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Woman held for allegedly tricking another into prostitution abroad. Oct 14, 2021 289
Call girl forced to leave council house after neighbours complained about 'loud sex'; Nicola Parry, 29, used to work at a brothel in Manchester City Centre but started to 'work from home' prompting her neighbours to launch complaints, including one where she reportedly asked a neighbour to watch her six-year-son. By, Douglas Whitbread & Alahna Kindred Oct 14, 2021 890
Ghislaine Maxwell set to spend Christmas Day 60th birthday in prison as long trial looms; The defence for British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, who faces charges related to paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has agreed with prosecutors her trial could go beyond her December 25th birthday. By, Christopher Bucktin Oct 13, 2021 482
Ex-top cop outrage at decision to drop Andrew sex probe; Former chief calls for fresh investigation EXCLUSIVE. RUSSELL MYERS Royal Editor Oct 12, 2021 393
Ex-top cop outrage at decision to drop Andrew sex probe; Former chief calls for fresh investigation. EXCLUSIVE BY RUSSELL MYERS Royal Editor Oct 12, 2021 386
Anger at decision to drop royal sex probe; Former top cop calls for fresh investigation into duke. EXCLUSIVE BY RUSSELL MYERS Oct 12, 2021 388
Ex-top cop outrage at decision to drop Andrew sex probe; EXCLUSIVE. RUSSELL MYERS Royal Editor Oct 12, 2021 394
Prince Andrew: Ex-police chief's outrage at Met's decision to drop sex probe; Dai Davies says another force must now carry out an independent probe and described the decision of the Met Police to drop the investigation as premature. By, Russell Myers Oct 11, 2021 413
Sex worker's decapitated body found in Daulatdia brothel. Oct 9, 2021 227
'Rising bills and rent force women into sex work'. TREVOR QUINN Oct 6, 2021 211
Duterte retirement a 'ploy'; substitution is prostitution. Oct 5, 2021 788
'Pop-up' brothels closed down by police. Oct 4, 2021 176
Police close down 'brothels' in city; NEWS IN BRIEF. Oct 4, 2021 186
'brothels' are shut by police. LAURA CLEMENTS Reporter Oct 3, 2021 239
Investigate and prosecute more trafficking cases. Oct 1, 2021 482
Spirits of a different kind at haunted pub. MILO CLAY Sep 30, 2021 374
Kelly found guilty in sex trafficking trial. Sep 30, 2021 176
Prince Andrew officially recognises he has been served with sex assault lawsuit; Virginia Giuffre is suing Prince Andrew for allegedly sexually assaulting her on multiple occasions. She claims she was trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with the royal when she was a minor under US law. By, Helen William & Ryan Merrifield Sep 29, 2021 491
Singer R Kelly convicted in sex trafficking trial. Sep 29, 2021 297
Thai envoy highlights anti-trafficking efforts. Sep 29, 2021 541
2 WOMEN GUILTY OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING; Pair brought victims from Africa for life as sex workers. SEAN MCCARTHAIGH Sep 29, 2021 376
R. Kelly, disgraced R&B star, convicted of sex crimes. Sep 29, 2021 824
R. Kelly found guilty of sex trafficking Superstar convicted in case of decadeslong misconduct Convicted: Testimony told of controlling, abusive behavior. TOM HAYS and LARRY NEUMEISTER Associated Press Sep 28, 2021 931
R&B superstar R. Kelly convicted in sex trafficking trial. TOM HAYS Associated Press Sep 28, 2021 975
R Kelly's Ex-Wife Says Victim Shaming Stopped Women From Coming Forward. Sep 28, 2021 652
American R and B Superstar R. Kelly Convicted In Sex Trafficking Trial. Sep 28, 2021 955
SEX BEAST R KELLY FACES LIFE IN JAIL; Jury finds R&B legend guilty on abuse raps. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN US Editor Sep 28, 2021 445
R Kelly convicted of sex trafficking. Sep 28, 2021 249
R. Kelly found guilty of sex trafficking. Sep 28, 2021 361
R. Kelly found guilty of sex trafficking Superstar convicted in case of decadeslong misconduct. TOM HAYS and LARRY NEUMEISTER Associated Press Sep 28, 2021 931
R. Kelly is found guilty in sex trafficking trial. Reuters News Service Sep 27, 2021 531
