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Prospects of fireproof metal furnishing industry in Indonesia.


Fireproof metal furnishing industry with products such as safes, safe deposit boxes, fireproof cabinets and vault doors has grown to follow the expansion of the banking and financial sector in Indonesia. The main users of the fireproof furnishings are banks and big companies.

In the past several years a fast growth has been recorded for the country's banking industry marked with the rapid growth of the number of bank offices including branch offices. In 2005, there were 11,346 bank offices in the country. In mid 2010, the number grew to 17,094 units.

Other than banks and other financial agencies like multi-finance companies and pawnshops, major users of fireproof metal furnishings include gold traders, hypermarkets, gas fuel stations and large retail traders, which have also expanded rapidly in the country as shown by growing number of outlets.

The strong demand for fireproof metal furnishings has prompted many local companies to invest in the industry to produce the fire proof equipment in the country. The past five years have seen a rapid growth of the industry marked with the production of major brands of safe like Chubbsafe, Mosler and Solingen.

It is estimated the country's production of fireproof metal furnishings in various sizes averages 30,000 units per year. The production is dominated by safes as they are used more widely in the country.

This report concerns the market of fireproof metal furnishings, type's products, brands, suppliers and production, requirement and market prospects.

Types of fireproof metal furnishings

Fireproof metal furnishings, which are put in the category of physical security system type of metal furnishings include fireproof safes, vault doors (Vault door), safe deposit box (SDB), and filing cabinets.

Safes are the type of fireproof metal furnishings that are used more widely for valuable goods, documents as apart from fireproof, they are hard to break

The growing number of businesses involving frequent transaction in large cash such as banks, modern retailers and gas stations larger supplies of safes will be needed.

Vault doors are generally used by banks. The doors are used for vault rooms in he banks. Vault doors have high security standards as they protect highly valuable goods.

There are various brands of fireproof metal furnishings. The differences between the products lie in measure and thickness, designs and construction, materials, quality of insulator, security mechanism, resistance to fire and breaking, finishing quality (paints) and certificate, and guarantee

Brands and types of fireproof metal furnishings available in Indonesia

Metal furnishings and the physical security system are generally produced by the same company as there is similarity in the process of production.

A survey found there are more than 20 brands of safe and fireproof furnishings found on the domestic market including nine brands which are quite popular with high quality and security standards for banks.

Companies supplying metal equipment resistant to fire and breaking for banks are specialist in the business such as producer of Chubbsafe which has expanding business by also producing ordinary and non fireproof office furnishings such as filing cabinets in addition to its main products and other security furnishings.

Similarly the Mosler brand producer, which is a specialist in producing fireproof metal furnishings has begun to also produce storage system in warehouse racks.

PT Lion Metal Works with its brand of Lion, PT Datascrip and PT Tjakrindo Mas, previously better known as producer's office furniture, have expanded business by producing fireproof furnishings. Lion, previously producing only ordinary filing cabinets has now produced the fireproof type of filing cabinets. PT Tjakrindo Mas in Surabaya is now focusing more on business producing fireproof metal furnishings such as safes, etc.

Among the foreign brands of safes already produced under license in the country include Chubbsafe from Sweden. Chubbsafe is a leader in safe market widely used by banks in the country.

Most of the producers of fireproof metal equipment are located in the Greater Jakarta area and Surabaya. Big producers generally have sales agents and branches to promoted sales in the regions. See the following table.

Producers of fireproof metal furnishings and production capacity

There are more than 20 companies producing safes and other fireproof metal furnishings, but they have small production capacity. Six companies with larger capacity are the market leaders in the country.

Fireproof metal furnishing industries consist of large scale and medium scale producers. Among the big producers are Chubb, Mosler, Lion and Datascrip. Chubb is the largest producer of fireproof metal furnishings supplying metal equipment mainly to the banking sector. Lion, Tjakrindo Mas and Datascrip produce mainly fireproof metal equipment as office furnishings.

Cassa and Sergeant Safes are smaller producers producing mainly vault doors.

PT Chubbsafes Indonesia which produces Chubb safes has a larger production capacity supplying safes and other fireproof metal furnishings with high standards. The company operates under license of Swiss Chubb. It has a modern factory in the industrial estate of MSQ.M.100 Cibitung, Bekasi with computerized equipment. It has a daily production capacity of 30 units of safe or 60 units per month. The company also produce4s vault doors and deposit box safes, fire extinguishers, etc.

