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Proposed Renovation To Existing Single Storey Market/Food Centre On Lot 08480k Mk 26 At 84 Marine Parade Central.

Contract awarded for Proposed renovation to existing single storey market/ food centre on lot 08480k mk 26 at 84 marine parade central

22 suppliers responded.

1) anderco pte. Ltd. Total price: 6,186,836.00 (sgd)

2) anmani general construction pte. Ltd. Total price: 3,641,960.00 (sgd)

3) b19 technologies pte. Ltd. Total price: 4,100,000.00 (sgd)

4) ckr contract services pte. Ltd. Total price: 4,528,998.00 (sgd)

5) dembicon equipment pte. Ltd. Total price: 4,994,460.00 (sgd)

6) espirit building & engineering pte. Ltd. Total price: 3,678,900.00 (sgd)

7) exclusive design construction pte ltd total price: 4,562,170.00 (sgd)

8) h p construction & engineering pte ltd total price: 3,968,080.00 (sgd)

9) hua chang construction pte. Ltd. Total price: 3,988,000.00 (sgd)

10) hua zhan construction pte. Ltd. Total price: 3,580,000.00 (sgd)

11) iso-team corporation pte ltd total price: 3,848,899.00 (sgd)

12) js metal pte. Ltd. Total price: 3,790,000.00 (sgd)

13) kwong long building construction pte. Ltd. Total price: 3,668,207.00 (sgd)

14) macbuild construction pte. Ltd. Total price: 4,788,000.00 (sgd)

15) millenium partners pte. Ltd. Total price: 3,565,000.00 (sgd)

16) new horizon development pte ltd total price: 4,000,000.00 (sgd)

17) soonly pte. Ltd. Total price: 3,692,000.00 (sgd)

18) strategic construction pte. Ltd. Total price: 3,520,000.00 (sgd)

19) success forever construction & maintenance pte ltd total price: 3,472,000.00 (sgd)

20) tang~s engineering pte ltd total price: 4,623,800.00 (sgd)

21) tay hao paint works pte ltd total price: 5,250,000.00 (sgd)

22) tch building construction pte. Ltd. Total price: 6,176,894.68 (sgd)

Awarded Date: 21 Feb 2018


Contractor address : 57 Kaki Bukit Place,Eunos Techpark,Sg.

Implementing agency : Who To Contact: Lim Meijun

Email :Lim_Meijun@Nea.Gov.Sg

Tel :66905418

Fax :66906528

Country :Singapore

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Feb 22, 2018
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