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Proper posture position can cure backache.

ISLAMABAD -- Medical professional and head of rehabilitation department, Mayo Hospital, Lahore, Dr. Khalid Jamil Akhtar on Tuesday strongly recommends to follow proper posture position in daily routine life as it can help cure backache.

Talking to a private news channel , he said it is quite essential for patients having back pain that they should follow right posture position while sitting, standing, sleeping and driving the car otherwise it can cause them severe pain in their back.

He said that complaints of severe back pain are coming to them by the youngsters especially the girls who have adopted bad posture habits during their study time so he recommended to avoid it .

He suggested some useful tips to avoid back pain such as the use of table and chair while studying and avoid studying on floor and use of straight bed or Charpai or spring bed instead of soft bed or mattress during sleeping, use of seat belt and driving seat should neither be straight nor be so bending rather it should be 5 to 6 inches behind.

He said that back pain patients are of two types, the youth who suffer from back pain due to wrong posture and the elders get back pain due to the enlargement of bones or due to dilution of the bones which call osteoporosis in female and orthocroptis in males .

He said that excessive use and non use of exercises in daily routine life also can cause back pain and sometimes as a result patient complains of feeling crams and disc displacement problems so this practice should also be avoided added that in that condition patient should use collar carefully .

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Apr 27, 2016
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