PT Aneka Star, which produces Mosler brand of vault doors, has larger capacity for vault doors even compared with Chubbsafes.

PT Cakrindo Mas is also a major producer of safes with the brand of Brilliantsafes, but the factory has not operated at full capacity. This company is known better as a producer of office metal equipment such as filing cabinets and other types of metal furniture.

Growing demand especially for safes, many companies, however, started as producers of office metal equipment began to produce fireproof furnishings.

Size of factory

Generally, metal furnishing producers are large and medium scale companies with factories more than 1 hectare in size. The widest factories are owned by PT Lion Metal Works and PT Cakrindo Mas, which produce office furniture and metal furniture.


The production capacity of all producers of fireproof metal furnishings is estimated to reach 50,000 units per year. The largest production capacity is for safes. The production capacity for vault doors is around 2000-3000 units per year.

In 2008, the country's production of safes totaled around 36,000 units, down to 25,000 units in 2009 as a result of the global financial crisis. In 2010, the production is forecast to reach the 200's level.

Technical Specifications--Safes

The specifications offered for safes vary depending on the sizes and security levels or resistance to fire and breaking. The specifications of safes for banks are generally higher.

There are some of the technical specifications a buyer should know in selecting safes:

* Size (dimensions)

* Design and construction

* Materials (type and quality of material)

* Type of key and mechanism of security

* Process of manufacture

* Paint/Finishing

* Fire resistance

* Resistance to breaking

* Certification

* Guarantee

Types and sizes of safes

Safes for banks generally have higher quality in security against fire and breaking.

Banks use the model of the best class of a brand. For example, New Europe Safe is the model recommended for the brand of Chubsafe, the model of ABS4 9080 for the brands of Mosler, the model of Gladiator and Blockade for the brand of Solingen. Of other brands such as Cassa, Brilliant, Sargentsafe, and Hyder there are only a few models recommended

The main types in size, safes used for banks are ones which is quite large measuring at least 980 mm tall, 630 mm wide and 575 mm deep (980 x 630x 575 mm)

Design/Construction of Safes

The door is plated with insulator that is fireproof and resistant to breaking, and security mechanism. The protecting layer for safes used by banks is steel plate or mixture of cement and additives.

The thickness and type of the protecting mixture determine the capacity of protection. The thickness should be more than 70 mm. The body consists of frame, outer and inner steel plates, protecting layer that are resistant to fire and breaking. Good design will give good security level

Types of key and locking mechanism

The level of security against fire and breaking is determined by the design/construction of safes, key quality and design and the type of the materials.

There are two types of key--combination key with four wheels and 7 or 8 lever key having 100 million codes.

The key slot consists of three parts that move on three sides of the door and parts that do not move on the hinge side. The number of bolts and diameter determines the locking capacity.

A safe is also equipped with automatic locking which works when there is fire or forced breaking.


Painting with powder coating gives better quality of finishing than conventional painting does.

Standards and certification

* The standards of products include National Standard (SNI) and International Standards.

* Certification, process of quality control by recognized certification agency.

* Certification by a credible agency will guarantee quality offered.

Technical Specifications--Vault doors

Vault doors are fireproof and resistant to breaking to protect goods kept in the vault. Generally vault doors are produced on order, Factories have their type, standards and specifications to offer, but generally the buyers set the specifications.

Most producers of safes also produce vault doors. There are 5 brands of safe and vault doors found on the domestic market. Two are foreign brands Chubbsafe and Mosler and the rest are local brands Solingen, Cassa, and Sargentsafe.

Types and sizes

* Banks need larger safes and vault doors to keep valuable goods.

* The specifications such as dimensions and level of security of vault doors set by users are not the same. Suppliers offer standard sizes, but the standard serve only as a reference.

* Vault doors for most banks are at least 1995mm in height and 900 mm in width. Vault doors have insulators with thickness of 3,5", 5" and 7".

* PT Aneka Star with its brand of Mosler could produce large vault doors measuring 5m wide and 7-12 tons in weight. Bank Indonesia uses many of this type of vault doors.

