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Properties available for licensing.


Property      Description         Available           Licensing Contact

Cindy Shamp   Americana artist;   Wallcoverings,      Janie Seltzer,
              uses a lively       fabrics, home       Grace Licensing
              folk style with     decor, dishes
              images including
              cats, angels,
              patriotic scenes,
              horses, and flags

Curious       Animated feature    Toys, apparel,      Debra Jackman,
George        film and            accessories,        Universal Studios
              television series   interactive         Consumer Products
              based on the        games,              Group
              children's book     collectibles,
              originally          fine art, home
              published in        furnishings,
              1941; a program     health and beauty
              for the classic     aids, food and
              literary version    beverages, gifts,
              of the story is     stationery,
              already in place;   wireless
              slated for          communication
              release November    devices
              2005, the film
              will feature the
              voice of Will
              Farrell; the TV
              series will
              incorporate early
              childhood science
              and math
              education, using
              George's natural
              curiosity to
              encourage kids to
              explore and learn

Deadwood      Western drama to    All                 Richard Oren,
              debut on HBO in                         HBO Properties
              March 2004; set
              in 1876 after
              Custer's Last
              Stand; tells the
              story of the
              lawless town of

Endless       1966 film about     All                 Ronda Bresin,
Summer        two surfers                             Bruce Brown Films
              traveling the
              world in search
              of the perfect
              wave; lifestyle
              brand targeting
              consumers of all
              ages; for retail
              at specialty and
              major department

Esquire       Imagery combining   Loungewear,         Ed Casey, Hearst
Magazine      modern and retro    boxers, t-shirts,   Magazines Brand
              sensibilities;      robes, ties,        Development
              targeting a         barware, trays,
              fashion- and        coolers, throws,
              style-oriented      pillows, clocks,
              audience of men     mirrors,
              and women 18-54;    collectibles,
              imagery includes    gifts
              selected photos
              of women by
              Alberto Vargas

Joy Hall      Colorful artwork    Printed paper,      Lance Klass,
              depicting simple    seasonal, cards,    Porterfield's
              pleasures; images   stationery,         Fine Art
              include holiday     journals, home      Licensing
              dinners; warm,      decor,
              friendly kitchen    accessories, home
              art; fruit and      fabrics, ceramics
              seasonal themes

Just Jimmy    Illustrator Jim     Apparel,            Carole Orgel
              Benton's series     sleepwear,          Postal, COP Corp.
              of wordless         accessories,        Licensing
              cartoons about an   novelties
              standing out from
              the group; wry
              commentary aimed
              at specialty and
              mid-tier markets

King Kong     Remake of the       All                 Debra Jackman,
              1933 original;                          Universal Studios
              beauty-and-the-                         Consumer Products
              beast story about                       Group
              a giant ape
              brought from his
              home on Skull
              Island to a
              modern city;
              directed by Peter
              Jackson; for
              release December

Popular       Based on "Popular   T-shirts, caps,     Ed Casey, Hearst
Mechanics     Mechanics"          jackets, work       Magazines Brand
              magazine founded    wear, waste         Development
              in 1902;            baskets, tool
              100-year-old        holders & cases,
              franchise targets   tool kits,
              men 18-54 with an   storage boxes,
              interest in cars,   journals,
              technology and      calendars,
              machinery           posters, throws,
                                  pillows, bar
                                  sets, cushions,
                                  drink holders,
                                  tote bags,

SHiNE         Teen-targeted       Apparel,            Joshua Kislevitz,
              brand based on      accessories,        United Media
              the non-profit      specialty           Licensing
              organization        publishing,
              dedicated to        social
              promoting respect   expressions
              for diversity and
              ending youth
              violence; acronym
              for Seeking
              Harmony in
              Everyday; uses
              art, music,
              technology and
              sports to inspire

Toad Patrol   Animated            Apparel,            Jeffrey Olian,
              children's TV       publishing, toys,   TradeMarketPlace
              series airing       giftware, foods,
              seven times a       social
              week on             expressions
              ToonDisney; about
              nine 'toadlets'
              whose adventures
              provide life
              lessons; targets
              kids 4-7; for
              retail at
              mid-tier and mass
              as well as gift
              and specialty
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