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Prospero Announces Suppport of Jabber Open Protocol for Group and Instant Messaging.

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LITTLETON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 20, 2003

Delphi Forums First To Feature New Functionality

Prospero Technologies LLC, a leading provider of Web-based collaboration services, today announced support of the Jabber open protocol for group messaging. Jabber, the widely-used open XML application protocol for real-time exchange of messages and presence between points on the Internet, is formally supported as an access method for many of Prospero's core services. The enhanced services have already been adopted and are immediately available to certain premium members of Delphi Forums (, an online community service built on the Prospero platform. Delphi Forums' 22,000 paying members can now enjoy a higher level of interactivity as they participate in discussions and group chats in thousands of active forums. Jabber enables these members to immediately see which of their friends are online, who's in their favorite chat rooms and more easily manage the forums they host. Jabber services are also now available for use by all of Prospero's other major clients.

Prospero provides advanced message boards, real-time chat, moderation tools, registration and reporting systems for leading Web properties such as, Fox Entertainment and In order to properly support the Jabber protocol, Prospero developed and integrated an innovative server system with its robust collaboration platform that maintains key context elements essential to the dynamics of online communities, such as user privileges, access restrictions, moderation tools, favorite lists and profiles. These context elements and personalized user settings integrate seamlessly with Jabber-based programs. For example, a moderator of a forum can lock out an unruly participant, delete old messages or automatically create buddy lists from other forum members online, directly through the Jabber client interface. Prospero's implementation supports the core Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) and the Multi-user Chat (MUC) extensions.

Prospero's clients, or their end users, can choose from a variety of available Jabber client programs, many of which are freely available under open-source licenses. Delphi Forums has chosen to provide their members with a co-branded third-party program called "Exodus" (see Exodus is one of the more popular open source programs for instant messaging and chat.

"Prospero has always focused on offering the best platform and tool set for building, managing and growing online communities that serve key business objectives," said Dan Bruns, President of Prospero. "Now, by supporting the Jabber protocol for group and instant messaging, Prospero's clients and end-users will have even greater flexibility for managing and growing their sites."

"With more than 20 years' experience in this market, we recognize that managing the dynamics of online communities needs to drive our product direction and technical architecture," continued Mr. Bruns. "We've built a robust, scalable online community platform, and recognize the central importance of making it cost-effective to manage and easy for end-users to participate. By embracing Jabber, we are providing our clients with a variety of new features and benefits, in addition to a well-documented standard for building custom programs."

The Prospero Services Suite

Prospero's suite of services are already delivering business benefits for major Web sites such as, Fox Entertainment, Ziff-Davis Media, Tribune Interactive,, Elektra Records, BusinessWeek and Major League Baseball. These services include Select Groups(R), services that are tailored to match tiered and for-pay membership plans; Active Content(R), a tool that integrates discussion areas (forums) with the overall site, and Cluster Controls, for community management. Other Prospero offerings include feature-rich message boards, hosted live events, end-user personalization, remote posting, automated e-mails, network promotions, syndication and private labeling, internationalization, moderation tools, reporting tools and user-created forums.

About Prospero Technologies

Prospero Technologies Corporation is a well-established solutions provider, specializing in Web-based customer interactivity and collaboration technology. Prospero's enterprise-class solutions include a full suite of interactive services integrated with customer registration, member directories, customer profiling, activity tracking, management controls and reporting. Prospero's community infrastructure services are currently being provided to approximately 60 customers including,, The Washington Post, Fox Entertainment, BusinessWeek, US News and World Report, Major League Baseball's, Hot Jobs, Wharton Business School and Ziff-Davis Media. Prospero can be found on the Web at

For more information about Jabber, see
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 20, 2003
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