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Protecting against slips, trips and falls.


Slips and trips in the workplace are the cause of over 10,000 accidents, and account for a third of all reported major injuries. However, effective slip prevention can halve injury rates_using a variety of precautions, such as the use of slip measuring devices to undertake risk assessments and specifying suitable slip resistant footwear.

Safety footwear used to have the reputation for being clumsy, inflexible, uncomfortable and definitely not 'user friendly. However, this is all changing as companies invest heavily in research and product development in order to provide the very best in safe, comfortable and affordable safety footwear.

In a bid to help drive the high figures of workplace slips and trips down, Arco supplies a wide range of comfortable world-class branded and own branded slip resistant safety and occupational footwear, designed for both men and women.

In addition to the correct footwear being a vital component to the reduction of workplace slips and falls, measuring the risk factor that each floor surface poses is essential. Arco offers a surface testing service to its customers using the Health and Safety Executive's Slip Assessment Tool (SAT).

This service is provided through the use of a surface measuring device that works by calculating the flooring substrate and providing a profile of the floor using a small probe that takes ten readings. This information is then fed into the HSE's Slip Assessment Tool (SAT) along with the type of floor, the cleaning regime, the type of soiling and the footwear being worn. This produces a score of low, medium or high risk. By altering some of the answers to the questions, such as type of footwear, it will reevaluate the risk factor illustrating to companies the effectiveness of sufficient slip-resistant footwear.

Andrew Yeaman, divisional director for Footwear at Arco said: "Slips and trips remain one of the most common causes of major injuries to workers. Suitable slip resistant footwear can help reduce these figures. The slip measuring device enables you to assess the level of slips and trips risk and then select the best footwear for your business."

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Title Annotation:Health & Safety: Focus on: Slips, Trips, & Falls
Publication:Plant & Works Engineering
Date:Aug 1, 2011
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