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I'm fighting to fit into my legs; Amputee Paul's lockdown weight struggle. CLAIRE GALLOWAY Sep 18, 2021 298
Robotic arm makes waves at COMSTECH-KU exhibit. Sep 10, 2021 408
Sensorion, Cochlear to Begin First Clinical Trial of SENS-401 for Hearing Preservation in Combination with Cochlear Implantation. Sep 9, 2021 430
Active Implants signs exclusive partnership with Geistlich Pharma AG for distribution of NUsurface Meniscus Prosthesis across Switzerland. Sep 7, 2021 194
Active Implants signs exclusive partnership with Geistlich Pharma AG for distribution of NUsurface Meniscus Prosthesis across Switzerland. Sep 7, 2021 195
Biomedical Engineering: The Little Engineer That Could. Stohlmann, Micah Sep 1, 2021 1303
Additive manufacturing--Biomedical engineer. Jones, Virginia R. Sep 1, 2021 676
Auricular Prosthesis for Congenitally Deformed Ear with Acrylic Template for Colour Depiction--A Case Report. Shaikh, Almas; Mahule, Aushili; Motwani, Divyakshi; Shirbhate, Ashwini; Saraf, Shakun Aug 30, 2021 2236
Shannon, 9, in running to be ace of blades. MARTIN FRICKER Aug 30, 2021 202
Woman found out she was pregnant and in labour just four hours before she gave birth; Lorna Goodings was convinced she was 'just bloated' after doctors put her swollen tummy down to the effects of her birth control. By, Daniel Smith Aug 25, 2021 922
PBM distributes 6,600 wheel chairs to deserving in last three years. Aug 23, 2021 309
PBM distributes 6,600 wheel chairs to deserving in last three years. Aug 23, 2021 309
Over 6,600 chairs distributed by PBM among deserving persons in 3 years. Aug 23, 2021 179
PBM distributes 6,600 wheel chairs to deserving in last three years. Aug 23, 2021 309
Blade runner Shannon is now ahead of the pack. MARK SMITH Health Correspondent Aug 20, 2021 754
Now Shannon's one of the quickest in her class. MARK SMITH Health correspondent Aug 20, 2021 545
The first child in Wales to be given a sports prosthetic blade free on the NHS; Shannon Flaherty, nine, has been given a new lease of life thanks to her sporty blade. By, Mark Smith Aug 20, 2021 837
Pakistanis rendered disabled are back to normal life With UAE support. Aug 18, 2021 414
PBM, UAE provide artificial limbs to 61 paralysed persons. Aug 18, 2021 314
PBM, UAE provide artificial limbs to 61 paralysed persons. Aug 18, 2021 314
PBM distributes 2100 customized, 4500 standard wheel chairs among PWDs. Aug 16, 2021 157
PBM distributes 2100 customized, 4500 standard wheel chairs among PWDs. Aug 16, 2021 157
Keeping Watch to Prevent Strokes from AFib: An implantable device may be an alternative to blood thinners to avert strokes from atrial fibrillation. Aug 11, 2021 707
Screening for Q Fever in Patients Undergoing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation, Israel, June 2018-May 2020. Ghanem-Zoubi, Nesrin; Paul, Mical; Szwarcwort, Moran; Agmon, Yoram; Kerner, Arthur Report Aug 1, 2021 2215
Propose Time-Delayed Suicide Implant for Dementia Patients. Smith, Wesley J. Aug 1, 2021 1002
Magnet and receiver-stimulator displacement after cochlear implantation: Clinical characters and management approaches. Alahmadi, Asma; Alenzi, Saad; Alsheikh, Mohammed; Alghamdi, Saeed; Morra, Mostafa E.; Badr, Khalid M Report Aug 1, 2021 8032
Surgical Treatment of Peyronie's Disease: Single-centre Experiments/Peyronie Hastaliginda Cerrahi Tedavi: Tek Merkez Deneyimi. Deniz, Mehmet Efatun; Üna, Umut Disease/Disorder overview Aug 1, 2021 2957
Epidemiological, Clinical, and Prognostic Features of Infective Endocarditis: A Retrospective Study with 90 Episodes/Infektif Endokarditin Epidemiyolojik, Klinik ve Prognostik Sonuclari: 90 Atagin Retrospektif Kohortu. Kacmaz, Asiye Bahar; Balkan, Ilker Inanc; Sinan, Umit Yasar; Mete, Bilgul; Saltoglu, Nese; Tabak, Fe Aug 1, 2021 5023
A Novel Technique for the Fabrication of Hollow Denture --A Need for Resorbed Ridge. Jaiswal, Rahul Suresh; Kanathila, Hema; Patil, Anandkumar G. Jul 26, 2021 2037
The Study of Prevalence of Low Back Pain and Its Correlation with Functional Disability in Patients with Lower Limb Amputation. Ashtaputre, Arya Shirish; Gondekar, Ayman Shaad; Varadharajulu, Govinda Clinical report Jul 26, 2021 3780
FUTURES STUDIES. Gammarino, Tom Jul 24, 2021 5097
Antibiotic Envelope Makes Device Implantation Safer: Now there's less risk of infection from getting a pacemaker or defibrillator. Jul 22, 2021 327
Inspire Medical price target lowered to $215 from $235 at Piper Sandler. Jul 20, 2021 151
Army to procure prosthetics for wounded combatants. Jul 16, 2021 1348
Answers to questions about pacemaker interference, stomach ulcers and epilepsy. Lang, Richard S. Jul 15, 2021 542
Maiden hip replacement surgery at Voi hospital. Jul 7, 2021 310
New milestone as Voi hospital conducts first hip replacement surgery. Jul 7, 2021 543
Cop who lost leg in crash is back at work; special constable's new role with force after learning to walk with prosthetic. ALEXANDER BROCK News Reporter Jul 6, 2021 342
Role of Finite Element Analysis in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery--A Review. Anand, Manish; Panwar, Shreya; Bisht, Srestha Jul 5, 2021 4046
Thermal processing of a degradable carboxylic acid-functionalized polycarbonate into scaffolds for tissue engineering. Murthy, N. Sanjeeva; Shultz, Robert B.; Iovine, Carmine P.; Kohn, Joachim Report Jul 1, 2021 6281