R&B star R Kelly convicted in sex trafficking trial following years of allegations; The superstar was accused of sexually abusing women and under-aged girls and has now been found guilty. By, Tom Hays & Jonathon Manning Sep 27, 2021 361
R&B superstar R Kelly convicted in sex trafficking trial; It comes after decades of avoiding criminal responsibility for numerous allegations. By, Tom Hays, Associated Press & Thomas Deacon Sep 27, 2021 407
SENSELESS; Career thug let into Britain batters and robs 3 women. EXCLUSIVE by Sarah Robertson Sep 26, 2021 319
Career thug, 36, posed as Amazon driver to get into house and attack three women; Sandel Hornea launched the assault after slipping into the UK in 2019 when Britain was still observing freedom of movement rules before Brexit. He had served a nine-year jail term in Italy for sex trafficking. By, Sarah Robertson Sep 25, 2021 363
Help! Inflation Now Affecting Our Sex Lives - Nigerians. Sep 24, 2021 1552
'Vile' rapist locked up for 14 years; sex fiend forced teenage victim into prostitution. CONNOR TEALE @c_teale Sep 24, 2021 379
Man fired from job because of wife's porn star career -now they make vlogs from van; Travis Dean's relatives fired him from the family business when they discovered Channon Rose used to be a porn star, forcing the couple to become YouTube vloggers. By, Elizabeth Hunter & Matthew Dresch Sep 23, 2021 1112
Protect children's innocence, vulnerability - Supreme Court. Sep 22, 2021 869
Ministry throws wider net for sex traffickers. Sep 22, 2021 353
Trafficking duo lose plea. Sep 21, 2021 325
Australian and Wife on Thai death row released. Sep 19, 2021 639
Broke student who works in massage parlour reveals extras that earn her up to £900 a day; Camilla sees up to 11 clients a day and makes anywhere from £40 to £900 a day at the Bristol massage parlour, where she makes as much in a week as she did over a month at her old job. By, Estel Farell Roig & Matthew Dresch Sep 19, 2021 1102
Prince can request key document is unsealed; ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTER Sep 18, 2021 470
Former brothel now a wine bar and coffee shop. ED GILBERT Reporter Sep 17, 2021 506
PERISCOPE: Prostitution - Whose Fault. Sep 16, 2021 1781
Akande -Sadipe: Nigerian Law Enforcement System Aiding Impunity Of Human Traffickers,. Sep 15, 2021 620
Nigerian Law Enforcement System, Aiding Impunity Of Human Traffickers - Akande-Sadipe. Sep 15, 2021 618
Prostitute orangutan who was forced to perform sex acts on men. Sep 14, 2021 1013
More raids planned: Shots fired as one location is targeted for reportedly housing serious criminality at Preah Sihanouk. Sep 13, 2021 1478
Trafficking victim 'escaped barefoot'. Sep 13, 2021 467
Prince Andrew served with papers in US sexual assault lawsuit. Sep 12, 2021 407
Senators petitioned to probe human traffickers manhandling PWDs. Sep 10, 2021 314
Prince Andrew served court papers in sex assault law suit amid rape allegations; Prince Andrew has been "served" with court papers outlining lurid allegations by sex trafficking victim Virginia Giuffre. By, Tom Pettifor & Christopher Bucktin Sep 10, 2021 474
'Right-hand' of NXIVM sex cult that branded women and made them slaves is jailed; One of the founders and former president behind depraved cult NXIVM, Nancy Salzman, 67, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison on Wednesday. By, William Walker Sep 9, 2021 739
SEX W EX WORKERS; TWO FORMER PROSTITUTES SHARE EXPERIENCES Campaigners demand new strategy to help exploited women quit prostitution. ANNIE BROWN Associate Editor Sep 9, 2021 1038
Bully forced lovers into sex work. GRANT MCCABE Sep 9, 2021 236
City pub with a past to feature on ghost show. MILO CLAY @MiloClay8 Sep 9, 2021 386
How We Were Trafficked To Ghana For Prostitution a Teenagers. Sep 8, 2021 872
Sex workers are exploited victims; record. View. Sep 6, 2021 249
"I don't know another form of violence against girls and women where the victims are criminalised; CAMPAIGNERS: WIPE OUT Convictions Support alliance says men should be the ones in dock over prostitution. ANNIE BROWN Associate Editor Sep 6, 2021 1082
3 arrested for running prostitution racket in Chittagong. Sep 4, 2021 151
