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Protect fire extinguisher data plate.

Crew chiefs, aircraft portable hand-held fire extinguishers that are handled frequently and exposed to the forces of nature can have worn-out data plates.

The data plate information is important because the extinguisher is inspected and weighed every 6 months to ensure the gross weight has not dropped 4 or more ounces.

That can't be done if the stamped weight measurement is not legible on the data plate. An unreadable data plate makes the fire extinguisher unserviceable. It must be replaced with a new fire extinguisher, NSN 6830-00-555-8837, like it says Para 25C, step (5) in TM 1-1500-204-23-1.

To protect the data plate information, use the attached DD Form 1574 serviceability tag to cover the data plate. Overlay the tag with a piece of clear plastic. Then tape it down over the data plate with duct tape, NSN 5640-00-103-2254.

'Course, always treat your fire extinguishers with care and place them back in the bracket after you've done your aircraft walk around to check for fire during engine or APU run-ups and engine shutdown.

Don't toss them on the seats or leave them on the floor.
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