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Canada : Government of Canada continues unprecedented action to protect Northern and Southern Resident Killer Whales. Sep 6, 2018 567
PHL waters 'incredibly important' for juvenile whale sharks-study. Aug 26, 2018 1673
United States : Cantwells Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Salmon, Bolster Existing Laws to Manage Sea Lion Populations Passes Key Senate Committee. Aug 2, 2018 876
Canada : Government of Canada launching Oceans Protection Plan initiative to study and manage marine ecological stressors that impact marine mammals. Jul 24, 2018 205
Canada : Understanding the marine environment to better protect whales Oceans Protection Plan. Jul 24, 2018 648
Canada : Government launches new research funding for Canadian universities to protect endangered whales. Jul 18, 2018 257
Marine animal rescuers race against time to save dolphin. Jul 13, 2018 499
Flippin' heck.. dolphin saved. Jul 5, 2018 149
PMNH to establish Indus Bio-Sphere reserve to preserve rare specie of blind dolphin. May 28, 2018 261
Canada : Government of Canada takes action to protect Southern Resident Killer Whales. May 25, 2018 488
PMNH to establish Indus Bio-Sphere reserve to preserve rare specie of blind dolphin. May 2, 2018 266
PMNH to establish Indus Bio-Sphere reserve for protection of blind dolphin species. May 2, 2018 260
PMNH to establish Indus Bio-Sphere reserve to preserve rare specie of blind dolphin. May 2, 2018 266
PMNH to establish Indus Bio-Sphere reserve to preserve rare specie of blind dolphin. Apr 25, 2018 268
Anilao: Windsurfing, dolphins, and a 101 on marine conservation. Apr 12, 2018 1485
New Zealand : More measures to protect Hectors dolphins. Mar 20, 2018 655
Canada : Government announces new initiatives to protect whales under the Oceans Protection Plan. Mar 16, 2018 503
Canada : Understanding the marine environment to better protect whales - Oceans Protection Plan. Mar 16, 2018 447
Canada : Whale detection and avoidance initiative - Oceans Protection Plan. Mar 16, 2018 265
Rescue centres for endangered blind dolphins along Indus River. Mar 7, 2018 352
Dolphin rescue centres being set up along Indus River. Mar 6, 2018 345
Dolphin rescue centres being set up along Indus River. Mar 6, 2018 345
ESO hosts Arabian Sea Whale Conservation Workshop with support from WWF-Pakistan. Jan 31, 2018 131
Environment Society of Oman Hosts Arabian Sea Whale Conservation Workshop With Support From WWF-Pakistan. Jan 29, 2018 385
Conserving our endangered dolphins. Jan 25, 2018 690
Habitat Preference and Behaviour of the Guiana Dolphin (Sotalia guianensis) in a Well-Preserved Estuary off Southern Brazil. Bonin, Carolina A.; Lewallen, Eric A.; van Wijnen, Andre J.; Cremer, Marta Jussara; Simoes-Lopes, Pa Report Dec 31, 2017 3960
Spatial and Temporal Distribution Dynamics of the Yangtze Finless Porpoise at the Confluence of the Yangtze and Wanhe Rivers: Implications for Conservation. Chen, Minmin; Zhang, Xiaoke; Wang, Kexiong; Liu, Zhigang; Wan, An; Yu, Daoping; Ji, Hong; Peng, Fang Report Dec 31, 2017 4616
Creation Of A Landscape Maintenance Plan For The Renewal Of The Outgoing Dolphins And The Embankments In The Foreshore Of The Lock Schlsselburg With Contribution To Protection Of Species Protection Law And Wfd Technical Contribution. Nov 15, 2017 131
Dolphin force has been formed for protection of CPEC projects in Punjab: CM Shahbaz Sharif. Oct 22, 2017 202
PNMH, UNESCO striving to endangeredsave blind dolphin. Oct 21, 2017 377
Canada : Indigenous groups, science community, marine industry, and government partners make progress in protecting endangered killer whale population. Oct 14, 2017 481
Navy Dolphins Might Save The Vaquita From Extinction. Oct 10, 2017 565