Nigerians Tackle Zubby Michael For Saying Most Nigerian Girls Are Involved In Mobile Prostitution. Sep 2, 2021 304
Understanding the Hidden Aspects of Sex Trafficking of Girl Children in Central India. Rana, Usha Report Sep 1, 2021 6097
WEST HOLLYWOOD HORROR STORY. Broverman, Neal Sep 1, 2021 626
BILLY'S ART & SOLE; Big Yin reveals new artwork inspired by Teddy Boys' brothel creepers. STUART MACDONALD Aug 31, 2021 268
Cambodia sees spike in human, sex trafficking cases in first half of 2021. Aug 28, 2021 154
Ex-Big Bang's Seungri, military prosecutors appeal star's prison sentence. Aug 28, 2021 329
We Must Amend Our Constitution To Deal With Political Prostitutes - Aliyu. Aug 22, 2021 204
Covid-19: Vaccination campaign underway at Daulatdia brothel. Aug 19, 2021 247
Woman tricks traffickers in daring bid to rescue daughter. Aug 17, 2021 447
Prince Andrew 'relaxed about sexual assault lawsuit', pal claims; Prince Andrew is said to be relaxed and cheerful at Balmoral where it is said Royal talks are being held after a lawsuit was served against him claiming he sexually assaulted Virginia Giuffre three times. By, Sophie Corcoran Aug 16, 2021 555
Ogun leads crusade against human trafficking. Aug 16, 2021 1170
NYSC warns Corps members against criminal activity in Bayelsa. Aug 16, 2021 289
NAPTIP Nabs Man For Trafficking Girlfriend To Mali For Prostitution. Aug 16, 2021 374
999 call saves a sex trafficking victim. Aug 15, 2021 379
Moon vows continued efforts to resolve comfort women issue on 'Memorial Day'. Aug 14, 2021 346
Korean fans tell ex-Big Bang's Seungri: Don't give up until the very end. Aug 14, 2021 518
Convicted ex-Big Bang's Seungri ordered to register personal information for sex crime. Aug 13, 2021 583
VERDICT | Former BigBang Seungri receives 3-year sentence in prison. Aug 13, 2021 1623
Four websites promoting Mount Lavinia sex trafficking ring banned. Aug 12, 2021 186
Former K-pop singer jailed for three years over prostitution, fraud scandal. Reuters News Service Aug 12, 2021 407
Ex-Big Bang's Seungri sentenced to 3 years in prison; now detained. Aug 12, 2021 225
Epstein accuser sues U.K.'s Prince Andrew. LARRY NEUMEISTER Associated Press Aug 10, 2021 238
R. Kelly jurors summoned for trial. TOM HAYS Associated Press Aug 10, 2021 609
ZOLA (18) Truth is crazier and [...]. Aug 9, 2021 187
R&B singer R Kelly heads to sex abuse trial as jury selection begins. Reuters News Service Aug 9, 2021 463
Fight against Human Trafficking : A Real-life Story on Screens. Aug 9, 2021 1681
ZOLA (18) HHHII. Aug 6, 2021 184
ZOLA (18); HHHII. Aug 6, 2021 184
ZOLA (18) HHHII Truth is crazier and [...]. Aug 6, 2021 208
ZOLA (18) HHHII. Aug 6, 2021 184
Truth is crazier and more [...]. Aug 6, 2021 177
ZOLA (18). Aug 6, 2021 184
ZOLA (18). Aug 6, 2021 184
ZOLA (18) HHHII. Aug 6, 2021 184
ZOLA (18) HHHII. Aug 6, 2021 207
ZOLA (18) HHHII Truth is crazier and [...]. Aug 5, 2021 200
Arrest human traffickers who use persons with disability as beggars. Aug 4, 2021 715
The street where fearful traders sleep in their shops at night. JONATHON HILL Aug 3, 2021 1735
Two teens nabbed for running underage prostitution ring in Kanchanaburi. Aug 2, 2021 162
US report faults Uganda over human trafficking. Aug 2, 2021 858
Combatting the trade in misery. Aug 2, 2021 256
Combatting the trade in misery; taken: hunting the sex traffickers Channel 4, 9pm. Aug 2, 2021 263
Combating the trade in misery. Aug 2, 2021 263
Combatting the trade in misery; taken: hunting the sex traffickers Channel 4, 9pm. Aug 2, 2021 263
Combatting the trade in misery; Tonight's TV. SARA WALLIS Aug 2, 2021 272
record tv; Criminal abuse of women. Aug 2, 2021 827
Combatting the trade in misery. SARA WALLIS Tonight's TV Aug 2, 2021 268
Combatting the trade in misery. SARA WALLIS Tonight's TV Aug 2, 2021 274
Combatting the trade in misery; PICK OF THE DAY. Aug 2, 2021 271
Teens nabbed for running underage prostitution ring. Aug 2, 2021 170
Marriott International Enhances Human Trafficking Awareness Training. Jul 28, 2021 485
National police crack down on more than 190 cases of human trafficking for six months. Jul 27, 2021 160
