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Need some additional protection from mines and small arms fire on your M113A2/A3? Then the mine armor kit, NSN 2540-01-498-9827, is for you.

The kit consists of a 3/4-in thick belly plate and a 3/8-in thick plate for attaching under the driver's side sponson.

The M113A3 has pre-drilled mounting holes for the belly armor, but not for the sponson armor. You'll need to have holes drilled and tapped and mounting inserts installed before it can be mounted. You'll find the inserts listed in Fig 230 of TM 9-2350-277-24P.

The belly and sponson armor also works with all other A3 variants and all A2s, but mounting inserts have to be installed before either plate can be mounted on those vehicles. Instructions come with the kit.

Be forewarned that when belly plates are mounted on A2 models, they obstruct the access plate on the bottom of the hull. That means you'll have to remove the belly plate in order to service the filters.
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Date:May 1, 2005
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