United States : NOAA Awards Nearly $200,000 to Protect Hawaiis Marine Mammals. Oct 3, 2017 324
PNMH, UNESCO striving to safe blind dolphin specie. Sep 6, 2017 412
Turn down the volume: improved federal regulation of shipping noise is necessary to protect marine mammals. Harris, Benjamin A. Sep 1, 2017 17141
Plastic bags jail threat to save dolphin. Aug 29, 2017 121
PNMH, UNESCO striving to safe blind dolphin specie. Aug 21, 2017 411
Whale watch: saving north Atlantic right whales from extinction. Jun 22, 2017 983
Marine Mammal Vaquita Stares Down Extinction. May 18, 2017 583
Environmentalists Aren't Happy Manatees No Longer Endangered. Mar 31, 2017 503
Hear! Hear! Exquisite fossils preserve ear of prehistoric whale. Aug 4, 2016 434
Dolphin boy saved to the; Ryan, 9, swept out to sea on inflatable toy. Jul 29, 2016 134
United Arab Emirates : MBZ Fund announce Dh21.30 million grant to save menaced dugong and seagrass ecosystems. May 24, 2016 383
Specialty service environmental consultants to assist the department with its obligations under the endangered species act (esa), the marine mammal protection act (mmpa), and the magnuson-stevens fish. Dec 22, 2015 105
Manatee Protection System Upgrade Study. Dec 1, 2015 105
Planning Grant to Develop a proposal entitled: Contributing to Community Seascape Conservation by Engaging Stakeholders of Ambergris Caye, Belize City, and Caye Caulker in Training to Promote Awareness of, Monitor, and Protect Manatees. Oct 20, 2015 392
Baby whale saved from a rocky end. Jul 24, 2015 116
Spaniel helps her owner save stranded 'dolphin' calf. Jul 8, 2015 215
PET RESCUE; Dog saves baby dolphin stranded on beach. Jul 8, 2015 381
A whale's last song: after a renowned humpback whale was killed by a cruise ship, her carefully preserved remains were transformed into one of the biggest whale-skeleton exhibits in the country. Siber, Kate Jun 22, 2015 1085
The Prince of Whales; A new wildlife conservation centre in the North East is helping to monitor the numbers of whales and dolphins in the North Sea. Reporter SONIA SHARMA looks at the charity's work. Apr 21, 2015 1058
Welsh wildlife charity helps to save porpoises. Apr 7, 2015 674
Indus River dolphin conservation strategy in pipeline. Apr 6, 2015 693
Indus River dolphin conservation strategy in pipeline;population survey due;Indus River between Taunsa and Guddu barrage be declared protected area. Apr 4, 2015 693
The ORCA conservation facility is opened in North Shields by wildlife cameraman Doug Allan; The ORCA facility on the DFDS King Seaways ship aims to monitor whale and dolphin populations in the North Sea. Mar 25, 2015 513
Potential natural and anthropogenic impediments to the conservation and recovery of Cook Inlet Beluga Whales, Delphinapterus leucas. Norman, Stephanie A.; Hobbs, Roderick C.; Goertz, Caroline E.C.; Burek-Huntington, Kathy A.; Shelden Report Mar 22, 2015 15716
UAE's dolphins in danger despite conservation efforts. Jan 31, 2015 691
How will wind farms affect marine life? Dec 1, 2014 343
Alabama Marine Mammal Conservation and Recovery Program. Nov 25, 2014 102
FIGHT TO SAVE THE GIANTS OF OUR SEAS; Call for protected areas as threat to sharks and dolphins reaches crisis point. Nov 5, 2014 533
Abu Dhabi works to protect dolphins. Sep 20, 2014 529
QUITE SOMEFIN; Holiday grandad spends 2 hours saving stranded pod of dolphins. Aug 9, 2014 226
THANK POD FOR SIMON; Grandad spent two hours in water saving the terrified mammals SAVED DOLPHINS BEACHED ON MULL COAXED BACK INTO WATER. Aug 9, 2014 459
Conserving marine mammals around Seychelles while maintaining sustainable use of marine resources against a background of urban development, petroleum exploration. Aug 9, 2014 464
Pamela Anderson wants Faeroes to stop whale drive. Aug 2, 2014 226