More than 150,000 Cambodian migrant workers return from abroad legally and illegally. How many with Delta Variant? Jul 27, 2021 307
High Court bail for alleged sex trafficker Azam Khan stayed. Jul 27, 2021 281
Don't let home wreckers ruin our PS32m flats; OWNERS' FURY OVER ONLINE SHORT-TERM RENTALS Residents' plea over parties at apartments. Gordon Blackstock Jul 25, 2021 648
Prosecutors say R. Kelly abused boy. JENNIFER PELTZ Associated Press Jul 25, 2021 365
Pair arrested for breaching dispersal order; COMPLAINTS REGULARLY MADE ABOUT AREA'S ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR ISSUES. ANDY RICHARDSON News Reporter Jul 24, 2021 381
RED LIGHT ZONE SHUT ...BUT STILL A MAGNET; 'Vile' men travel across UK to stalk women and girls. lucy thornton Jul 23, 2021 376
Victims Of Terrorism, Banditry Take To Child Begging, Prostitution In Swelling IDP Camps, Other Places. Jul 18, 2021 328
How to hunt a sex Trafficker; ON THE TRAIL L OF PROSTITUTION GANG MASTERS Cops reveal the multi-national 3year quest to nail crime chief. EXCLUSIVE BY KATIE BEGLEY Jul 17, 2021 1230
Seychellois officials on lookout for trafficked persons undergo three-day training course. Jul 17, 2021 434
Hit-and-run killer facing life in prison; JURY TOOK JUST 1 HOUR TO DECIDE THUG WAS LYING AFTER SEEING HORRIFIC FOOTAGE. CHARLOTTE PAXTON News Reporter Jul 15, 2021 392
Cyprus downgraded in US human trafficking report. Evie Andreou Jul 15, 2021 819
Comilla Victoria College campus turns into den of drugs, prostitution in pandemic. Jul 14, 2021 739
Women jailed for running vice ring. Jul 14, 2021 498
Constantine : Demantelement d'un reseau de prostitution. larbii Jul 13, 2021 171
Tambuwal Gives Order To Demolish Village. Jul 13, 2021 377
Johor cops arrest 26 people suspected of online prostitution. Jul 12, 2021 323
CELEBRATION OF LIFE FOR MARGO ST. JAMES. Brown, Elizabeth Nolan Jul 11, 2021 206
People trafficking exercise to help Seychelles assess the strength of its legislation. Jul 10, 2021 472
Ugandans trafficked for sexual, labour exploitation - US report. Jul 9, 2021 740
Police rescue kidnapped maid. Jul 8, 2021 487
Prostitution Taking Over IDP Camps - Zulum Raises Alarm. Jul 7, 2021 188
Adeyemi College Of Education: Provost Reads Riot Act To Fresh Students. Jul 6, 2021 344
US 'fails to show truth' in human trafficking report. Jul 6, 2021 700
It wouldn't happen in Solihull or Sutton so why here? POLICE PLEDGE ACTION IN AREA BLIGHTED BY CRIME AND ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR. STEPHANIE BALLOO News Reporter Jul 6, 2021 958
Convicted duo to serve two years for operating illegal prostitution. Jul 6, 2021 178
Epstein sex ranch that Andrew visited for sale; Prince allegedly met teen at site. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN Jul 5, 2021 903 MONDAY 05.07.2021 DAILY MIRROR 17 Epstein sex ranch that Andrew visited for sale; Prince allegedly met teen at site. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN US Editor Jul 5, 2021 932
Epstein sex ranch that Andrew visited for sale; Prince allegedly met teen at site. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN US Editor Jul 5, 2021 932
2021 human trafficking report downgrades Liberia. Jul 2, 2021 329
Prosecutors ask court to sentence ex-Big Bang's Seungri to 5 years in prison. Jul 2, 2021 284
Country still Tier 1, but lacks convictions in trafficking. Jul 2, 2021 610
Seungri's 24th hearing concludes with closing statements. Jul 2, 2021 2162
Woman who married three gets 11 years. Jul 1, 2021 478
Teen beauty queen's mom appeals to Mayor Isko. Jun 29, 2021 227
SUNDAY; 27 June 2021. Jun 26, 2021 266
Mum who shot dead rapist husband guilty of murder but walks free from court; Valérie Bacot killed Daniel Polette, her former step father who abused her from the age of 12 before marrying her and then forcing her into prostitution. By, Peter Allen Jun 26, 2021 850
Man, 34, on trafficking charges 'lived like a lord'. ALAN ERWIN Jun 24, 2021 269
Mum mortified after telling DWP she was now 'a prostitute' in autocorrect fail; Steph Harper made the mistake in a message to the Department for Work and Pensions -who were understandibly concerned. By, Helen Le Caplain Jun 24, 2021 676