Design of vault doors

* Doors consist of insulator which is fireproof and resistant to breaking, layer for key and security mechanism. The insulator is made of steel plates and a mixture of cement and additives which are fireproof and resistant to breaking. The thickness and the type of the materials in the mixture determine the capacity to protect.

* The body consist of frame, steel plate outer and inner, insulator, which is fireproof and resistant to breaking

* Good designs will give good security against fire and forced breaking

Types of key and locking device system

* To be safer, a vault door could use more than two and three combination keys with grade 4 and key 7, 8 or 11 levers.

* The key slot could have moveable part on the four sides of the door of three sides with one not movable on the hinge side. The movable parts on the vault doors could be in the form of bolt or vertical bar.

* As is safe, vault door is equipped with automatic locking system which will work when there is forced breaking or fire.


* Outer finishing determines the quality of appearance. Generally finishing uses stainless steel cover or polyurethane paint.

Standard and certification

* There has been no producer of vault doors having fireproof or resistant to breaking certificate from an international certification agency. There is only test against fire from the Research and Development Center of the Public Works Ministry and the Jakarta City Fire Service.

Safe Deposit Box (SDB)

The type of deposit box widely used by banks is box to keep valuable goods and documents rented to clients.

Generally factories producing safes also produce safe deposit boxes. There are five brands of safe deposit box (SDB) used in the country. Two are foreign brands--Chubbsafe and Mosler, and three local brands--Solingen, Cassa and Sergeantsafe.

A factory has standard specifications for SDB, but the size and the module of SDB are generally set by the would be users.

Technical Specifications / standards Type and measure :

* Safe deposit box is generally part of the vault room or other safe keeping rooms. Suppliers generally offer the standard specifications, but most would be users set the specifications.

* A bank normally uses SDB with standard size of locker of 3" x 10", 5" x 10", 10" x 10", and 5"x 5" and with thickness of 60 cm.

Design of SDB

* SDB consists of locker and inner box. The door has insulator from solid steel with thickness of 10 mm and 2 key--master key and key for the client renting the SDB.

* Inner box is made of steel with a thickness of 0.9 mm or more finished with paint. Being a movable part, the paint and rose's powder coating will give better result.


There are only two companies securing the ISO 9001 and ISO 2000. They are Chubb and Lion. The only one having the international certification is Chubb for standard products like fireproof safes and filing cabinets.

Analysis of competition

Chubbsafe, Solingen and Mosler of the 20 brands of safe in the country compete in the higher level of market segments that require high level of security such as Bank, Pawnshops, large modern retailers and gold stores.

Chubbsafes is the market leader known for good quality guaranteed with international certification. Chubbsafes is the only one having secure international certification such as from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) of the United States, Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) of Britain, etc.

The international certification gives Chubbsafes an added strength in market competition in Indonesia especially in higher levels of the market such as banks. Insurance companies demand high security guarantee for banks.

The brands of CASSA, Sargentsafes, and Hydersafes and other smaller producers offer models with specifications not up to the specifications needed by banks. Their main market targets are gold stores, company offices, gas stations, etc. They could produce models with higher levels of specifications as needed by bank but they will produce only on request.

For example, CASSA has a safe model, Champion, with specifications required by banks. The model of Hydersafes brand with bank specification is Lexus.

Titan and Loid's have market targets of lower class but they have also produced models with high levels of specifications, although the market has yet to test their quality.

Market Orientation:

Some of the producers have exported part of their production. Chubbsafe exports more than 70% of its production. The remaining 30% is disposed on the domestic market through its sole agent PT Indolok. PT Aneka Star, which produces Mosler brand exports 20% of its production. CASSA has entered foreign market for the past 15 years including Nigeria, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.

Sales networks/branches/distributors

Most of the producers oriented to domestic market, already have branches outside Jakarta. PT Indolok has the widest marketing networks with 20 branches, 6 in Java and the rest outside Java.

PT Aneka Star has four branches two on Java and two outside Java. PT Mustikarama also has four branches.

PT Persindo is a distributor for Cassa in Jakarta. It has four marketing offices in Jakarta. Marketing outside Java is handled by the producer PT Citra Sakti Sarana Abadi

* Terms of payment

Payments of goods produced on order like vault doors and safes are not the same. Payment of goods produced on standards not on order is made after delivery.

