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Properties recently assigned or reassigned.


Property                         Description

Apricot Brown                    Culture / lifestyle brand; eponymous
                                  character represents the emerging
                                  generation of multi-cultural and
                                  multi-ethnic girls 8-14

Barry Kieselstein--Cord          Fashion-forward luxury brand;
                                  includes animal themes, the angel
                                  series, and over 300 belt buckle
                                  designs created by an artist whose
                                  work appears in the Louvre in Paris
                                  and the Metropolitan Museum of Art
                                  in New York City; targets both kids
                                  and adults

Fortune Girls                    Based on colorful artwork created by
                                  eight-year-old artist Madison Tyler
                                  Ruiz; targets girls 7-13 with
                                  positive disposition and self-image

J-14 Magazine                    Magazine targeting teen and tween
                                  girls 12-14, with a total audience
                                  of 2.64 million readers, about
                                  one-in-four girls that age;
                                  number-one single copy teen magazine
                                  sold at newsstands

Juan Carlos                      Home and product designer named by
                                  Wallpaper magazine as one of the top
                                  12 of 2004; designs combine
                                  European, American and Latin style

New York Botanical               250-acre museum of plants; holds 48
 Garden                           garden and plant collections and a
                                  50-acre uncut forrest; the Garden's
                                  Enid A. Haupt Conservatory is the
                                  largest Victorian greenhouse in the
                                  U.S.; library includes over 1
                                  million items, including
                                  hand-colored 18th and 19th century
                                  botanical illustrations and herbal
                                  manuscripts from the 15th and 16th
                                  centuries; visited by over 600,000
                                  people annually

Vagina Lee Burton's              Children's book author whose work
 Mike Mulligan and His            includes Mike Mulligan and His Steam
 Steam Shovel and                 Shovel, The Little House, and Katy
 Friends                          and the Big Snow; has sold over four
                                  million copies worldwide; known for
                                  illustrating her stories about
                                  courage, loyalty and friendship with
                                  a distinct artistic style

Women's World                    Weekly magazine targeting women
                                  25-54; readership of over 1.5
                                  million, the number-one single copy
                                  magazine sold at newstands; for mass

Property                         Categories Available

Apricot Brown                    Apparel, health, fitness, cosmetics,
                                  beauty, fashion, gifts, accessories

Barry Kieselstein--Cord          Collectible toys, apparel, lifestyle

Fortune Girls                    Room decor, apparel, stationery, gift
                                  wrap, publishing, all others

J-14 Magazine                    Apparel, room decor, health & beauty
                                  aids, diaries, electronics

Juan Carlos                      All

New York Botanical               Furniture, home accessories,
 Garden                           tabletop, giftware, decorative
                                  accessories, publishing, printed

Vagina Lee Burton's              Plush, toys, apparel, bedding, room
 Mike Mulligan and His            decor, stationery, gifts, all others
 Steam Shovel and

Women's World                    Gift books, journals, collectibles,
                                  apparel, accessories

Property                         Licensing Contact

Apricot Brown                    Richard Blank, R&R

Barry Kieselstein--Cord          Fred Paprin, Wildflower

Fortune Girls                    Carlin West, 4Kids

J-14 Magazine                    Lois Sloane, SloaneVision

Juan Carlos                      Howard Siegel, Cherokee

New York Botanical               Joan Stanley, JG Stanley &
 Garden                           Co.

Vagina Lee Burton's              Rob Mejia, RJM Licensing
 Mike Mulligan and His
 Steam Shovel and

Women's World                    Lois Sloane, SloaneVision
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