ARMED FORCES AND SOCIETY: The Sexual Economy of War: Discipline and Desire in the U.S. Army. Mittelstadt, Jennifer Jun 22, 2021 1045
Decriminalise selling sex.. and prosecute the buyers; MP calls for change in law to end trafficking. ANNIE BROWN Associate Editor Jun 21, 2021 390
Sex trafficking is today's slavery; RECORD VIEW. Jun 21, 2021 241
14 year old Tando Adam girl accuses her sister, brother-in-law of forcing her into prostitution. Mumtaz Ali Jun 19, 2021 193
Mozambique prisoners forced into prostitution, study reveals. Jun 19, 2021 238
PSNI target Romanian crime gang; Operation linked to prostitution ring. MAURICE FITZMAURICE Jun 18, 2021 366
PS90k fund boost for sex workers. VIVIENNE AITKEN Jun 17, 2021 262
GARDAI PROBE INTO 53 CASES OF TRAFFICKING; Massage parlours and nail bars examined for victims. CATHAL AUSTIN Jun 17, 2021 295
Sex offenders to be banned from becoming homeroom teachers for up to 10 years. Jun 15, 2021 265
Foreign national arrested for child sex abuse in Siem Reap. Jun 15, 2021 170
Maid breaks into tears as she faces captors in court. Jun 15, 2021 331
Leeds red light zone closure: Kerb-crawlers 'not welcome' in Holbeck warns police commander; The most senior police officer in Leeds has a message for kerb-crawlers: "You are not welcome in Holbeck". Richard Beecham Jun 15, 2021 412
Leeds red light zone closure: Why Holbeck Managed Approach to street sex work is being stopped by council; Leeds's controversial Managed Approach to on-street sex work - once dubbed the UK's first legal red light zone - is set to be scrapped next month. Richard Beecham Jun 15, 2021 714
U.S. report IDs believers in QAnon as potential threat. MICHAEL KUNZELMAn and NOMAAN MERCHANT Associated Press Jun 15, 2021 273
Teens shipped north by criminals to run drugs; The Exploited is an investigation by Sean O'Neil exposing the prevalence of human trafficking and modern slavery in our communities where victims, and their abusers, are hiding in plain sight. Jun 14, 2021 1103
Teens shipped north to run drugs; The Exploited is an investigation by Sean O'Neil exposing the prevalence of human trafficking and modern slavery in our communities where victims, and their abusers, are hiding in plain sight. Sean O'Neil Jun 14, 2021 1096
Voodoo traffickers; Pair guilty of forcing women into prostitution in landmark conviction. SEAN MCCARTHAIGH Jun 12, 2021 238
Traffickers the lowest of the low; COMMENT 2nd floor, 9A Beckett Way, Park West Industrial Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 12 Tel: 01 868 8600, Fax 01 868 8626, Jun 12, 2021 207
Growing menace of sex trafficking; The Exploited is an investigation by Sean O'Neil exposing the prevalence of human trafficking and modern slavery in our communities where victims, and their abusers, are hiding in plain sight. Sean O'Neil Jun 12, 2021 824
Scottish city links to sex y trafficking; The Exploited is an investigation by Sean O'Neil exposing the prevalence of human trafficking and modern slavery in our communities where victims, and their abusers, are hiding in plain sight. Jun 12, 2021 832
Woman makes £7,000 a month fixing people's dating profiles; "An average day for me could be having a client who's 65 and a widower and getting out into the dating world for the first time again and then a 30-year-old who doesn't understand why he's not getting matches. Then, an 18-year-old ... and then a 40-year-old divorced dad who doesn't know how to date with kids.". By, Neil Shaw Jun 12, 2021 553
Notorious Romanian pimp jailed for trafficking woman to UK to work in a Preston brothel; A man who trafficked a woman to the UK to work as a prostitute at a brothel in Preston has been jailed for 12 years. Matthew Calderbank Jun 9, 2021 562
Man who trafficked woman to UK to work in Burnley brothel jailed; A man who trafficked a woman to the UK to work as a prostitute at a brothel in Burnley has been jailed for 12 years. John Deehan Jun 8, 2021 489
Housemaid 'was sold for BD650'. Jun 7, 2021 394
Prostitution 'by force' reported. Jun 3, 2021 424
Why Borno is closing IDP camps - Zulum. Jun 2, 2021 346