New Zealanders Willing to Pay Tax for Maui Dolphin Protection. Jul 27, 2014 347
NZ Gov't Ignores Need For Further Protection of Maui 'Hobbit' Dolphins. Jun 12, 2014 398
Enhancing the Conservation Effectiveness of Seagrass Ecosystems Supporting Globally Significant Populations of Dugong Across the Indian and Pacific Ocean Basins (Short Title: The Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project). May 30, 2014 185
Philippines : To ensure human survival, let's protect marine mammals. May 24, 2014 417
United States : AGREEMENT announced to protect endangered WHALES at DEEPWATER ONE Offshore Wind Farm Site. May 9, 2014 417
Dolphins save man from shark. Apr 30, 2014 161
'Guardian' Dolphins Save British Swimmer Adam Walker from Great White Shark in New Zealand. Apr 29, 2014 370
Protection for turtles, whale shark under study. Jan 31, 2014 127
DENR rescues dugong in Quezon. Jan 11, 2014 326
RESCUE AGONY AS 10 DOLPHINS DIE ON BEACH; Locals and experts in desperate bid to save pod. Nov 30, 2013 473
Italy : ARION - Systems for Coastal Dolphin Conservation in the Ligurian Sea. Sep 18, 2013 467
Davina the dolphin makes return to open water after rescuers save stranded porpoise from sandbank; LIFEBOAT CREW INVOLVED IN RESCUE AFTER SAFETY FEARS. Aug 23, 2013 621
Sea change: Monterey Bay has gone from, toxic soup to pristine waters supporting sea otters, whales, and a thriving kelp forest. And what we're learning here might just save our oceans. Fish, Peter Jul 1, 2013 2240
Hero Shea saves beached dolphins. May 20, 2013 102
Seychelles - Conserving marine mammals around Seychelles while maintaining sustainable use of marine resources against a background of urban development, petroleum exploration. May 17, 2013 464
Maersk stand showcases whale shark preservation. Apr 15, 2013 446
An exclusive report on the conservation of turtles and dolphins in Maharashtra only on IBN Lokmat's Reportaaz. Mar 29, 2013 321
FINTASTIC; Families and lifeboat crew save dolphin stranded in shallow water. Mar 28, 2013 442
4 dolphins saved after being stranded on Omani coast. Jan 18, 2013 460
Putting a price on whales to save them: what do morals have to do with it? Babcock, Hope M. Jan 1, 2013 19574
Pamela Anderson wears itty bitty wetsuit for 'save whales' campaign. Nov 3, 2012 200
Cambodia creates safe zones for Mekong dolphins. Aug 25, 2012 261
Sperm Whale Stranded At Indonesian Beach Is Saved. Jul 28, 2012 137
Abu Dhabi agency tracking dugong movement. Jun 16, 2012 496
Rangers work to save beached baby whale. Jun 6, 2012 161
An introduction to marine mammal biology and conservation. Book review Jun 1, 2012 125
Effective law needed to save dolphins. Brief article Apr 22, 2012 181
Pictures reveal winter travels of Bay dolphins; EXPERTS SAY STUDIES WILL AID EFFORTS TO PROTECT SPECIES. Apr 18, 2012 627
Whales for sale: sell them to save them. Bailey, Ronald Brief article Apr 6, 2012 161
Almost saving whales: the ambiguity of success at the International Whaling Commission. Hurd, Ian Essay Mar 22, 2012 3837
Save Japan Dolphins: Continued vigilance reduces Taiji Slaughter. Palmer, Mark J. Mar 22, 2012 535
A comprehensive solution to the biofouling problem for the endangered Florida manatee and other species. Oppenheimer, Kathleen D.; BenDor, Todd K. Mar 22, 2012 25760
Rescue saves 30 dolphins on Rio de Janeiro coast. Mar 11, 2012 155
Drew and I are kindred spirits..we both care passionately about animals; THE REAL-LIFE WHALE RESCUER WHO INSPIRED A HIT HOLLYWOOD MOVIE. Feb 10, 2012 1182
Drew and I are kindred spirits..we both care passionately about animals; THE REAL-LIFE WHALE RESCUER WHO INSPIRED A HIT HOLLYWOOD MOVIE. Feb 10, 2012 1183
Battle to save dying dolphins; OVER 60 BEACHED IN MASS STRANDING. Jan 19, 2012 292