Tympanoplasty with an Intact Stapes Superstructure in Chronic Otitis Media. Schlemmer, Kurt; Qingsong, Liu; Linder, Thomas Jul 1, 2021 4876
Endoscopy-Assisted Transmeatal Cochlear Implantation in Multiple Ear Deformities. Li, Yi-Lu; Lee, Wei-Ting; Wu, Jiunn-Liang Jul 1, 2021 1877
Finite Element Analysis of the Effect of the Range of Bone Defect and Filling Material on the Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty. Tu, Xinglei; Li, Minglin Jul 1, 2021 3685
Design and Analysis of Footplate using Composite Material for Partial Foot Amputation. Wagle, Chandrika; Padhi, S.N. Jul 1, 2021 1685
9 OSSUR[R]. Sigurdsson, Jon; Solvason, Sveinn; Fridriksdottir, Margret Lara; Jonsson, Egill; Karason, Gudjon G.; Jul 1, 2021 650
Liquid Metal and Al Create Artificial Sense of Touch. Brusco, Sam Jul 1, 2021 635
Design and Evolution of a Prosthetic Socket for Lower Limb Amputation to Patient. Ratnakar, G. Giri; Ramu, I. Jul 1, 2021 3681
A Review on Nanocellulose and its Potential Biomedical Applications. Kumari, Suman; Chauhan, R.P.S.; Mishra, Abhilasha; Kumar, Pawan Jul 1, 2021 12360
Walking is freedom, and much more, new books say. Sibbie O'Sullivan Special to The Washington Post Jun 28, 2021 703
Axonics files PMA supplement with FDA for implantable sacral neurostimulator. Jun 24, 2021 171
Establishment Labs' Motiva implants study showed reduced foreign body response. Jun 23, 2021 281
3D Systems, CollPlant sign co-development agreement 3D bioprinted soft tissue. Jun 22, 2021 271
228 amputees get free artificial limbs in Benue. Jun 22, 2021 411
Dad gets 'Iron Man' bionic arm so he can play with his little boy. CHRISTIE BANNON Reporter Jun 21, 2021 690
Comparison between Dual Layer Intraperitoneal Mesh and Single Layer Mesh for Laparoscopic Ventral and Incisional Hernia Repair. Akhil, Avirneni; Yogish, Vikram; Sivarajan, N.; Grover, Himanshi; Wasim, Mohammad; Kamalakhannan, C. Jun 21, 2021 3103
What happened to Eriksen could happen to me... at any time, in any place; Video journalist Andrew Stuart of Llandudno was born with a heart condition and because of that has an implantable defibrillator. Here, he tells his story... Andrew Stuart Jun 18, 2021 1112
Amplify Additive. Jun 15, 2021 375
ARCH[R]: MEDICAL SOLUTIONS. Jun 15, 2021 304
Cadence, Inc. Jun 15, 2021 252
EGA Medical Instruments. Jun 15, 2021 285
Hammill Medical. Jun 15, 2021 363
Lowell, Inc. Jun 15, 2021 339
Phillips Precision Medic raft. Jun 15, 2021 317
Precision Medical Technologies, Inc. Jun 15, 2021 400
Tangible Solutions. Jun 15, 2021 160
Free artificial breasts among items on offer to trans students at Edinburgh University; Trans students at Edinburgh University are reportedly being offered free prosthetic breasts and "packers" that help give the appearance of having a penis. Jun 13, 2021 470
Split It! Let's Break That Stress--A Case Report. Patil, Abhijit; Sethi, Tanya; Doddamani, Mallikarjun H.; Shah, Rutvi; Patil, Anandkumar G.; Vora, An Jun 7, 2021 2085
Continued use of Warfarin in lower dose has safe maternal and neonatal outcomes in pregnant women with Prosthetic Heart Valves. Shafaq Nadeem, Shabaz Ahmad Khilji, Faisal Ali and Anjum Jalal Jun 4, 2021 2359
Brain Implant to Aid Sight Closer to Reality. Jun 1, 2021 296
The role of malleostapedotomy in intra-operative incus injury: A review of 2 cases. Alabdulqader, Abdullah A.; Hajr, Eman A. Clinical report Jun 1, 2021 2609
Clinical Characteristics of 46,XX Males with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. Savas-Erdeve, Senay; Aycan, Zehra; Cetinkaya, Semra; Ozturk, Ayse Pinar; Bas, Firdevs; Poyrazoglu, S Report Jun 1, 2021 4790
Are Kinesiophobia and Functional Performance Related to Ability to Forget the Artificial Joint in Patients with Total Hip Arthroplasty? Ozcadirci, Aykut; Ozturk, Ferhat; Caglar, Omur; Coskun, Gursoy Jun 1, 2021 4650
PHC orders restoration of electric supply to prosthetics centre. May 27, 2021 492
Maxillofacial prosthodontists are needed for the rehabilitation of patients with congenital and acquired craniofacial defects. Syed Murtaza Raza Kazmi and Farhan Raza Khan May 26, 2021 230
Breast implant ruling welcomed by former MP. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large May 26, 2021 669
'I went totally deaf as a child but taught myself how to hear again' Will Moseley-Roberts, 19, was told not to aim too high but was determined to get into medical school and follow his dream of becoming a doctor. Education editor Abbie Wightwick reports. Abbie Wightwick May 26, 2021 1181
Ex-MP welcomes breast implant 'payout' ruling. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large May 25, 2021 581
'I went totally deaf but taught myself how to hear again'; Will Moseley-Roberts, 19, was told not to aim too high but was determined to get into medical school and follow his dream of becoming a doctor. By, Abbie Wightwick May 23, 2021 1267
'I never thought I was disabled but I taught myself to hear again'; Will Moseley-Roberts, 19, from Cardiff, defied those who told him not to aim too high, and is now studying to becoming a doctor after teaching himself to hear again following cochlear implant surgery. By, Abbie Wightwick May 23, 2021 1270
Lending a bionic hand. May 23, 2021 1813
BREAST IMPLANT WOMEN WIN 10-YR COMPO FIGHT; UK victims 'elated' after French court ruling. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor May 21, 2021 157