Pimp gets life term for rape and running vice racket. Jun 1, 2021 300
Tales of horror unravelling :Human Trafficking. Jun 1, 2021 678
The Negative Impacts of Human Trafficking Misinformation. Jun 1, 2021 1076
The Role of the Financial Sector: Promising Practices in the Eradication of Trafficking in Persons. Jun 1, 2021 1330
Acknowledging Historical and Ongoing Harm: The Connections between Systemic Racism and Human Trafficking. Jun 1, 2021 1362
When the Government is the Trafficker: State-Sponsored Trafficking in Persons. Jun 1, 2021 672
Gardai catch 11 people paying for sex last year; Big decrease in activity due to the pandemic, say cops. JOHN KIERANS May 31, 2021 285
DPO directs indiscriminate action against criminals. May 28, 2021 166
DPO directs indiscriminate action against criminals. May 28, 2021 166
Man in Singapore admits recruiting 13-year-old girl to provide another man sexual services in exchange for footage of the act. May 26, 2021 811
Epstein's jail guards avoid prison as judge approves pact with prosecutors. Reuters News Service May 25, 2021 415
Houthis sought to recruit me as spy, abducted Yemeni model says from prison. Saeed Al-Batati May 25, 2021 423
Message from... 'Boy sex workers in Thailand' ... to Government. May 25, 2021 769
Jailed over paedophile slur. May 22, 2021 181
Sharing needles & the damage done; NARCOS Scotland HEROIN HELL & AIDS EPIDEMIC Edinburgh was faced with a public health emergency that saw the city labelled Europe's AIDS capital JANE HAMILTON CRIME REPORTER. May 21, 2021 1296
Gaetz associate pleads guilty to sex trafficking charges. MICHAEL BALSAMO and MIKE SCHNEIDER Associated Press May 18, 2021 397
Awareness campaign to address human trafficking crimes launched in Oman. By: Times News Service May 18, 2021 722
Netherlands eases COVID-19 restrictions. May 17, 2021 239
Netherlands eases COVID-19 restrictions. May 17, 2021 240
Meredith Moore. May 17, 2021 201
Movie icon Isabella on the joys of getting old. May 16, 2021 232
Living next to 'creepy' killer; neighbours tell of experiences. NAOMI CORRIGAN @NaomiCorrigan May 14, 2021 695
Political prostitution without dignity is back. May 10, 2021 620
Isaac Mwaura's expulsion will restore order, stop political prostitution. May 10, 2021 730
Prostitution problem; LETTERS FROM THE ARCHIVES BLAST from the past From July 11, 1967. May 6, 2021 234
Thai Women Forced Into Prostitution Rescued From Dubai. May 6, 2021 305
Voodoo women 'were forced into prostitution'. SEAN MCCARTHAIGH May 5, 2021 229
This Generation Has Normalized Prostitution- Stephanie Coker. May 4, 2021 305
I was trafficked, passed on and on again, for 13 years - Jane, a trafficking survivor. May 2, 2021 288
I was trafficked, passed on and on again, for 13 years- Jane, a trafficking survivor. May 2, 2021 288
THRILLMAKER: Actors, models, pageant winners lured into online selling. May 1, 2021 606
Victims Of Human Trafficking Begging Government For Freedom. May 1, 2021 1721
The Factors Involved in the Exit from Sex Trafficking: A Review. Ferrari, Chiara Report May 1, 2021 7326
Two arrested in family-run brothel case. Apr 29, 2021 240
Rep. Bos Encourages Participation in #EndItMovement; Files Legislation Combating Human Trafficking. Rep. Bos Apr 28, 2021 420
Oscar-winner Terry George, Egyptian writer Mariam Naoum to co-write serial killer show. Daily News Egypt Apr 24, 2021 627
Prince of Wales 'encouraged' Queen to force Andrew to step back from Royal Duties after Jeffery Epstein interview; The Duke of York denied any wrongdoing in the interview with Emily Maitlis. By, Max Channon Apr 19, 2021 374
A catastrophe in plain sight: Investigators fear hundreds of trafficking victims freed in Scotland are only tip of an iceberg; NEWS SPECIAL International gangsters behind human trafficking ring in Scotland jailed as experts warn modern-day slavery is an escalating crisis. Craig McDonald Apr 18, 2021 705
Jailed: Romanian mobsters behind PS500,000-a-year slavery operation. Craig McDonald Apr 18, 2021 664
Judge: R. Kelly to be moved to NYC for sex-trafficking trial. Associated Press Apr 16, 2021 206
