 2020 378
UWA awards best conservationists in Uganda. Mar 14, 2020 1696
World Wildlife Day: Taking a holistic approach in wildlife conservation. Mar 9, 2020 851
Public awareness for 'Wildlife protection against trash pollution' stressed. Mar 4, 2020 358
Tourism: Reps Task FG On Effective Management Of Wildlife Sector. Mar 3, 2020 687
Kids can enter Endangered Species Youth Art Contest. Submitted by Endangered Species Coalition Feb 13, 2020 381
Weak legislation hampers IWMB's efforts to control illegal wildlife trade. Feb 3, 2020 584
Implications for Conservation of Collection of Mediterranean Spur-Thighed Tortoise as Pets in Morocco: Residents' Perceptions, Habits, and Knowledge. Segura, Amalia; Delibes-Mateos, Miguel; Acevedo, Pelayo Report Feb 1, 2020 10379
Edinburgh Zoo team helping to save endangered species -- Dr Alex Ball. Jan 28, 2020 764
Fishermen community outraged over shark killing. Jan 27, 2020 599
Students can enter art contest focused on endangered species. Submitted by Endangered Species Coalition Jan 23, 2020 395
Balochistan government expedite efforts to save wildlife. Jan 21, 2020 364
Animal rescuers asked to turn over wildlife to DENR. Jan 20, 2020 477
Wildlife Balochistan government expedite efforts to save wildlife. Jan 20, 2020 316
Leopard encounters can be saved amid public awareness: IWMB. Jan 20, 2020 399
Leopard encounters can be saved amid public awareness: IWMB. Jan 20, 2020 399
Endangered Species Youth Art Contest opens. Submitted by Endangered Species Coalition Jan 17, 2020 417
Acting royalty to voice turtles in Greenpeace film; Entertainment: Project aims to help save oceans. SHERNA NOAH Jan 15, 2020 253
DENR: Taal eruption also afflicted animals; save them, too. Jan 13, 2020 325
Turtle trafficking. Jan 10, 2020 358
Kenya among countries to declare rhino and elephant trophies. Jan 8, 2020 621
Illegal wildlife trade thrives online despite conservation efforts. Jan 5, 2020 641
River of NO CHANGE: All it takes to Save the Missouri River IS FOR EVERYONE TO AGREE ON EVERYTHING. Langellier, Robert Jan 1, 2020 3805
Mitochondrial D-loop Sequence Variability in Three Native Insular Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus) Populations from the Mediterranean Basin. Mereu, Paolo; Pirastru, Monica; Satta, Valentina; Frongia, Gian Nicola; Kassinis, Nicolaos; Papadopo Dec 31, 2019 5511
Population Status and Research Progress of Pere David's Deer (Elaphurus davidianus) in China. Huaisheng Zhang, Pengfei Li, Huajun Wen, Guangming Tian, Hui Chen, Lu Zhang and Jianqiang Zhu Dec 31, 2019 6244
Funding to help preserve threatened north wildlife; Conservation: Pot of Scottish Government cash shared between projects. RITA CAMPBELL Dec 31, 2019 383
Eastern Sarus Cranes saved from extinction. Dec 27, 2019 270
We're all going to the zoo: two million of us; Vital work saving species more popular than ever. Dec 26, 2019 764
Chester Zoo records two million visitors in a single year for first time; The tourist attraction has broken every attendance record since opening its gates in 1931. Michael Green Dec 23, 2019 786
Chester Zoo records two million visitors in a single year for first time; The tourist attraction has broken every attendance record since opening its gates in 1931. Michael Green Dec 23, 2019 786
Branching Out: Is there more than one species of Joshua Tree? Brulliard, Nicolas Dec 22, 2019 854
U.S. environmental service says there's 'no basis' to investigate Trump Jr.'s Mongolian hunting trip. Dec 20, 2019 198
U.S. environmental service says there's 'no basis' to investigate Trump Jr.'s Mongolian hunting trip. Dec 20, 2019 267
Taiwan aquarium successfully restores rare jellyfish species. Dec 17, 2019 245

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