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Property management software supports amenity enhancements.

During the past five years, the quality of services in New York City's residential properties has dramatically increased to match a growing desire for luxury amenities and finishes. The latest amenity now comes in the form of an online building operating system. Owners and managers have begun to embrace a new web-based software that simplifies the daily operations in buildings and multi-building portfolios alike., a multi-functional and flexible property management tool that has been implemented by leading residential and commercial owners and management, uses a web-based software platform to connect building management, staff, residential boards, tenants, superintendents and the front desk.

BuildingLink's strength lies in the complex management software that offers functions for every conceivable issue pertaining to the daily operation of a property. This includes maintenance schedules and history, staff schedules, public space reservations, tenant surveys -- even calculating billable repair charges. The system supports multi-building portfolios, allowing all open work orders to be easily viewed in a few clicks. And the system is easily tailored to a specific property's requirements, so that building managers are not slowed by extraneous or irrelevant data.

BuildingLink enhances interaction between building management, owners and board members, facilitating more effective decision-making. Owners can remotely review notices and proposals provided by management, survey tenants about building issues and access current and historic financial records. Building management has full control over the system, with the ability to restrict access to sensitive information, designating the access levels of different building staff and occupants. An internal e-mail system designed to work within one building or a network of properties allows management to stay in constant touch with all tenants.
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Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Feb 14, 2001
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