Small area of oceans critical to marine mammal conservation. Oct 1, 2011 245
Save those strikes: work the waypoints to catch dolphin and other bluewater gamefish. Grell, Fritz Jul 1, 2011 595
DOLPHINS TRIED TO SAVE YOUR DYING SON; Mum's comfort after scaffold plunge. Jun 18, 2011 332
Project plans to tag 25 whale sharks. Jan 1, 2011 793
The scope of "plaintiffs' harm" in environmental preliminary injunctions. Woodward, Amber R. Jan 1, 2011 13663
Save Japan Dolphins goes global. Palmer, Mark J. Dec 21, 2010 575
IMMP: campaign to save Japan Dolphins enters critical phase. Palmer, Mark J. Mar 22, 2010 536
International Marine Mammal Project. Brief article Sep 22, 2009 270
Dear EarthTalk: what is the status of Hawaiian monk seals and how will the new national monument designation in the waters around the Hawaiian Islands affect them? LaBarre, Polly Apr 26, 2009 572
Dolphin dies on rocks; RESCUERS' TWO-HOUR BID TO SAVE MAMMAL FAILED. Mar 20, 2009 368
International Marine Mammal Project. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 128
Dolphins in peril saved; RESCUE. Dec 2, 2008 91
Rescue fails to save beached dolphin. Dec 2, 2008 126
International Marine Mammal Project. Brief article Jun 22, 2008 134
We should be protecting dolphins. May 23, 2008 236
Letter: Your Say: In running to save dolphins. Apr 4, 2008 158
Engineers design a tag that fits to a manatee. Nevala, Amy E. Apr 1, 2008 519
International marine mammal project: saving dolphins. Palmer, Mark J. Mar 22, 2008 664
Bowhead whales, and not right whales, were the primary target of 16th- to 17th-century Basque whalers in the western North Atlantic. McLeod, B.A.; Brown, M.W.; Moore, M.J.; Stevens, W.; Barkham, S.H.; Barkham, M.; White, B.N. Report Mar 1, 2008 11455
Saviours of the sea; Best of this week's TV NATURAL WORLD - SAVED BY DOLPHINS FRIDAY, BBC2, 8pm. Feb 2, 2008 136
Navy invests in protecting marine mammals. Noel, Kristen Feb 1, 2008 425
Fishery, aquaculture, and marine mammal legislation in the 110th Congress. Buck, Eugene H. Table Jul 1, 2007 10025
U.S. Navy was banned from using mid-frequency active sonar. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Sep 1, 2006 80
Caught in the middle of the Marine Mammal Protection Act: a law designed to protect hinders research that could held. Carlowicz, Mike; Baird, Andrea Apr 1, 2006 1278
What's killing the seabirds? The mysterious West Coast dieoff. Deneen, Sally Jan 1, 2006 1159
Fishery, aquaculture, and marine mammal legislation in the 109th Congress. Buck, Eugene H. Jan 1, 2006 9272
Tuna, dolphins, and purse seine fishing in the eastern tropical Pacific: the controversy continues. O'Connell, Denis A. Jun 22, 2005 9046
Bush administration declares war on whales. (International Marine Mammal Project). Palmer, Mark J. Jun 22, 2003 635
Protecting whales, dolphins and porpoises. (green views). Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 220
Disney joins Wildlife Fund. (Cruise News). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 160
Sounding Off on the Navy's Sonar. Palmer, Mark J. Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 911
Puget Sound's Alarm. Rendon, Jim Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 839
Drive Fishing Persists. Kurasawa, Nanami Brief Article Mar 22, 2001 326
ASMS -- Dolphin-safe Monitoring in Switzerland. Berman, Mark; Luber, Sigrid E. Brief Article Mar 22, 2001 323
Saving Florida's Gentle Giants. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 484
In Memoriam. Brief Article Jun 22, 2000 86
Sea Otter Victory. Brief Article Jun 22, 2000 152
Rare dugongs battered for love. JE Brief Article May 1, 2000 240
Going, going, dugong. Tager, Jeremy Jun 22, 1999 975

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