UK breast implant victims welcome decision by court. JOE GAMMIE May 21, 2021 614
Axonics announces CE Mark approval for implantable sacral neurostimulator. May 18, 2021 164
Collateral damage: Sheikh Hamad hospital in Gaza suspends services. May 18, 2021 188
Non-Vital Root Submergence for Preservation of Socket in an Adolescent--A Rare Case Report. Padmawar, Neeta S.; Mustilwar, Rachita G.; Mopagar, Viddyasagar P.; Joshi, Sourabh R.; Vadvadgi, Vin May 10, 2021 1837
Reclaiming mobility and athletic freedom with a prosthesis. CM Guest Columnist May 8, 2021 166
Boy whose legs were amputated after horrific abuse as baby walks for first time; Pride of Britain award winner Tony Hudgell as so horrifically abused by his biological parents when he was a baby that doctors had to amputate his legs -but last year the courageous little lad raised £1.5million for the hospital that saved his life by walking 10km on his prosthetics with crutches. By, Louie Smith May 5, 2021 340
Access to penile prostheses differ across provinces in Canada: A survey of Canadian urologists. Whalen, Stewart; Langille, Gavin; White, Josh; Bailly, Greg Report May 4, 2021 3177
Morphometric Study of Mitral Valve in South Odisha--A Cadaveric Study. Padhy, Niharika; Panda, Madhusmita Report May 3, 2021 3796
American Hospital Dubai conducts its first customised knee implant. Reach by Gulf News May 2, 2021 561
Composing a Physicality: How dance shaped this artist's relationship to her prosthesis, opening up a new range of movement. Dantas, Mickaella May 1, 2021 827
Expanding the Status Quo: Prosthetic design allows artists to discover new movement possibilities and creative opportunities. Skybetter, Sydney May 1, 2021 436
Reconstruction, Prosthesis, or Flat After Mastectomy? Physician-informed decision-making is crucial in helping women choose what's right for them. May 1, 2021 1380
Adding Up Implants: 3D printing technoiogies are growing in use for orthopedic implants, but have not yet bypassed the traditional fabrication techniques. Crawford, Mark May 1, 2021 2775
Cochlear Implants May Help You Hear Better: For some older adults, hearing aids aren't enough to compensate for age-related hearing loss. May 1, 2021 1317
Outcome of thrombolysis with streptokinase in patients with prosthetic valve thrombosis. Shahid Abbas, Naeem Hameed, Shahbaz Ahmed Khilji and Anjum Jalal Apr 30, 2021 2927
Brain-controlled computers are becoming a reality, but major hurdles remain. CM Guest Columnist Apr 30, 2021 1581
Tunisian AI expertise to benefit Africans in need of artificial limbs. MATT SMITH Apr 30, 2021 791
NGO Seeks FG's Implementation Of Disability Law. Apr 30, 2021 349
BetterLife Pharma files patent protection for an implant designed to mitigate excess psychedelic dosage effects. Apr 30, 2021 323
Mum who lost arms and legs to sepsis walks again -and vows to go on family holiday; WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Alison Friday was looking forward to a dream trip and new job -but just 24 hours later doctors gave her a 5% chance of survival. By, Ross Kaniuk, PA & Lorna Hughes Apr 24, 2021 1672
My mother has a pacemaker, and my father has a defibrillator. What's the difference between these devices? Cho, Leslie; Laffin, Luke J. Apr 22, 2021 300
Quinn, three, on a 30-mile mission; Prosthetic leg 'triumph' for toddler. ALEX LLOYD Apr 20, 2021 364
Egyptian president follows up on establishment of prosthetics production system. Egypt Today staff Apr 19, 2021 391
El-Sisi holds meeting on prosthetics production in Egypt. Mohammed Abu Zaid Apr 19, 2021 237
Noni--An Effective Solution for Denture Storage. Duggal, Surabhi; Vaishnavi, Karthikeyan; Mohanalakshmi, D.; Chopra, Megha Apr 19, 2021 3901
Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Maxillectomy Defects, with Single-Piece Open-Hollow Bulb Definitive Obturator. Mishra, Ananya; Mohamed, Kasim; Kumar, Prasanna; Jayagandhi, Sathish Kumar Apr 19, 2021 2392
Girl, 3, with prosthetic leg walks 30 miles to raise money for hospital. LOUISA GREGSON @LouisaGregson Apr 17, 2021 708
Women praise ASOS for showing model's cochlear implant in earrings advertisement; Model Natasha Ghouri, who was born deaf, was featured on ASOS's website modelling a pair of earrings, and sparked an outpouring of support on social media after her photographs went viral. By, Rosaleen Fenton Apr 16, 2021 337
'I am definitely not crying': ASOS praised by shoppers for using deaf model with a cochlear implant; ASOS leads the way with model inclusivity. By, Ruby Gregory Apr 15, 2021 383
Saudi Arabia's KSrelief opens prosthetic limbs clinic in Aden. Arab News Apr 15, 2021 274
Assessment of the Knowledge about Routine Laboratory Procedures in Fabrication of Fixed Dental Prostheses amongst Dental Laboratories in Western Maharashtra Region. Vande, Aaditee Vishnu; Tewary, Shivsagar; Sanyal, Pronob Kumar; Pawashe, Karuna Gajanan Apr 12, 2021 3177
Amputees walk to raise money for prosthetics. Apr 12, 2021 674
Hands-free: Monkey plays video game - with its brain. Apr 10, 2021 447
Severe Vascular Complications Following Thrombolytic Therapy in a Case of Prosthetic Mitral Valve Thrombosis--A Case Report. Husain, Ayan; Gaidhane, Shilpa Abhay; Karadbhajane, Priti Abhay; Acharya, Sourya; Nirmal, Apoorva Apr 5, 2021 2278
Home Is Where the Heart (Valve) Is. Brusco, Sam Apr 1, 2021 911
A Review on Selecting the Best Biomaterial for Cranial Implant Obtained From Dicom Data. Kumar, Vinay; Metkar, R.M.; Sapkal, Pranav Apr 1, 2021 1503
