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Properties of Lanthanum Hexaboride: A Compilation.


Properties of Lanthanum Hexaboride: A Compilation

Edited by D.J. Fisher

Trans Tech Publications


205 pages


Defect and Diffusion Forum; Volume 344


The first half of the volume contains 14 original papers on metals, ceramics, CR-39 polymer, and theory and simulation. Individual topics include studying the effect of different combinations of salt modifier on the mechanical properties and microstructure of A356 aluminum-silicon alloy, theoretical studies of the local structures and spin Hamiltonian parameters for the Cu2+ centers in alkali barium borate glasses, and a review of diffusion and interfacial reactions in sandwich thin-film copies. The rest of the volume is devoted to paragraph-long abstracts of articles on properties of lanthanum hexaboride. Among them are adsorption, defect structure, gas discharge, oxidation, resistivity, and toughness.

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Date:Feb 1, 2014
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