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Protect your network at the speed of light.

The newest version of Lightspeed Systems's Total Traffic Control security software prevents and eliminates known and unknown threats on the network, at the gateway, and on the desktop. Version 5.03 meets internal enterprise standards and external regulatory requirements, including the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Here are Version 5.03's four new spam-blocking features: Identify adult subjects even if subject line is using an alternate character set or Base 64 encoding; automatically add a sender's IP address to the spam content category of the integrated content filter database if the majority of e-mail from that address is spam; conduct a DNS query on known spam URLs and add the corresponding IP addresses to the spam category in the content filter database; and check the IP addresses of unknown URLs to determine whether they are from a spam-categorized IP address. Lightspeed Systems claims Total Traffic Control v5.03 has accurately identified spam more than 9g percent of the time. For more information, visit
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Title Annotation:What's New: Looking for higher-education and technology products and services? Start here.
Author:Varughese, Julie A.
Publication:University Business
Date:Jun 1, 2005
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