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Prosecutions must follow; VOICE OF THE.

THERE would surely need to be a raft of prosecutions on the back of supergrass Gary Heggarty's evidence if he walks free from court after admitting 200 offences, five of them murders.

If UVF men do not end up in the dock, as well as any police officers who colluded in his actions, then what was the point in all this? The assisting offender programme now being played out will be regarded as little more than a charade if prosecutions do not follow.

The last high-profile supergrass trial, involving the Stewart brothers, ended with the judge saying their evidence was "infected with lies" and 12 of the accused being declared not guilty.

Haggarty is way up the food chain compared to the Stewarts, so the question is: Will his evidence be given any more weight? All eyes will be on the police and PPS as they prepare their cases.

Haggarty should be serving five life sentences. Instead, he's been in jail for just a handful of years. The PSNI needs to show that justice has not been sacrificed in vain.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 24, 2017
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