A New View of a:C-H-coated Ti-6Al-4V Alloy to be Used as Orthopedic Implants: Influence of Surface Free-energy of Interaction on the Biological Responses. Nascimento, Joao Pedro Lopes; Freitas, Leonardo dos Reis; Lemos, Camila Nunes; Gelamo, Rogerio Valen Report Apr 1, 2021 2352
Complications of Cervical Disc Prosthesis Dislocation: A Retrospective Clinical Study. Akyuva, Yener; Ozger, Ozkan; Urfali, Boran; Kaplan, Necati; Aykut, Ali Maksut Report Apr 1, 2021 2395
Current Methods for the Evaluation and Surgical Treatment of Periprosthetic Femur Fractures Complicating Hip Arthroplasty. Maurer, Elke; DeRogatis, Michael J.; Issack, Paul S. Apr 1, 2021 6509
Amalgamation of self-esteem, depression, anxiety and stress among prosthesis users. Kamran, Muhammad; Mumtaz, Nazia; Saqulain, Ghulam Report Mar 31, 2021 2199
Evaluation of Porosity and Water Sorption in Conventionally Cured Modified Polymethyl Methacrylate Resin--An In Vitro Study. Mathew, Merin; Shenoy, Kamalakanth; Ravishankar, K.S. Mar 29, 2021 3358
Nexxt Spine LLC announces company milestone with sale of 11,000 NEXXT MATRIXX 3D printed titanium implants. Mar 24, 2021 190
Nexxt Spine LLC announces company milestone with sale of 11,000 NEXXT MATRIXX 3D printed titanium implants. Mar 24, 2021 189
A Lifeline for a Hopeless Tooth--A Multidisciplinary Approach. Shetty, Rajesh; Suhaim, Karkala Syed; Jain, Shriya Deepak; Shetty, Sanath Kumar; Zehra, Mariyam Mar 22, 2021 1787
Cambodian study assesses 3D scanning technologies for prosthetic limb design. Mar 18, 2021 536
Alafair Biosciences introduces VersaWrap. Mar 16, 2021 210
Alafair Biosciences introduces VersaWrap. Mar 16, 2021 211
Inspire Medical gets FDA approval of two-incision implant procedure. Mar 15, 2021 179
Hollow Prosthetic Vaginal Dilator--A Novel Technique. Mohamed, Kasim; Krishnamurthy, Preetha; K. Yogitha; Hussain, Syed Altaf Mar 15, 2021 2911
Employees' Compensation Scheme Hits Over N4bn In Ten Years - NSITF. Mar 14, 2021 542
The Bin (2021), dir. Jocelyn Tamayao From the Unstoppable program. Blizek, William L. Mar 4, 2021 513
HMC screens over 28,000 for hearing loss detection annually. Mar 4, 2021 651
Orthocell's CelGroà Dental granted inclusion on Australian Prostheses List. Mar 4, 2021 331
A Look at the Actual Device Costs for Hospitals. Shepherd, Maria Mar 1, 2021 1114
Costing total hip arthroplasty in a South African state tertiary hospital. Sekeitto, A.R.; Aden, A.A. Report Mar 1, 2021 3842
A Modified Technique for Fabrication of Magnetic Retained Cheek Plumper in Completely Edentulous Patient with Sunken Cheeks --Case Report. Vasundhara, Kaligotla Apoorva; Surapaneni, Haragopal; Kishore, Kadiyala Krishna; Babu, Muvva Suresh; Mar 1, 2021 1812
Engineers are involved in a 4 [pounds sterling] million research project to investigate ways of developing a new generation of artificial joints. Mar 1, 2021 175
Development OPTIONS: New materials, machines, techniques, and technologies create new design opportunities for medical device manufacturers. Crawford, Mark Mar 1, 2021 3006
Sir Syed University providing technical, strategic support to HASWA for producing automatic prosthetic limbs. Feb 27, 2021 367
Sir Syed University providing technical and strategic support to HASWA for producing automatic prosthetic limbs. Feb 27, 2021 367
Sir Syed University providing technical, strategic support to HASWA for producing automatic prosthetic limbs. Feb 27, 2021 367
SSUET supports HASWA over prosthetic limbs. Feb 27, 2021 227
Perth woman who faked pregnancy and wore prosthetic baby bump after one-night stand sentenced; A Perthshire woman who wore a prosthetic baby bump to trick a one-night stand lover into thinking she was pregnant has been sentenced to community service. Gary Flockhart Feb 24, 2021 586
Maxillofacial Prosthesis for Combined Intra and Extra-Oral Defect--A Case Report. Bhola, Rajiv Dharampal; Pisulkar, Sweta Gajanan Kale; Godbole, Surekha Anil Dubey; Purohit, Hetal Sa Feb 22, 2021 2337
Novel surgery to enable better control of prosthetic limbs. Feb 17, 2021 321
Novel surgery to enable better control of prosthetic limbs. Feb 17, 2021 321
QRCS implements artificial limbs project for war victims in Syria. Feb 16, 2021 311
Fabrication of Ocular Prosthesis for Phthisis Bulbi by an Innovative Impression-Less Technique--A Case Report. Shetty, Sanath; Sarfaraz, Hasan; Shetty, Naresh; Ahmed, Syed Ghouse Feb 15, 2021 2434
Adaptive Phage Therapeutics Receives FDA Clearance of IND Application for PhageBank for the Treatment of Prosthetic Joint Infections. Feb 11, 2021 473
Woman wakes up from boob job to find doctors made her bum 'a terrifying size' instead; WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Clinical psychologist Lyubov Laufer, 45, says the botched plastic surgery left her buttocks "a terrifying size" and so traumatised she cannot sleep in the same room as her husband. By, Will Stewart Feb 10, 2021 493
Orthocell's CelGroA Dental recommended, ahead of expectations, for inclusion on the Australian Prosthesis List. Feb 6, 2021 382
Prosthetics doctor Jim loses arm in bike crash; HORROR AS 40-TON TRUCK SEVERS LIMB Brave medic cheats death and is poised to return to work transforming patients' lives DETERMINED Above, fitness fanatic Jim in rowing boat before accident, and recovering in hospital. He has been training hard in a bid to speed up his rehabilitation after losing his arm. JOHN JEFFAY Feb 2, 2021 485
