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Evaluation of Synthetic Insecticides and Essential Oils for the Management of Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae). Arshad, Muhammad; Ullah, Muhammad Irfan; Afzal, Muhammad; Iftikhar, Yasir; Khalid, Samina; Hussain, Report Jun 30, 2019 3129
Bioproducts against food-borne pathogenic bacteria. Benitez, Lisianne Brittes; dos Santos, Ariana Pereira; Muller, Ana Paula; de Souza, Thamires Klein Report Jul 1, 2018 3928
Chemical constituents and toxic, repellent, and oviposition-deterrent effects of ethanol-extracted Myristica fragrans (Myristicaceae) oil on Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae). Wagan, Tufail Ahmed; Wang, Wenjun; Hua, Hongxia; Cai, Wanlun Report Sep 1, 2017 5216
Antimicrobial Properties of Plant Essential Oils against Human Pathogens and Their Mode of Action: An Updated Review. Swamy, Mallappa Kumara; Akhtar, Mohd Sayeed; Sinniah, Uma Rani Report Jan 1, 2017 16531
The Impact of Gamma Radiation on Crude Oil Yield and Chemical Composition of Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba)-Arizona A42 Seeds. Vaizogullar, Havser Ertem; Kara, Yesim Report Aug 31, 2016 3017
Variation in Myrtus communis L. essential oil composition and its antibacterial activities components. Mariri, Ayman Al-; Swied, Ghayath; Oda, Adnan; Hallab, Laila Al Report Mar 1, 2016 4345
The effect of oregano and cinnamon essential oils on fermentation quality and aerobic stability of field pea silages. Soycan-Onenc, Sibel; Koc, Fisun; Coskuntuna, Levent; Ozduven, M. Levent; Gumus, Tuncay Report Sep 1, 2015 6127
Bioactivity of Oils from Medicinal Plants against Immature Stages of Dengue Mosquito Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae). Nasir, Shabab; Batool, Marriam; Hussain, Syed Makhdoom; Nasir, Iram; Hafeez, Faisal; Debboun, Mustap Report Aug 31, 2015 4257
Characterization of Contact Lens Associated Bacteria and Their Responses to Botanical Essential Oils. Arshad, Najma; Khan, Sobia; Tariq, Huma; Samreen, Sadia Report Dec 31, 2014 4160
Insecticidal Activity of Essential Oils of Four Medicinal Plants Against Different Stored Grain Insect Pests. Saleem, Shahzad; Hasan, Mansoor ul; Sagheer, Muhammad; Sahi, Shahbaz Talib Report Oct 31, 2014 5240
Kinetics of Citrulus Colocynthis Oil Transesterification. Report Apr 30, 2014 3367
Effect of drought stress levels and organic manures on yield, essential Oil content and some morphological characteristics of sweet basil (Ocimumbasilicum). Sirousmehr, Alireza; Arbabi, Jalil; Asgharipour, Mohammad R. Report Apr 1, 2014 4073
The oral administration of trans-caryophyllene attenuates acute and chronic pain in mice. Paula-Freire, L.I.G.; Andersen, M.L.; Gama, V.S.; Molska, G.R.; Carlini, E.L.A. Report Feb 15, 2014 4831
Effect of green Coffea Arabica L. seed oil on extracellular matrix components and water-channel expression in in vitro and ex vivo human skin models. Author abstract Nov 1, 2013 326
Fight skin aging with coffee extracts. Goldfaden, Gary; Goldfaden, Robert Report Nov 1, 2013 1279
Microbiology. Mar 22, 2013 748
Truffles and tea seed oil bring flavor and health. Mar 1, 2013 453
Activity of Matricaria chamomilla essential oil against anisakiasis. Romero, Maria del Carmen; Valero, Adela; Martin-Sanchez, Joaquina; Navarro-Moll, Maria Concepcion Report Apr 15, 2012 3434
Factors affecting quantitative and qualitative variation of thyme (Origanum syriacum L.) essential oil in Lebanon. Awada, Fatima; Kobaissi, Ahmad; Chokr, Ali; Hamze, Kassem; Hayar, Salem; Mortada, Amina Report Apr 1, 2012 3550
To study of essential oil and agricultural properties of Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) in the Southeastern of Mediterranean. Kirici, S.; Inan, M.; Turk, M.; Giray, E.S. Report Jan 1, 2011 2992
Correlation between environment and essential oil production in medical plants. Stevovic, Svetlana; Calic-Dragosavac, Dusica; Mikovilovic, Vesna Surcinski; Zdravkovic-Korac, Snezan Report Jan 1, 2011 2164
Bioactivities of Different Essential Oils Against The Adults of Two Stored Product Insects. Report Dec 31, 2010 5564
Insecticidal Activities of Essential Oils from Fruits of Litsea salicifolia Roxb. ex Wall. Against Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky and Tribolium castaneum (Herbst). Ko, Ko; Juntarajumnong, Waraporn; Chandrapatya, Angsumarn Report Oct 31, 2010 3964
Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) Essential Oil. Report Sep 30, 2010 3925
Acaricidal Activities of Plant Essential Oils from Three Plants on the Mushroom Mite, Luciaphorus perniciosus Rack (Acari: Pygmephoridae). Report Jun 30, 2010 3947
Chemical Composition and In Vitro Antibacterial Activity of the Essential Oil of Cedrus atlantica. Report May 31, 2010 4012
What is an essential oil good for? Troth, Millie May 1, 2010 2851
Adulticidal activity of essential oil of Lantana camara leaves against mosquitoes. Dua, V.K.; Pandey, A.C.; Dash, A.P. Report Mar 1, 2010 3810
Effects of carvacrol upon the liver of rats undergoing partial hepatectomy. Uyanoglu, Mustafa; Canbek, Mediha; Aral, Erinc; Baser, K. Husnu Can Report Mar 1, 2008 2221

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