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Proportional responses: a selection of reader reactions to the announcement that this issue is world watch's last; the announcement offered readers the choice of donating the balance of their subscription or accepting other Worldwatch institute products as substitutes.

* Ouch!!

* I am deeply saddened by your decision to stop publishing, you were my last hope for sane discussion and constructive action of the plights facing the human species.

* I am very saddened by the cessation of the publication Worldwatch. ... I have cherished its easy-to-read articles.

* I am very disappointed that you are discontinuing your magazine. ... I do not like reading from the computer screen. ... This trend away from old-fashioned magazines is, I think, a big mistake.

* Bummer. I understand the reasoning but I must say that since The Ecologist went to online only I basically don't read it anymore.

* This is a real bummer. I just sent in my renewal check.

* Wow! Bummer, but I understand. ...

* I recently received a letter informing me that you were ceasing shipping World Watch magazine. I'm truly bummed to hear this, but I do understand that the times they are a-changing.

* That's really too bad for those of us who prefer reading from a real magazine rather than Irom a computer screen, but well, c'est la vie!

* I am sorry to lose the print version. I try to read more and more online but it is just not the same.

* It is with regret I received this email from you announcing the cessation of this valuable publication in hard copy form. As wonderful as the electronic publication revolution and Web are ... hard copy reference materials are often much easier to use.

* That's really a shame--yours was my favorite magazine. It was very readable and an easy way to share complicated topics with colleagues.

* I enjoyed the publication, and am sorry to hear this but I know that many publications are struggling.

* Save the stamp. Keep the rest of the subscription. If the donation is tax deductible, inform me by email.

* Sorry to hear the magazine didn't survive. Thanks for a great publication while it lasted.

* I could not understand from that mail what should I do in order to be refunded for the issues which will not be issued. I do not intend to donate the remainder of the subscription.

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Title Annotation:MATTERS OF SCALE
Publication:World Watch
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Date:Jul 1, 2010
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