OMG! Maui Taylor wants implants removed. Feb 1, 2021 178
NHS hero, 52, 'never got to say goodbye' to wife and kids before dying with Covid; Dax Daantos, 52, was described by his devastated widow as a 'selfless, loving father and husband' after his death with coronavirus on Tuesday. By, William Walker Feb 1, 2021 603
NHS hero, 52, 'never got to say goodbye' to wife and kids before dying with Covid; Dax Daantos was described by his devastated widow as a 'selfless, loving father and husband' after his death with coronavirus on Tuesday. By, William Walker Feb 1, 2021 603
Making the Cut: Advanced polymers and composites paired with 3D printing improve the efficiency of surgical implants. Romeo, Jim Feb 1, 2021 2138
Clinical profile and management of revision cochlear implant surgeries. Aldhafeeri, Ahmad M.; Alzhrani, Farid; Alajlan, Suliman; AlSanosi, Abdulrahman; Hager, Abdulrahman Report Feb 1, 2021 2655
I have spent 20 years helping ears patients who have lost an arm. Then I lost my arm: Prosthetic specialist on his fightback after near-fatal accident; Former marine turned amputee specialist on how his own life-changing accident gave him a new perspective. Tracey Bryce Jan 31, 2021 1456
PREDICAMENTS OF PROSTHETISTS and ORTHOTISTS IN PAKISTAN. Faiza Ali, Nazia Mumtaz and Ghulam Saqulain Jan 31, 2021 2604
Post-residency fellowship training in Maxillofacial Prosthetics is needed in Pakistan. Kazmi, Syed Murtaza Raza; Khan, Farhan Raza Report Jan 31, 2021 2415
Innovation in surgical training: Simulating prosthetic heart valves and annuloplasty rings using pacifiers for cardiac surgery wet-labs in a resource limited setting. Iqbal, Sara; Ahmed, Waris Report Jan 31, 2021 1023
Awareness campaign for breast condition. ZOE PHILLIPS Jan 30, 2021 480
State of the art prosthetics providing real progress in personal injury claims - Bruce Goodbrand; Many personal injury practitioners will be familiar with a famous illustration from a magazine article in the 1890s. It shows silhouettes of amputees, and the various levels of compensation that could be expected at that time for lost limbs. Bruce Goodbrand Jan 30, 2021 664
Tiger suffers setback after hip replacement surgery. Associated Press Jan 29, 2021 274
Hairdresser sees the Sense in turning clippers on herself for charity. Jan 23, 2021 268
Hairdresser sees the Sense in turning clippers on herself for charity. Jan 23, 2021 268
25 military amputees receive prosthetics. Jan 22, 2021 595
Aesthetic rehabilitation in a patient with skeletal mandibular deficiency and open bite: journey from splinted metalloceramic prosthesis to all-ceramic crowns. Nazeer, Rizwan; Jamal, Shizrah; Khan, Farhan Raza Clinical report Jan 19, 2021 3041
Michelangelo hand: First person in the UK to receive life-changing prosthetic hand has treatment at Scottish hospital; A 57 year-old woman has become the first NHS patient in the UK to receive the life-changing 'Michelangelo' bionic hand at a hospital in Glasgow after contracting sepsis from a paper cut. Hannah Brown Jan 7, 2021 589
Artificial joints and coffin nails help raise PS10k. Jan 6, 2021 246
An Implantable Ultrasound For SCI. Butch, Rachel Jan 1, 2021 863
Experience on Subfascial Mammary Augmentation and Influence of Incisions on Technique. Gokkaya, Ali; Gorgu, Metin Jan 1, 2021 6202
Galactorrhea and Galactocele Formation after Augmentation Mammoplasty and Augmentation Mastopexy. Ors, Safvet Jan 1, 2021 3359
Telemonitoring Implantable Cardiac Devices in Reducing Heart Failure Complications: An Updated Systematic Review. Chan, T.L.; Ling, Y.P.M.; Liu, A.H.Y.; Lam, Y.T.; Lam, T.C.; Yue, S.R.B. Report Jan 1, 2021 304
Cochlear Implantation Outcomes in Patients with Mitochondrial Hearing Loss: A Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis. Zia, Nawal; Nikookam, Yasmin; Muzaffar, Jameel; Kullar, Peter; Monksfield, Peter; Bance, Manohar Jan 1, 2021 5514
DJO Acquires Trilliant Surgical. Jan 1, 2021 383
Building a More Transparent Healthcare Supply Chain with UDI. Wells, Beth Jan 1, 2021 1172
The Prosthetic Treatment on Oral Candidiasis. Dong, Hanrik Jan 1, 2021 400
Evaluation of Communication between the Dental Practitioners and Laboratory Technicians. Kondareddy, Sreedevi; Gooty, Jagadish Reddy Jan 1, 2021 2226
TRICUSPID VALVE REGURGITATION IN PATIENTS UNDERGOING ENDOCARDIAL LEADS PLACEMENT. Muhammad Asad, Qurban Hussain Khan, Azmat Hayat, Waheed-ur-Rehman, Muhammad Shabbir, Amer Naseem, No Dec 31, 2020 2571
IMPLANTABLE CARDIAC DEVICE INFECTION - A CLINICAL AUDIT. Muhammad Asad, Qurban Hussain Khan, Mir Waqas Baloch, Kumail Abbas Khan, Muhammad Amer Naseem, Azmat Dec 31, 2020 2849
Prevalence and features of inner ear malformations among children with congenital sensorineural hearing loss: A Public Cochlear Implant Centre Experience. Jawwad Ahmed, Ghulam Saqulain, Muhammad Iqbal Javed Khan and Mobeen Kausar Dec 31, 2020 3331
Efficacy of Anti-Fungal Agents Incorporated in Tissue Conditioners in Inhibiting the Growth of Candida albicans. Bhat, Vidya S.; Bhat, Varsha P.; Agarwal, Anurag; Shetty, Sanath Dec 28, 2020 3088
Comparative Evaluation of Adhesion of Candida albicans to Heat Cure Polymethyl Methacrylate, Self-Cure Polymethyl Methacrylate and Vacuum formed Thermoplastic Resin--An In Vitro Study. Patil, Suvidha S.; Patil, Anandkumar G.; Benakatti, Veena; Patil, Raghunath Report Dec 28, 2020 1935