Three arrested on suspicion of sex trafficking. SOPHIE DOUGHTY Crime reporter Apr 15, 2021 619
Sex sting at Northwest suburban hotel leads to 21 arrests. Daily Herald report Apr 10, 2021 176
How My Proposed Wife Crossed To Prostitution In America. Apr 10, 2021 537
PAIR ADMIT RUNNING A BROTHEL IN HOUSE; Garda raid discovers prostitutes aged 62 and 50. GORDON DEEGAN Apr 8, 2021 493
Prostitution declared violence against women. IAN BUNTING Apr 7, 2021 247
Politician's daughter charged with sex trafficking. Apr 6, 2021 432
Great admiration for vice watchdogs; LETTERS FROM THE ARCHIVES BLAST from the past From June 4, 1986. Apr 5, 2021 152
I was a threat to the public, admits reformed criminal; FORMER GANGSTER HAS TURNED LIFE AROUND. LUKE TRAYNOR Chief Reporter @LUKETRAYNORECHO Apr 3, 2021 308
We have zero tolerance for indecent dressing - Rector. Apr 1, 2021 382
Kenya a big transit point for human traffickers. Apr 1, 2021 1796
NHS lends support to women. Mar 31, 2021 225
Rep. Gaetz investigated by Justice Department. Associated Press Mar 31, 2021 223
Ghislaine Maxwell hit with sex trafficking charges relating to fourth alleged victim; Ghislaine Maxwell, the ex-girlfriend of paedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein, who killed himself in prison while awaiting trial, now faces an eight-count indictment in the US. By, William Walker Mar 30, 2021 316
Responsible scholarship. Mar 30, 2021 523
Jail for man who ran brothels in Singapore using mother's HDB flat sale proceeds. Mar 27, 2021 632
2 women convicted of sex trafficking; life in prison imposed. Mar 25, 2021 233
Golf-related prostitution on rise in Korea. Mar 22, 2021 480
Meet The Mixologist: Keyatta Mincey-Parker, Atlanta. Mar 22, 2021 744
Rounding Up the Undesirables: The Making of a Prostitution-Targeted Loitering Law in New York City. Struening, Karen Mar 22, 2021 9363
The Good Governance of Empirical Evidence About Prostitution, Sex Work, and Sex Trafficking in Constitutional Litigation. Haak, Debra M. Mar 22, 2021 25194
Female MSPs call for new law to ban online pimping; Radical new laws which would make online pimping as well as offering food or housing in exchange for sex illegal are being proposed by a group of cross-party MSPs, who claim sex websites have "turbo-charged" the human trafficking trade. Gina Davidson Mar 19, 2021 1007
STAMP OUT THE SEX FOR SALE SITES; PLEA TO CRACK DOWN ON EXPLOITATION MSPs demand new laws to ban online pimping where trafficked women are raped 10 times a day >>>>Campaigners find 570 prostitute ads on a single website and some firms make PS1million a month. ANNIE BROWN Mar 19, 2021 1223
Sleazy sex-for-sale sites 'fuelling trafficking rise and putting women at risk'; An inquiry has heard that "pimping" webpages have become "turbo-charged" in Scotland, offering criminal gangs more anonymity and putting sex trafficking victims at risk. By, Annie Brown Mar 19, 2021 923
Bipartisan Efforts Help to Keep Homeless Kids off the Streets. Smith, Colleen Mar 18, 2021 2747
NAPTIP Secures Conviction Of Two Alleged Human Traffickers. Mar 18, 2021 237
Key witnesses to testify in vice ring case. Mar 16, 2021 207
160,000 people living with HIV/AIDS set to receive ARV treatment. Mar 11, 2021 589
Rep. Bos Encourages Participation in #EndItMovement; Files Legislation Combating Human Trafficking. Rep. Bos Mar 10, 2021 420
Is Corporate Prostitution becoming obvious in this Nigerian Bank? Mar 8, 2021 404
Rep. Bos Encourages Participation in #EndItMovement; Files Legislation Combating Human Trafficking. Rep. Bos Mar 3, 2021 428
Comfort women are not prostitutes. Mar 3, 2021 780
Outspoken pastor says military brothels are necessary. Mar 2, 2021 309
'Bente pesos': New 'extensively researched' exhibit tells prostitutes' tales. Mar 1, 2021 463
Apologize to victims. Mar 1, 2021 578
Shusenjo: Comfort Women and Japan's War on History. Mar 1, 2021 295
Pornography-Based Sex Trafficking: A Palermo Protocol Fit for the Internet Age. Watson, Hope Mar 1, 2021 19048
Demi Bride Trafficking: A Unique Trend of Human Trafficking from South-East Asia To China. Lhomme, Laetitia; Zhong, Siren; Du, Billie Report Mar 1, 2021 6227
