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Induction of apoptosis in human leukemia cells through an intrinsic pathway by cathachunine, a unique alkaloid isolated from Catharanthus roseus. Wang, Xiao-Dong; Li, Chen-Yang; Jiang, Miao-Miao; Li, Dong; Wen, Ping; Song, Xun; Chen, Jun-Da; Guo, Report Jun 1, 2016 9004
Racemic oleracein E increases the survival rate and attenuates memory impairment in D-galactose/NaN[O.sub.2]-induced senescent mice. Wang, Pei-Pei; Sun, Hong-Xiang; Liu, Ce-Jia; Hu, Ming-Hong; He, Xiu-Quan; Yue, Su; Jiao, Ze-Zhao; Xi Report May 15, 2016 6163
Sinapine reverses multi-drug resistance in MCF-7/dox cancer cells by downregulating FGFR4/FRS2[alpha]-ERK1/2 pathway-mediated NF-[kappa]B activation. Guo, Ying; Ding, Yuanyuan; Zhang, Tao; An, Hongli Report Mar 15, 2016 4196
Peimisine and peiminine production by endophytic fungus Fusarium sp. isolated from Fritillaria unibracteata var. wabensis. Pan, Feng; Hou, Kai; Gao, Feng; Hu, Bo; Chen, Que; Wu, Wei Report Jul 15, 2014 4107
The alkaloid matrine of the root of Sophora flavescens prevents arrhythmogenic effect of ouabain. Zhou, Yuhong; Wu, Yun; Deng, Lin; Chen, Lanlan; Zhao, Dandan; Lv, Lifang; Chen, Xu; Man, Jinyu; Wang Report Jun 15, 2014 4240
Harmine induces apoptosis and inhibits tumor cell proliferation, migration and invasion through down-regulation of cyclooxygenase-2 expression in gastric cancer. Zhang, Hao; Sun, Kun; Ding, Jing; Xu, Huae; Zhu, Lingjun; Zhang, Kai; Li, Xiaolin; Sun, Weihao Report Feb 15, 2014 5184
Multiple shoot cultures of Ophiorrhiza rugosa var. decumbens Deb and Mondal--A viable renewable source for the continuous production of bioactive Camptotheca alkaloids apart from stems of the parent plant of Nothapodytes foetida (Wight) Sleumer. Gopalakrishnan, Roja; Shankar, Bhavani Report Feb 15, 2014 3987
Effect of staurosporine in the morphology and viability of cerebellar astrocytes: role of reactive oxygen species and NADPH oxidase. Olguin-Albuerne, Mauricio; Dominguez, Guadalupe; Moran, Julio Report Jan 1, 2014 7170
Warifteine, an alkaloid purified from Cissampelos sympodialis, inhibits neutrophil migration in vitro and in vivo. Lima, Thaline F.A.; Rocha, Juliana D.B.; Guimaraes-Costa, Anderson B.; Barbosa-Filho, Jose M.; Decot Report Jan 1, 2014 6306
Miccropropagation of Catharanthus roseus in order to produce monoterpenoid indole alkaloids in vitro. Benyammi, R.; Khelifi-Slaoui, M.; Bakiri, N.; Harfi, B.; Khelifi, L. Report Jan 1, 2011 1334
Novel alkaloid molecules made by periwinkle plant. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 167
The natural chemistry of insects. Schwarcz, Joe Jan 1, 2004 999

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