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Properties recently assigned or reassigned.


                                   Categories           Licensing
Property      Description          Available            Contact

Alvin & the   45-year-old          Sleepwear,           Melissa Segal,
Chipmunks     animated             accessories,         Evergreen
              characters, known    watches,             Concepts
              for their            stationery,
              distinctive voices   men's ties,
              and songs; are the   boxers
              group in
              children's music;
              have appeared in
              numerous animated
              including 1961's
              "The Alvin Show,"
              and "Alvin & the
              Chipmunks" from
              1983 to 1991,
              which has been
              rebroadcast on
              Cartoon Network
              and USA Network;
              new series of 3-D
              animated features
              to be released on
              DVD starting fall

Bad Girls'    Lifestyle brand      Bath, beauty,        Andre Lake
Guide         targeting women;     apparel and          Mayer, Twister
              television series    fashion              Sisters
              to be launched in    accessories,
              fall 2004; fun,      bed and bath,
              smart, irreverent    gifts, tabletop
              publishing brand     and home decor,
              with three           food, beverages,
              best-selling books   travel and
              on the market and    transportation,
              a fourth due in      women's tools
              2004                 and emergency
                                   kits, wireless
                                   and accessories

Joxx          Animated series in   Toys, apparel,       Christine
              which sports         publishing,          Annechino,
              figures become       sporting goods       Licensing
              crime-fighters                            Brands
              facing off against                        International
              the underworld
              Forces of Evil;
              each episode
              features action
              and a positive
              message for young

World Poker   TV series of         Poker accessories,   Adina
Tour          professionals,       games,               Avery-Grossman,
              amateurs and         interactive,         Brandgenuity
              celebrities          gifts,
              touring casinos to   collectibles,
              play poker;          publishing, social
              highest-rated        expressions,
              series on the        apparel
              Travel Channel,
              with the second
              season starting in
              March; NBC will
              air a two-hour
              special version of
              the show on
              Superbowl Sunday;
              targets men and
              women 18 and older

Yoo Hoo       Chocolate drink      Food, apparel,       Adina
              originally           room decor,          Avery-Grossman,
              launched in the      collectibles,        Brandgenuity
              1920s; targets       school supplies,
              tweens, teens and    all others
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Title Annotation:Licensing News
Publication:Licensing Letter
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Date:Jan 19, 2004
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