PT Indolok (Chubbsafe), for example, uses different systems of payment for its various products such as filing cabinets, stallenkast, and safes. Payments are made by installments based on delivery. Goods produced on order such as vault doors, mobile file, SDB payments are made with 50% in down payment, 30% in material on site, 20% after installment.

* Delivery time and mode of transportation

Delivery of filing cabinet, safes and stallenkast in large volume normally is within 30 days. Delivery for vault doors, SDB, and mobile files is within 60 days. If stock is available delivery could be in one or two days.

Shipments by producers in Jakarta are with company's fleet of trucks for buyers in the Greater Jakarta and with forwarding companies for buyers outside Java.

After Sales Service

* Guarantee

Normally suppliers give a one-year guarantee and after a year contract is offered for maintenance.

* Service/maintenance (maintenance contract)

Indolok (Chubbsafe) has the largest number of 131 technicians for service in 20 branches.

* Customer service ( response time to complaint)

All suppliers promise to respond to complaint in 1 day.

PT. INDOLOK BAKTI UTAMA has Corrective and Preventive Action for any complaint by customers it has Hotline Communications facility in facsimile, e-mail, and telephone round the clock ready with technical support, spare parts and backed up modules.

PT Mustikarama offers after sales HOT LINE SERVICE for 24 hours in 7 days for customers with technical support by giving instruction via telephone or repair in the location. Maintenance is set for 30 days after delivery.

Demand Analysis

Brands used by banks

Banks are the main users of fireproof metal furnishings such as safes, vault doors, safe deposit boxes. Use of fireproof metal furnishings such as safes, vault doors and filing cabinets is as follows:

* Major Banks normally use well known brands like Chubsafes (Gunnebo) and Mosler. They may use local product, which is cheaper, if they need more than one set.

* Chubbsafes (Gunnebo) is dominant in the market fireproof metal furnishings especially safes and filing cabinets for use by major banks in 6 large cities in Indonesia.

* In the market of vault doors, Chubbsafes meets strong competition from Mosler. Some banks use both Chubbsafes and Mosler.

* The brands of Kumahira, Solingen and Titan Steel Safes are also used by banks in smaller number.

* Titan Steel Safes is a new brand but has succeeded in entering the market as the price is much cheaper. This brand is used by small branches of banks, or offices serving small businesses.

* Solingen is quite popular in Surabaya. There are a number of major banks using it such as Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI, CIMB Niaga and OECB NISP.

Normally state banks are made as reference in using fireproof metal furnishings as state banks are especially tight in the procurement. If state banks accepted a brand, private banks consider it safe to use products of fireproof metal furnishings.

Exports and imports

A number of big companies have started exporting safes. PT Chubbsafes Indonesia exports 70% of its production to a number of countries in Asia. PT Aneka Star which produces safes with the brand of Mosler exports around 20% of its production.

In 2009, the country's exports of safes fell on the global financial crisis that weakened the global demand. In 2009, safe exports were valued at US$ 9.94 million with volume totaling 6,126 tons. In 2008, exports totaled 10,028 tons valued at US$ 18.6 million.

In 2010, the trend improved. In the first half of the year exports already reached US$ 7.89 million in value with volume at 4,172 tons. It is predicted exports would exceed US$ 16 million in the whole of this year.

Meanwhile, imports were relatively stable. Most domestic requirement could be supplied locally. Only a few with certain specifications need to be imported.

Market size

Based on the production, export and import figures, the market of safes and other fireproof metal furnishings totaled 37,410 units in 2008, down to 20,290 units in 2009 as a result of the recession in 2009. In 2010, the market size is predicted to rise to almost the same level as in 2008.


The banking and other financial sector is the main user of fireproof metal equipment such as safes. Safe deposit boxes, and vault doors.

The country's banking sector has continued to expand in the past five years despite the global crisis late 2008 through 2009. The expansion was marked with the growing number of bank offices.

The increase in the number of bank offices would require larger supply of equipment including fireproof furnishings such as safes.

Other financial sectors such as multi finance and pawn shop industries have expanded in the past five years.