Civil Society demands subsidy on PWDs supporting equipment. Dec 21, 2020 392
Hope rises as hearing-impaired persons get cochlear implant at N6.2m. Dec 21, 2020 567
Egypt conducts hearing screening for 1.151M children as part of presidential initiative. Egypt Today staff Dec 14, 2020 183
Johnny Silverhands bionic arm from Cyberpunk 2077 is becoming a real-world prosthetic arm. Dec 14, 2020 357
Precision Attachment and Magnet Retained Maxillary Prosthesis Continuous with Orbital Prosthesis. Shirlal, Shilpa; Bhola, Sarthak; Belgaumi, Uzma; Mehendale, Avinash; Kanathilla, Hema Dec 14, 2020 1960
PBM to assist Nishtar hospital for setting up artificial limbs workshop. Dec 14, 2020 222
My Story:Getting my experience published showed me the gaps in disability awareness. Dec 12, 2020 1039
Rugby player who lost leg bounces back; student switches from nursing to prosthetics to help others. PAIGE OLDFIELD Dec 10, 2020 420
BIONIC GIRL; Lexi gets prosthetic limb just in time for Christmas. Katie Pearson EXCLUSIVE Dec 6, 2020 486
Azerbaijan presents first locally manufactured high-tech prostheses. Dec 5, 2020 319
Girl, 10, born with one hand gets [pounds sterling]10k bionic limb to finally open presents at Christmas; EXCLUSIVE: Lexi Pitchford will be able to eat turkey dinner with a knife and fork and tear in to her Christmas presents with ease thanks to strangers' donations for her special prosthetic. By, Katie Pearson Dec 5, 2020 562
Amputee boxing coach is back in gym just months after losing legs; DAD'S FIGHTING SPIRIT Scott, 46, learns to walk on new prosthetic limbs. JON HEBDITCH Dec 4, 2020 421
Effect of fixed dental prosthesis on the brain functions of partially edentulous patients--pilot study with power spectrum density analysis. Saikia, Uddipta Prafulla; Chander, N. Gopi; Balasubramanian, Muthukumar Dec 1, 2020 3479
A new dental casting technique for production of void-free dental models. Ozyemisci, Nuran; Yorulmaz, Mehmet Report Dec 1, 2020 2410
Meniscus prosthesis to improve knee surgeries. Dec 1, 2020 439
Evaluating the Primary Stability of Implants by two Different Insertion Methodsin Compromised Bone--A Pilot Study. Bandela, Vinod; Munagapati, Bharathi; Komala, Jayashree; Basany, Ram B.; Patil, Santosh R.; Kanapart Report Dec 1, 2020 2847
Auditory Performance in Early Implanted Children with Cochleovestibular Malformation and Cochlear Nerve Deficiency. Othman, Iylia Ajmal; Abdullah, Asma; See, Goh Bee; Umat, Cila; Tyler, Richard S. Dec 1, 2020 4200
Feasibility of Day Surgery for Cochlear Implantation under Conscious Sedation with Same-Day Fitting. Aldhafeeri, Ahmad M.; Saleh, Shaza; Almuhawas, Fida; Hagr, Abdulrahman Dec 1, 2020 4011
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Seizure as Early Presentation of a Pneumocephalus after Cochlear Implant: A Case Report. Palacios-Garcia, Jose Maria; Vazquez-Becerra, Elena; Ropero-Romero, Francisco; Sanchez-Gomez, Serafi Dec 1, 2020 1708
A New Technique for the Fabrication of Interim Obturator. Satya, Prakash M.; Sengottaiyan, Vinoth Kumar; Ganapathy, Dhanraj M.; Ariga, Padma; V., Ashok Nov 30, 2020 1409
Adhesive Retained Silicone Auricular Prosthesis in Rehabilitation of Missing Ear. Kanathila, Hema; Pangi, Ashwin; Bharathi, P. Nov 23, 2020 2042
New lease of life for woman hurt in crash. KALI LINDSAY Reporter Nov 19, 2020 549
Mohamed Dhaouafi: "Real-life superheroes do not wear cape but prosthesis". Nov 17, 2020 587
Call centre worker becomes 'England's Erin Brockovich' to help take on drugs giant; EXCLUSIVE: Jan Faulkner swapped life as a call centre worker to work for law firm taking action against Bayer Pharma after she was left housebound with an Essure contraceptive implant. By, Jade Beecroft Nov 14, 2020 1143
Insurgency: Command Engineering Depot builds surveillance vehicles, others. Nov 6, 2020 1433
Tunisian startup 3D prints solar-powered bionic hands. Nov 3, 2020 713
Material in Maxillofacial Prosthodontics--A Review. Dubey, Surekha Godbole; Balwani, Tanvi Rajesh; Chandak, Aditi Vinay; Pande, Samidha Nov 2, 2020 3828
Cyber-Attacks on Medical Implants: A Case Study of Cardiac Pacemaker Vulnerability. Rehman, Muhammad Muneeb Ur; Rehman, Hafiz Zia Ur; Khan, Zeashan Hameed Case study Nov 1, 2020 3804
Obesity and the Impact on Hip and Knee Implants. Shepherd, Maria Nov 1, 2020 984
'Our son raised PS1 million; Mum-of-eight Paula Hudgell, 53, and her husband, Mark, 56, from Kent, adopted six-year-old Tony after he was so badly abused by his birth parents he was forced to have both legs amputated. In June, Tony walked 10km on his new prosthetic legs, raising over PS1 million for the hospital that saved him walking 10km on prosthetic legs'. Nov 1, 2020 1310
'OUR SON RAISED PS1 MILLION WALKING 10KM ON PROSTHETIC LEGS' Mum-of-eight Paula Hudgell, 53, and her husband, Mark, 56, from Kent, adopted six-year-old Tony after he was so badly abused by his birth parents he was forced to have both legs amputated. In June, Tony walked 10km on his new prosthetic legs, raising over PS1 million for the hospital that saved him. Nov 1, 2020 1315
Remotely monitored inactivity due to COVID-19 Lockdowns: Potential hazard for heart failure patients. Fagih, Ahmed Al; Onazi, Mariam Al; Basiri, Saleh Al; AL-Kaf, Fahmi; Dagriri, Khalid; Hebaishi, Yahya Report Nov 1, 2020 2872
Western-designed total knee implants mismatch Saudi patient knees: Anatomical bony measurements documented by computed tomography. Al-Otaibi, Mohammed L.; Alshumrani, Ghazi A. Report Nov 1, 2020 4363
