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Prospects for the Cleaning Products Market in Argentina.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Cleaning Articles in Argentina 2006 to their offering.

This research analyzes the development, current situation and, especially, the prospects for the cleaning article market in Argentina. This report also analyzes the detailed demand segmentation addressed to the sector, the market sizing and the key variables to determine its projection. In terms of the supply structure, the positioning, the market share and the strategic groups' strategies that make up the market, stood out, analyzing the same ones as for the marketing mix and its product segmentation, that is, clothing segment (soap powders, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, fabric conditioners, stain removers, stiffeners) and home segment (dish soaps, cleaning liquids, furniture polishes, floor polishes).

This research also shows the sales distribution by type of channel, the demand distribution in geographic terms, the key success variables, the positioning in prices, and the performance of the different companies and brands in the market. Likewise, the current and projected market sectorial attractivity is analyzed, evaluating threats, opportunities as well as influence variables in the industry profitability and growth.

Please note this report is published in Spanish.

Some of the Topics Covered:

Course of business development

Development of cleaning article production

Main company characteristics

Basic data of the sector - Year 2005

Sectorial development analysis

Competitive synthesis - Year 2005

Threats and opportunities

Main products

Supply segmentation by segment production volume. Year 2005

Cleaning articles. Production segmentation.

Development of the cleaning article production index.

Production development by category.

Seasonality of production

Course of business development.

Export development.

Export development by product. FOB 2000 - 2005

Relevant exports. Exports by product 2005

Import development.

Import development by product. 2000 - 2005

Relevant imports. Imports by product 2005

Global market. Year 2005. Production destination

Expense of home consumption according to monthly income deciles by expense

Product substitution within the household product sector

Client groups: End and intermediate consumers

Sales development in supermarkets at current prices by group of articles.

Development of cleaning article sales index in supermarkets.

Supermarkets. Sales at current prices by group of articles.

Supermarkets. Sales at current prices by main groups of articles and main jurisdiction.

Floor polishes and self-polishing products. Floor polish and self-polishing product sales by chain. 2005

Soap powder, fabric softener, stiffener. Sales of clothes cleaning articles. Channels 2005

Volume development by category

Development of household cleaning article index.

Sales participation in the different distribution channels

Sales participation in the main chains

Product life cycle

Competitive forces

Competitive rivalry by segment

Bargaining power of suppliers

Level of sector employment. Main companies

Detailed level of employment by sector

Main mergers, acquisitions and investments of the sector

Company characteristics

Companies and brands by segment

Unilever- Main products and presentations

Procter & Gamble - Main products and presentations

Clorox - Main products y presentations

SC Jonson & Son - Main products and presentations

Reckitt Benckiser - Main products and presentations

Souther Cross - Main products and presentations

Villard & Louis - Main products and presentations

Market: Leading brands in the home segment

Floor polishes and self-polishing products

Soap powders

Competence performance

Advertising investment 2005 by company.

Advertising investment by leading brand 2005

Market share development in production 2002 - 2005

Share in volume 2005

Market share in household products 2005

Market share in clothes products 2005

Market share in the course of business 2005. In thousands of tons

Competitive synopsis of the main five companies of the sector - Year 2005

Competitive performance of the cleaning article sector - 2005

Main company directory

Companies Mentioned:














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Date:Oct 26, 2006
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