Based on the growth of the number of bank offices and other financial sector and the trend of demand for safes and other fireproof metal furnishings the market size of metal equipment will reach 47,000 units, up to 76,000 units in 2014.


Based on the survey, all products have almost the same specifications with differences only in process of production and certifications. Large factories produce goods in large scale and could supply bigger volume.

Suppliers of standard products like safes and fireproof filing cabinet in large scale are generally large producers. Certification is important for fireproof metal furnishings. International certification requires routine audit.

The market of fireproof metal furnishings especially safes is expected to grow fast with the rapid growth of the financial sector and retail industry in the country. The market size is predicted to reach 39,500 units in 2010, up to 47,000 units in 2011.

Major brands of fireproof metal furnishings and types of product

 Types of
 Status of furnishings
Brands Suppliers suppliers Safes

Chubbsafes PT Indolok Bakti Distributor [check]
Mosler PT Aneka Star Producer [check]
Cassa PT Persindo Pertiwi Distributor [check]
Sargent safe PT Mustikarama Producer [check]
Lion PT Lion MetalWorks Producer
Datascrip PT Datascrip Distributor
Solingen PT Central Mega Producer [check]
Brilliantsafes PT Tjakrindo Mas Producer [check]
Hydersafe PT Hyder Indonesia Producer [check]

 Types of fireproof metal furnishings
Brands Vault Deposit Filing
 doors Safes Cabinets

Chubbsafes [check] [check] [check]

Mosler [check] [check] [check]
Cassa [check] [check]

Sargent safe [check] [check]

Lion [check]
Datascrip [check]
Solingen [check] [check]

Brilliantsafes [check]


Producers of fireproof metal furnishings and production

Brands Producers Factory locations

Chubbsafes PT Chubbsafes Cibitung,
 Indonesia Bekasi

Mosler PT Aneka Star Cibinong, Bogor

Sargent safe PT Tangerang and
 Mustikarama Cibubur
Cassa PT Persindo Tangerang
 Pertiwi Agung

Brilliantsafes PTTjakrindo Gresik, East
 Mas Java

Solingen PTCentral Mega Cileungsi,
 Perdana Bogor

Brands Distributor Types of product

Chubbsafes PT Indolok Bakti Safes and other
 Utama fire proof
Mosler PT Aneka Star Safes

 Vault doors

Sargent safe PT Mustikarama Safes and other
 Citraperdana fireproof
Cassa PT Persindo Safes and other
 Pertiwi Agung fireproof
Brilliantsafes PTTjakrindo Mas Safes and other
Solingen PTCentral Mega Safes and other
 Perdana fireproof

Brands Production capacity

Chubbsafes Around r 2000
 units per month

Mosler 400
Sargent safe 200 units/month

Cassa 250 units/

Brilliantsafes 500 units/month

Solingen 500 units/month

Source: Data Consult/ICN


Producers of fireproof metal furnishings and sizes of

Name of producers Factory locations

PT Chubbsafes Indonesia PT Chubbsafes Indonesia
 (MM 2100 Cibitung)
PT Aneka Star Cibinong, West Java
PT Mustikarama Tangerang and Cibubur

PT Citra Sakti PT Citra Sakti (Tangerang)

 Cakung, East Jakarta
PT Lion Metal Works Tbk
PT Tjakrindo Mas Menganti-Gresik

PT Central Mega Perdana Cileungsi
PT Hyder Indonesia Jl. Asem Mulya VI/17

Name of producers Factory sizes

PT Chubbsafes Indonesia 1,5 ha (1 ha of buildings)

PT Aneka Star 1,6 ha (8500sq.m. buildings)
PT Mustikarama 6000 sq.m.

PT Citra Sakti 8500 sq.m. (4500 sq.m.
 of buildings)
 37.000 sq.m. plot of land and
PT Lion Metal Works Tbk 19.814sq.m. of buildings
PT Tjakrindo Mas 9.000 sq.m. (11,5 ha
 of factory buildings )
PT Central Mega Perdana 20,000 sq.m.
PT Hyder Indonesia 600 sq.m.