House Of Reps: Decamping To APC Exemplifies Political Prostitution, Gbandi Tells Makinde. Feb 28, 2021 348
Amanah Youth chief warns PKR against keeping defectors, says Pakatan's viability at stake. Feb 28, 2021 353
Man jailed for money laundering. Feb 28, 2021 329
The mental health issues of eunuchs in the context of social exclusion. Bibi, Rubina; Kazmi, Syeda Farhana; Pervaiz, Tahir; Bashir, Rabia Report Feb 28, 2021 4819
22 men arrested in sting:. Feb 27, 2021 386
22 men arrested in Cook County prostitution sting. Daily Herald report Feb 27, 2021 199
Rep. Bos Encourages Participation in #EndItMovement; Files Legislation Combating Human Trafficking. Rep. Bos Feb 26, 2021 430
Non-Korean victims, scholars, civic groups join protest against Ramseyer's paper on sex slavery. Feb 26, 2021 664
Alia Bhatt plays legendary brothel madam in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's new film. Feb 24, 2021 215
Eight jailed for trafficking lose appeals. Feb 23, 2021 323
Trafficking ring run by sisters 'controlled over 60 women'. Feb 22, 2021 436
Sex ring swoop. Natalia Penza Feb 21, 2021 185
Wanyama: I'm not yet done with Shakila. Feb 20, 2021 277
Gazipur councillor arrested for forcing domestic help into prostitution. Feb 20, 2021 255
Selangor CID: Top Sugarbook exec still detained, this time to facilitate rape, prostitution case lodged in 2019. Feb 18, 2021 392
Top Sugarbook exec arrested for solicitation of prostitution, network abuse. Feb 18, 2021 286
Banned in Malaysia, Sugarbook launches alternate website to circumvent MCMC. Feb 16, 2021 218
MCMC warns internet users to be cautious when using online dating apps. Feb 15, 2021 354
Making History by Raising her Voice. Briones, Mariana G. Feb 15, 2021 732
GARDA WAR ON RUTHLESS SEX SLAVES CRIME GANGS; Specialist unit to tackle trafficking. EXCLUSIVE BY EMMA McMENAMY Feb 14, 2021 320
Paint on paint: Max Balatbat and the colorful side of Ikatlong Abenida. Matilla, Dexter R. Interview Feb 13, 2021 555
SEX WORK FROM HOME; DAY 5 THE 'NEW' SEX TRADE AND THE C capital CITY The internet changed the sex trade, with a massive boom in the number of women selling their services from private flats around the capital. ALAN McEWEN Feb 12, 2021 960
NGO urges withdrawal of Harvard professor's paper casting wartime sex enslavement as voluntary prostitution. Feb 12, 2021 357
Immigration Dept raids two massage centres offering sex services in Bandar Puteri Puchong, 14 held. Feb 11, 2021 195
Report spotlights war on human trafficking. Report Feb 10, 2021 531
You get residents shouting at you. One woman opens her window when I go past and she screams at me, 'Dirty little hoor' DAY 3 STREET PROSTITUTION STANDING under street lamps or in half-lit doorways, working girls bid to attract the attention of passing cars.. ALAN MCEWEN reports on capital's street prostitutes. ALAN MCEWEN Feb 10, 2021 1433
Seedy 'saunas' where there's no point turning up towel a with eye to the obvious fact that sex was being; DAY 2 SAUNAS As AIDS took hold in the capital, city council chiefs decided drastic action was needed to save lives so they settled on a policy of turning a blind eye to sex workers operating from a network of saunas.. ALAN McEWEN tells the story. ALAN McEWEN Feb 9, 2021 1194
Commoditising children. Feb 8, 2021 367
Korean students at Harvard demand professor's apology over controversial claims on comfort women. Feb 8, 2021 366
DIRTY MONEY; The middle-class madam exploited hundreds of women to build city's biggest sex-for-sale empire hidden behind a veneer of respectability .. then blew the ill-gotten gains on handbags and designer gear. IAN MCEWEN Feb 8, 2021 957
Tourist guide to tarts with their own teeth. Feb 8, 2021 304
Matron's pleasure palace. Feb 8, 2021 214
Fight against trafficking stepped up. Feb 7, 2021 712
[c]AImmersion dans l'univers de la prostitution 2.0. Feb 7, 2021 466
DBKL shuts down massage parlour suspected of being vice den. Feb 5, 2021 199
Criminals still owe PS8m in ill-gotten gains; PROCEEDS OF CRIME ARREARS REVEALED Prosecutors' bid to recover PS800k from brothel owner's estate. STUART MACDONALD Feb 4, 2021 381

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