Assessment of the quality of anticoagulation management with warfarin in a tertiary care center. Albabtain, Monirah A.; Alharthi, Maha M.; Dagriri, Khalid; Arafat, Amr A.; Ayrout, Esraa; Alhebaishi Report Nov 1, 2020 4465
One-stage vs. two-stage revision outcomes in infected total knee arthroplasty. Coltan, Mihai; Dragosloveanu, Serban Nov 1, 2020 1971
Boy, 6, who lost legs after vile abuse wins Pride of Britain Award from heroes Ant & Dec; EXCLUSIVE: Tony Hudgell has raised almost [pounds sterling]1.5million by walking 10km on his prosthetic legs after battling back from a devastating start in life. By, Amanda Killelea Oct 28, 2020 1065
Establishment Labs announces data on Motiva safety outcomes. Oct 21, 2020 349
Prosthodontic Rehabilitation of Maxillary Defect in a Patient with Mucormycosis. Satya, Prakash M.; Ashok, V.; Nesappan, Thiyaneswaran; Ganapathy, Dhanraj M. Oct 19, 2020 1765
Tamale to pursue weightlifting dream with new artificial limb. Oct 14, 2020 515
PBM initiative: 10 deaf kids undergone cochlear implant surgeries to start hearing soon. Oct 13, 2020 269
Erskine's 104 years of caring; CHARITY MARKS MILESTONE. EXPRESS REPORTER Oct 10, 2020 593
RUA Life Sciences Says Vascular Graft Product Now In Testing Phase. Oct 9, 2020 339
MONEY TALKS: MPO's annual survey of medtech employees from across the industry. Brusco, Sam Oct 1, 2020 1057
Human-Augmentation Technologies are Worth the Risks: Advanced prosthetics highlight the value of pure research, with or without a business case. Morgan, Alun Oct 1, 2020 884
Reliability of the Arabic Glasgow children's benefit inventory. Alzahrani, Musaed A.; Aldriweesh, A.; Alharbi, Mashael A.; Alrashidi, Taghrid N. Oct 1, 2020 2169
Validation and inter-rater reliability testing of the Arabic version of speech intelligibility rating among children with cochlear implant. Al-shawi, Yazeed A.; Mesallam, Tamer A.; Albakheet, Nouf M.; Alshawi, Moath A.; Alfallaj, Rayan M.; Oct 1, 2020 2662
Polyester Vascular Graft Material and Risk for Intracavitary Thoracic Vascular Graft Infection. Schweizer, Tiziano A.; Shambat, Srikanth Mairpady; Haunreiter, Vanina Dengler; Mestres, Carlos A.; W Oct 1, 2020 3134
A Review on Revolutionary Natural Biopolymer-Based Aerogels for Antibacterial Delivery. Yahya, Esam Bashir; Jummaat, Fauziah; Amirul, A.A.; Adnan, A.S.; Olaiya, N.G.; Abdullah, C.K.; Rizal Report Oct 1, 2020 14070
Preoperative Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Elective Minor Surgical Procedures among Adults in Southern Italy. Polla, Giorgia Della; Bianco, Aida; Mazzea, Silvia; Napolitano, Francesco; Angelillo, Italo Francesc Clinical report Oct 1, 2020 5596
Antibacterial Property and Biocompatibility of Silver, Copper, and Zinc in Titanium Dioxide Layers Incorporated by One-Step Micro-Arc Oxidation: A Review. Shimabukuro, Masaya Clinical report Oct 1, 2020 7278
Amputee honoured for designs; MAN WHO LOST LEG AS A KID NOW MAKING'COOLEST'PROSTHETICS. AMELIA SHAW Daily Post Reporter Sep 28, 2020 385
New lover's offered to pay for boob reduction; life. Dear Coleen..THE STRAIGHT-TALKING PROBLEM PAGE email Sep 24, 2020 453
Should I accept boyfriend's offer of a breast reduction? DEAR COLEEN; your problems solved. Coleen Nolan Sep 24, 2020 444
Beautician's gaping hole in chest after nipple fell off during 'botched' surgery; Cherrise Massay went under the knife in Istanbal, Turkey, after friends recommended surgery at a clinic -paying [pounds sterling]5,500 for a breast uplift and augmentation and a Brazilian butt lift. By, Lucy Notarantonio Sep 24, 2020 835
TECHITTO THE LIMIT; 5 INVENTIONS WE'LL BE USING IN 2040 The devices that will bring the future to your home and beyond. ANNA BURNSIDE Sep 21, 2020 657
REVIEWS. Sep 19, 2020 401
REVIEWS. Sep 19, 2020 404
Breasts And Eggs; BOOKCLUB. with NICOLA SMITH Do you have a book review or would you like me to review a book you've enjoyed? Pl Sep 19, 2020 199
TECHITTO THE LIMIT; 5 INVENTIONS WE'LL BE USING IN 2040 Future devices for home & beyond. ANNA BURNSIDE Sep 18, 2020 640
REVIEWS. Sep 18, 2020 404
REVIEWS. Sep 15, 2020 404
Game of Thrones' iconic locations recreated at new attraction where you can go behind-the-scenes; Guests will be able to see all the costumes and more, and see how the prosthetics department works. By, Zara Whelan & Rachel Stretton Sep 12, 2020 351
Heroes at prosthetics firm make Tallulah, 8, a new arm. Sep 11, 2020 306
New bionic arm is a real life-changer for Tallulah. MEGAN BAYNES Press Association Reporter Sep 11, 2020 486
Schoolgirl receives 'life-changing' bionic Hero Arm thanks to donor. Sep 11, 2020 507
Peptilogics wins FDA's ODD for PLG0206 for treatment of prosthetic joint infections. Sep 10, 2020 202
Peptilogics wins FDA's ODD for PLG0206 for treatment of prosthetic joint infections. Sep 10, 2020 206
335 Yemenis receive treatment at KSRelief prosthetic center in Aden. Arab News Sep 9, 2020 336
Candida parapsilosis endocarditis. Report of cases and review of the literature. Ioannou, Petros; Volosyraki, Maria; Mavrikaki, Vasiliki; Papakitsou, Ioanna; Mathioudaki, Anna; Samo Sep 1, 2020 2787
Antibiotic Tolerance of Staphylococcus aureus Biofilm in Periprosthetic Joint Infections and Antibiofilm Strategies. Lamret, Fabien; Colin, Marius; Mongaret, Celine; Gangloff, Sophie C.; Reffuveille, Fany Report Sep 1, 2020 10505