Source: Data Consult

Technical specifications of safes


1 Country of origin Swedish brand U.S. brand
 already produce already
 in Indonesia produced in

 Type/ Model New Europe American Bank
 Safe, Guardian Safe (ABS),
 ABS3 8080, ABS4

2 Measure/dimension

 Outer measure

 Height (mm) 718-1796 900-1750
 Width (mm) 668-903 700-800
 Outer (mm) 663-773 700-800

 Inner size

 Height 550-1628 650-1450
 Width 500-735 520-600
 Depth 420-530 480-550
 Weight (kg) 565-1765 600-1750

3 Doors

 Materials Steel and Steel and
 insulation of insulation of
 Chubbsafe F-42 Superloy (UL
 barrier Listed)

 Thickness of 75 100,130
 insulator (mm)

 Total thickness 145 120,150
 of door (mm)

 Thickness Thick steel 3mm
 with outer side
 1-2mm, inner
 side 3 -5 mm)

 Width of door 0.3-0.5 mm 0.5-1 mm

4 Body

 Material Steel and Steel and
 insulator of insulator of
 Chubbsafe F-42 Superloy (UL
 barrier Listed)

 Thickness 84 mm including Thickness total
 77mm insulator 90, 100 mm
 mm and steel
 (outer side 1-
 2mm, inner side
 3 -5 mm)

5 Keys 1 key with 7 1 key with 7
 levers and 1 or levers and 1 or
 two 3 two combination
 combination keys grade 4
 keys (grade 1-
 3) and grade 4)

 Number of code 10 million 100 million
 variations variations for variations of
 grade 1-3 and code
 100 million
 variations for
 grade 4 and

 Type/brands Imports from Imports from
 the United the United
 States passing States passing
 through UL through UL
 Standard test Standard test

 Automatic Device for re- Equipped with
 security locking to automatic
 protect against locking against
 forced breaking forced breaking
 including or explosion
 alarm could be

6 Finish Powder Coating Paint

7 Fireproof Chubsafe F-42 Superloy (UL
 barrier Listed)

 Resistance to In line with 2 hours
 fire//fire CNPP (a2p)

8 Certification CNPP(a2p) from Jakarta Fire
 France, LPCB, Service
 VDS ( Germany)
 and SP from
 Sweden used

9 Guarantee 1 year 1 year

 Process of Almost all mass Mostly mass
 manufacture produced using produced Partly
 computerized produced using
 machine tools computerized
 machine tools
 and certain
 parts produced
 manually such
 as casting of
 insulator and


1 Country of origin Indonesia Indonesia

 Type/ Model Conqueror, Tredway Deluxe

2 Measure/dimension

 Outer measure

 Height (mm) 1200-1700 850-1800
 Width (mm) 740-990 650-1250
 Outer (mm) 820 700-850

 Inner size

 Height 980-1480 590-1580
 Width 520-770 370-1030
 Depth 515-530 440-630
 Weight (kg) 1210-2520 770-2900

3 Doors

 Materials 3-mm steel and Formula of
 insulation of company with
 CS 500 plus cement,
 panel of 16mm asbestos, wool,
 hard casting fly ash.
 alloy 16 mm

 Thickness of 95 70, 110, 130
 insulator (mm)

 Total thickness 180,191 128,180
 of door (mm)

 Thickness 3mm 3 mm

 Width of door 0.3 mm 0.3 mm

4 Body

 Material Steel 2 mm and Steel 2 mm and
 insulator of CS insulator of
 500 plus 16-mm company's
 layer of Hard formula
 Casing Alloy
 (for the
 Champion type)

 Thickness Thickness total 110, 130 mm
 110 mm

5 Keys 1 combination 1 key with 7
 key of grade-4 levers and 1 or
 and 1 double two combination
 key with 8 key of grade 4

 Number of code 100 million 100 million
 variations variations of variations of
 code code

 Type/brands Imports from Imports from
 the United the United
 States and States passing
 Germany passing through UL
 through UL Standard test
 Standard test

 Automatic 2 units behind Equipped with
 security ordinary key automatic
 and combination locking against
 key forced breaking
 or explosion

6 Finish Paint Paint
 polyurethane polyurethane

7 Fireproof CS 500 equipped Formula of CR-
 with fire seal 5 company
 around the door

 Resistance to 120 minutes

8 Certification The research Jakarta Fire
 center of the Service, The
 public works research center
 ministry of the public
 works ministry

9 Guarantee 1 year 5 years

 Process of Mostly produced Mostly produced
 manufacture manually each manually each
 safe produced safe produced
 specifically specifically.


