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Properties of Modernity: Romantic Spain, Modern Europe, and the Legacies of Empire.


Properties of modernity; romantic Spain, modern Europe, and the legacies of empire.

Iarocci, Michael.

Vanderbilt University Pr.


278 pages




In studies of the development of modernity, Spain is usually brushed aside, if it is considered at all. Iarocci (Spanish, U. of California-Berkeley) examines the reasons why and simultaneously develops a new model for modernity based on concepts of Spanish romantic writing and notions about empire and colonialism. Focusing on what he calls "presentism," and the power of information and its timing within that eternal present, he examines the power of representational imagery as he describes the end of Spanish hegemony as not only a factor in Spain's loss of political influence but also in its loss of control of its own image. He believes Spain was already on the periphery of how Europe represented itself by the time the majority of its romantics began to write, freeing this post-hegemony culture to define the modern by the new romantic tradition.

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