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Prophets come home; PICK OF THE WEEK.


best day out

Sygun Copper Mine at Beddgelert

COPPER'S brilliant. Well actually it's quite dull, in terms of its reflectiveness.

But in terms of making wires, coins of small denomination and, erm, loads of other things, it's hard to beat. Well it's quite easy to beat, as it's pretty soft. I'll stop this now.

Mining it is hard work anyway, so visit this copper mine to show your appreciation for this most copper-coloured of methods.

You get to wear helmets and boiler suits and tramp about underneath Snowdonia looking at copper workings. If you're not interested in copper, and shame on you, you can also have a go at some archery, pottery and even panning for gold.

Not sure howmuch gold you'd find in a copper mine but go for it I say.

best dvd

Cloverfield, out now

THE real genius of this film wasn't all the crashing around the CGI monster, which looked at bit like an inside-out Janet Street-Porter, but the crashing idiocy of the young, hip, lead characters.

They were all so wonderfully self-absorbed, sentimental and given to spouting massively unoriginal dialogue about love and the future. Just like real young people.

I mean, it took all that Dawson's Creek inward-looking soliloquising and twisted it into a brand new, much more enjoyable shape.

It's a real teen movie in that it's emotionally obvious, derivative yet convinced of its own originality and the only characters that matter are young people. Just like real teenagers. Honestly, give it a whirl.

booking now

Bruce Springsteen@ Cardiff Millennium Stadium, Saturday

THE Boss is back, to the sound of much screen-door slamming, dress waving in the night and promises being broken.

Thunder Road is my favourite song of his, by the way.

One of my friend's dad follows Springsteen all over the world. That and Swansea City are his two passions.

Strange. There are still tickets left for the enormo-dome Springsteen experience if you fancy it. I could quote some more lyrics but I've been told off for doing that before. So I won't, even though they are great.

best show

The Meat Loaf Rock Opera: The Dead Ringer from Hell, Saturday, St David's Hall, Cardiff, Saturday

IT'S the oldest story in the world. Boy steals devil's motorbike, dies in desert-based crash, is reincarnated by the devil as the world's greatest rock'n'roll singer with devil's daughters as a backing group.

While this might not be the most responsible portrayal of joyriding, especially in light of the aforementioned idiocy of today's youth, it does sound like fun. And it also features the music of the man known as Meat to his friends, Mr Loaf to you and me.

At least that's howI assume it goes down. If you're going to go to all that trouble building up a pseudonym, it'd be a waste not to use it all the time.

His daughter's called Pearl. Not sure Pearl Loaf has the same ring to it but there it is.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 8, 2008
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