1 Country of origin Indonesia Indonesia

 Type/ Model Gladiator, Einstein

2 Measure/dimension

 Outer measure

 Height (mm) 640-1800 750-1900
 Width (mm) 520-980 740-1010
 Outer (mm) 500-860 680-990

 Inner size

 Height 490-1540 570-1640
 Width 370-750 610-750
 Depth 320-560 460-670
 Weight (kg) 285-2610 600-2670

3 Doors

 Materials Steel and layer Steel and layer
 of SOLINGEN of formula of
 composite Brilliant NT88

 Thickness of 75 70mm
 insulator (mm)

 Total thickness 105, 160, 175, 190
 of door (mm) 190, 205

 Thickness 3mm 3mm

 Width of door 0,3mm 0,3mm

4 Body

 Material Steel Steel

 Thickness 105,115, 155 90, 110, 130

5 Keys 1 key 8 lever Combination key
 and combination grade 4 and Key
 of grade 4 with 8 levers

 Number of code 100 million 100 million
 variations variations of variations of
 number number

 Type/brands Imports from : Combination key
 USA -UL, of S&G brand
 Germany Vds, (USA) and
 Europe-CEN central key of
 CAWI brand

 Automatic Using automatic Using automatic
 security re-locking re-locking
 device system, device system
 in case of in case of
 fires, fire, and
 explosion and forced breaking.
 forced breaking

6 Finish Paint Paint
 Polyurethane Polyurethane

7 Fireproof Layer of Brilliant NT88

 Resistance to 2 hours 1.5 hours

8 Certification Fire Prevention Fire prevent
 Service SNI 12 Service SNI 12
 -1594 -1989 -1594 -1989

9 Guarantee 1 year 3 years

 Process of Mass produced Mass produced
 manufacture mainly with mainly with
 automatic computerize d
 machines. machines.
 Casting of
 insulator and
 finishing is

Source: Data Consult/ICN


Profiles of suppliers of fireproof metal furnishings

 PT Indolok PT Aneka Star PT Mustikarama
 Bakti Utama Citraperdana

Brands Chubbsafes Mosler Sargentsafes

Locations of Central Jakarta Central Jakarta West Jakarta
head office

Floor space of 4,700 m 400 sq.m. 300 sq.m.
head office (including

Factory PT Chubbsafes Cibinong, West Tangerang and
locations Indonesia ( MM Java Cibubur
 2100 Cibitung)

Size of factory 1.5 ha (1 ha 1,6 ha 6000 sq.m.
 buildings) (8500sq.m.

Number of 20 4 4
branches /agents
Java 6 2 2
Outside Java 14 2 2
Start-up year 1973 1976 1993
Owners National National National
Foreign GUNNEBO, Sweden WESTAR , AS

Certification ISO 9001:2000, Fire proof Fireproof
 ISO 14001:1996, testing of testing by
 ISO 9001:1994, door//panel Balitbang PU
 UL, CNPP,VDS, from Fire No. 167/-1,764
 LPCB Service on 24 October

Supply/ Safes 30 /day Safes 400 200 units/month
production or around 600 units/month,
capacity/day units per month vault doors 20
 /40 units/

Workers 458 260 100

Salesmen 180 55 3
Technical 131 20

Turnover/year Rp.172,002 Rp57,893 Rp.8 billion/
(Rp) million (year million ( 2007) year

 PT Persindo PT Tjakrindo
 Pertiwi Agung Mas

Brands Cassa Brilliansafes

Locations of Central Jakarta Surabaya
head office

Floor space of 260 sq.m. 300 sq.m.
head office

Factory PT Citra Sakti Menganti-
locations (Tangerang) Gresik

Size of factory 8500 sq.m. 9,000 sq.m.
 (4500 sq.m. (11.5 ha all
 buildings) factory
 buildings )

Number of 1 21
branches /agents
Java 1 14
Outside Java 7
Start-up year 1983 1984
Owners National PMDN

Certification Fireproof ISO 9001 and
 testing by fireproof
 Balitbang PU certification
 from the
 Jakarta Fire
 Service No.100/

Supply/ 250 units / Filling cabinet
production month 10,000 units/
capacity/day month Safes and
 other fireproof
 equipment 500

Workers 15 ( 95 factory

Salesmen 3

Turnover/year Rp10 billion/ year Rp251,663
(Rp) million (year

 PT Central Mega

Brands Solingen

Locations of Jakarta
head office

Floor space of
head office

Factory Cileungsi

Size of factory 20,000 sq.m.