Laparoscopic vaginal bead pull-through vaginoplasty technique using dental prosthesis material / Dis protez malzemesi kullanilarak laparoskopik vajinal boncuk cekme vajinoplasti teknigi. Kilicci, Cetin; Sanverdi, Ilhan; Darici, Ezgi; Ozkaya, Enis Sep 1, 2020 2312
A Novel Adjustable Damper Design for a Hybrid Passive Ankle Prosthesis. Naseri, Amirreza; Moghaddam, Majid Mohammadi; Gharini, Mohammad; Sharbafi, Maziar Ahmad Report Sep 1, 2020 8978
Bionic Beasts: How this engineer helps animals walk again. Ferrara, Jeanette Sep 1, 2020 558
Comment on "The Effect of Cochlear Size on Cochlear Implantation Outcomes". Eser, M. Bilgin; Atalay, Basak; Kalcioglu, M. Tayyar Letter to the editor Aug 31, 2020 928
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The Relationship between Anterior Chamber Angle and Intraocular Pressure Early after V4c Implantable Collamer Lens Implantation. Hu, Zongli; Chen, Chunlin; Sun, Min; Yuan, Rongdi; Ye, Jian Aug 31, 2020 4166
A Neurophysiological Study of Musical Pitch Identification in Mandarin-Speaking Cochlear Implant Users. Cai, Jieqing; Liu, Yimeng; Yao, Minyun; Xu, Muqing; Zhang, Hongzheng Aug 31, 2020 7878
A Glass Fiber-Reinforced Resin Composite Splint to Stabilize and Replace Teeth in a Periodontally Compromised Patient. Rauch, Angelika; Mehlhorn, Sebastian; Muhle, Manja; Ziebolz, Dirk Aug 31, 2020 2691
Rehabilitation of Edentulous Jaws with Full-Arch Fixed Implant-Supported Prostheses: An Approach with Short and Ultrashort Implants and Metal-Free Materials. Aiuto, Riccardo; Barbieri, Christian; Garcovich, Daniele; Dioguardi, Mario; Redaelli, Mattia; De Mic Aug 31, 2020 3070
Wearable Active Electrode for sEMG Monitoring Using Two-Channel Brass Dry Electrodes with Reduced Electronics. Ruvalcaba, J. Antonio; Gutierrez, M.I.; Vera, A.; Leija, L. Aug 31, 2020 7360
Persistent Cutibacterium (Formerly Propionibacterium) acnes Bacteremia and Refractory Endocarditis in a Patient with Retained Implantable Pacemaker Leads. Freedman, M.; Aflatooni, J.O.; Foster, R.; Haggerty, P.G.; Derber, C.J. Aug 31, 2020 3363
Acute Joint Blockage due to Abrasion-Related Dislocation of a Silastic Radial Head Prosthesis: A Histological Examination after 14 Years of Durability. Meyer, Heinz-Lothar; Polan, Christina; Bernstein, Anke; Abel, Benedikt; Burggraf, Manuel; Dudda, Mar Aug 31, 2020 1894
Phthisis Bulbi in a Retinitis Pigmentosa Patient after Argus II Implantation. Woude, Logan Vander; Roohipour, Ramak; Khurshid, Gibran Syed Aug 31, 2020 2017
ASSOCIATION OF AGE WITH HEARING REHABILITATION AFTER COCHLEAR IMPLANT. Fizza Naeem, Sayed Nusrat Raza, Taimoor Ashraf Khan and Um e Aiman Aug 31, 2020 2449
'Three little pigs': Musk's Neuralink puts computer chips in animal brains. Aug 29, 2020 807
Elon Musk to unveil Neuralink brain chip that enables 'superhuman intelligence' today; Elon Musk's firm, Neuralink, will finally give us a first glimpse at its futuristic device that connects your brain with a computer. By, Shivali Best Aug 28, 2020 379
US distribution deal for med-tech firm. Aug 27, 2020 246
Artificial knees won't stop cyclist in his tracks. SONIA SHARMA Reporter Aug 26, 2020 483
PBM spends Rs 31 mln on conducting cochlear implant surgeries of 31 deserving children. Aug 24, 2020 242
PBM spends Rs31m on surgeries of 31 deserving children. Aug 24, 2020 236
PBM to provide assistive devices to Balochistan PWDs. Aug 23, 2020 276
PBM to provide assistive devices to PWDs. Aug 23, 2020 190
PBM decides to provide artificial limbs to paralyzed. Aug 23, 2020 299
PBM decides to provide artificial limbs to paralyzed. Aug 23, 2020 287
I've done breast implant three times -Confidence Haugen. Aug 20, 2020 276
Teigen I had boob op while pregnant. Aug 16, 2020 257
Biodegradable orthopaedic implants a win-win for everyone: Tamuq prof. Aug 11, 2020 769
Mum given six months to live after [pounds sterling]8,000 breast implant ruptured inside her; Six months after Shannon Plemons had surgery to go from a B cup to a D, she began suffering chronic joint pain, migraines, hair loss and eventually lost her eyesight and hearing. By, Hannah Phillips Aug 10, 2020 982
A Study of Outcome of Pediatric Cochlear Implantation in Patients with Cochleovestibular Nerve Deficiency. Arumugam, Senthil Vadivu; Nair, Geetha; Paramasivan, Vijaya Krishnan; Goyal, Sunil; Murali, Sathiya; Report Aug 1, 2020 3685
New Classification of Cochlear Hypoplasia Type Malformation: Relevance in Cochlear Implantation. Halawani, Roa Talal; Dhanasingh, Anandhan Aug 1, 2020 2170
A Novel Bone Conduction Hearing System May Improve Memory Function in Children with Single Side Hearing loss: A Case-Control Study. Stadio, Arianna Di; Dipietro, Laura; De Lucia, Antonietta; Ippolito, Valentina; Ishai, Reuven; Garof Report Aug 1, 2020 5124
Comparison between Fluoroplastic and Platinum/Titanium Piston in Stapedotomy: A Prospective, Randomized Clinical Study. Faramarzi, Mohammad; Roosta, Sareh; Daneshian, Niloofar Clinical report Aug 1, 2020 4630
Epineurial Pseudocyst of the Intratemporal Facial Nerve: A Case Series Study. Delrue, Stefan; Cammaert, Tom; Heylbroeck, Philippe; Lemmerling, Marc Case study Aug 1, 2020 2136
Successful Use of a Cochlear Implant in a Patient with Bony Cochlear Nerve Canal Atresia. Tahir, Emel; Cinar, Betul Cicek; Ozkan, Hilal Burcu; Yarali, Mehmet; Boke, Bilgehan; Sennaroglu, Lev Aug 1, 2020 1594

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