Number of 16
branches /agents
Java 6
Outside Java 10
Start-up year 1987
Owners National

Certification Fire Prevention
 Service of

Supply/ 500 units/month

Workers 100



Source Data Consult/ICN


Use of fireproof filing cabinet by state and private banks

BANK Safes Vault Door

 Chubbsafes, Mosler,
Mandiri Solingen, Titan Chubbsafes
CIMB Niaga Chubbsafes, Solingen Mosler, Chubbsafes, Solingen
BCA Chubbsafes, Mosler Chubbsafes, Mosler
BNI Chubbsafes, Solingen, Chubbsafes, Kumahira
Mega Chubbsafes, Mosler Chubbsafes, Mosler
Permata Chubbsafes Chubbsafes
BTN Chubbsafes, Mosler, Chubbsafes, Mosler
BII Chubbsafes, Mosler Chubbsafes, Mosler
Danamon Chubbsafes, Mosler, Chubbsafes, Mosler, Titan
 Titan, Sergeant safes
UOB Chubbsafes Mosler
DKI Chubbsafes Chubbsafes
ANZ Panin Chubbsafes, Cassa Chubbsafes
OCBC NISP Chubbsafes,Solingen Chubbsafes, Solingen
Artha Graha Chubbsafes Chubbsafes
Citibank Chubbsafes,Mosler Chubbsafes, Mosler

BANK Save Deposit Box Fireproof Filing Cabinet

 Mosler, Chubbsafes Chubbsafes,
Mandiri Solingen, Titan
CIMB Niaga Mosler, Chubbsafes Chubbsafes, Solingen
BCA Chubbsafes, Mosler Chubbsafes
BNI Chubbsafes Chubbsafes

Mega Chubbsafes, Mosler Mosler
Permata Chubbsafes, Kumahira Chubbsafes, Lion
BTN Chubbsafes, Mosler Chubbsafes, Mosler
BII Chubbsafes, Mosler Chubbsafes, Mosler
Danamon Chubbsafes, Titan Chubbsafes

UOB Mosler Chubsafes, Kumahira
DKI Chubbsafes
ANZ Panin Chubbsafes Chubbsafes
OCBC NISP Chubbsafes, Solingen Chubbsafes, Solingen
Artha Graha Chubbsafes
Citibank Chubbsafes, Mosler Chubbsafes

Source: Data Consult


Export and imports of fireproof metal furnishings 2006-2010

Tahun Export Import
 Value Volume Value Volume
 (US$'000) (ton) (US$'000) (ton)

2006 13,483 8,897 2,857 2,178
2007 13,765 8,792 3,559 2,360
2008 18,596 10,028 5,049 2,992
2009 9,940 6,126 3,864 2,242
2010 *) 7,894 4,172 3,105 1,883

Note: *) January-June 2010

Source: Data Consult/ICN


Estimated market size of safes and
Other fireproof metal furnishings, 2008-2010


Year Production Exports Imports Market Size

2008 55,000 25,070 7,480 37,410
2009 30,000 15,315 5,605 20,290
2010 *) 50,000 20,000 9,500 39,500

Note: *) Based on record in first semester of 2010

Source: Data Consult


Number of bank offices

Number of offices 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

Commercial Banks 8,236 9,110 9,680 10,868 12,837
Rural Credit Banks (BPR) 3,110 3,173 3,250 3,367 3,644
Total 11,346 12,283 12,930 14,235 16,481
Growth of office number 937 647 1,305 2,246

Number of offices Juli 2010

Commercial Banks 13,246
Rural Credit Banks (BPR) 3,848
Total 17,094
Growth of office number 613

Source: BI/Data Consult


Projected market size safes and the like in the domestic market

Year Market Size (units)

2010 *) 39,500
2011 47,000
2012 54,000
2013 64,000
2014 76,000

Source: Data Consult
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